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(Fang's POV)

Max was finally off the crutches. Trust me, she's ecstatic. She only walks with a slight limp now, and her ribs are completely healed. Right now though, we were sitting on her bed, watching a movie. Max was leaning against me, her head on my shoulder. I had my arm wrapped around her waist, pulling her even closer to me.

And then Iggy came running in, ruining our moment. "Iggy, what's up?" Max asked, frowning.

"Nudge…chase…blow up…favorite jacket…" was all he managed to get out through his panting as her turned and slammed the door shut, locking it.

Luckily, Max and I are smarter than the average bear and was able to put all of that together. "You burned Nudge's jacket! Do you want to die a slow, painful death?" I exclaimed.

"Shh! She doesn't know I'm in here!" Iggy whisper-yelled.

"Well, let's keep it that way! By you leaving! She'll kill me if she knew that I was hiding you." I whisper-yelled back.

"Nudge alert." Max said lazily, obviously not very concerned. We all turned to the only door left that she could get in from the outside from. The balcony. She ran in, screaming like a banshee, and tackled Iggy. "Huh, I didn't know she could do that."

"Do what? Climbing the balcony or killing Iggy?" I asked.

"Both." she replied. "I thought she was too sweet to kill Iggy. As for the balcony, I thought only me and you could do that."

"What are you two doing? Save me!" Iggy yelled.

Max sighed and stood up. She grabbed the back of Nudge's collar and dragged her up to her feet. Nudge gave Max a hurt, betrayed look, until Max grabbed the back of Iggy's collar as he tried to run away. "Iggy, you shouldn't have blown up Nudge's jacket. Nudge, violence isn't always the answer. Even if it's the most amusing and satisfying answer." The last part she muttered to herself. "Iggy, as punishment, you will go on a shopping trip with Nudge and do everything she tells you."

"And if I don't?" he grumbled.

Max smirked. "Then I'm going to let her die you're hair a nice, pretty hot pink. We'll see how Ella feels about you then. You know, I heard that Jack was looking for a new boyfriend. I think you two would make a great couple."

Iggy slumped in defeat. "You're evil. Probably suffering from insanity."

Max grinned. "I don't suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it. Now go." She let them go and Nudge grabbed Iggy's arm, dragging him out of the room. Max shook her head and resumed our earlier position.

"Why can't we have normal families?" I asked, shaking my head.

"Because, normal's not nearly as fun." Max replied, smiling.


"Come on. You know that we'd be bored out of our minds if we had a normal life."

I thought about it. No explosions, chatterbox sisters, prank wars… "You're right." I said. "We would be bored out of our minds."

Max rolled her eyes and stood up. "Come on, I'm hungry."

"You know that you just got rid of our cook, right? And your mom isn't home." I said, rolling my eyes.

Max waved this little tidbit off. "We can manage. We'll bake cookies!" she replied, grabbing my arm and dragging me downstairs.

"Do you even know how to bad cookies?" I asked her.

"Yes." she said, her tone slightly defensive. "I've watched Dr. M enough to know what to do." She started moving around the kitchen, grabbing a bunch of supplies. This is not a good idea. Stop her! NOW! Before we lose the house, some part of me thought. But then I looked at her. She was smiling and humming happily and…I just couldn't ruin her fun. God, I am such a pushover! Sometimes I wonder if Max knows just how much she affects me, and just how much she'd be able to get away with when it was just me and her around. I think she secretly does.

"Faaanngg." Max whined. "Come here. I need your help. She said, getting out a mixer. I walked over to her. She handed me flour. "Pour some of this in there." she ordered. I did as I was told. Then I got an idea.

I took a handful of flour. "Hey, Max." She turned from putting eggs in a bowl and I threw the flour at her. Some of it got on her face, but most of it got on her shirt. "Gotcha." I said smugly.

She scowled and took an egg, smashing it on my head. I mean, egg shell and all. "Gotcha." she said in a mocking tone. I scowled and grabbed the whole bowl of flour, dumping it on her head. She glared at me (which, by the way, looked hilarious because she was all white), and went to the fridge. I was wondering what she grabbed, when all of a sudden I had a lot of cold, leftover lasagna on my head.

And it just escalated from there. Soon, we were both covered from head to toe in food. And then it went from a food fight to an actual fight. We were wrestling around with each other. I had her in a headlock when she kicked my legs out from under me. I went down, but, thanks to my headlock, she went down with me.

I reached up to grab the counter and get both of us up, but I overshot and grabbed the bowl of eggs instead, bringing it down right on the top of my head. Which, of course, made Max start to laugh at me, and then I took in her appearance and started to laugh at her. And then we just couldn't stop. As soon as we thought we had our laughter under control, we'd find something else to make us laugh again.

"What the hell are you two doing?" Iggy asked. He and the others had just walked into the door, including Ella and Dr. M. And, of course, the looks on their faces started another round of laughter. Finally, we stood, leaning heavily on each other to keep from falling over.

"Max? What's going on?" Dr. M asked.

For once, Max actually got herself under control faster than I did. "We were baking cookies and well…" Max trailed off and looked me and herself over. "It got a little out of hand?" she finished, it coming off as a question instead of a statement.

"I'd say. Both of you, go take a shower and get changed." Dr. M said.

Max looked around her at the destroyed kitchen. "Um…" she muttered, not sure what to say. "Iggy, you're up!" she said before running upstairs.

"Have fun!" I said, clapping Iggy on the back as I went for the door. Iggy was just standing there with this horrified look on his face. I knew he was pissed. He'd marry that kitchen if he could. Finally, he must've snapped out of it. I was halfway between his house and mine when I heard him yell. "Max! Fang! What the hell did you two do to my kitchen?"

I climbed the balcony up to Max's room. Max was causally laying on her bed. Which was strange because someone was pounding on their door like they were about to kick it down. She grinned at me. "Hey." she said, kissing me as I lay down beside her.

"Do I want to know?" I asked, gesturing with my head towards the door.

"Eh, Iggy's still mad about the kitchen. He actually did clean the kitchen, but now he wants to kill both of us." she replied casually, as if this was an everyday thing.

I sighed. "How did I wind up with such a weird girl?" I asked the ceiling.

Max chuckled. "You say weird like it's a bad thing." she said, grinning. She reached up to kiss me again, and I felt like I was in heaven.

"It's definitely not a bad thing." I murmured against her lips.

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