Star Wolf: Assault

Chapter 3: Meteo (Pt. 2) — Pigma's Revenge

(A/N: I think the title of this tells us who's gonna show up here. And yes, it's in his cube form from Star Fox Assault. Also, keep a look out for a Star Fox 64 reference.)

Angel was having an easy time facing the enemies from the get-go. Swarms of them came from all over the place; from behind rocks, within rocks, outta nowhere, from other planets, and even from behind her. And she had no problem taking out all the Venomian threats. It seemed almost too easy for her...

Suddenly, she saw something very strange ahead of her; some sort of ring with blue neon lights, almost as if telling her to go through it. Cautiously, she piloted her Wolfen through the ring. Then her ship started to slightly spin...and she wasn't doing anything!

Then, she saw another one; she went through and it span again. Then another one; it happened again. And another, and another, and another when her Wolfen began to really spin rapidly. She felt she'd get dizzy. Not even Leon or ROB knew what was happening.

Things were getting worse. A pack of four Venomian robots were chasing her. She thought she wouldn't make it until she went through one more hoop. Her Wolfen began to change multi-color and what happened next...

Her ship went through some sort of warp and then disappeared. The communications from her ship were terminated. Even the on-board camera accessed by Leon was inoperable. Leon kept trying to get to her commlink and camera, but to no avail.

"This isn't good..." he sighed. "Bad news, kids. We've lost contact with Angel's ship."

"WHAT?" exclaimed Clyde. "Are you serious?"

"Not even her on-board camera will work, Clyde."

"Dammit!" Clyde's heart was broken. The one he loved is gone and he may never see her again. It saddened him. But he knew he had to push on...somehow...

Kyle was still flying through the belt, blasting anything that got in his path. But he wasn't alone, this time. He had Ivy by his side now, which he liked. In fact, although he may never admit it, he actually likes Ivy. A lot. She is the one that makes him happy and all his hatred for Cornerians go away, temporarily. He just wishes he had the courage to tell her...

"She's probably not interested in a jackass like me anyway..." he often thinks to himself.

Kyle took lead in blasting the asteroids and Venomians, with Ivy's vessel right beside his. She did her share of firepower, but lacked the confidence to kill as much as he did. Just then, they came to a little blockade. Actually, a BIG blockade!

There were huge asteroids up ahead. They kept smashing into one another, giving little room to pass for bycoming space travellers. This was a problem...

Kyle thought, for a moment, at the situation, literally right before him. He knew that accelerating at a great pace would make himself through with ease and perhaps not cause any serious damage to his own ship. But there was a problem: Ivy was with him. He knew her lack of confidence would keep her from getting through the barricade.

He looked at her, when he thought she wasn't looking. She truly was beautiful. An angel in his eyes. He couldn't see her not make it with him, but how were they going to make it out?

"We're going in." he decided. There was no other choice...

Clyde tried to continue on, but it was no good to do without the known fate of his love, Angel. If she was gone from him for good, he didn't know what he could do with his team, how to lead. As he destroyed a group of Venom robots, he saw something odd. It looked like some sort of space station. But what was it doing here?

"What the hell?" he questioned. "Leon, you see that?"

"I see it alright." said Leon. "Looks like a Venom space base. Guess Dash was planning ahead."

"Right near Cornerian air space..."

(A/N: Before anyone asks, yes, this is the same base from Star Fox Assault)

"This is bad." said Ivy. "If Dash ordered his troops to make a base after an invasion on Corneria, he must have been knowing we'd come and free the planet. Then, he'd let loose a second invasion, hoping we wouldn't know or not get back to Corneria in time!"

"Displaying images of Venomian base now. Spy Cameras showing video." announced ROB, as images of the base's interior were shown. They weren't good.

"Dang!" cursed Leon. "Clyde, you've got to get into the core of the base and destroy it before the invasion squad reaches Corneria!"

"Got it, Leon!" said Clyde, as he flew his ship thrust forward into the base. When the first doors opened, there was a pack of 10 Venomian fighter jets not expecting his arrival. They paid the price with a single bomb, which caught the rest of the base on high alert.

"Hey! What the hell?" exclaimed a Venom commander.

Clyde continued to destroy the jets and robots that got in his way. The Venomian commander ordered a near full lockdown and high security alert of the base after Clyde got past the third door. The fourth then closed up on him.

"Damn! Dead end!"

"Clyde!" shouted Leon, indicating a somewhat-large vent on the floor, "Head down there!" Clyde followed Leon's instructions, as he kept blasting anything that got in his way.

"Kyle, are you sure this is okay?"

Ivy was scared. She really didn't wanna go through there, especially with little confidence. She was a complete coward now, afraid of being crushed by the boulders in front.

"We don't have a choice, Ivy." said Kyle. "We have to go through here if we wanna get to Venom. You and I know that as well as that stupid rabbit. It's either go through there and liberate Lylat...or stay here and let the system fall."

Ivy thought about this for a moment. She knew Kyle was right. It's either go through or let Lylat fall. She hesitantly nodded to him, and Kyle nodded back. "Just stay near me." he said.

Kyle accelerated towards the bombardment of asteroids, with Ivy trailing behind. She was nervous about going through, but Ivy knew Kyle would help company. They were close to their exit when she saw some asteroids collide and bounce towards them. She was scared and quickly braked. "I can't do it!"

Kyle knew something was wrong. He had to U-Turn back to Ivy's position, barely avoiding getting hit. He could tell something was wrong with how quickly she braked. Not to mention...he saw her crying again. She was sobbing more than last time, too.

"Ivy. Why did you brake?" he asked. "Is something wrong?"

"I'm sorry, Kyle..." she sobbed. "You have to go on without me. I can't do it! I just can't! Just go on!"

"Without you?" he exclaimed. "You must be outta your friggin' mind! I'm not leaving you here!"

Ivy looked up at him, still crying. Kyle could see how sad she was. It made him unhappy. If he weren't stuck in his ship, he would go in and wipe the tears off her face and convince her to put that frown off her. But instead...he did something else...

"Ivy," he began, "I hate to see you cry. Please don't. You have to believe in yourself. If you say you can't...then you're lying. Just believe."

Ivy looked up at Kyle. His passionate words spoke so much of him. He wouldn't let her give up and she felt touched by his words. She at last found the confidence within herself to make it through.

"On your mark, Kyle." she said smiling.

Kyle nodded, feeling happy that he helped Ivy. With their jets set to full ignition, they made it straight through the huge rocks and to their surprise, they were out of the belt.

"We made it!" shouted Ivy.

"See? What did I tell ya?" said Kyle. "Just had to believe in yourself..."

Ivy smiled and blew him a little kiss. This made him blush, a bit. But their celebration was fleeting...

They saw up ahead a large, circular-like thing. Leon was shocked; he knew what—or rather "who"-it was. "It can't be..."

"Star...Wolf..." said a voice from the large object. "Star...Wolf..."

"Huh?" said Kyle. "What the?"

"Who said that?" asked Ivy.

"Not...friends..." said the same voice. "You're not...the Star Wolf I know..."

It was then that Leon knew for certain who that voice belonged to. It was his former wingmate, Pigma Dengar. "Pigma?"

"You must be...DESTROYED!"

Then, the circular object came to life. Pigma had woken up, so to speak. From his discus form came metal tentacles and missile launchers. The core of his body also opened to show his cybernetic face.

"That's Pigma?" said Ivy, freaked out.

"Man, that thing is ugly!" said Kyle.

"You will be destroyed, imposters!" said Pigma. "Destroy...destroy..."

The missiles launched and were heading right for Ivy. She couldn't get outta the way in time.

"Watch out, Ivy!" shouted Kyle, as he blasted all the missiles away before they hit Ivy's ship. Ivy was infatuated at that moment that happened.

The core closed up, hiding the face of Pigma, for now. The tentacles soon shot lasers, which the duo rolled out to dodge. The duo shot a few of the tentacles and destroyed them. But they felt it'd go forever...

Clyde kept flying in and out of rooms to get to the core. It was tough, considering the damage done to his morality and that going through an enemy base was not easy. After an exaspirating hour, he finally found the core of the base.

"Clyde! Half the invasion squad is nearly out of the asteroid belt!" announced Leon. "Hurry up and take out that core and get outta there!"

"Got it!" shouted Clyde. He made short work of it, with only a couple of bombs, it was blown to bits. Clyde evacuated with the emergency exit before he was toasted.

Ivy and Kyle had destroyed nearly all tentacles destroyed. Ivy fired back at all the missiles and both dodged whatever was coming their way. Kyle blasted the last tentacle. It was then that Pigma's face was revealed. Kyle still thought it was ugly.

Somewhat larger missiles were launched, which Ivy used a bomb on. Then the face of Pigma closed. That was not a good thing...

"That's not good..." said Kyle.

His prediction was on the mark. Pink energy was flowing inside Pigma's discus form. They had a feeling what this meant; Pigma was about to fire a beam. "Ivy! Be on guard!"

The core opened up and Pigma released a large energy beam. It was heading straight for Ivy's Wolfen. She didn't have time to get out of the way. Kyle would see his love die in front of him...


He barrel rolled into Ivy's Wolfen and took the hit for her. Two of the wings on his ship were destroyed and most of his G-Diffuser was damaged.

Ivy was shocked and horrified at what just happened. From sadness came anger. She realized that Pigma was immobile and took this advantage to fire like a madwoman. She finished it with one bomb, which destroyed Pigma...for good, this time.

Out of nowhere, Clyde showed up. He saw the damage done to Kyle's ship. He knew Ivy's was also probably damaged. "You guys okay?"

"Thanks to Kyle, I am." said Ivy, smiling.

"I'll be fine. Just worry about Ivy, okay?" groaned Kyle.

"Any news on Angel?" asked Clyde.

"Afraid not." sighed Leon. "It's all the same."

"Dammit..." All three Wolfens flied all over to the Great Wolf.

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