WHAT IF... Edward got pissed off by the fact Bella asked Jacob to kiss her so he wouldn't go kill himself?

Bella's POV


Jacob was the most annoying boy I had ever met in my entire 18 years of life, and yet I loved him. More than I should. I would never love anyone as much as I loved Edward, but it was close. I loved the ignorant, smart-ass wolf that stood in front of me right now.

"What?" I gasped out. I wasn't comprehending what he had just said. "You're... you're going to do what?" He shrugged so calmly, so nonchalantly, as if we were discussing a bad grade on a paper.

"There's no reason for me to stick around. You have Cullen and the world would be a less screwed-up place without me around. I know they'd be happier without me, and you'd be the happiest of all, Bella. So go and marry Edward; I'm sure your life will be better without me," he said, staring straight into my face. He wasn't bluffing; his jaw was set and his face was cold.

"I need you in my life, Jacob! I need you," I said, my voice breaking.

"No, you don't Bella. You have everything you ever wanted. Would it matter so much to you if I took myself out of your life?" he asked.

"I - I won't let you. I'll tell Edward to go warn Sam; you will not purposefully get yourself killed. I won't allow it," I said boldly. He laughed, a short laugh, one that was so cold it made me shiver.

"And how will you stop me?" he taunted. I glared at him, though nothing was coming to me.

"Unless..." he said, trailing off. He eyed me cautiously.

"Yes?" I asked him.

"Unless you can prove that you love me; that you really do need me."

"How would I do that?" I asked, though I already knew.

"Kiss me. And mean it, Bella," he said, closing the distance in between us. Suddenly I was swept up in his hot embrace, clutching my short arms around his neck. He snaked his arms around my waist, pulling me even closer to him. His lips were moving on mine, and Jacob was everywhere.

A part of me was screaming that this was wrong, but the other part - the dominant part - said "what the hell" and threw myself into the kiss. I responded quickly to him. I tangled my hands in his hair and moved my lips against his, in sync, as one.

Finally it became too much and I tugged on his head to get him off of me, but that just made his lips become even more urgent. I finally pulled him off of me. We were both sweating and panting heavily. Then Jacob smiled, and pulled me to him again. He planted the softest of kisses, as soft as a butterfly's wing, on my lips and pulled back.

"That should have been our first kiss, Bella," he said. "I'll be back." He took of towards the forest.

"Promise?" I called after him. He turned around and grinned my favourite Jacob grin.

"Definitely," he called back before disappearing in the wood.


I sat down in the tent, waiting for Edward to come back. I heard footsteps and stood up to face Edward. When he came in the tent, his face was set and his eyes were cold.

"Edward? Are you... okay?" I asked, tentatively taking a step forward.

Then he did something I sure as hell didn't see coming.

Edward Cullen slapped me.

I fell backward onto the ground, luckily hitting my head on the sleeping bag instead of directly onto the hard ground. "What the hell, Edward?" I yelled, wincing when I felt the pain in my head.

"You're a whore, you know that Bella?! Why the hell did you kiss him?! And you did it willingly!!! Do I mean nothing to you? HUH?!" he screamed. Damn. Even when he yells his voice is still beautiful.

"Edward, you mean everything to me! But I can't just let my best friend die!" I screamed back at him, wincing. He stared at me for a few moments before storming out of the tent.

Seth poked his tan, gangly head in and raised a wolfy eyebrow in question to Edward's pissy-ness.

"Hell if I know," I said, shrugging. "Maybe he's on his vampire period."

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