April Kepner sat in the resident locker room alone.

Everyone else had left long ago and she just had to wait behind in the hospital. She needed a quiet place to think over what had been bothering her for days.

She had a plan that continued to linger in her mind and gradually became more and more perfect to her so she could get her Derek.

It wasn't fair!

How could he love that Meredith girl? She was nothing but a little slut! And April was just so perfect for Derek.

"April Shepherd," she whispered to herself, giggling quietly, menacingly. "How could you marry a dumb ass like her?"

April sighed and felled back against the lockers and rolled her eyes.

"Well your precious little Derek will be mine soon, once I am through with you," April growled.


April gasped and looked up to the source of the voice. It was Reed.

She was still annoyed with her for turning her in for accidently killing the patient and getting her taken away from her Derek.

But her Derek had wanted her back. He had missed her. So he rehired her almost immediately.

The only other person who he had rehired was a nurse who was fired for a not very good reason.

That was a sign. He was too afraid to tell Meredith that he was done with her and in love with someone better.

He just had to be in love with her.

"April," Reed said. "I thought you left hours ago."

"And I thought you were my friend!" April snapped.

She jumped up off of the bench and pushed past Reed, knocking her into a wall on the way.

"April!" Reed gasped. "Hey!"

April walked past Reed and her mind wandered back to her perfect Derek.

Derek walked through the front door and pulled his coat up before walking up the stairs and into the room he shared with Meredith.

Meredith put the book down she was reading when she heard him come in and she smirked.

"Hey," Derek sighed, hopping into bed and purposely landing right on Meredith. "I am so tried."

"Hey!" Meredith giggled from underneath of him, throwing her hands against his back and trying to push him off of her.

"This bed feels oddly lumpy," Derek said, a chuckle escaping from his throat. "I wonder why that is."

"You are horrible!" Meredith shrieked in a laugh.

"Hey!" a scream came from Alex Karev's room. "Can you two freaking love birds keep it down!"

"Sorry!" Derek called back.

"I can't breathe," Meredith gasped and went her body stopped moving underneath of him.

Derek hastily rolled off of Meredith and looked down at her body that lay limp.

"Meredith!" Derek gasped. "Meredith are you okay?"

He checked her pulse which was strong. But she wasn't breathing.

Oh no! Derek thought.

"Ah!" Meredith screamed.

Hey eyes popped open and her mouth curved into a goofy, crazy smile.

Meredith broke down into a fit of laughter and Derek sighed in annoyance and relief.

"That wasn't funny," Derek said seriously.

"Oh I was just kidding!"Meredith laughed. "You were just joking around with me."

"Yes," Derek said. "I was just joking. You scared me half to death."

"It's okay relax."

"No!" Derek nearly growled. "I've seen you stop breathing before. I pulled your cold, pale, limp body out from a body of water!" Meredith's smile faded. "I'm sorry for yelling," Derek sighed. "I just can't live without you. You shouldn't joke around with something like that. If that actually happened…

"I'm sorry," Meredith whispered.

Derek smiled the half smile that Meredith loved and shook his head. "It's alright," he said. "Don't apologize to me. But you might owe won to Karev."

Derek nodded his head towards the door and Meredith followed his gaze to find a very angry Alex.

"Shut up!" he growled, turning and stomping back towards his room.

Meredith looked at Derek and bit her lip and Derek pressed his lips together but they couldn't hold it in.

They burst into laughter and earned an annoyed groan come from Alex's room.

April knew just what she had to do.

The only thing standing between her and Derek was that Meredith girl.

She could fix that.

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