A/N Well this is my new Michael Myers story, and don't worry I'll continue my other Halloween story for fans of the other one. This story came to me last night as I was trying to go to sleep, I hope you like it. I know it starts off a little slow but it will get better, I promise.

It's not like Michael was worried about her or anything, he doesn't worry about anyone, well, maybe except for his baby sister. It just has been two weeks since she was here and it weird to miss that much school. Maybe she is sick, Michael snorted, he has never heard of an illness that could keep you away for two weeks. Michael glanced towards the window, nothing but stillness. He looked back at the teacher as she droned on about fractions. He had always hated school, he didn't see much use of it, sure you learn some useful stuff but most of the time it's stuff you're never going to use again.

I think teachers just love to hear themselves talk, Michael thought.

"Can anyone tell me what two-?"The teacher stopped as the door of the classroom suddenly opens to reveal Roslyn Summers.

Roslyn was a plain girl with nothing really special about her; she was quiet and never spoke unless she absolutely had to. The only time he had ever heard her speak outside of class was when Robbie Jones was about to kill a lady bug. Michael had remembered seeing her walk into the house across the street from his own.

"Well," Ms. Grey said. "Nice of you to finally join us Miss. Summers. We moved seats while you were talking your own little summer vacation." Few kids laughed at Ms. Grey's poor attempt at a joke. "So now you're sitting by Lisa."

He heard Lisa and the kids around her groan, nobody in the fifth grade class really liked Roslyn because she was supposed to be a fourth grader but, Michael guessed, she was smart enough to be in the fifth grade.

"Ms. Grey," Lisa whined. "Why does she have to sit by me?"

Ms. Grey gave her a hard look but said nothing; Michael suspected that even Ms. Grey didn't like the girl because of how many days she had missed this year. Michael looked back over at Roslyn; she never seemed to react to the insults thrown at her daily. She was like a walking corpse, no emotions or actions. Roslyn started to walk over to her new desk; Michael noticed that Robbie had stuck his foot out into the isle. He wanted to warn her since she kept her head held up and didn't even look at the ground but he held his tongue. Michael watched as Roslyn stumble but recovered quickly. Michael was about to look back at the teacher when he noticed Roslyn's sleeve had come up, he also took notice that she had quite a few bruises on her skin.

"Michael, are you done gawking at Miss. Summers, I'd like you to pay attention," Ms. Grey barked at him.

Michael abruptly looked away but not before seeing Roslyn pull down on her sleeve and give him a look.

Michael gazed at Roslyn from the tree he was sitting by. It was lunch and everyone was eating with friends and having a good time. Roslyn was lying on the grass by herself, not eating and staring up at the clouds. He glanced up and wondered what was so interesting about clouds, they don't do anything expect make it rain. Michael stood up and walked over to where Roslyn was laying, she didn't look up until his shadow covered her face. She rolled towards him and smiled a little, he didn't.

"Why do you sit by yourself all the time?" He questioned.

"Why do you?" She fired back.

Michael opened his mouth but closed it quickly; he didn't expect her to ask that question.

"Because nobody likes me," he said. "And I don't like them." Roslyn shrugged and sighed.

"People don't like me either," she said. "Besides, I kinda like being by myself, it gives me time to think."

Michael raised his eyebrows; this is the most he had ever heard her talk. Roslyn stood up; her long brown hair fell into her face. She wiped off the grass on her ripped jeans and started to walk towards the classroom just as the bell rung. She's weird, Michael thought, but alright.

"Hey Myers," Michael turned to face Robbie and his best friend Jeffery.

They both a huge smirks on their face, Robbie took a step towards Michael.

"Is Roslyn your girlfriend?" Robbie asked. "You're perfect for each other, you know. You're both freaks and losers, and no one wants you here."

Michael glared at the two boys but said nothing and started to walk to the now open classroom. He had only taken two steps before Robbie grabbed his arm and pulled him back.

"I wasn't done talking to you Myers," he growled. "Maybe I should get Jeffery here to go beat your little girlfriend up to teach you a lesson."

Michael grabbed Robbie's shirt, pulled him forward then punched him in the face. He didn't know why he got upset over Robbie's comment, he barely even knows Roslyn, yet here he is defending her.

"Stay the fuck away from her," Michael spat.

Robbie wiped away the blood now running from his nose then stood up. As if they had some telepathic connection, both Robbie and Jeffery went to hit him. Michael grabbed Jeffery's hand and twisted it until he heard a satisfying crack; Jeffery fell to the ground crying out in pain while Robbie continued to try to hit Michael as much as he could. In the distance, Michael could hear the yells of Ms. Grey and the pounding of many feet. He turned a little to see most of his class and teacher running towards the three boys, all of them yelling for Michael to stop.

Michael turned back to Robbie, who he now had a hold of, Michael grabbed Robbie's arm and decided he would make him suffer. He lifted up Robbie's arm and popped each of his fingers, his smirk widening every time he heard Robbie scream. Just as Michael was about to pop the pinky finger, Michael was tackled to the ground. He looked up in fury; he wanted Robbie to suffer more. It was Roslyn.

"What are you doing," cried Roslyn. "Can't you see you're hurting him?"

Of course I did, Michael thought bitterly, until you came along.

Michael turned his head to see his classmates picking up Robbie and Jeffery, Ms. Grey was marching over to him. She pushed Roslyn to the ground and picked Michael up by his shirt.

"You psycho, psychotic child," she scream. "Look what you did; I always knew you were a freak but seeing as I'm a teacher, I couldn't say a thing!"

She started to drag Michael, he knew where he was going and he couldn't care less. He looked back at Robbie and Jeffery and smirked.

"I want him out of this school," Ms. Grey hollered. "I put up with him for almost a year but not anymore! You know how many class pets he has killed this past year! He claims he didn't but we all know he did! Now he's broken Jeffery's wrist and all but one of Robbie's fingers, on purpose! That is not what a normal child does!"

Of course I did it on purpose you hag, Michael thought.

Michael's mother had been called in a short time after he was put into the principal's office. Ms. Grey glared and had made disapproving sounds the whole time he was in there. Mrs. Myers was now inside the office arguing with Ms. Grey and the principal.

"Those boys egged him on," Mrs. Myers argued. "He wouldn't have attacked them if they didn't tempt him to do so. Besides he was using self-defense."

"Mrs. Myers," the principal said. "We have two eye witness accounts of Michael hitting Robbie first. I think it would be best if we suspend Michael for a few weeks, and we're sure that the families of Robbie and Jeffery are going to press charges. I think you should deal with that."

Mrs. Myers came storming out of the room and grabbed Michael's hand then started pulling him for the front doors of the school.

"You know I didn't do it on purpose right mommy?" Michael said. Mrs. Myers didn't answer; instead she just nodded her head.