Summary: "Dude, I am not kissing her!" The Trickster has some fun at the Winchester's expense. [Double Drabble]

Rating: K

Pairings, Warning, Spoilers: None

Words: 200 [I wanted to make it a drabble, but the story wouldn't cooperate, so I settled for a double drabble instead. :)]

Disclaimer: I own nothing, not even the DVD's. Which is sad, because I want a Dean of my own! *cries* ;)

A/N: With thanks to my editor, SPN-watching buddy, and sister, ValiantArcher, who helped me edit this into submission. As noted elsewhere, I am currently watching through Supernatural for the first time. My most recent ep was 'Tall Tales', so you can tell where I got my inspiration from. :-D


Dean and Sam stare down at Jo's still, peaceful form in utter shock.

"Dude, I am not kissing her!" Dean's face crinkles in distaste.

"I'm not either!" Sam protests.

The Trickster's laughter shakes the room. "Tsk, tsk, boys, it's not nice to keep the lady waiting. Without a kiss, sleeping beauty will never wake." He pronounces ominously.

Dean lunges toward Jo and shakes her.

"Dean, stop! The Trickster put her under. She's not going to wake up until someone kisses her."

"So, pucker up." Dean waves a hand.

Sam makes a face. "Jerk." He mutters under his breath. He bends, closes his eyes, and timidly plants a kiss on Jo's lips.

Jo wakes before he can escape. The first thing she sees is Sam's face hovering just inches over hers, eyes closed tightly and nose scrunched up. She shoves him back hard and leaps to her feet.

Sam's face is red and he scratches the back of his neck awkwardly, looking like a first-grader who's just received his first kiss.

"Uh, welcome back, Jo."

Later, Jo will feel insulted it took so much to kiss her and Dean'll tease Sam about true love's kiss.