Hello,Hellooo!:) It's me again. I'm afraid I'm still caught up in the whole Niles/CC relationship. So I've decided to do the following. I'm currently watching all the seasons again and for every episode,or rather every Niles/CC moment , that inspires me I will write a oneshot.

Soooo,kicking this off is the following: Season 1, episode 4:the Nuchslep. An idea I had because Niles is feeling a bit ill!;) Reviews are highly appreciated!:) *hehe*

As the day progressed Niles wasn't feeling queer anymore,he was feeling completely and utterly rotten. Nonetheless,he stayed on his feet and cooked and cleaned the entire day. By the time he served supper,his eyes were red and aching and his nose was constantly running. It was because of his condition that he decided to help Fran to persuade Maxwell to join her and the children on a trip to the cinema. Normally he would've trusted Fran to work her charms,but this night he needed his rest and that could only be achieved with the entire family out of the house. To his great joy Fran's plan worked and it looked,indeed, as if he had the house to himself for that was until C.C. Babcock appeared...

He had put all kinds of tablets and balms next to his bed,changed into his red pajamas and a black bathrobe,and was just in the kitchen preparing tea,when the doorbell rang. Cursing under his breath he trudged towards the door to see who it was.

"My my, Niles. If that's what you wear when you meet women I can see why you're still alone." her throaty laughter sounded and made goosebumps spread over his skin.

"Ah Miss Babcock,always a pleasure. Where are your winged-monkey companions today?" he replied,unable to repress a devilish grin.

She rolled her eyes at him and proceeded into the house. "But jokes aside,tidy bowl. Where's Maxwell?He said he wanted to go over some contracts explore new play possibilites."

"Well, I'm afraid that right now he's exploring...other things with Miss Fine, they have gone to the cinema."

"But...he said we'd have dinner together..."

"Ah,that would explain why you're dressed that way. Needy much?" he teased,eyeing her from head to toe.

She was wearing a gorgeous blue dress,that revealed just the right amount of cleavage without appearing too slutty. On top of that,it brought out the colour of her eyes perfectly. He couldn't help but feel sorry for her though,all dressed up and beautiful ,only to be stood up by Maxwell again.

"What are you staring at,ButlerBoy?Never seen a real woman before?"

"I'm still waiting for one." he replied,winking at her,before his expression sobered and he continued:" I could warm up some left-over dinner for you?You probably haven't eaten yet,am I right?"

She shook her head and carefully met his eyes. "Why are you being so nice?"

He shrugged in return and merely continued walking towards the kitchen. They remained silent while she watched him work in the kitchen. After a while she noticed that his hands were shaking and that he looked very warm and sweaty.

"My God,I wonder what's wrong with him." she thought. "So Niles,what's going on?It's not that late and you're wearing your pajamas-sexy,by the way."she started dryly "Are you ill or something?You know,I really don't wanna have your germs in my food."

He looked back at her but his vision was blurry by now and his head was throbbing so much that he couldn't think of a good reply.

"Niles, why aren't you snapping back at me?Niles?" she asked,real concern now obvious in her voice.

"I don't feel so good..."he said,his voice sounded raspy.

"You're really ill,you stupid man, why didn't you say anything?" she demanded.

"And make myself an easy target?You wish, Babcock!" he snapped back,realising only too late,that he had hurt her feelings.

A moment later though she was composed again and moved closer to him to hold him upright.

"You need to go to bed now." she said and nudged him in the direction of the stairs.

"But your dinner." he argued half-heartedly when they had reached his room.

"I will take care of it,you just relax." she said and went back to the kitchen.

When she returned she found him half asleep on the bed.

"I brought you some tea." she whispered quietly and set the mug down on his bedside table.

He only nodded weakly before his eyes drifted shut again. C.C. looked at him biting her bottom lip,unable to deny any longer how worried she was. After a moment's hesitation she quickly walked into his bathroom and found a cloth and a bowl which she filled with cold water. She then made her way back into his room and sat down next to him on the bed.

"Niles?" she asked quietly.


"I think you've got a very bad fever.I've got a wet cloth here,just to warn you." and she carefully placed it on his forehead.

He winced but still didn't open his eyes,she got up,ready to leave the room when suddenly his warm hands grabbed hold of hers.

"Don't go..." he breathed.

"I never really intended to."she ensured him gently "I just wanted to get a chair."

Upon hearing this he finally stirred. He forced himself to open his eyes and found her blue ones studying him closely.

"No need to look so worried."he chided softly,but as he tried to laugh he broke into a coughing fit.

"Stop moving around."she said,frowning at him "now see what you've done,the cloth has fallen down."

And she snatched it from the white sheets to dunk it back into the bowl of water.

"Now you can lie down next to me." he explained.

"Stop whatever it is that you're doing." she demanded quietly "you're really worrying me now...being so nice to me all of a sudden...you must really feel rotten."

"No...I'm nice to you because I like you..." he mumbled as sleep overtook him again.

A smile began to tug at the corner of her mouth as she put the cloth back on his forehead and allowed her hand to linger on his cheek. She then made herself more comfortable and lay down next to him.

But later that night she was awoken again by a series of coughs. She blinked a couple of times before Niles swam into focus. He was lying on his back,one hand on his chest and was trying to take deep breaths.

"Are you ok?" she asked.

"Sorry to disturb your beauty sleep-god knows,you need it-but I can't stop coughing...I can't breathe very well either for that matter."

She chuckled to herself,glad to see that he had gained back enough strength to tease her again.

"Well,I saw some Vick VapoRub on your table, do you want me to-"

"Oh,you'd like that,wouldn't you?" Niles replied,rolling his eyes before he coughed again.

"Well,Butlerboy,it's entirely up to you."she said,knowing full well that he wouldn't refuse if he wanted to go back to sleep quickly.

"You have a point." he begrudgingly agreed.

She smiled triumphantly and left the bed in order to get the ointment. "Can you at least unbutton your own shirt?" she asked,seemingly annoyed,before putting some of the ointment on her hands.

By the time she had done that he was sitting in front of her-shirtless. She drew in a sharp breath: never in a million years would she have believed how muscular he was.

"I'm afraid my hands are a little cold." she apologised.

"Just get it over and done with." he growled.

She sighed quietly before she reached out and touched him. His skin was still warm from the fever and she hesitantly let her hands wander over his back. It felt wonderful,all that soft skin and the strong muscles underneath it. He suddenly moaned and that sound caused her stomach to do somersaults. She moved closer towards him,until their bodies were nearly touching,while her hands continued to rub in the ointment in small circles. And suddenly she wondered what it would be like to touch the rest of his body,to explore it with her lips. And before she knew what she was doing,she had placed soft kisses on his neck. If he had noticed it,he certainly made no attempt to stop her. The urge inside her only seemed to grow stronger and so she forced herself to break the contact. She was just about to climb out of bed,when she felt his blue eyes resting on her and he quietly said: "You haven't done my chest yet."

She blinked in confusion while her heart began to race.

"Niles,can't you do it yourself?" she asked,in an attempt to save her face.

"But I think you should do it...you're much more thorough."

Was he just implying what she thought he was?

"I really don't think this is a good idea...not in your weak state and..."

"Try me..."he growled and there was a look in his eyes that she couldn't possibly misinterpret.

She nodded in agreement and squeezed some more ointment out of the tube. She then sat down again next to him,allowing her hands to rest on his collarbones. He remained silent,only a crooked smile graced his features.C.C. began to massage him,exploring every inch of skin of his strong chest. Then ,after a while,Niles gently stopped her by taking her hand into his and placing it above his heart. She looked at him,wide-eyed.

"I love you." he whispered and captured her lips.

She was taken by surprise a bit but given the sensation she had experienced earlier on,she felt herself responding very quickly.

The next day Maxwell called Fran into his office.

"What is it?" she asked,thinking about what she could've possibly done wrong again this time.

"I walked past Niles' room this morning and who did I find in bed? C.C.!"

Fran only grinned at this piece of "news" and replied: "Yeah,it seems she suddenly developed a bit of a cold."