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Episode 22: The Finale Part 2: C.C.:"Would you listen to us?Married and a baby on the way-I think it's really softened us!"

Chastity Claire Babcock was comfortably seated on Niles' bed, watching him as he continued to pack more and more of his posessions into boxes. She noticed the strong muscles in his back, as he lifted things and moved them around and when he turned around the lamp light painted his eyes an even deeper shade of blue. She couldn't help but notice that his hair was turning slightly grey, something she had completely missed before, because he still carried himself with such youth and energy as he had done when he had first walked into her life.

"What are you smirking about, Babcock?Don't you think it would be nice to give me a hand-oh sorry,my mistake." he commented dryly, his eyes sparkling with mischief.

"Don't you think you should be nicer to your pregnant wife?" she tossed back.

He shook his head and threw his arms up in defeat.

"Of course,you're right,Mrs Brightmore." and he stopped what he was doing to walk over to her and rest his hand on her belly.

"Besides, you have no idea how much I love watching you." she purred,certain he would get the hint.

This display of love and peace was relatively newfound and hard fought for, even a mere days before it had been different...

After she had accepted his proposal Nanny Fine had been rushed into hospital, crying with pain because she was in labour. Niles had been about to step into a cab after Maggie, when C.C. had held him back.

"Niles, I don't want to wait any longer."

A frown had appeared on his face, as he had tried to process her words.

"I'm aware that this isn't the best time, but I need to become your wife now."

At this she finally had his full attention, she could even see his eyes light up.

"Go ahead without us." he told Maggie "We have something to do. We'll be there as soon as possible though."

Once the cab door had been closed, he turned around to face her, taking her hands into his.

"Are you certain?" he asked, grazing her knuckles with his lips.

"Yes, Niles. You should know me well enough, I will not take "no" for an answer!"

"Now you're getting a little irrational, I was the one who proposed-"

"Yes,multiple times,I know. Lets just do it!"

She could see that her newfound eagerness to get married was worrying him, not because he wasn't reciprocating her feelings, but simply because she was demanding it like a spoilt child. Freeing her hands she lightly cupped his face and kissed him, she would make sure later on that he understood just how serious she was.

It wasn't easy finding a minister at that hour, but given the Babcock status and influence it was eventually accomplished. As she looked around the empty room she was wondering if Niles was regretting this, sad that none of the Sheffields were present, but her worries became meaningless when he said:

"Chastity Claire Babcock, ever since your broom touched down at the Sheffields' I was determined to make your life a living hell. Not because I hated you, far from it, but because I had fallen for you the minute I saw you and because I so desperately wanted you to notice me. I realise that our path might not be easy -we come from different worlds- and you know that I'm afraid I won't measure up...but C.C. ,all I can do is promise you with all my heart that I will love you and remain faithful to you until the day that I die.I promise to argue with you when you're wrong, but also provide you with the safety I know you need. This won't be perfect,but neither are we."

She smiled happily at him, blinking away the tears that were forming in her eyes. As a child she had always dreamed about the big speech, the romantic,corny confession of love, yet she cherished nothing more than Niles' honesty. She didn't want to hear the dull,meaningless vows that so many men repeated, she wanted the ups and the downs and the fact that Niles was aware of that showed just how well they fit together.

"Niles Brightmore, you have been a pain in the ass since the day I met you, yet I wouldn't wish for anything else. Your spark, your humour is what keeps me going on a dark day and your honesty is turning me into the person I always wanted to be. Earlier on today when I asked you to marry me on the spot you were surprised to say the least, yet you were able to read me well enough to know that this was important to me. When I was trapped in this elevator today I realised that I never wanted to be separated from you again, that I might not understand why you love me enough to want to marry me, but that I am lucky to have you in my life.I don't want any misunderstanding to come between us again, Niles, and I need to show you that I don't care about your profession.I love you and I know you will not break me."

She could see that unlike her he was allowing his tears to flow freely and, grabbing his hands, she heard the minister say:

"You may exchange the rings."

Niles let go of her right hand to pick up his grandmother's wedding ring and carefully put it on her left ring finger. C.C.'s hands were shaking as she picked up the other ring and put it on his finger.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife!You may kiss the bride!"

He was only too eager to comply and quickly sealed her lips with his. His emotional outburst having passed he was quite calmly holding her in his arms, while C.C. who had kept everything inside, was now shaking with all the bottled-up emotions.

By the time they made it to the hospital, everyone was waiting out in the corridor and only Maxwell had been allowed to remain with Fran. Niles and C.C. were happily chatting with the rest of the family, none of which noticed their rings, as their thoughts were still with Fran. When the waiting got longer and longer, however, everyone eventually slumped on one of their plastic chairs in the visitor area.

"You know, this is our wedding night..."Niles said his voice trailing off, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

"Well, aren't we impatient?" she teased,purposefully turning away from him.

"Don't you think it's time we consummated our love, Mrs Brightmore?" he asked, lifting her hair to place soft kisses on her neck.

Fighting the tingling sensation his lips caused on her skin, she turned around.

"But we have been doing it constantly." she said,lowering her voice.

He could tell by the glint in her eyes that she was only toying with him.

"But not as husband and wife."he growled and when she let out her sultry laugh he could feel himself react. "You know what that laugh does to me."

"Oh really?" she asked innocently, leaning closer so that her body blocked the view of what her hands were doing.

"C.C." he hissed, drawing in a sharp breath as he felt her fingers casually grazing the bulk in his pants.

"Niles, are you alright?" Gracie called,who was only sitting a few seats away.

"Yes,Miss Grace." he managed and C.C. added :

"He's just feeling a bit under the weather, hot...you know?"

"Weird." Sylvia commented "He looks so pale."

Niles tried his best not to moan out loud, because C.C. was still massaging his member through his pants, and so he failed to answer.

"That's because all the blood is rushing to a different part." she whispered into his ear.

"Oh God." he finally groaned and ,pulling C.C. to her feet to keep her as a shield in front of him, he began to move down the corridor "I think I'm gonna be sick."

She simply rolled her eyes at his clumsy excuse, that no-one seemed to listen to, and tried her best not to get too aroused,for his member kept pressing against her ass. Eventually they came across an empty storage room and he pushed her inside, locking the door behind him.

"You temptress." he growled,while taking off his pants and briefs to give himself some space.

In response C.C. merely licked her lips and easily hopped onto a bed which had been discarded there.

"You know you won't get away with this." he said and pushed her down on the bed,pinning her hands up over her head.

"Maybe I don't want to..." she breathed, feeling wetness pooling at her core from the way he was straddling her, his arousal now out in the open.

He burried his head in the crook of her neck, feeling her shiver as his hot breath washed over her skin, but only allowing the tip of his tongue to make contact with it. The minute she let out the first sigh he let go off her and jumped off the bed. She was just about to complain when she felt him tugging at her dress and she fumbled to help him hitch it up. He smiled and moved her hands so that they were ,once again, pinned over her head.

"You are perfectly radiant." he whispered,trailing his fingertip down her cheek,over her collarbone to graze one of her nipples.

He watched in awe as her breathing became more laboured and she closed her eyes. Continuing where he had left off he trailed his fingertip over her belly and down the length of her slit,that was still covered by her black panties. He could clearly feel now how wet she already was and kept gently tapping his finger against her swollen clit,until he drew more and more moans from her throat.

"Niles...you...stop..." she managed and he did as she had asked.

Instantly her sky-blue eyes found his, hers were clouded with ecstasy and somewhat unfocused, while his were filled with love and triumph.

"Stop teasing me!" she demanded, her voice hoarse "Not stop altoge-" but she stopped talking the minute she felt him pushing her panties to one side to kiss her most sensitive area.

"Oh God!" she groaned,throwing her head back as she could feel her orgasm building up.

Seeing her cum was so arousing to him that he had nearly followed suit, his hand instinctively going to stroke himself.

"Oh C.C." he moaned, his hand moving rythmically up and down his shaft,before he felt another pair of hands softly but determinedly stopping him.

"Hush,I'm here,lover." she whispered and continued to massage his length,while tenderly nipping on his shoulder.

Her body pressed against his felt like fire and ice, wherever her lips touched him he was burning, but the minute the contact was broken, he felt cold. Now she was kneeling down in front of him,closing her mouth around his penis, while circling the tip of it with her tongue.

"Oh fuck..."he cursed, holding on to her shoulders with such force that his nails dug into her skin.

He could feel himself cuming and probably so could she, because she pulled away the last minute and guided him inside her. All it took was for her walls to tighten around him and he released his load, his skin breaking out into a cool sweat as the climax rippled through his body. He continued to thrust, however, until she had reached the edge as well. When their breathing had calmed again, he moved out of her and lifted her up to the bed to rest, for his legs were shaking so bed he didn't know himself how long he would managed to remain upright.

"You never cease to amaze me,woman." he said in a husky voice "I was so...overwhelmed I didn't even notice that you had taken off your panties."

She tenderly stroked his arms that were positioned on either side of her.

"I can be fast if-" but she suddenly stopped talking.

"What's wrong?" he asked,shooting her a concerned glance.

"I'm gonna be sick..." she muttered, before she turned around and vomitted.

Niles quickly held her hair out of her face,while rubbing her back with the other hand.

"Should I take this as a compliment?" he asked softly, trying to lighten the mood.

Wiping her mouth she turned around to face him again.

"I'm so sorry, that's the second time today..this morning...now..."

He studied her pale face and gently placed his hand against her forehead.

"It's probably just the excitement of the day. But while we're here we should get you checked-up."

Later on when they had been allowed to see Fran,Maxwell and the newborn twins, there was still no sign of C.C. Niles had filled the rest of the family in, minus the storage-room adventure, of course, and Sylvia had only said:

"Well, she probably got it from you...you said you were feeling sick earlier on, now she's throwing up..."

"Yeah, sweety, it's probably harmless." Fran chimed in,handing him baby Jonah.

Niles took him carefully and was walking around the room, when the doctor entered.

"Just wanted to check if everything is alright. Ah , I see the little one is very comfortable in your arms,that's always a good sign for a future father."

While everyone was grinning at each other, Niles put two and two together and hurriedly asked:

"Dr, where did you last see my wife, C.C. Babcock?"

"You mean Chastity Claire Brightmore?I just passed her in the canteen!"

"Thank you!" Niles said and was out of the door before the room broke into shouts of "Chastity Claire Brightmore?" and one particular nasal voice announced "Oy, he got married without me,I will kill that goyim."

Niles was rushing down to the canteen, but caught sight of C.C. sitting on one of the benches outside instead.

"Hey, what's wrong?" he asked, sitting down next to her, placing his hand on top of hers which were resting in her lap "The doctor hinted at a pregnancy...is that true?"

She nodded numbly.

"But that's wonderful news!Why didn't you come and tell me...the child...is...I mean,I am the father, aren't I?" he asked carefully.

"Of course you are." she said with a hint of annoyance in her voice "Contrary to popular belief I don't sleep around."

"Why aren't you happy? I know it's unexpected and a little too early, but...it's a miracle that we will have a child at all, don't you think?I know I'm older than you, but I always wanted to be a father..."

"It's not you, Niles, it's me." she cut him off, lowering her head "I can't possibly be a good mother. Just look at me: I am the Bitch of Broadway."

He carefully placed two fingers under her chin and gently lifted it up to make her meet his eyes.

"C.C., I am looking at you now.I can see the tears glistening in your eyes, but you're not allowing yourself to let go, not even now, you're still being strong but C.C., this Bitch of Broadway person is an image, it's a farce. It might have been you at some point, but only to keep people at bay,to keep them from hurting you.I know that you can love, you're not your mother."

"When the boy was younger, I don't know if you remember, Maxwell took him to a sports competition. You came along,of course, and he even wanted me to be there...it was after Sara had died...But Brighton refused to go if I came along...he didn't want me there, children naturally reject me because I'm not warm and caring..."

"I remember that,C.C., I also remember that you laughed even though I could see how much his rejection had stung...Children are funny at that age, Miss Margaret was the same with me very often,they need their time to come round. But this will be our child, it will experience love from the beginning and believe me, it will love you as much as you already love it."

"I don't know." she whispered,allowing him to embrace her.

"Then I will make you see." he replied,placing a soft kiss on the top of her head.

Yes, it had certainly taken a while to get where they were now but it had all been worth it.

"Are you still dreaming?" her husband asked, poking his head around the corner "You know how long it takes you these days to get moving, Babs."

"Just you wait til the moodswings start." she threatened, getting off the bed and walking out into the corridor.

Linking his arm with her he said,barely audible: "God, why did I have to choose Queen Moody?"

She strongly elbowed him in the ribs, before she said: "Would you listen to us?Married and a baby on the way-I think it's really softened us!"

He just gave her a grin and took her hand in hers as they walked down the steps of the big staircase. C.C. let her eyes roam across the house one last time. There were just so many memories: Niles opening the door for her, seeing Sara again after all those years,Maxwell and her producing their first succesful show, the children taking their very first step.

"You know," Niles said while helping her into her coat "We can always come back if we don't like California."

She gave his hand a gentle squeeze and nodded.

"Yes, this is really a good house." she said,closing the door behind her.