Night of Blue

By Perfect Soldier


'Where am I?' A boy heard faint murmurs all around him. 'What am I doing here?' Bright lights shone down on the boy's face. He felt bands of metal tying down his legs and arms to the table he was lying on. 'What's going on?' The boy still saw darkness as his eyes were closed, blinded by the lights. Everything was a blur. He vagely remembered what had happened.

People in black suddenly burst into his hospital room, and threatened him. They wanted something. He had gone with them hoping his most treasured possession would not be hurt. That was it. The boy couldn't remember anymore.

Suddenly a wave of pain shot up the boy's back, right along his spine. Something moved. It sounded like a bird flapping it's wing.

"It's a success!" A voice called in the darkness. The boy felt something different. Something different about him. His back somehow seemed a stranger to him now. Something was wrong.

"Drug him again! He's waking up!" A different voice this time. Knowing what was coming, the boy rested his head back down onto the table. There was nothing to do except to wait for the anesthetic to take effect. A small needle entered his arm. Darkness soon englufed him once again.

* * * * * * * * * *

Everything came slowly into focus. The boy was still in the same place, except lying face down on the table. This time there were no voices plaguing his ears; no bright lights blinding his eyes. The boy opened them to find everything covered in a deep shade of blue. He turned his head left, then right, finding nothing to look at. A small sigh escaped his mouth. No reactions were made. No voices. No one was here. The boy lay in the room all by himself.

'Perfect.' The boy pushed upwards with all his might. Slowly but surely, the bands tying him down slowly loosened. The boy slipped his arms and legs out of their vices, and pulled himself to his feet. As the boy rose, something soft brushed against his back. 'What was that?' He thought. The boy knelt on the table and with a cautious hand, ran his hand up and down his back. His fingers felt the soft material of feathers. Shocked, the boy leapt off the table, laying his eyes on the most horrific sight he had seen since the war.

Infront of the bewildered boy, lay a creature. Blood surrounded it's body creating a puddle at it's feet. Huge gashes bearing into the flesh of the creature ran down it's sides. Blood ran from the open wounds and spilled out over the white flesh and trickled down into the puddle of blood encasing the creature. The animal lying there before him was undoubtebly a bird. A huge white bird. Except that the bird was not the noraml sort of bird you would see. The prime belonging of the bird had been ripped away, and the gashes down it's side were proof of that. The bird's wings had been torn away from it's side.

The boy stood amazed at what brutality had done to this poor creature that did not deserve to die. He knew that feeling. Many people had died at his hands. The boy felt guilty of taking so many people's lives. At first he didn't care, but as he grew more mature, and wiser in the last three years, he felt the people's sorrow and sadness. He felt ashamed of himself that so many people had died at his hands. He turned his head from the sight of the bird, only to find something even worse.

The wings that had been ripped from the bird's side, were now flowing around his shoulders. The boy's reflection in the glass tank of the bird reveiled everything. The creature had died because of him.

'Why does everything suffer because of me?' The boy shut his eyes in digust, and clenched his fist. 'What have they done to me?' He glared at himself in the glass. The boy walked angrily over to a different table and sought after the information he was looking for. Paper after paper, document after document were either looked at closely or tossed aside onto the floor. Finally the right document came into view. He had found it.

AC 196

Experiment to be carried out:

To create a human with the ability to fly.


Gundam Pilot 01