Night of Blue

By Perfect Soldier 01

AN: This is finally coming to an end…wow…I though I'd never get this thing finished having had exams all this week .___. But they're over now!!! Whoohooo ^___^ *Ahem!* Anyway…yeah…so here is the last chapter of this fic.

But a little note about the last chapter…If you're wondering where all those soldiers went then…that's something that even I don't know. They just kinda went poof…so you can try to think up why they weren't there…anyway…my theory is that after Quinze was killed they all were sorta freed if you get what I mean. There was no need for them to be there, so they just disappeared…but I hope that clears a few things up ^___^;;

This may seem a little weird as this is coming straight out of my head (as have the last few chapters) and ….so….just warning that this may either take forever, or babble on a bit. *I still can't believe I've written 10 whole chapters that actually have a half-decent plot…*

Chapter 10: Belated Christmas Wish

The journey back seemed to take forever. Life without Heero seemed empty and worthless. Relena sighed as she gazed out of her window seat. Trowa and the others had come to pick her up and were now flying back to Relena's mansion to continue their 'interrupted' Christmas party. Everyone had tried to cheer Relena up a bit, but nothing really changed. Relena still just sat there staring out of the small window, watching the whole world fly past underneath her. If anyone spoke to her, she would only answer with either a nod or a shrug. Duo had especially noticed her glum attitude.

'I mean…sure she got captured and all, but it seemed as if someone just died…' Duo thought to himself as he watched her from across the other side of the plane. He turned his attention to his fellow gundam pilots who seemed to be doing nothing to lighten the situation at all. 'Well I'll just have to do something myself.' Duo decided to get up from his seat and he walked over to where Relena was.

Relena continually gazed out of the window. She longed to be with Heero again, but she didn't know how long it would take for him to return to her. She knew he would come back to her, as he said so before he abruptly left her. But was he going to act as if he disappeared off the face of the planet before coming back to her? But as she was staring absent-mindedly out of the window, she thought she saw a flicker of a wing. The pure white wing didn't show up easily among the clouds that they were flying through, but Relena recognised that frayed end of the feathers.

"Heero…" she breathed accidentally. Relena suddenly snapped back into reality realising that someone was in her line of hearing. Her head turned to find Duo coming towards her. 'Hopefully he hadn't heard me.' Relena prayed silently. She averted her gaze back to look at Heero, but she couldn't find the tattered end of his wing among the puffy white clouds. Her concentration was broken by Duo's friendly voice.

"Hey Relena! What's up?" He placed his hand gently on her shoulder as he sat down next to her.

"Oh…nothing…" she said quietly.

"Well something is…you haven't said a word since we left, and you've been staring out of that window all the way."

"I'm just…" Relena tried to think of how to explain her situation without blurting out about Heero, but the word came to her after a slight pause. "I'm just scared." She said taking her gaze off of the blue sky outside and turned back to face her friend sitting next to her.

"No need to worry Relena! We won't let anything happen to you! But hey…look at me! See this?" Duo reached behind his back and pulled his braid over his shoulder so Relena could see his 'accident'. "My beloved braid was burnt to a cinder! Now it's only half the size it was." Relena couldn't help but let out a small laugh at his comment. Duo smiled at his achievement. "That's what I'm here for! I provide all the comedy around here unlike some people!" He shouted directly at the others who were present in the plane at that moment. Trowa and Quatre were absent as they were flying the plane, but Wufei heard Duo's loud, sarcastic comment; although he wasn't listening to their conversation so he didn't quite know what Duo was going on about. He simply ignored him and directed his attention elsewhere.

"So…what happened…if you don't mind me asking that is." Duo asked keeping his voice down.

"Oh…Quinze kidnapped me and…" Relena cut herself off realising that she couldn't bring Heero into the conversation.

"and….?" Duo persisted in her telling him who else she was about to say.

"Sorry…just me…" Relena smiled slightly trying to cover up her near mistake. The thing that astounded Duo the most was how a) she managed to escape, b) how she managed to contact them, c) how she knew where she was and d) how she seemed to be unharmed.

"How'd you escape?" Relena had feared that Duo would eventually ask this question. She couldn't tell him that Heero had saved her, because that would lead to 'Why isn't he here?' or 'What happened to him?'

"I…escaped. I managed to somehow by a miracle slip past the guards…on my own." Relena particularly made clear that this was all her own doing. But Duo suspected something wasn't quite right. Relena had never been so easy to see through. The tone of her voice and actions didn't add up to why she had been so down and glum.

"Alright…" Duo stretched his neck up and looked over the front of the seat in front and checked that Wufei wasn't anywhere near them. Luckily he was sitting a lot further forward in the plane. Duo sat back down and lowered his voice slightly more, just in case Wufei could hear them.

"So…Heero left before we came yes?" Relena jumped at this question and her eyes widened. How was she going to get herself out of this one?

"Heero? No…he didn't come…he didn't rescue me from Quinze…he…" Relena tried to act surprised but she saw that Duo wasn't buying her act. "He…saved me…" Relena sighed in defeat.

"I know," Duo said with a big grin on his face. "Don't worry…he'll protect you…he'll come back…" Duo said patting Relena lightly on the shoulder. She smiled a weak smile as he got up and returned to his own seat.


The wind blew gently through Relena's blonde hair as she sat on her balcony outside her room. The light breeze continued its flight out over the Sanq Kingdom and soon left the balcony high up on the Peacecraft mansion. Relena sighed as she looked out over her country. There was no activity in the streets as night was falling over the sky. The bright cerulean blue faded to an orange red as the sun set over the horizon. The sky seemed ablaze with every warm colour Relena could think of. She looked on as time passed by slowly. Without Heero by her side or even without his presence, time seemed to stop and would never progress to the moment that they would meet again.

Another gust of wind blew past Relena's face coming from behind her. The soft, cool air was soothing as it passed over her skin. The wind continued to blow from behind her, each gust with the same amount of force. The only sounds that Relena could hear where the birds singing their sweet, clear songs, and the occasional murmur of activities that were being held downstairs. She had come out here to get some peace and quiet from the late Christmas celebrations that were continuing from their interruptions earlier.

Relena yawned and closed her sleepy eyes as the gentle wind lulled her to sleep. She adjusted herself as she brought her head down to rest on her arms that were leaning on the balcony wall. The soft material of her sweater acted as her pillow, and Relena promptly fell asleep. However, the amiable gusts of wind were not natural. The quiet beats of a bird's wings were repeatedly blowing wind in the sleeping girl's direction. As the girl was heard to be sleeping, the gentle breeze stopped. The pair of wings took flight and landed beside the peaceful girl.

The adult looked upon the sight he saw before him. She looked so innocent while she was sleeping. His arms reached out towards her and carefully picked up the girl, being careful not to wake her. The setting sun shone brightly on his bare back, filling him with warmth. His heart was content as were his emotions. Everything would be all right as long as his sleeping princess was here beside him. He moved himself from the balcony, and retreated to the refuge of the princess' room. As he walked through the long curtains that veiled the room, his wings brushed against them, causing them to open wider than necessary. The winged creature walked quietly towards the princess' bed, and gently placed the sleeping girl on top of the covers. She stirred slightly as sharp claws pricked her skin suddenly. Her eyes fluttered open and everything came hazily into view.

'Where am I? How'd I get into my room when I was outside?' Relena thought as she rubbed her eyes with her sleeve. She blinked a few times to focus her vision. As her head turned towards the source of her transport.

"Heero!" Relena's voice was filled with affection as she sat up. Everything was bottling up inside her. All her passion was ready to burst out, but something was holding it all back. Relena didn't know what it was, but if it was there much longer, she felt she would regret something. She looked lovingly at the boy that sat beside her. He held out his arms, which she took without complaining. His warmth was welcoming as Relena buried herself in his embrace. She had longed to be close to him ever since he left her at the base.

"How have you been?" he asked.

"Fine. You?" Relena replied. He answered her in the same word. "Heero?"


"Were you following the plane back?"

"Yes. I couldn't see otherwise." His answer was short and simple as always. "Why do you ask?"

"I saw you through the window."

"Did anyone else see?"

"I don't think so…but I only saw your wing." Relena pulled back out of Heero's arms to look at her beloved. She still saw the same boy she had known since AC 195. Nothing had changed in her eyes. She smiled as she returned to Heero's embrace. His arms tightened around her thin body as Heero rested his head on hers. Relena brought her hands around to Heero back. She felt his soft, feathery wings that sprouted from his back. Her hands caressed the down feathers gently, running them through her fingers.

"I've got something for you." Heero said breaking the silence. Relena pulled back and smiled. Heero reached for her hand and placed it across her face. "It's a surprise." Relena giggled at his actions and adjusted her hand so it blocked her view of the man in front of her. Heero recalled his unsteady hand from her face. The he reached into his jean pocket and withdrew a small velvet box. He opened it and took out the circular, shiny object. Relena felt Heero's smooth, firm hand against hers as he moved it towards him. Suddenly something cold struck her skin and she felt the sharp prick of Heero's claws slide the cold metal further up her finger. If it weren't for her hand hiding her eyes, a deep red blush would be visible across her face. Heero's scaled fingers left hers and his voice took over.

"You can open your eyes." Relena removed her hand from her eyes unmasking her blush. She stared at the beautiful golden ring that had taken refuge on her finger. Relena held up her hand and happy tears began to well up in her eyes. Her index finger traced around the sapphire that lay in the middle. Relena looked up at Heero to see him smiling.

"Do you like it?"

"Of course!" Relena threw her arms around Heero's neck. "Thank you!"

"Relena?" Heero placed his sharp claws on Relena's shoulders and brought her back so he could see her. "Would it be ok…ok if…I stayed here? With you?"

"Why…yes…of course you can. You know you're welcome here…always."

"But what about Zechs and Noin? They're meant to be coming home soon aren't they? Zechs won't approve of me staying here…especially like this." Heero motioned behind him and towards his hands.

"Well…they'll just have to accept it. Just as I have." Relena said defiantly. "I'll talk to them…because you're going to stay whether they like it or not." Relena said with a proud smile on her face.

"Thank you princess." Heero pulled her into another embrace. "I love you so much." He whispered softly in her ear. Something inside Relena suddenly disappeared. Her barrier had been broken. Her heart was free and vulnerable to Heero's actions.

"I love you too…Always have done…always will." Relena said while smiling brightly. Suddenly a shout penetrated their silence.

"Hey Relena! Dinner's ready! Come and get it!" Duo yelled from what sounded like the end of the corridor.

"I better go…" Relena said with a slight hint of sadness in her voice.

"I'll wait." Relena turned back and smiled briefly before stating her question.

"Won't you get hungry?"

"I'll be ok…besides I can get something this evening when everyone is asleep."

"Ok…" Relena turned to go, but suddenly she spun round and ran back towards Heero. She knelt down and gently kissed his lips. Moved by Relena's abrupt actions, Heero sat there not responding. As he became more aware of his current situation, Heero began to return her affection. His clawed hand came to rest on the side of her face, slowly pulling her closer to him. The couple was so lost in their moment together; that Relena totally forgot that Duo had called for dinner. It was only until Duo shouted again that Relena suddenly pulled back. She smiled and brought her hand up to Heero's face and lightly rubbed his left eye. Heero however felt nothing, but he knew what she was doing.

"I'll be back soon…" Relena kissed him again briefly before walking swiftly towards the door.

As the door shut, Heero was still staring in wonder as his talons traced the ghost kiss that still lingered on his lips. His claws brushed over his lips again and again. A small chuckle escaped his lips as he thought back. But it soon grew to a small laugh, then it grew bigger, into a bigger, warmer laugh. Heero didn't know what had come over him, but it felt…different; his emotions were soaring. He sat back in his chair and held his head in his clawed hands. His eyes cast upwards towards the ceiling as he smiled.

'I'm now complete.' Heero thought as he awaited Relena's return.


AN: Yay!! Finally finished!! Sorry if this went on a little bit. If you're wondering where Heero managed to get the ring, then he bought it before he was transformed. He had been meaning to give it to Relena, but never had the courage to give it to her.