Chapter 1 - The Sisters

Charlie Swan walked around the kitchen listening to his sister on the phone...It would seem his two nieces couldn't stay out of trouble and were giving his sister a hell of a time. They had been in and out of Juvie since they were 13/14, been caught hot wiring cars, then hanging out with boys and getting way too close at 15, 16 and 17. Janel Swan was 16 years old and a Junior in High School and Janna Swan was 17 and a Senior. Charlie wasn't sure he could do this...He'd barely made it thru having Bella stay with him and she was his own daughter...HE couldn't be responsible for fucking up his niece's lives and education.

Charlie said, "Kimberly why don't you just send the girls to Forks...They can finish out their education here where there are practically no vehicle to hot wire or boys to date...It will be the most boring 2 years of their lives and after they graduate I can release them onto society and you can go into hiding so you don't have to claim to be their mother. If they choose to become Thelma and Louise and Rob banks for the rest of their lives." Kimberly said, "You're a God send Charlie...Have I ever told you, you're my favorite brother?" Charlie chuckled and said, "I'm you're only brother and you're welcome."

The following Friday the girls pulled into town on their black Kawasaki Ninja's and pulled up to their Uncle Charlie's house. As they pulled their helmets off and dismounted their bikes, Janna said, "Do you believe those people staring at us?" Janel scoffed and said, "Yea like were some kind of freak show." The girls had stopped to fill their tanks because they knew in the morning they were going to be exploring...and apparently the Forks natives were restless because they stared at them...The girls could almost hear the gossip swirling.

Janna laughed and said, "Well we kind of are...I mean how many Native American women do you know have dark skin, jet black hair...and blue eyes? Genetically we are supposed to have brown...But because mom has blue eyes apparently that's the only thing we inherited from her." Janel giggled and said, "Oh yea...Then whose thighs are these that we both got...Because I'm sure our sperm donor doesn't have thighs like these." Janna looked down and said, "Damn it...I hate it when you're right."

Charlie heard the girls pull up and opened the door...Meeting them on the front porch being sure to give each a small one armed hug welcoming them into his home. Charlie sat the girls down and said, "Now...I'm not sure what all has been going on at your mother's house but I have a few rules in mine...and you will follow them...Number 1, curfew on school nights is 10...midnight on the weekends...Number 2, No boys in your rooms, in my home or anywhere else unless I know who they are personally...Number 3, you will behave yourselves in this town I am the Chief of police and a respected citizen and I don't want to get phone calls about you girls misbehaving...I know you've both been to Juvie, I have no problem sending you back if you can't stay out of trouble. Questions? Comments? Emotional Outbursts?"

Janna looked at Janel and vice versa and Janel said, "Uncle Charlie...What has mom been telling you?" Charlie looked at them both and they both looked confused and he swallowed and said, "That you guys have been nothing but pure hell on wheels since you were 13 and 14." Janna said, "Not likely...More like mom can't stop screwing everything on 2 legs since we were 13 and 14...She got married again for the 4th time 6 months ago." Janel said, "Yea...And he's not a nice guy." Charlie said, "I don't wanna hear any of your gibberish ladies...Get upstairs and get un-packed and settled in...We're eating out for dinner tonight."

The girls picked up their bags and headed upstairs..They had to share a room...Charlie had actually re-modeled the upstairs and knocked down a wall to make two rooms into one big one for the girls...There was two big closets and two double beds. There were two desks to do their homework on and two laptop computers. The girls unpacked and hung up their clothes. Janel said, "Why did you tell him she got re-married...You can already tell he doesn't believe us."

Janel sat on the foot of her bed as Janna sat down next to her sister and wrapped an arm around her shoulders Janel laid her head on her sisters shoulder...Janna said, "Hey...I got us out of that house...That's the only thing that matters right now...Mike can't hurt you anymore...And I swear if he tries to get us to move back with him and mom...I'll kill him myself...I promise Janel...We're never going back there...I'll protect you...It's my job." Janna used the sleeve of her shirt to wipe her sisters damp cheeks.

Janna said, "Hey...Did I ever tell you you're my favorite little sister." Janel said, "I'm you're only little sister." Janna said, "I guess it's a good thing then huh." The girls giggled and heard Charlie calling from downstairs to go to dinner. Janel fixed her face and the girls left for dinner with Charlie. The anxiety in Janel's stomach was slowly disappearing...She was starting to feel relaxed...Which is something she hadn't felt since her mom married Mike.