Chapter 18 - Fallen

A year and 10 months later, Jared was standing at the altar in his tuxedo...he was fidgeting a little and Jacob leaned over and said, "You have time to change your mind...she's not out here yet." Jared chuckled a little and said, "Are you nuts? If I don't marry her I'm gonna lose her to some puny human and I'll have to eat his ass to get her back." Jacob chuckled as Janna cleared her throat..she was standing across from Jacob in her mid-night blue maid of honor dress and said, "You two had better behave...This is my baby sisters dream wedding. If anyone messes it up they have me to deal with personally." Jacob said, "No need to get harsh babe." Janna made a face and Jacob knew he was gonna be paying for that babe crack later.

There was white and blue flowers all over the place, with white and blue ribbon draped from everywhere. Janel was standing in the back room looking at herself in the mirror...She had on a Strapless satin ball gown with beaded embroidery, beaded bodice pickup, cathedral train. The satin part of the ball gown was gathered in places to give a ruffled effect. Her was piled on her head with some of her long tendrils spiral curled and left hanging. Her veil was about a 1/4 inch wide and came to a peak on her forehead with her veil being outlines in white satin ribbon. She was wearing a silver heart shaped locket that had a picture of her and Jared inside. He had given her the locket for her birthday that year.

A knock on the door brought her out of her daydreams as she walked over and opened the door and it was Sam. Sam said, "Wow...You look beautiful." Janel could see the tears brimming in Sam's eyes as she smiled softly and said, "Don't start crying...You'll make me cry too." Sam chuckled and said, "I can't help it...My baby girl is getting married." Janel said, "It's okay dad." Sam loved hearing her say that...Janna was still not sure how to call him dad yet, but eventually she'd come around.

The wedding march started playing softly and Janel smiled and said, "They are kind of playing my song." Sam held out his arm as Janel flipped her veil over and took her dad's arm and Sam said, "Let's do it." They went to the end of the idle and Jared had to do a double take...She looked so beautiful and angelic. Sam looked like he was going to cry and Jared couldn't help but feel like he was going to as well...He wished his parents were there to see this, but knew they were in a better place.

Sam got to the alter and handed Janel to Jared and sat down. Jared couldn't stop staring in her eyes...He lifted her veil and as they turned to the minister, Jared too her left hand in is right as the minister had a 3 inch piece of satin and wrapped their hands together and spoke to all that was present for their joining. Once the satin was removed Jared and Janel faced each other and Jared said, "Where there has been cold, you have brought warmth; where my life was dark, you have brought light. Janel, I pledge before this assembled company to be your husband from this day forward. Let us make of our two lives, one life, and let us always honor and respect each other." He slipped the silver band on her ring finger and placed a soft kiss to the back of her hand.

Janel looked up into Jared's eyes and said, "Where there has been cold, you have brought warmth; where my life was dark, you have brought light. Jared, I pledge before this assembled company to be your wife from this day forward. Let us make of our two lives, one life, and let us always honor and respect each other." She slipped the matching wedding band onto his ring finger and as he had done she placed a soft kiss on his knuckles. The minister pronounced them husband and wife and Jared took his wife in his arms and kissed her lips so softly.

At the reception, Janna was dancing with Jacob when Sam cut in and handed off Emily to Jacob...Sam said, "You don't mind me cutting in do you?" Janna said, "No...Not at" Sam swore he felt his heart stop he never thought Janna would call him dad in a million years. Janna said, "I know it's taken me a little longer to warm up to you then Janel, but it was long over due...I know what happened between you and mom wasn't your fault, and I don't blame you anymore...I shouldn't have blamed you in the first place...I didn't realize how much blame I was putting on you until you actually went and saved Jared for Janel...He's been her missing link all her life...He loves her more than any kind of words could ever express...I should probably let you know...In about 6 months, you're going to have to go through all of this again..."

Janna took a deep breath and finished, "Jake asked me to marry him last night and I said yes...Plus I know he imprinted on me. The week we stayed with Janel and Jared, I tried being a bitch to him one night and it didn't work...The next morning he told me why I caved so easily. And why he fought so hard to make me stay behind when you guys left." Sam hugged Janna close and said, "I'm glad you found someone whose going to make you happy and who I know will protect and take care of you no matter what."

Janel was wrapped in Jared's arms on the dance floor as the stole kisses and moved slowly with the music. Jared said, "So are you happy?" Janel said, "Exceedingly happy." Jared chuckled and said, "So...Janna and Jake..What are we gonna do with those two?" Janel giggled as she buried her face in Jared neck and said, "I'm not even going to worry about them anymore...Jacob is going to take care of my sister for the rest of her life...And he's gonna love her forever." Jared said, "Just like I'm going to love you forever." Janel smiled softly and said, "I really hope so." Jared pulled back to look in Janel's eyes and said, "I am going to love you forever... " Janel said, "Good." Jared leaned down and pushed his forehead against hers and said, "Why wouldn't I?" Janel waited until he closed his eyes and said, "Because I'm pregnant."

Jared felt like the breath had been taken from his lungs as his eyes popped open and he said, "Say that again." Janel giggled and said, "I'm pregnant...about 2 months...I've been keeping it a secret because I wanted to tell you today." Jared cupped Janel's face and kissed her lips with so much passion it felt like there was energy passing through the happily married couple. Jared pulled away and said, "I'm so glad you had fallen for me...Because I had fallen for you way before I was ready to admit it." Janel giggled as they danced in each other's arms the rest of the night...Both un-sure of what the future held but knew as long as they were together they could get through anything.

The End