Loud, sharp bangs echoed and bounced off of the padded walls of Vegeta's training room as he pounded away at a defenseless punching bag, its seams on the verge of busting. The padding that covered every inch of wall was by no means for safety or training purposes, Bulma had complained of the constant noise that emanated from Vegeta's room for days and even threatened to make him sleep in the room "since he loved being in there so much" until he couldn't take it anymore and was forced to give in to her demands. He insulated the room and Bulma stopped hassling him. He knew it was only a matter of time before that woman found something else to complain about but at least he wouldn't be able to hear her behind his brand new walls.

"Maybe it wasn't such a bad installment after all." He joked with her on more than one occasion.

Along with making the room virtually soundproof it also made it unbearably hot and, after a few hours of relentless muscle refinement, Vegeta was starting to feel the heat. He had to take a break and get some water or he felt he might keel over. He painfully made his way over to the small bench where he kept his water bottles and towel and slumped down to rest. Breathing hard and wiping the sweat out of his eyes, Vegeta remembered a time when he was able to train at his physical limit for hours on end. Now every time his older body forced him to stop the memory of his former years crossed his mind. It never failed to infuriate him. But he was no longer twenty. That was a long time ago, a time when that level of intensive training was essential for survival, a time of threats and competition. But all of that, like his youth, was long gone. Some days he couldn't even call to mind a good enough reason to get up at the crack of dawn and drag himself to his room of sweat, pain, and tedious repetition save for the fact that he had nothing better to do.

Trunks was old enough to take care of himself and had lost interest in his father's passion, something he had begged to be a part of not a few years ago. Vegeta could see clearly the boredom Trunks endured lately at the World Tournaments with virtually no competition to look forward to. What was once almost a holiday had turned into more of a chore. Now Vegeta only ever saw him running around with Kakarot's youngest playing foolish games and getting into Lord knows what. And Bra couldn't detach herself from Bulma's side long enough to even require Vegeta's supervision. Bulma had reassured him that it was just a stage that she'd grow out of. He figured Bulma's constant comforting was her way of admitting she was afraid he'd lose some sort of attachment to his own daughter by her never wanting to spend time with him. And despite his best efforts to hide his fear of coming off as too harsh or intimidating for Bra to approach, Bulma saw right through it. She always did.

Vegeta sighed. He realized he had been sitting on the bench staring at his sneakers for much longer than he had intended. He took one last gulp of his water and, just as he stood up, noticed he was standing on one of his shoelaces, but he realized this half a second too late. He was only standing for an instant before he came tumbling down over his own two legs and crashed, face-first and arms flailing, onto the floor. As if his pride hadn't been damaged enough by such an embarrassing episode, as he pushed himself back up onto his knees he heard a faint giggle.

"Alright who's there? Show yourself or I'll blast this whole room to a pile of smoldering ashes!" He prayed he wasn't blushing but the heat in his face told him differently. The giggling grew louder and Bra came crawling out from under a pile of discarded towels in the far corner of the room.

"I'm sorry Daddy but it was just so funny!" She plopped herself down on top of the pile and suppressed more giggles, placing both of her hands over her mouth and fighting back tears of laughter. She couldn't hold it in anymore and began rolling around howling with laughter.

"You…shoulda'…seen…your face!" She was out of breath and trying to catch it in-between words. "It looked like this." She stood up and pretended to trip over a towel with an over-exaggerated look of surprise. Flailing her arms as if she were trying to fly, she fell forward into the towels and continued to laugh, even more amused by her reenactment.

Vegeta's blush turned quickly into an irritated scowl as he quickly stood up and walked over to where his daughter lay. Bra heard him coming and turned over to face him. She smiled up at Vegeta from her soft mound of white cotton.

"Bra, what are you doing in here? You know this room is off limits." He had put on his best authoritative dad voice.



"Well, I always sit in here."

"You what?" His tone lost its edge and caught a bit of surprise.

"Yeah…I like to watch you practice and stuff!" At this she shot up on her feet and, with a stern face she clearly meant to imitate her father's, she began punching and kicking the air with quite a lot of vigor.

"Grrr!" She scowled and flexed her arms in a convincing macho man pose. She looked back up at her dad and smiled. "See, I've even been practicing too!"

"Uh, yes that's very…cute, Bra. But the equipment in here can be dangerous, go see what your mother's doing." He was still trying to wrap his head around the fact that Bra had been watching him train for what, weeks? Maybe months? No, there's no way.

"But Daaaaaad, all Mom does is boring computer stuff! She's no fun to hang out with. She doesn't even have games on her computer."

"Well go play with one of your dolls or whatever it is you do for fun, this is no place for a child. What I do in here takes discipline and strength; I wouldn't want you to get hurt." Vegeta began gently but firmly ushering her towards the door.

"Fine! If you want me to leave so bad I will!" She narrowed her eyes to an angry but concentrated glare and shot out her right arm, palm towards the door. Before Vegeta even knew what was happening a blinding ball of light and pure energy left her palm and went raging towards the door. The sheer magnitude of the blast as it made contact not only tore the door off its hinges and sent it flying through the far wall of the adjoin room, but also knocked both Vegeta and Bra off their feet.

Vegeta pushed himself up on his elbows and just stared at Bra, dumfounded by what his sweet little daughter had just done. He had felt her power level soar, even if for just a moment, to a ridiculous height. Bra sat up, crossed her arms and smugly asked.

"Now can I stay in here with you?"