"Man, your sister's getting pretty good." Goten mentioned, tossing a pop from the fridge to Trunks.

"Give me a break, my dad's going easy on her. She doesn't even know what real fighting is, it's not like there's been any sort of threat for years. All she's been doing is flying around a room and breaking the occasional door for the last four months." Trunks replied popping open the top of his drink. "But if she really believes she can keep up with one of us then she can have the next Buu or android that comes along."

"I don't know... your dad isn't one to 'go easy' on someone. Didn't he put that cable guy through a wall for looking at your mom the wrong way?" Goten broke open a bag of chips and plopped them on the Brief's kitchen table between him and Trunks.

"Well... yeah, but that was another guy. He goes easy on Mom and Bra. When it comes to me I can't get a bad grade in school without fear of one of my dad's 'talks.' Bra's gonna grow up soft." Trunk's reached into the bag tossed a few chips in his mouth.

"Ha, yeah until she starts dating!"

Trunks spewed crumbs laughing. "I can't wait to see that!"

"Your mom's going to be really happy replacing living room furniture every time she brings a guy home; your dad's gonna become notorious at the hospital." At this thought, both boys burst out in hysterical laughter.

"I can't figure out what's funnier, your total lack of motivation or the fact that your sister will be taking home the World Tournament title in a few weeks." Vegeta interrupted, opening the fridge behind the two and pulling out water bottles. Goten momentarily choked on the chips he had been munching.

Slightly flustered, "It doesn't matter how long she plays 'fighter' in there, Dad, I could still kick her butt and take home that prize any day. I won it once before!" Trunks replied crossing his arms and leaning back in his chair with what he hoped looked like confidence.

"Hm lets see, oh yes I remember, you were about..." Vegeta pretended to count in his head, "Bra's age. What a coincidence." He smirked and turned back towards the hall that lead to the kitchen, seemingly ready to go back to his training room.

It took Trunks a moment to swallow the truth in his father's words, "Well I guess we'll see for sure in a few weeks! I'm signing up for the Tournament this year and taking that prize home myself!" Vegeta stopped, back still facing Trunks and replied,

"That would be great, but I think you've forgotten something." Trunks could hear the smirk on his dad's face without even looking at him.

Almost afraid to reply, "And what's that?"

"There are no more age divisions. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go train your future opponent." And with that said, Vegeta continued down the hall and into his training room.

Goten waited until he was sure Vegeta had closed the door and was out of hearing range, "Well that was a little terrifying. Are you absolutely sure you can beat Bra? You haven't trained in years!" he managed, whipping crumbs off of the table.

"I'm sure!"

"'Cause I think I can feel her power level from here..."

"I said I'm sure, okay?"

"Not to mention how embarrassing it'd be if you lost to not only a girl but your little sister, I mean jeez..."

"Goten! Drop it! Lets go to your house, maybe your mom has some real food that you haven't spit all over."

"Doubt it." Goten smiled, pushing himself away from the table.

Trunks attempted to stealthily open the front door later that night, well technically the next morning, around 1am. He knew that this was his second time coming home hours past his curfew and he knew what was in store for him if he got caught, his mom had made it inexplicably clear the last time, but this time really was an accident! At least that was what he planned on saying if he happened to get caught. Trunks flinched as the front door clicked shut quietly and slowly turned around fully prepared to tip toe the rest of the way to his room. Just as he took his first step he heard a sharp bang halfway down the pitch black hall.

"Oh great," he thought "he really is working her as hard as he did me." Trunks remembered back to his years of intensive, all-night training sessions. Even though he was a little nervous about their upcoming fight, he did not envy Bra.

Realizing he could probably risk casually walking down to his room without being heard above his father's insanity, Trunks sighed with relief.

"I can't decide what's funnier, watching you stand there for the last five minutes staring into space or busting you just as you think you're home free."

Trunks nearly jumped out of his skin at the sound of someone else sitting on the couch literally five feet away from him. "You and Dad talk too much..."

"And you scare too easily." Bulma replied with a hint of laughter, "And if you're wondering why I'm sitting here in the dark it's because letting your father set up his training room adjacent to our bedroom was the single worst mistake of our marriage. You'd think these walls were made of paper. I expect your sister to go flying through one any time now."

"I'm really grounded aren't I?"

"Oh well obviously, I just thought you'd enjoy an update on your poor mother's life since you're always out too late to ask her about it. Now lets see... I'm thinking you're in your room and cut off from the rest of humankind until the World Tournament. I'm sure that day will be the cherry on my punishment sunday."

"You're not helping at all..." Trunks' previous sound of surprise had long been replaced with defeat. Bulma stood up and walked over to her son, lifting his chin a bit to give him a peck on the cheek.

"I know sometimes it's hard to tell with your father, but we do not equate our love for you with how badly you can beat someone up. Now go to your room so you can become better acquainted with it's walls. You'll be seeing plenty of them." Bulma let out a small laugh and turned down the hall.

Trunks sighed again, "Great." and looked up just in time to see his mother throw open the training room door.

"I swear to God, Vegeta if you don't cut this noise out, so help me you will be the one sleeping on this couch every night!"

"I'd like to see you try and keep me out of my own room, Woman!" Vegeta bellowed back. Behind the yelling Trunks could hear Bra suppressing giggles.

"How about you come and find out!" Bulma stormed away from the training room and into their bedroom slamming the door behind her. Despite everything that had happened in the last twenty-four hours, Trunks couldn't help but burst out laughing as he watched his dad storm after her and attempt to jiggle the locked door handle open until he finally gave up and threw his weight into the door.

"You did NOT just break my door down!" He, and probably half the neighborhood, heard his mother scream.

"Goku was right," Trunks mumbled to himself. "They really are the two fieriest people anyone knows."