Six hundred years. Six hundred years I've been trapped in that sword. Now that I'm free, now that I've been 'forgiven'... Well, let's just say, Vigilance and I have a lot to speak about.


Soulmate, soulmate he calls me. A laugh, sharp-edged and cutting rips its way from my throat. Soulmate, soulmate, we're soulmates. Soulmates forgive each other, right, right?!


That's right soulmates forgive each other. I deserved it, didn't I? Didn't I, Gig? I was the great and terrible Devourlord, right? Me, it was all me, me, me!! It was for the good of everyone, wasn't it?! I was expendable, wasn't I?!


No, no, of course not. It was all my fault, wasn't it? You weren't forgiven because you're the Master of Death, that wasn't it, was it, Gig? Of course not!


Well, I'm forgiven now, GIG, I'm all better now! We're soulmates, right? Together forever! Don't scream, don't scream, Gig. We're together now, right, right?!