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"Stop!" I gasped. Nathan released me and then shoved me against the wall. "Just stop, Nathan! You ain't Father!"

"I'm followin' Father's rules though! Rules like: Arthur ain't allowed to leave the house. Pleasure is sinful." I groaned. "Arthur, you broke both of those rules!"

"What's it matter, Nathan?" He pushed me down, and I landed with a thud on the floor. "Stop!"

Nathan had discovered I'd been leaving little things in the knothole of one of our trees for them Finch kids. Watching them play and mature, and leaving them small presents in the tree had been what got me into this mess. I did have to go outside after all, to put things into the tree.

"What is the matter with you, Arthur? Two rules! And you manage to break 'em both within, what? A week? Two weeks?" I didn't answer, just pushed myself up and started upstairs. "Hey! Get back down here!" Even though I knew it would kill my little-used voice to do so, I shouted back.

"You know what, Nathan? I'm done listenin' to you! You ain't Father, and you never will be!" I would've continued, but my throat was raw just from the small 'conversation' with him. He stopped on the bottom step, too shocked that I actually responded to him. I continued down the hall to Mother's room, stopping briefly at the door to wave hello. She just gave me a look, and I could read everything written in that look. Boy, you and your brother are too old to be carryin' on like that, what'll the neighbors think? And you ought to know better then break your father's rules! Her expression softened into pity for just a moment. Pity for what, my life? For being the neighborhood creep? She helped cause all this! Angrily I turned on my heel and stormed to my room. Thirty-seven and still living with my mother. On top of that, my room looked like a fifteen year old still lived in it.

I heard noises from outside, and went to the window and pulled the shade aside just a smidgen. The Finch children were outside, looking up at the sky as if they'd never seen it. I craned my neck around and saw that the sky was gray, with white flakes falling from it. Snow?! In Maycomb? Part of me wished I was a child again, so I could romp with my old friends in the slush that covered the ground. Jem, the boy, turned and reprimanded his sister for something. She started walking in his footprints. They paraded around the yard for a bit, catching the snow on their tongues and laughing. I almost laughed, then quickly fled the window to land on my back on the bed, looking sulky. Nathan came in moments later.

"Bo-Arthur! Something's wrong with Mother!" Quickly, I got up and followed him back to her room. She was slumped in her chair, her head lolling on her chest.

"Call the doctor, Nathan." I managed to whisper out. He just looked at me.

"We don't have a phone, idiot."

"Go get the doctor, then!" He ran out of the room. I held one of Mother's hands, and she raised her head to look at me.

"Nathan..." she muttered. Of course.

"No, Ma, it's me, Arthur! Your other son."

"Boo...?" What? How does she know that?

"Yeah, sure Ma, its Boo," I told her, hating myself for using the name. "Just don't talk, Ma, just sit tight. Hold on." I rose, lifted her up, and, staggering, carried her onto the bed. Nathan came back in, out of breath, with Mr. Finch and the doctor. I silently left while they descended to the bed. I went to my room and watched Jeremy and Scout build... something in their yard. I watched them with tears silently flowing down my cheeks.

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