Icha Icha Consequences

By: Demand Truth

Summary: Iruka wanted to give Kakashi an experience he'd never forget for their three year anniversary, but is one memorable night worth nine months of consequences? AU, KakaIru, Mpreg (Sorta)


Chapter 1: Restricted Technique

His innocent looking, leather satchel sat near his feet. There was nothing about its appearance to suggest what was hidden deep inside, wedged underneath Iruka's grade book and a few blank scrolls. In fact, the only think that made the bag ridiculously suspicious was Iruka's inability to stop glancing at it every five seconds, as if there were an exploding tag inside that was about to detonate.

After the brunet Chuunin glanced nervously at his bag for the millionth time in the past ten minutes or so, Genma finally cracked.

"What's in your bag that's got you so nervous?" Genma asked, rolling his senbon curiously from one side of his mouth to the other. Iruka instantly stiffened in his seat, a pink blush darkening his cheeks.

"What are you talking about? You get these strange ideas in your head, Genma-san. Whatever would I be looking at my bag for? There's nothing in it, except for school things, like always," Iruka insisted, all without taking a breath. Genma arched an eyebrow. The school teacher forced himself to release the breath he was holding and purposefully picked up his pen, clearly set on ignoring Genma. He checked it for ink level, and set it down to the right of where his hand rested on the desk, making sure his weapon was ready for battle. He needlessly tidied the stack of blank forms on his desk, and then stared intently at the door, as if summoning someone with his mind.

Nobody came. It was a slow shift. Genma smiled, with a glimmer of mischief in his eyes.

"You're not a very good liar, Iruka-sensei," Genma commented, as if discussing the weather. The tense line of Iruka's shoulders became even more impossibly rigid. Then it happened very fast. Using speed that Iruka never in his wildest dreams would have expected from the lazy, apathetic desk Jounin, suddenly the contents of Iruka's bag were dumped on top of Gemna's desk.

"HEY!" Iruka roared, but too late. The damage was done. Falling out last, on top of the grade book and the pile of scrolls, was a bright and shiny copy of Icha Icha Paradise. Genma chuckled, skipping backwards from the desk with the porn in hand at the same time that Iruka dove for it, blushing like mad.

"Ha! Iruka-sensei, all these years we thought you were the good influence on Hatake-san, but now it appears like he's the bad influence on you! Did you take this dirty book to school?" Genma asked loudly. The door to the mission room had opened, and Anko had entered with a team of some of Iruka's ex-students. Iruka's face got so hot Genma seriously thought the teacher might explode, and with a lunge of pure rage and embarrassment, Iruka tackled Genma and managed to confiscate his porn, hiding it away from the sight of the kids.

"Wow, what the hell did we miss?" Anko asked cheerily, grinning from ear to ear. From the floor, behind the two desks and underneath a panting, red-faced Iruka, Genma replied.

"Iruka's brought a naughty book to work!" Genma announced with glee. Forgetting about hiding the cover, Iruka angrily smacked the upper level ninja with the garishly colored book, temporarily causing little kunai and shuriken to dance above Genma's head.

"DON'T TELL DIRTY LIES!" Iruka roared, his infamous short fuse lighting. His former students, recognizing that voice, dodged behind Anko, who rolled her eyes at their cowardice.

"Now, now, we're all adults here. Well, old enough, anyway, to appreciate some of Jiraiya-sama's fine literature. There's nothing to be so embarrassed about, Iruka-kun," Anko soothed, with a cat-that-ate-the-canary grin.

Still blushing like mad, Iruka returned to his seat with a huff and hastily tucked the book in his desk drawer, slamming and locking it dramatically. "I assume you have a mission report?" Iruka asked, as if determined to suppress any further teasing with the force of his serious voice alone. Genma, meanwhile, woozily climbed back into his chair, and Anko snickered at him.

"Yeah, yeah, here ya go, Iruka-kun. Seriously, though, I think it's great you're finally opening up a little. I mean, you've been with Kakashi for almost three years now, right? Gotta spice it up every once in awhile, ya know?" She punctuated her embarrassing assessment with a big wink. Iruka's blush returned, and he actually winced as if in pain.

"Anko-chan, please don't talk about personal matters in front of my ex-students. It's embarrassing!" Iruka pleaded. His old teammate just grinned and glanced at her trio of youngsters, none of whom looked at all disturbed.

"Ah, relax, Iruka-kun. They've been with me nearly a year now—whatever innocence they may have once had is long gone," Anko joked. She handed over her mission report and couldn't resist a little more teasing at her old friend's expense. "So you doing research for that perverted boyfriend of yours? Let me guess—you're going to role play!"

Iruka's completely red face gave him away, and sent Genma and Anko into peals of laughter. The students looked a little bored with the conversation. The leader of the group shook his head at the two laughing adults and gave Iruka a brief salute.

"We'll let you adults catch up. Later, Iruka-sensei," the young boy said. His two friends also gave Iruka bright smiles and waves, and then left the three adults alone in the room.

"I can't believe you just...in front of..." Iruka looked absolutely horrified, which only made Genma and Anko laugh harder—until a stapler and a blank scroll came flying at their heads with deadly accuracy.

"Woah!" Anko exclaimed, narrowly dodging the stapler that went flying past her to lodge in the wall. Genma, however, fell out of his chair upon the impact of the scroll with his head, and a large, angry lump began to form. The scroll rolled away harmlessly. Iruka gave both Jounins a challenging stare.

"Okay, okay, point taken. No more teasing. Seriously, though, if you're wanting to do some role play I know of a jutsu that would help! It's in the restricted section of the library—big scroll edged in blue. You can't miss it," Anko said with a placating smile. Genma just grumbled about menstruating Chuunins and pulled himself back into his seat.

Iruka cleared his throat primly and stamped Anko's report, filing it away behind him.

"Thank you for your hard work, Anko-chan...and for your suggestion," Iruka managed to say, blushing all over again. Anko just laughed and tossed a goodbye wave over her shoulder. When she left, Genma sighed.

"Your anniversary is tonight, right? Just go ahead and read it already. We're slow today and I already know about it anyway."

Iruka resisted prudishly for at least five minutes, before he realized just how little time he had left to pull off his crazy idea. Sheepishly, he pulled the book out of the drawer and held it under the desk, furiously speed reading, and trying to remember the dialogue.

Genma just smiled, thinking to himself that Kakashi sure was a lucky guy.


When his shift in the mission room ended, Iruka had approximately two hours to set everything up. He ran to the library quickly, and flashed his badge to gain access to the restricted section. It was fairly neatly organized, with the higher level jutsu scrolls, about twelve or so, piled neatly in the corner. Iruka spotted the large, blue one Anko had mentioned and quickly dug it out of the pile. He hoped it wasn't too difficult; many of the jutsu and techniques stored in the restricted section were above his ability level.

Iruka carried the large scroll to the lone table and unfurled it, just skimming the warnings after a nervous glance at the clock. As Iruka got the gist of the jutsu, he smiled happily. It was essentially a hardier version of the Henge, or transformation jutsu. Any significant outpouring of exertion while under a Henge made it difficult to maintain the illusion, but this jutsu worked in an entirely different way. The teacher in Iruka was fascinated, and he read on eagerly, wondering why the seemingly simple jutsu wasn't part of the academy curriculum.

He practiced the hand signs a few times before taking a deep breath and giving it his best attempt. The change was slow, but it felt incredibly solid. Typically, while under a transformation, Iruka's body still felt the same—it was merely a visual trick. This, however, felt incredibly realistic. Iruka cupped the small breasts he'd envisioned on his chest, pleased that they felt plump and firm. Confident that he could pull the jutsu off, and pleased with himself that it hadn't been much of a struggle, Iruka hastily released the jutsu and returned the scroll to the pile. He still had a lot more to do for his memorable anniversary night.

Iruka hastened to the apartment he shared with his eccentric boyfriend. He started dinner—Kakashi's favorite, of course, and carried the porn book into the bathroom where he could see himself in the mirror. Feeling a little shy, Iruka stripped out of his clothes and neatly folded them before staring at himself in the large bathroom mirror.

He was attractive, he supposed. At least, that's what Kakashi insisted on a pretty much daily basis. He'd kept himself in good shape, but his shape was most definitely male. Iruka did a half turn, admiring his own firm, tan-all-over tush.

A smile brightened his face when he realized just how similar he looked to one of the main characters Kakashi drooled over all the time. Keiko was tall and tan, with large breasts and soft auburn hair. Iruka envisioned the fantasy woman in his mind and did the seals, opening his eyes to see a near perfect transformation staring back. His eyes dropped to his own ample chest, and he felt a nosebleed threatening. There was just something naughty about transforming into a female and staring at his own boobs. Plus, they were huge.

Iruka inspected himself critically, from his now tiny, shapely butt to his big, innocent looking hazel eyes. Lastly, feeling dirty, Iruka placed a delicate little foot onto the edge of the sink and checked out his lack of male anatomy. His own blush startled him—he flushed an enticing pink. Oh, Kakashi was going to love this. Though Iruka hadn't had a fantasy about a woman in years, and it had been even longer since he slept with one, he couldn't resist poking at himself curiously, familiarizing himself with the little nub that he knew would give him pleasure, and the slick passage that was so different from the one Kakashi usually claimed.

Feeling satisfied that the transformation was solid and pleasurable feeling, Iruka ceased checking himself out and hastily dressed in the scandalous satin kimono he'd bought the previous weekend. It almost exactly matched the description in the book, but for a few, minor faults. Iruka tugged on the tiny, white lacy panties first, feeling a strange heat in his belly as the dainty garment slid over slender thighs. The kimono just barely covered the panties, and Iruka knew that when he bent over, even slightly, Kakashi was going to see the little white garment peeking out. The thought alone began to arouse Iruka, and he blushed to realize his nipples were hardening and his brand new panties already felt a little damp.

A quick glance at the clock told him Kakashi was nearly home, so Iruka ignored the urge to slip his hand between his thighs and tied up the plunging front of the kimono. Instead, he awkwardly pulled his long hair into twin pigtails. One was a little higher up than the other, but it would work. He then finished up in the kitchen, just as the front door opened and Kakashi entered, holding a small bouquet of white roses—Iruka's favorite.

His revealed eye widened in shock, and the flowers fell to the floor.

"Iruka?" Kakashi asked, clearly bewildered. The busty brunette felt like his boyfriend, but what on earth was going on? Iruka tried to will away his blush and sauntered towards Kakashi, toying with the low cut neckline of his garment. Kakashi's good eye dropped to Iruka's ample chest and stayed there, a familiar, hungry look taking over his expression. Iruka smiled.

"Oh, Ichiro-sama, I did not think you would ever return to me...not after what I did," Iruka recited the line in a sweet, girlish voice. Kakashi was gaping underneath his mask, but it was obvious he realized just how Iruka intended to make their three-year-anniversary special. Kakashi swallowed thickly, his memory racing over the well-loved pages in his mind's eye.

"I have not forgiven you, Keiko. You made a fool of me—me, the man who loves you! How do you intend to make it up to me?" Kakashi asked smoothly, tugging down his mask. As always, Iruka was a little distracted by the handsome sight, and had to shake his head to remember what he was supposed to do next. He didn't have to fake the embarrassed blush as he tugged at the neckline of the kimono, revealing one pert, pale pink nipple.

"Please, Ichiro-sama, take me in whatever way you wish. Use me however you see fit. Let me give you pleasure." Iruka was pretty sure he'd messed that line up, but it was at least similar. Kakashi didn't seem to be in the mood to complain, at any rate. His perverted, genius boyfriend, however, nailed his lines with perfect accuracy, and knew just what to do next. He roughly grasped the material of the kimono and covered up Iruka's chest, scowling.

"You're so quick to shame yourself now! You'd act the whore for any man, wouldn't you?" Kakashi asked, pretending to be disgusted with Iruka. He moved to the table and sat stiffly, watching Iruka out of the corner of his eye to see just how far they were going to take the scene. "I've traveled many days to answer your summons. Serve me food and drink."

Iruka was quite ready to continue the scene, and in fact that was why he'd chosen it. Pretending to sniffle (since at this part, Keiko began to cry anguished tears at the coldness of her lover) Iruka brought dinner to the table. He'd also moved the bowls to the bottom cabinet, so just like in the book, he had to bend over and flash Kakashi his tiny panties. He heard his boyfriend take a deep, bracing breath as he presented his round little butt for his viewing pleasure.

"Fuck," Kakashi grunted from the table, breaking character for just a moment. Iruka smiled to himself, pleased with the results of his scene, and then hastily wiped away the smile before he turned. He tried to look desperate and needy.

"Please, Kaka...I mean, Ichiro-sama, eat this humble meal I've prepared. When you have satisfied your hunger for food, please satisfy all your desires. Feast on me. For so many months I've thought of only you, and I've ached for you in the night," Iruka whimpered, bringing Kakashi's favorite dish to the table. Kakashi dug in heartily, using all the practice at inhaling food he'd acquired over the years. In the book, the character ate slowly, ignoring the sultry stares from Keiko throughout the meal, but it seemed as if Kakashi wanted to speed things along. When he was done, he pushed the bowl away and stood, revealing an impressive erection tenting his pants. Iruka had to hide his coy smile. He hadn't even touched him yet.

"Please my Lord, please do not turn me away from you. It is true I betrayed you before we were to be married, but it was not my will! It was trickery! My heart belongs only to you," Iruka confessed, pleadingly. He dropped to his knees, clinging desperately to Kakashi's vest. Kakashi's voice was thick with want when he replied the next line.

"I'll allow you to make it up to me, Keiko, but I'll make you do things no decent woman would ever do. Show me how sorry you are. Suck my hard cock," Kakashi ordered roughly, undoing the clasp of his pants and freeing his heavy arousal.

Iruka licked his lips (which were puffier than he was used to) and summoned another blush.

"But my Lord, I have never..." Iruka trailed off. At this point, Kakashi looked a little apprehensive, and his hesitation was obvious. Iruka gave him an encouraging wink, letting him know he was fine with a little rough play. Kakashi bit his lip and gave Iruka a stare so full of longing and adoration that Iruka nearly forgot they were acting a scene, and so he was genuinely surprised when Kakashi roughly grabbed a handful of one of his pigtails and thrust his cock into Iruka's mouth.

Iruka nearly choked, but just like Keiko, he recovered beautifully and began to suck like a pro—just how he knew Kakashi liked it. It wasn't long before Kakashi came hard into his mouth, and Iruka allowed himself to act more wanton than he ever had before. He opened his puffy pink lips as if in shock, letting his boyfriend's seed dribble down his chin and onto his pert breasts. Kakashi harshly ripped open the neckline of the kimono, baring Iruka's breasts to the cool air in the room.

"Look at that, you messy girl. You should have swallowed! You need to be punished," Kakashi panted, clearly excited about the next part, as his arousal was already returning. Iruka let himself be hauled into Kakashi's arms and carried to the couch, where he was promptly stretched over Kakashi's lap. A familiar hand slid up a leg that felt anything but familiar, to the silky hem line of the kimono. Kakashi pressed his knuckles against the damp panties, letting out a low groan as he did so. Iruka arched his butt into the air, giving a needy, breathy moan.

Kakashi's hand smacked his ass hard, and though he was expecting it, Iruka still yelped. The panties were tugged down his backside, and Kakashi's hand descended again, leaving a clear, red imprint on the tan skin. Iruka could feel Kakashi's second erection poking his belly, already firm. Another spank caused Iruka to moan, rubbing his exposed nipples against the rough material of the couch, torn between arching towards Kakashi's hand and flinching away from it. A few more smacks and Iruka's bottom was stinging. In the book, at this point, Keiko was practically tossed across the room, but Kakashi gently lowered him to the ground. Instead of tearing off the panties, he carefully removed them, and spread Iruka's slender legs after tugging off as many of his own clothes as he could manage.

For a long moment, Kakashi simply stared, as if trying to remember what to do with a woman's anatomy. Iruka helped jog his memory by spreading his legs a little wider, and touching his little button of pleasure. Iruka felt the wetness dribbling between his thighs, and groaned in pleasure when Kakashi leaned forwards and licked him from ass to clit, like a melting ice cream cone.

Happily amusing himself by playing with Iruka's ridiculously large breasts, Kakashi wasted little time in burying himself to the hilt. He began to thrust into Iruka's newly redesigned passage. For Iruka, it was a very different experience from what he was used to. He envied women for being more natural bottoms—he felt himself quickly acclimating to Kakashi's thick manhood instead of the slow burn he was used to feeling when they made love. Instead of his own body betraying him by attempting to force Kakashi out, his muscles expanded and sought to bring Kakashi in deeper. The wet, smacking sound as their bodies met filled the living room, and Kakashi was far less gentle than he usually was. As nice as it was to accommodate Kakashi more naturally, at the same time his own pleasure wasn't building nearly as fast. He and Kakashi had worked out a perfect rhythm of fucking and stroking each other, but now it wasn't as easy to stroke himself. Iruka realized Kakashi wasn't going to last long enough to get him where he needed to be, so he let out some breathy moans and tried to make it good for his lover. Kakashi came powerfully, though Iruka didn't quite make it. Iruka discretely slipped his tiny hand between them and rubbed himself in tight little circles, arching up and milking Kakashi's spent arousal as he finally came in gentle waves of pleasure.

For a long time, they simply lay together on the living room floor, sweaty and ridiculously happy with each other.

"Happy anniversary, love," Iruka whispered. Kakashi looked up at him almost wondrously, and then at the mess they'd made of their clothes.

"Iruka...will you marry me?" Kakashi asked. Iruka blinked rapidly a few times in surprise, and then a frown marred his face. Roughly, he pushed Kakashi off himself, though he found his hands were so small and weak that the heavier, taller ninja barely budged.

"Get off me. I mean it!" Iruka snapped. Kakashi winced, realizing he'd made a mistake and it was too late to take it back. He moved, allowing Iruka to get up and storm into the bathroom, which is what usually happened when Kakashi did something insensitive right after sex. It seemed like Iruka was always a little more vulnerable then, and his feelings were easily hurt. After three years, Kakashi was almost getting to the point where he didn't need Iruka to explain how he'd fucked up to him. It would dawn on him like an epiphany, with all the subtlety of one of Gai's punches.

Iruka was romantic, and he'd been hinting for months that he'd like for Kakashi to take him on a trip to the hot springs and make it official. Kakashi had told him marriage was a big step, and that they shouldn't rush into it. Apparently, after three years, Iruka didn't think they were 'rushing' anything. It had turned into a big fight, and Iruka was still sensitive about the subject. Obviously, being proposed to when he was trapped in the body of a big, busty girl was not Iruka's idea of romance.

Angrily, Kakashi punched the carpet and buried his face in his hands. Inside the bathroom, he heard Iruka furiously trying to dispel the Henge, and seeming to have some difficulty.

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