Charlie and Luna Sitting in a Tree

Even though I'd known her for nearly her entire life, I never really "knew" her until Bill's wedding. It was hard not to notice her, what with those egg yolk coloured robes and all. The sunflower is what really intrigued me, though, as it happens to be one of my favourite flowers. Hey, a bloke like me can like sunflowers, so shut the fuck up, okay?

Anyway, I asked her to dance out of politeness. She was shorter than I thought, about Gin-Gin's height. When I took her hand in mine, I was stunned by the smallness and frailty of it. She lifted her head and smiled.

"It's so nice to see you again, Charles." Her voice lilted as if it were on dragon wings.

"Charlie. The prince is Charles," I reminded her. "How's school?"

"Considering that it's summer holidays, it's going extremely well."

I chuckled. "That was always my favourite part, too. What are you studying in the autumn term?"

"Umm, depending on my OWLs, I'd like to concentrate on Care of Magical Creatures. I spoke with Hagrid about doing some extra class work with him."

"I loved that class. Professor Kettleburn helped me get my post in Romania." I turned us around so the sun wasn't in her eyes. "I have my old textbo0ks in the attic if you want them. I can't promise anything as exciting as The Monster Book of Monsters, but they're pretty damn useful."

"Oh that would be wonderful!" she said with glee. She tilted her head to the side and the sunflower drooped a bit. I reached up and tucked it back inside her hair, which was downy soft.

"And just so you know, they're not all about dragons." In fact, some of the more advanced Creature texts dealt with a lot of mythical animals, and I knew she was into strange animals and all; Ginny always wrote about Luna.

"Is the Crumple-Horned Snorkack in there?"

That's right. I couldn't remember what Ginny called them.

"Actually, I think it is. I even know someone who's seen one."

Luna squealed in joy, causing several people to look at us curiously. George made a rude gesture and Fred crossed his eyes while he made a funny face. I swear those two will never grow up; they'll be perpetual adolescents.

"I've dreamed of seeing one my entire life. Father's been trying to organize another trip but, so far, hasn't got the finances in order yet."

To tell you the truth, the chap who saw it was a little loony in my book, but he's got a photo of it and you can't really argue with that sort of evidence now, can you?

Luna continued on about the Snorkack, her voice becoming as animated as I've ever heard. Earlier, it had a dreamy, ethereal quality about it, but now, it was full of excitement, the way I get when I talk about my work. I couldn't help but smile at her enthusiasm for I had the same for my animal of choice.

I was just about to ask her to sit and talk some more about Care of Magical Creatures when Kingsley Shacklebolt's Patronus showed up and the world started to go to hell.

The next time I saw her, she was sitting at a House table in the Great Hall of Hogwarts after dismissing Harry, distracting everyone by claiming to see a Blibbering Humdinger. I gave a half-smile at that, knowing exactly what she was doing.

Luna's hair was mussed up and a little singed. There were smears of soot or dirt on her cheeks and she looked as if she hadn't had a decent night's sleep in weeks. Despite my own grief over the loss of Fred, I felt compelled to walk over and soon found myself taking a seat next to her.


"Hello, there," she answered, placing a hand on one of mine. It felt like years since we'd danced together at Bill's wedding. "I'm so sorry about Fred. He was very amusing and entertaining."

"Thanks. He was." I looked over my shoulder and saw George staring blankly at the body of his twin; it made my heart ache to look at them. "George…he's—"

"He'll feel lost."


Luna smiled briefly and I noticed her eyes well up. Funny, it was my brother who was killed, yet it was she who was crying over him. I reached up and wiped away the solitary tear.

"Where's your father? He wasn't here to fight."

Luna sighed. "Alas, he's in Azkaban."

"Since when? How can you be so calm?" Was she completely mental?

"There's nothing I could have done about it as I was in the Malfoys' dungeon." She sighed again. "He'll be let out soon, once everything gets straightened out. Of that much, I am certain."

"You have a lot of faith in people who've screwed over a lot of us lately," I reminded her. Bureaucracy never freed people quickly.

"It's all I have right now, Charles. Faith builds character, and character builds hope; hope doesn't disappoint us. I have hope that the world will eventually become a better place. We had such bad times of late…things have to get better."

Somehow, her fuzzy logic made sense. We had to get through all this crap in order to have a future. Funny how the person perceived as the most illogical could be the voice of reason in a room full of grief. Her remarks made me hopeful for the first time in months, even though it was mere hours after the death of my brother.

"You're a remarkable girl, Luna."

"Not remarkable," she corrected. "Only perceptive and intuitive,"

"Well, whatever you wanna call it, you're eons ahead of most of us." I patted her on the head and smiled at her, getting up to join my family. "Come with me. I think Ginny could use a friend right now."

I left England to return to the reserve at the end of May. It was the longest I'd stayed at home since finishing Hogwarts. I love my family, don't get me wrong, but I'm not much for all the raw emotion that was filling the house after Fred's funeral. Mum blubbered on about him and was a right basket case at his funeral. George was walking around like a zombie. For my own sanity, I had to leave.

At the end of July, I got an owl from Ginny. As I read the letter, I couldn't believe that she was turning seventeen. The little sprout grew up when I wasn't watching. That very day, I made arrangements to go home for her birthday.

After four Apparition stops, three time zones, and a quick shower, I arrived at The Burrow for Ginny's party. I opened the gate to the back garden and was greeted by my now-legal sister snogging Harry Potter on a wooden bench. Stopped dead in my tracks, I watched them grope and kiss, realizing that it had been almost two years since I'd snogged a girl; there aren't many female dragon keepers, and blokes just don't do it for me, contrary to what Bill thinks.

"Excuse me, but I thought there was a party," I interrupted, chuckling softly as the two of them jerked apart and Harry turned a shade of red I'd never seen on him before.

"Charlie!" Ginny ran to me and leapt into my arms, and I spun her around.

"Happy birthday, kiddo!" I set her on the ground. "So what's with you and the Chosen One?"

It was her turn to blush.

"Just…giving me something to remember him by."

"He better NOT!" I swooped down on Harry in my best big-brother act and glared at him. "You keep that pecker inside those pants and away from my sister! I don't care if you're everyone's bloody hero or not!"

"Y—y—yes, Charlie," Harry answered in a pathetic voice. He looked pathetic, too; his eyes were wide, and he was visibly shaking. You'd think that the boy who knocked out Voldemort would know a joke when it bit him in the arse.

"Stop it, Charlie, and apologize," she warned. "Remember Therese McAvoy?"

She would have to bring that up, wouldn't she? I'll save that explanation for another day.

"Sorry, Harry," I reassured him and grabbed him round the shoulders. "I'm just taking the mickey. You of all people should be allowed to have some good old sex."

Harry sputtered, "We weren't—"

"I know!" I raised my hands. "Just wanted to let you know that none of us brothers are that stupid as to deny the fact that our sister is madly in love with you and would most likely corner you in the broom shed just to get inside your trousers."

I laughed as they both opened their mouths, the epitome of being gobsmacked, and headed toward the house where I hoped I'd find Mum hopefully flitting about the kitchen in pre-party mode. I seriously hoped that she'd got over the heavy grief of losing Fred.

Instead of my mother in the kitchen, it was Luna. She was directing pots and pans around the place as if it were her own kitchen. Flour dappled her face and hair, making her look like an appaloosa horse. I smiled at the image before me. Ginny had told me that Luna practically lived at The Burrow these days, but I hadn't quite believed her.

"Where's my mum?"

Luna spun around on her toes and beamed at me. When she smiled, her whole face lit up, giving her a bit of a glow. Could have been from the heat of the kitchen, but I preferred to think it was just her.

"Charlie! We weren't expecting you so soon!"

Before I had a chance to respond, she threw herself at me and wrapped her arms around my middle, hugging me as if I were her brother and not Ginny's. When she stopped squeezing me, I set her away from me.

"Where's Mum?"

"She and your father are at Shell Cottage, trying to convince Fleur that she doesn't look like a beached whale."

I nodded. Fleur had found out last week that she was expecting; apparently, at six weeks pregnant, she felt like a beach ball. Bill told me in a letter that her breasts were huge and sensitive and that she loved having him fuck her tits. Ooops…probably shouldn't have said that. I shook that thought out of my head and poked my head into the scullery and grabbed a bottle of Butterbeer from the ice-filled tub.

"Ron and Hermione are out at the pond…"

Did my little brother finally grow a pair? I ripped off the cork and took a swig, savouring the cool liquid flowing into my throat.

"Ginny is out snogging Harry, although you probably knew that. But I don't think she told you they're going to have sex tonight for the first time."

I sprayed her with the Butterbeer that I just poured into my mouth and tried to apologise.

"That's alright, Charlie," she answered cool as can be. "In some circles, it's good luck. Would you like some good luck?" She reached for the bottle, but I yanked it out of her reach.

"That's a little more than I wanted to know," I answered, feeling my cheeks warm at her comment. "So why are you in the kitchen?"

"Not a very smooth segue, Charlie." Luna gave a half-smile and I surprisingly felt myself think she was flirting with me. Before I could respond, she said, "I told your mother I'd help with the cooking."

Before I could ask Luna about my mother, the door swung open and I was engulfed in my mum's arms, and she began peppering my cheeks with kisses, just like she used to do when I was little. This was one of the times when I wished I was more Weasley than Prewett in my build.

"Mum…Mum, geroff me!" I managed to get out of her grasp and was swept into more hugs from the rest of the family.

It was good to be home with them, I decided, as I looked around the room. My eyes landed on Luna, still standing near the worktop. She looked so lonely and I wondered if her father had been released yet. No one should have to put her life on hold waiting like she did.

Everyone deserved a happy ending.

Christmas was far more festive than I had expected it to be. My parents took joy in the fact that there would be a new baby soon rather than lingering over Fred's death. It was nice to see them smiling rather than crying. Bill looked almost as pregnant as Fleur; the poor bloke put on a bit of sympathy weight and earned himself quite a bit of ribbing from us brothers. Percy, who was still as stuffy as ever, brought home….wait for it…a girl! Audrey Beauregard, an American witch from 'Lew—eez—ee—ay—ana', was helping the Ministry sort through the mess left behind by Thicknesse's crew. Percy originally introduced her as his 'friend from work,' but I noticed the way she looked at him and how he kept touching her. Audrey was perhaps the most difficult person to understand, given her strange accent. Fleur, of course, understood her perfectly, claiming that it was 'Ze 'uguenot blood in ze bose of us.'

George and Ron were both shagging their birds, I could tell. Angelina Johnson sat next to George at dinner and the two of them couldn't stop looking at each other or touching. I figured they'd been shagging for only a few weeks; they were still in the 'Oh Merlin, we're having sex' stage of their relationship. Ron, on the other hand, has been bedding Hermione for a while now. He was openly drooling over her as she walked past, his eyes settling on the rather shapely arse draped in purple cloth. Apparently, he hasn't got any lately and has most likely been fucking his right hand most nights.

Ginny and Harry were no longer single entities. It wasn't 'Ginny went to Diagon Alley to buy the Christmas decorations,' but 'Harry and Ginny went to Diagon Alley…', 'Ginny and Harry babysat Teddy the other night…' Blah, blah, blah. The poor bloke was as whipped as I've ever seen and it was disgusting to watch. However, my sister was almost as bad. It was obvious that she was beyond happy with him; if anyone deserved such happiness it was those two. I just prefer not to think about them together together.

So, yeah, I was the lone single in the house and by the time dinner was over and pudding had been consumed, I felt distinctly out of place in the home I'd grown up in. Bill was massaging Fleur's bump. Percy and Audrey were playing chess with Ron and Hermione. George and Angelina were snogging, and Harry and Ginny were cuddled up on the couch doing Merlin knew what underneath an old Gryffindor blanket. Mum and Dad merely smiled at all of this.

The clock rang seven and there was a knock at the door. Without saying a thing, I sprang up and opened the door.

"Luna! Happy Christmas!" A broad smile spread across my face. "How are you?"

As she stepped inside, her father stood behind her and smiled warmly at me. Xeno had always been a little odd, but his time in prison made him look three sizes too small.

Mum and Dad joined us at the door, and soon, the Lovegoods joined us in the already crowded sitting room. Luna passed around presents and surprised me by placing a small package on my lap.

"You didn't have to get me anything." I felt strangely nervous around her, something I never am around women.

"Well," she began in a very light voice, "you did loan me your books and I never did say thank you properly for them."

"I just hope they help." I put my hand on her knee, a completely innocent gesture, and when she placed hers on mine, my hand jumped away.

"Is there a Nargle in here?" She looked around the room curiously.

"Wha—what?" I followed her glances around the room.

"Nargles. They live inside mistletoe. Oh! There's some!" She pointed at the bunch dangling above the door by the stairs. "Must be for when everyone goes upstairs to pretend they're not going to shag tonight."

If I didn't know better, I'd swear that girl plans saying things like that just to shock me.

"Yeah, well, maybe. All I can say is that I'll be the lonely one tonight." I really should have brought a date. Even a pity date would have been better than watching my family make goo-goo eyes at people they loved.

"That's probably true. If it's any comfort, I'll be lonely, too."

Our eyes locked and I noticed, not for the first time, that Luna, with her big blue eyes and wispy, blond hair, was rather attractive. She smelled like winter: piny and crisp, like the morning after a heavy snowfall. I also saw the truth in her statement. Her eyes were lonely and behind them was a need for friendship or something more.

I had to shake that thought out of my head. She's seventeen and one of my sister's best friends. A child, really. A little girl.

"Open your present," she said softly, pulling me from my thoughts.

"Er…yeah, sorry." I ripped off the paper and opened the little box. "Luna…wow. Thanks." It was a little jade dragon figurine that swished its tail back and forth. If I wasn't mistaken, it was a Welsh Green.

"Oh Charlie, that's lovely." I looked up and saw Mum admire the little dragon in my hand.

All heads turned toward us, making me uncomfortable with unwanted attention. I just knew that my cheeks were red.

"Yeah, it's great, isn't it? Thanks, Luna."

I then realized that it was probably a pity gift, seeing as how she had a connection to nearly everyone else in my family; she just didn't want me to feel left out. She was friends with Ginny, Ron, Hermione, and Harry; Bill and Fleur took care of her after escaping the Malfoys; she and George spent time together at Muriel's, and Mum and Dad looked after here there, too. Hell, I even heard from Ginny that Luna and Percy liked to debate about politics.

All of a sudden, I excused myself and walked into the kitchen on the pretence of needing a refill of my drink. I had to swallow down the feeling that I really didn't belong here anymore. My job had become my life and that's where I felt the most comfortable. I was always close to Bill, but with impending fatherhood, all he wanted to talk about was the baby and Fleur. Percy was always too intellectual for me; George was always good for a laugh, but we were never really friendly. Ron could at least talk a lot about Quidditch but that's where the similarities ended; we were just too far apart in age to be close. Even though I love my sister to the end of the world, she'll always be three years old to me and finally being potty-trained like she was when I left for Hogwarts.

That really was the reason I didn't come home as often as my parents would have liked. I was too much of a nature boy to stick around in boring old Devon. I had explored every tunnel and cave in the county by the time I was fourteen. There was no wonder here after that and the opportunity to work in Romania couldn't have come at a better time. I had my heart broken by none other than Dora Tonks; her drive to be an Auror was the decision that broke us up. I couldn't hang around here for three years. No one will ever know the pain I experienced when I heard that she'd married Remus. I guess I'd always held out hope that we could work things out.

"Charlie?" It was Luna. "What's the matter?"

I cleared my throat. "What makes you think anything's wrong?"

"You left to get a refill when the drinks are in the other room on the sideboard. You've been gone far too long to realize your error and…and you look how I feel sometimes."

"What?" I ran my hand through my hair in an effort to hide the fact I was wiping my right eye.

"Lonely. You said it yourself earlier. I feel lonely, too. Especially when I see my friends so happy and in love. I've never been in love. Have you?"

I chuckled. "Luna, you're seventeen. You're not supposed to be in love yet. Ginny's been in love with Harry her whole life, even before she met him."

"But you haven't answered my question, which is only polite." She stepped forward until she was right in front of me. "Have you ever been in love?"

I could only nod.



"Have you been involved with anyone since?" She raised an eyebrow.

"For only a night or two," I answered. It was true; my mother would be appalled at the number of one-night stands I've had. "It's hard to find someone who…who…"

"…understands me," we say simultaneously.

"Why did you give me that present, Luna?" I asked. If I moved my head to the right a bit, I could almost kiss her.

"Because I thought we were friends. We don't know each other well, but I have always felt strangely connected to you. Almost as if," she paused to sigh, "almost as if we were both bitten by the—"

I stopped her with a gentle kiss; I couldn't help myself. Her eyes closed as I continued to kiss her, telling me this was her first kiss. I placed my hands on her cheeks and held her there, wanting her first kiss to be everything she could have ever wanted. She moaned as my tongue traced the line of her lips before delving inside to taste her. The kiss had gone on far longer than it should have. I knew I should stop, but she was finally kissing me back. It had been so long and…

"Hey, what's…going…on?"

Luna and I jumped apart as Harry came to a stop just inside the kitchen; he looked as shocked as I'm sure we did.

"Charlie was just kissing me, Harry," she said bluntly. That was perhaps one of her more endearing qualities. I'm the same way.

"Er...yeah." Harry backed out and retreated back into the sitting room.

"Thank you, Charlie." She lifted up onto her tiptoes and kissed me on the cheek. "It was very nice, and hopefully not the last kiss."

Without a word, she flitted out the door, her hair sashaying behind her.

After Christmas, Luna was around all the time. She came to The Burrow on the pretence of visiting Ginny but really spent her time with me. I didn't mind, of course. She was interesting in an odd, amusing way. But we had loads in common and would talk about nature, animals, various creatures, and the mythical ones she was so intent on believing were real. What was really nice, I have to admit, was kissing her. She was an enthusiastic partner and didn't argue when I touched her...soft places.

"Mmm...that's nice," she moaned as I began kneading her left breast.

We were sprawled on my bed and her leg was hooked over my hip, pulling me into her. My jeans were tight with my throbbing erection and the contact stopped any rational thoughts in their tracks. Our hips met in erratic thrusts; I couldn't help it.

"Luna...Luna...we should stop," I groaned as I pulled away from her, taking in her appearance. I sighed as I realized exactly how far we'd gone.

Her shirt was off and the front clasp of her bra was undone, exposing her breasts to the cool air of the room. Love bites peppered her smooth, pale skin and I reached to touch them, hoping to soothe them somehow. Her trousers were unbuttoned, revealing white knickers with green frogs on them. The scent of her arousal filled my nostrils as I sighed again.

"You didn't need to stop." She trailed a finger down my bare chest, following the line of curly hair into my belly button. Her hands went to my hips, drawing the jeans further down my hips and then moving to the back to cup my arse.

"Lu...Fuck don't do that!" I growled when her hands went to the front and squeezed my cock. Panic rose up inside me and I backed away toward the edge of the bed, almost falling off the edge.

"Charlie, I don't want to be a virgin anymore."

Why did she have to put it that way?

"I don't think that's a good idea," I said reluctantly.

"Is it because you think you're too large for me? Or do you have erectile dysfunction? There are potions for that, you know."

"NO! It's none of that, I swear."

"Or are you a premature ejaculator?"

"NO! Look, Luna...I just don't—"

"Are you a virgin, too?" Her eyes widened if that was at all possible and she moved to straddle me, swirling her hips in a most tantalizing manner.

"Of course not!" I had to look away from her because she was just too tempting to look at. "Can you...button up, please? We need to talk."

She slid off me and I felt the bed dip.

"I'm dressed."

I turned toward her and couldn't help but notice the sadness in her eyes.

"It's not that I don't...want this." I waved my hand between us. "It's just that you're so young—"

"I'm eighteen!"

"And I'm leaving tomorrow."

"Then it's a perfect reason to make love."

I ran my hands through my hair. "No, it's not!"

"Give me a good reason, Charles."

I bit my lip and tried to tamp down the urge to fling her onto her back and pound into her tight, virginal body. Instead, I took a deep breath and pulled her onto my lap.

"Because when I finally do make love to you, I want to keep you in bed for days on end, learning every little thing about your body and showing you exactly how beautiful you are." I wasn't exactly sure that would ever happen, but I couldn't stand the look of rejection on her face.


Our lips met in a slow and gentle kiss, tongues probing gently. At that moment, I knew that what I had told her would happen someday.

For the first time since Dora, I returned to Romania with a girlfriend living in England.

Back at the reserve, I kept my relationship with Luna to myself. I wrote to her occasionally, as often as I could, actually. Some blokes starting ribbing me, asking who would want to write to a freckled and ripped up tosser like me and placing bets on the gender of said person. Most of them had various chits that they visited in the village and when I stopped going with them, my masculinity was called into question.

"Veesley!" screamed Vladamir Porachenko. "Owl dropped this for you!" Vlad stomped across the muddy ground and presented me with a thick envelope with 'Charles Weasley' written in Luna's very feminine writing.

"Thanks," I said, taking the parchment from him. When he didn't leave immediately, I stared at him, knowing some sort of remark was just begging to pop out of his mouth.

"Letter from voman, no? She sent you all them?" he asked, a smile begging to burst forth across his face.

I felt my face warm and nodded, turning away from him before walking back to my cabin. I knew what Luna was going to be writing about in this letter, and there was no way in hell that I was going to read it in front of everyone else.

The upcoming Easter weekend was my assigned time off and I had invited her to visit. Merlin knows what ever possessed me to do that, given the fact that it was the middle of mating season. But I hadn't seen Luna for three months and I was tired of listening to everyone's sexual stories when I was left to my own devices, so to speak.

I ripped open the envelope and smiled at seeing her small, neat writing.


Thank you for your last letter. I pored over it while I sat on my bed and masturbated. I had three orgasms.

Fuck! Does she have to say things like that?

I spoke with my father about making the trip to visit and he said it would be a good experience for me to see the dragons and try to photograph a baluar. Do you have any of those at the reserve? I would imagine they would be quite plentiful there in Curtea de Arges.

I shook my head. Baluar's were strictly mythical but I made a note to check with the local Baba Cloanta before Luna arrived.

Ginny told me that she and Harry are going to Italy after school finishes. She hasn't told me much about what they have planned, but I am reasonably sure that she said that there would be a lot of intercourse involved. It appears that the two of them have become very proficient at it since August.

Speaking of intercourse, I've decided to bring along some contraception for my voyage. I certainly hope that we can discover how to satisfy each other sexually. In addition to masturbating, I have purchased a Pulsating Pleasurestick from George's shop. It works incredibly well, but I have a feeling the sensation of your thick and erect penis inside me will be much better.

I am looking forward to visiting you and I miss you tremendously.



I decided that Luna would be the death of me, but I couldn't imagine a more pleasurable demise.

I paced back and forth across the floor of the room I rented. Luna was in the bathroom, changing into something more "enticing" as she put it. Ever since she arrived via Portkey two hours earlier, we'd been virtually attached at the lips, and I really doubted her changing into something flimsy would have made any difference. I'd have gladly torn off her wool cloak, wool jumper, and jeans a happy man. But it was her first time, and I didn't want to take her up against the wall. She deserved better than that and I was determined that she'd have everything she'd ever wanted.

I looked around the room and quickly smiled, pleased with my efforts. The inn was a cosy place with a thatched roof outside of Bosrov. The bed took up most of the space in the room and I suddenly got nervous. What if things went horribly wrong? What if she was nervous and changed her mind? I ran my hands through my hair and began pacing, trying to talk myself out of it when the door of the bathroom opened. My head snapped up and my mouth dropped.

"Bloody hell."

Luna stood in the doorway of the bedroom with light bathing her from behind. I could see through the sheer, pale pink peignoir and I gulped as my eyes roamed over the silhouette of her lithe body. The flimsy fabric barely concealed her breasts and I could see that her nipples were hard. I stopped thinking altogether and stepped toward her like a sailor drawn in by the song of a Siren.

"You're beautiful," I said huskily, lightly sliding my hand along her shoulder and down her arm to lace my fingers with hers.

Luna blushed and I thought that sight would forever be etched into my memory. The flush of her cheeks gave her a glow that I'd rarely seen in other women. I marvelled at the opposing sides of her: innocence from the blush and wanton in her attire.

"I'm nervous," she admitted, clenching her fingers around mine. "I did not think I would be. I read all about it but now..."

"I know. It's thrilling but a little scary, too," I reassured her. I watched her bottom lip tremble and leaned in to soothe it with a kiss. The kiss was meant to calm her nerves, to let her know that we'd take our time and go as slowly as she wanted to. However, she opened her mouth and touched her tongue to mine, unleashing the horny devil inside me.

At the contact of her tongue, I pulled her to me, lifting her off the floor. Her breasts were pressed into my chest and our hips were aligned perfectly. She gave a little push of her hips against my straining cock, making me groan. I was harder than I could remember being in a long time, and I squeezed her tighter in my arms. I lifted her thigh and she hooked it around my waist while she squeaked as we kissed.

Without thinking, I stumbled toward the huge bed and fell upon it with Luna in my arms. Our hands went everywhere; I dived inside her negligee to massage a breast while she tugged down my jeans with incredibly agile fingers, using her feet to push them down past my knees and toward my ankles. I reluctantly pulled my mouth from hers and rolled onto my side as she panted.

"Lu...hold on," I said breathily, kicking my jeans onto the floor and whipping the shirt off my body.

"Are you leaving your socks on?" she asked in all seriousness.

", I'm not." I began lifting my leg to remove one of the socks when she stopped me with a hand on my thigh.

"Let me."

I watched as her hand slid down to my calf and then to the ankle. She grasped the white cotton and tugged until my right foot was bare, then repeated the process on the left. I was about to reach for her when she slid down the sheet and kissed the skin of my thigh tracing her tongue along a scar I received—Oh hell!

Her tongue went down my leg and she pulled my big toe into her mouth, sucking on it like a luscious sweet she couldn't get enough of it. I arched my back and groaned in pleasure. Tingling went from my toe to my hips, and I thrust up into the air as the tingling turned into a burning need to complete what we began just a few moments before.

I roared and grabbed her under her arms, sliding her up my body until she lay across me. For a few moments, we merely stared at each other, almost as if neither of us wanted to do anything else.

"Make love to me," she pleaded softly. "Please."

Without another word, I rolled us over and kneeled above her, supporting myself on my hands and knees. Even though we didn't touch, I could feel the heat of her body radiating off hers and into mine. I lowered my mouth and kissed her softly, in much the same way I kissed her way back at Christmas. Our lips moved slowly and tantalisingly across each others' and I savoured each sensation that she gave me.

I reached up and pulled one strap down her shoulder then leaned forward to kiss her skin and trail my tongue down her arm, placing a kiss on the inside of her elbow. Her hand moved up and brushed against my cheek, making me turn and face her.

"I love you, Charlie," she whispered.

Oh Merlin! Why did she have to say that? Don't get me wrong, I really liked her and all, but love? I never really thought of that before. I was twenty-six for crying out loud and in bed with an eighteen-year-old; what did love have to do with this?

Absolutely everything.

"It's okay. You don't have to say it just to make me feel better about where we are," she said, a bit of a sad look in those big, blue eyes of hers. "I want to have sex with you."

The words tumbled out of my mouth. "I love you, too, Luna."

At that moment, I realised that it was true. It wasn't said to get a leg over. I said it because she needed to know. I said it because this beautiful creature came halfway across the world to be with me and gave me her heart. I loved her and after years of heartache, I had healed.

I placed a kiss on her sweet, inviting lips before reaching down for the hem of her nightie and pulling it over her head.

"Sweet Merlin," I swore as I looked at her body before me. Her breasts, her stomach, her thighs...everything was displayed for me and I drank it in like a fine mulled wine. My hands roamed over her body, toying with her breasts, caressing her stomach, circling over her hips, and then kneading her inner thighs before heading toward her pussy.

She tasted like honey as my tongue traced her lips and then toyed with her clit. She lifted her hips toward my face as I buried my nose in her sweet, tantalising scent. I had to tamp down the urge to suck on her clit like a nursing Thestral; she was still new to this and I couldn't overwhelm her. I put all my knowledge into the task, swirling and licking, sucking and kissing, all of this to make her more than ready for me. My tongue was inside her when she climaxed and sounded as if she'd run a marathon.

"," she panted as she wove her fingers through my hair, tugging on my head to signal what she wanted.

My throat was thick with lust and wouldn't allow the words to come out. I pulled off my y-fronts and grabbed hold of myself as I slid up her body, nestling myself between her thighs. The tip brushed against her slick opening and I looked up to meet her gaze. Her eyes were wide and pleaded with me to move forward. As I kissed her softly on the lips, I thrust forward with my hips quickly, wanting to get the painful part over as quickly as possible for her. I gasped at the tightness that surrounded me and I had no idea if she screamed or sighed or what. I'd never been with a virgin and everything blokes ever told me about it was absolutely true. I had to count to stay in control; it was almost as if it was my first time all over again. I made a fool of myself then, but there was no way in hell I'd do it again twelve years later.

Time sped up as we moved together, caressing, kissing, thrusting, and moaning. As I struggled to maintain control of myself, I tasted tears as we kissed. Confused, I moved to look at her; she was, in fact crying, but I knew they were happy tears. That fact thrilled me to the core, and I finally allowed the sensations to overwhelm me and I shot into her, arching my back and pressing my hips hard against her. With a huff, I collapsed to her side, with my arm flung over her belly, feeling more contented and loved than I had in a very long time.

Life was good.