Okay…while doing the original RP with 9aza…we then decided that the story could have split into two stories…the original and a 'What If'. Here is the 'What If' story. You might want to read up until chapter 12 to understand what has happened.

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Tune added, //Tell Megatron to keep his pants on.//

The cassette's optic ridge quirked and he replied, //But Megatron doesn't wear pants.//

-Back at the Ark, Twin's Room-

//We know. Just an expression// Tune replied, rubbing the side of her temples. She then looked over at Rhythm, who was staring back at her, and said, "Well Rhythm, you know we have to do this. It's orders from our Commander, but maybe we could save Jazz for last?" Then an idea popped into her processor, and she smirked. "Or maybe we won't need to follow orders…"

Rhythm did a fake gasp, hand over her mouth, and replied, "LE GASP! You aren't thinking about disobeying an order, are you?" She smirked evilly and then began to chuckle. Thoughts and plans ran through both of their processor, thinking of loop-holes they could get through.


"Yeah…I mean, why should we help the Decepticons? The 'Bots are more fun!" Rhythm added, nodding at her own statement. Being with the Decepticons was so boring to her, nothing really happened except for fights and raids. She wanted some fun.

"Yeah…they definitely give better reaction than the Decepticons have" Tune added, nodding as well. Unfortunately for both, the conversation had been heard by Frenzy on the other end.

//Oh…// Frenzy sent back to them, then paused and yelled, //Guys, don't do it! If Soundwave finds out, you guys will be in trouble!//

//What…are you going to tell on us?// Rhythm asked, hoping that the cassette wouldn't. Tune and she would be in deep slag if Frenzy decided to turn on them.

//Well…// the black and red cassette sent back, un-decided. Should he or shouldn't he? He would wait to see if the femmes were kidding. He hoped they were.

Immediately, the black and dark blue cassette femme cut the link to Frenzy. She then sent a message to Tune.

//Well, now what? We are still in human form…stuck in the Twin's room…and basically against nearly all odds…should we ask the Twins to defect to the Autobots? It would probably be better than just standing around…//

-At the Nemesis, Rec. Room-

The black and red cassette was blank after he was cut off from the femmes.

Megatron asked, "Well…"

"They will follow the orders, Lord Megatron" Frenzy replied, biting the bottom of his denta plate. It was bad enough he was lying, but worst if Soundwave found out. So, in the end, he pushed the thought away. The gun-metal grey mech nodded and both he and Soundwave walked away. Frenzy sighed and then turned to his twin.

Rumble then asked, "Hey bro. …what's up?" His optic ridge was quirked as his brother had the look of discomfort on his faceplate.

"Well…" the other cassette began, not knowing how to tell his twin. How would he?

"Well what?" Rumble asked, agitation in his voice. He wouldn't to know what happened.

The black and red cassette sighed before replying.

"Rumble, I think the femmes just left the Decepticons."

Rumble pouted and replied, "Aw man! I was just starting to like them too! We have to get them back before Soundwave finds out!" His twin then gave him an astonished look.

"You want to go to get them?!"

Frenzy thought highly of the two femmes too, but he really didn't want to risk his armor plating for them.

"Yeah," Rumble replied, "it gets boring around here." Frenzy thought about this and did agree. It was a bit boring around the base, but still…

-Back at the Ark, Twin's Room-

//Yeah. I mean, eventually the projector's going to run out of power. We might as well// Tune sent back to her friend. Rhythm nodded, knowing that it would, also. So, who to tell first?

The long-haired girl took in a deep breath and replied, //Yeah…well…how are we going to address this situation? I mean…Jazz doesn't even know…//

Then, at that moment, the Twins and Jazz walked in. Both human girls looked over at the three mechs, who were grinning. The girls, on the other hand, weren't. Jazz optic ridge rose in confusion why that was.

"Girls," the saboteur began, "what's up? What's with the long faces?" Both the girls looked at each other, then back to the mechs. Something crossed over their face, maybe fright or nervousness.

"Girls…" the Twins began, wondering what was wrong. They had a funny feeling that something wasn't right.

-At the Nemesis, Rec. Room-

"But HOW are we going to do that?" the black and red cassette asked his brother, wondering exactly how they would get the two femmes to switch back to their side. It wouldn't exactly be the easiest thing to do, since the femme cassettes were at the Autobot base.

Rumble shrugged and replied a simple question, "Ask?" The question was so simple, but Frenzy decided it was their best bet. Then the blue and purple cassette sent to their Communications Officers, //Soundwave, permission to leave the Nemesis?//

//Why?// Soundwave replied in his usual monotone voice. He was currently at the Control Room of the Nemesis, working on the computers.

//Frenzy and I are bored, and we want to go outside for awhile// Rumble replied, hoping the sort-of lie would work.

There was a long pause on Soundwave's end of the line, then the TIC replied, //Permission granted.//

//Thanks Boss// Rumble replied, ending the conversation before Soundwave could ask any more questions. He then turned and said to his twin, "We're outta here!"

-Back at the Ark, Twins' Room-

'Suki'/Tune then spoke to Jazz, "Jazz, is it okay if we talk to the Twins alone real quick?" She pleaded with both words and eyes, hoping the saboteur would. He nodded, optic ridge raised.

"Um, sure. Call me when you're done."

Then the black and white Porsche walked out of the room. Once the door hissed shut, the girls directed their attention to the Lamborghinis.

Sunstreaker then asked, "So, what's up?" Both he and his brother had no clue what the girls wanted to talk about. Something about it made them feel like there was something behind it, something big.

"Sunstreaker, Sideswipe," Tune began, choosing and picking her words carefully, "Rhythm and I want to…"

So…this starts the 'What If' story…I'm still going to continue with the other…don't worry!