Theme: Mother

Pairing: Naruto/Anko

Description: Anko definitely wasn't the mother they all expected her to be.

When Anko, the sadistic jounin, agreed to marry her younger love, the knuckle headed blonde, Naruto, many people laughed. They knew the two of them were good for each other, Anko was able to curb Naruto's silliness and Naruto was able to waylay Anko's more sadistic tendencies.

When Naruto and Anko announced they were having a baby, many people cried. They were terrified, both of how the baby would turn out, but also about how Anko and Naruto would be as parents. The thought of Anko with a baby…it made even Gai cry.

The pregnancy didn't show much change. Anko might have been a little more violent than normal but nothing as severe as what people expected. Naruto always laughed, kissed Anko sweetly around his busted lip and told her she was going to be a great mother whenever she grew agitated about it. When little Minato was born…well no one knew what to do or think.

Anko was the perfect mother. She knew what Minato needed and was ready and willing to do it almost before he'd start crying. She cuddled him for hours, sang him lullabies and told him fairy tale stories with Naruto as the handsome prince who always rescued Anko the princess. She was firm, however, she didn't let Minato get away with bad behaviors without reprimand though she never raised her hand against him, no matter what he did.

Naruto was obviously in love and very happy with his small family. He could often be seen cuddling his son or kissing his wife gently and smiling widely when they visited him in his office. He let Minato wear the Hokage hat and told him how he was named after the greatest Hokage the village had ever known.

Anko would smile warmly whenever she saw her husband holding their little boy and laugh when he'd grab Naruto's hat and tug. 'Just like his father and grandfather', she'd laugh.

When Minato started the academy, Anko watched him walk into school, beaming proudly through her tears. She made him lunch everyday and walked him to and from school diligently. He was just as much of a trickster as his parents and caused trouble for everyone.

Everyone but his mother.

Minato absolutely loved his mother. He loved his father too, but he loved being silly with his dad as well. With Anko though, he was well-behaved and helpful.

One of his essays at school asked him who the most important person in his life was and his answer was simple.

"My mother because she loves me and father just because."

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