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Summary: Cordelia discovers our friendly neighborhood vampire chained up in his own mansion. Now what? Season Three episode:Beauty and The Beasts. C/A

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"So tell me why we're going here again?" Cordelia asked Xander exasperatedly.

"I told you. When I rescued Giles, I left that Nigerian battle-axe here. Now Giles noticed it's missing, and I have to get it back." Xander replied over his shoulder.

Cordelia rolled her eyes. "Only you could lose a priceless axe at an evil vampire's hideout!!" She made a face as her extremely expensive high heels, sunk in the mud.

They were marching through the woods, on their way to the mansion where Spike and Dru had lived. Cordelia sighed in relief when the woods cleared up. The deserted mansion was only a little while ahead. She smoothed her skirt and they continued their walk onto a dirt path.

Xander stopped walking after a moment. He was holding up something black and looking at it.

Cordelia turned and glared at him. "Come on, slowpoke. Can we just get in and get out?"

"Willow needs me. She just paged me."

"You have a pager?!" Cordelia asked incredulously, striding over to him.

Xander ignored her question. "I've gotta go. Grab the axe and drop it off at the library."

"No! You do it." She protested, her bottom lip jutting out.

"Cordelia!" Xander said.

"Fine, fine. I'll get your damn axe. You go help out Willow. I'll go into the creep mansion and then hike through the woods in the middle of the night with a psycho monster on the loose!!!" She half-yelled.

"Thanks, Cor." Xander waved at her and ran back into the forest.

Cordelia glared at the spot where he'd disappeared, then sighed and surveyed the mansion unhappily. She trumped forwards, grumbling to herself.

Cordelia pushed open the door to the mansion and it made a loud squeaky noise. She stepped inside cautiously, and glanced around. The room was dark and covered in dust. There was a huge, empty space in the room. Dust lined the floor and cobwebs clung to the ceiling and furniture. Cordelia surveyed the room in distaste. They really needed an interior decorator. Something rattled at the back wall. Cordy jumped and pulled out a stake and dagger; which were ingeniously hidden in her clothes.

"Hello? Is someone there?" She called, peering into the darkness. She walked forwards, weapons raised.

Something was chained to the back wall. It looked . . . approached it slowly. Whatever was chained to the back wall, rushed at her and snarled. It was pulled back by it's chains. Cordelia jumped backwards in fright. Before it went back into the darkness, Cordelia caught a glimpse of it's face.

It was Angel.

"Angel!" Cordelia yelled. Angel gave a snarl and retreated into the corner.

"What's with the wolf act? I thought you were in hell." Cordelia said puzzled.

She peered into the darkness. She couldn't see anything.

Well that wouldn't do.

She walked over to the fireplace in the corner, and grabbed a stray doll from the floor.

With a muttered, "Ew." , she threw it into the fire and then dug in her purse to find a lighter. After a moment, she pulled one out and then lit the doll. Soon a small fire was crackling away, starting to burn some of the dust-covered logs.

Cordelia wiped her hands on her skirt, straightened up, and turned back to Angel.

"That's better." She said brightly.

Angel growled and turned his head to the wall.

"Hello! Pay attention! What's wrong with you?" She snapped her fingers impatiently.

Angel growled loudly again.

Cordelia sighed. "Great. I'm gonna get stuck telling Buffy."

Angel struggled against his chains at the name.

She rolled her eyes. "Oh now you pay attention." He snarled and lunged at her.

Cordelia made a face. "Yeesh, I almost like evil-Angel better. Whatever." She pointed at Angel. "Okay. Stay!"

She watched him for a moment, and when he made no sign of moving, she turned away. She then paused, gave Angel a parting, worried glance, and ran out of the mansion. She practically ran all the way back to the school.