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Cordelia wasn't sure which of them drew back first. They glanced around the room awkwardly; Cordelia twiddling her thumbs, Angel running his hands through his hair. There was a long moment of silence, as they both tried to pretend nothing weird had just happened.

Finally Cordelia cleared her throat and hopped off the couch. "Well. There ya go. I returned your clothes." She brushed imaginary dirt off of her pants, and turned to face him. "Well I have to be going. Again. This was fun. Have fun with your uh . . . vampire hunting. Yeup."

Angel stood and she stuck out her hand with a solemn expression. Angel stared at it for a moment looking completely bewildered. She held it there for a few more seconds, gazing at him expectantly.

He finally reached forward and shook it, still bewildered. Cordelia made an expression halfway between and grimace and a smile. "Kay. I'll see you then...Yeup."

She blew out her cheeks, still surveying him awkwardly. He nodded in her direction and she spun on her heel and exited, her shoes stomping loudly.

At school the next Monday, Cordelia somewhat dreaded running into Buffy. She was still irked with her, determined to believe she was responsible for the loss of homecoming queen.

However they had sixth period together, so it was inevitable. Head held high, Cordelia entered the room oozing confidence.

She saw Xander in the corner of the room, sidled up to Willow, reading the book over her shoulder. Her face flickered for a millionth of a second. She had become accustomed to Xander's strange attachment to Buffy and Willow, and tried not to let it bother her; but she wasn't made of stone. Sometimes his obvious fawning over the two got to her.

She smiled brightly and took her normal seat, smoothing the miniskirt she was wearing. Xander glanced up from his book, and saw her. He jumped up and practically ran to her.

"Hey, Cordy! How was your weekend?"

Cordelia brushed a lock of hair out of her face. "Oh you have no idea how-" She paused mid-rant, looking up at him. He was looking at Willow. When he heard her stop he turned back to her.

"No idea what?" He prodded.

"It was fine. Boring really." She said offhandedly. She'd just remembered that Xander was not to be informed of Angel's alive-y-ness.

"Cool." Xander said. "Well you know a boring weekend in Sunnydale is better than an exciting one." He winked cornily.

The bell rang and he pecked her cheek swiftly, then scrambled to his seat. She rolled her eyes at his antics and rested her hand in her palm, preparing herself for forty-five minutes of boredom.

At the end of class, Cordelia grabbed her extremely expensive purse and stood up, elbowing her way to the door. A hand caught her, as she was almost out, and she swore mentally.

"Hey. Can I talk to you?" Said a girl's voice in her ear.

Cordelia smiled her wide fake smile. "Of course you can, Buffy. It's not like I don't have better things to do than sit here and talk to you." She made an obvious show of looking her over.

Buffy ignored her. "Awesome." She waited until the last of the students ambled out and then relaxed.

"Giles has me working night shift, and my mom wants to spend time with me and my schedule is just slammed."

Cordelia raised a hand, silencing the Buffy's whining. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I get to feed Fido. Don't you think he's well enough to feed himself though? It's not that hard to get blood."

A huge grin crossed her face. "Hey, I know! I could kidnap Harmony and drop her off for him! Kill two birds with one stone. Huh? That could work! She would feed Angel for like a week, right?"

Buffy gaped at her for a second. "Cordelia! Just pick the blood up as usual and drop it off, kay?" She spoke to her as though she were talking to a preschooler. "You may not kill anyone, okay? That's bad."

She scoffed. "I was just kidding. Duh."

Buffy nodded skeptically and departed with a wave.

Cordelia inspected her nails for a second and then said under her breath. "I thought it was a good idea."