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Chapter 1-What the hell was that?!

"Come on Trunks" A small boy with spiky Black hair said as he was jumping around a slightly taller boy with lavender colored hair with angry-looking eyes, even though he's happy

"Hold on Goten" He grab Goten by the collar of his orange shirt.

"But Gohan said he would train with us and I don't want to be late again"

"Just one more screw" An explosion could be seen outside of the huge mansion. Meanwhile Vegeta was beating the snot out of some training robot that his wife Bulma created for him when he turned around to see a huge hole with smoke coming out of it on the side of his home

"WHAT THE HELL?!!" He flew as fast as he could to see Trunks and Goten covering themselves with their hands. Filled with rage he slammed down to the floor of Trunk's room.

"WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MUCH THIS IS GOING TO COST?!!! NOT TO METION YOU COULD HAVE GOTTEN YOU AND GOTEN KILLED!! Vegeta shouted at his son. Goten was just about to fly away when Vegeta turned his pissed off head to him.

"AND YOU!!!"He began "I LOOK AT THIS MESS YOU TWO MADE!!!" Goten took a good look around the room to see rumble falling from the, former, ceiling he turned around to see a huge hole were the wall used to be. He could actually see the huge mountains from here.

"WHAT WERE YOU TWO DOING TO MAKE A HUGE EXPLOSION?!!!" Trunks, looking completely guilty, showed his father what he was messing with. Vegeta saw a completely destroyed Dragon radar in his son's hands.

"Didn't your mother said not to mess with the Dragon radar?!" He said slightly calmed down.

"Y-Yeah…b-but I couldn't help it" He said with a fake smile on his face.

"Does it sound like I care?!" He was about to say more when a sound of someone crying interrupted him.

"UGH… Now your sister has woken up" He made his way to the door, or what's left of it, when he slightly turned his head

"Don't you two move I'm going to go check on your sister" He then walked out of the room to go check on Trunks little sister

"Let's get out of here!" Goten said as he and Trunks high speed flew out of the destroyed room.

Meanwhile with Gohan……

"What's taking him so long?" Gohan said with his hands folded across his chest. He was standing at the center of a clearing surrounded by huge trees. He was wearing a orange training uniform on with blue wristbands on each of his wrist.

"Oh chill out Gohan" A girl with short hair wearing a huge T-shirt, biker shorts and running shoes, jumps on Gohan's back.

"Look, I see them coming right now" She said pointing to the sky, seeing Goten and Trunks high-speed flying toward them. Gohan ran to were Goten and Trunks landed.

"What the hell took you so long" Gohan started, to the discomfort of Trunks, shaking Trunk's hair. The girl walked up to Gohan and playfully punched Gohan's arm.

"Don't curse in front of them Gohan" she smiled at him

"Hey, my bad Videl" Gohan said smiling brightly at Videl.

"Hey Videl!" Goten ran up to hug Videl, who is like a big sister to him. Videl opening her arms awaiting her boyfriend's brother's hug.

"Hey Videl, how's it going?" Trunk grinned at Videl.

"Pretty good actually" she said while tightly hugging Goten. After another moment Goten let go of Videl and turned his big black eyes to his older brother.

"Hey big brother, can we train now?" He smiled brightly at Gohan

"Hold on a second Goten, first you have to tell me why you and Trunk were flying so fast" Goten and Trunks both gained a guilty fused with scared expression o their faces. 'What do I say?' They both thought at the same time.

"W-Well…uuuhh….w-we…d-didn't want to b-be late for your training" Trunks stuttered, trying to pull a fake smile. Goten quickly looked at Trunk then looked at Gohan then nodded his headed agreeing to Trunks' lie. Gohan looked at the small half-saiyans suspiciously. 'Well, I don't believe them for a second' Gohan thought 'but I might as well give them a break'

"Okay whatever" he said before he threw a punch at Goten, whole instantly dodged. Trunks flew to Gohan ready to land a kick to Gohan's head. Gohan grabbed Trunk's leg then threw him across the clearing. Goten was immediately thrown down by Trunk's body landing on him.

"Ughhh!" Trunks groaned in pain. He turned his head to see Goten staring angrily at Trunks.

"Can you get off of me?" Goten pushed Trunks off of him, causing Trunks to give Goten a pissed off look.

"Hey Gohan take this" Trunks said before powering up chi into his hands.

"BUSTER CANNON!!" Trunks shouted as a blast of energy shot from his hands heading straight for Gohan. Gohan saw this coming so he quickly dodged the energy blast and started powering up chi into his right hand.

"HAA!!!" He then shot an energy wave towards Trunks

"Trunks!!" Goten shouted but was too late as the energy wave hit Trunks right on his right shoulder

"UGH "Trunks fell down on the ground holding his injured arm. Goten look at his best friend's condition, making his usually cheerful face transformed into a face of complete seriousness, sort of looking like his father. Getting up he quickly flew to his older brother in pure rage. Once he got to his brother, he began a borage of punches and kicks in super quick speed. 'He looks just like dad right now' Gohan thought as he was blocking hits from his brother skillfully. Videl watched from a far thinking 'These guys are good. I can never move that fast'

"HAA!!" Goten shot an energy blast at Gohan, but Gohan dodged by an inch from his face. Goten Took this time to start charging chi into his hands.

"KAMEHAMEHA!!!" Goten shot a blast of blue energy from his hands heading for his brother

"KAMEHAMEHA!!!" Gohan quickly shouted as a beam of blue energy shot out of his hands. Both Kamehameha collided with each other, causing a big explosion making of bright blue energy. Videl covered her eyes, shielding herself from the bright lights, and Trunk, still lying on the ground holding his right arm, hid his face in the dirt. When the bright blue light started dimming then finally fade away Trunks looked up to see a figure standing at the spot that the Kamehameha waves collided. He had black spiky hair and was wearing an orange training uniform with a blue T-shirt underneath the orange training uniform. He had blue training boots on and an angry expression on his face. Goten looked in fear at his usually cheerful father.

"Goten and Trunks come here" He said in serious tone. Goten and Trunks reluctantly walked towards the full-blooded Saiyan. Once they got arms length of Goku he grabs both Goten and Trunks by the back collar of their shirts and started flying off. Videl ran over to Gohan who was looking at the direction that his father flew of too.

"What was that about?" She said once she can close enough to him. He looked at his girlfriend for a second then quickly turned his head to the woods. Videl looked behind her but saw nothing so she turned her head back to her boyfriend with a confused expression on her face.

"What's wrong Gohan?" She said with a worried look on her face.

"D-Did you sense that?" Gohan said, still not looking at Videl.

"Sense what?" She said still trying to see what Gohan was looking for. Gohan grab Videl's hand and staring floating up in the air. Videl looked at with confusion but said nothing.

"Come on, I have to find Piccolo right now" He said then, while holding Videl's hand, speeded off

Meanwhile with Goku……

"You guys are in big trouble you know that" Goku said still holding Goten and Trunks by their collars, but lost the serious look and had his usual cheery face on. Goten looked at Trunks for a second then at his father.

"We're sorry Dad"

"Yeah really sorry" They both weren't looking at Goku while apologizing. Goku noticed this and just grinned brightly.

"Hey, no one got hurt so no harm done, right?" Goku said but suddenly stop flying and just floated 'What the hell was that?' Goku started looking around for some sign of something. Goten looked at his father worryingly

"Dad, what was that?" Goten asked his fear stricken father. Trunks looked at his best friend and his best friend's father confused

"What's wrong?" Trunks and Goten had just started learning how to sense energy levels of people but Goten was far better at it then Trunks was. Trunks always felt jealous that Goten can sense energy levels better than him, which led him to not talk to him for almost an entire month, but soon he just decided that if Goten was better at him at sensing things then he's fine with it.

"We have to go now" Goku unleashed Trunks and Goten from his hold and began to fly off, with Goten and Trunks flying right behind him.

"Hey Goten" Trunks said to his best friend "What's going on?"

"I don't know" Goten said with worry written on his face. "I just sensed some weird power coming out of nowhere…then it just disappeared. 'Just disappeared?'Trunks repeated in his head 'how do power levels just disappear?'

Meanwhile at the Glaciers…….

"So…What's our objective again?" A young teenage-looking girl with waist length pink hair with a red head band on the top of her head and beautiful blue eyes said. She was wearing a red collar short-sleeved shirt and a heart necklace, delicately placed on her neck. She had a pink skirt on with pink and red sneakers. She had the Red Ribbon Army sign on the left upper part of her shirt.

"How the hell would I know?" A young teenage-looking boy with short green hair with a white cap wore backwards, on the top of his head and blue eyes said. He had a white long-sleeved collar shirt that was half tuck into his dark blue ripped at the knees jeans. He had pure white sneakers on and a Red Ribbon Army sign on the left side of his legs.

"Oh ask sister, brother" A Young chubby teenage-looking boy with short black hair and dark black eyes. He had an extra long-sleeved green shirt covering his entire hands. He black jean shorts and dark green sneakers on. The Red Ribbon Army sign was on the left upper part of his sleeve

"Fools, Ya gonna go ahead and forget, dumb niggas" A young teenage-looking African American girl with long black braids with a hat (A/N: you know like the ones you wear in the winter but thinner) and dark brown almost black eyes. She was wearing a Light brown almost tan short sleeve shirt with a white long sleeve shirt underneath. She had dark brown jeans with light brown high-heeled boots on and a Red Ribbon Army sign on the front of the hat. They were standing on a piece of ice that their capsules that held them drifted near. The freezing wind hitting their exposed skin, but for some strange reason they don't seem to notice. She started to pet her braids, that were slowly moving on their own.

"You all you what we have to do" She said as an evil smirk appeared on her face, red ruby lipstick shining on her lips "Our objective is…. to kill Goku."

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