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Chapter 25- Broken

'Damn it….this isn't good.' "Ugh!" Krillin shouted as pain shot through his whole body, due to him being thrown through a wall and landing on his back. He glanced up and saw 27 with an evil glint in his piercing blue eyes. What the hell was going on?! Why was 27 attacking them? Of all times to betray them….Not having enough time to think, Krillin jumped up and barely dodged the green burst of energy that was shot at him. "27 what the hell is wrong with you?!" What could have brought the android to be acting in such a way?

"I don't know I….!" He growled as his body continued to disobey him. Luckily Piccolo and Goku were around and held him down.

"27 chill out!" Goku shouted while holding the android down.

"What the hell has gotten into you?!"

"Shut up I'm not doing this on purpose!" 27 said as he struggled in their hold. He really wasn't doing this on purpose. All he was doing was sitting in his room thinking over what 18 had said to him earlier when he heard a strange sound coming from outside. He didn't really think much of it until he felt a strange feeling over flow his body. It was like some force was trying to pull him like some puppet. Eventually it came to the point where his body was not his own. He started destroying everything in his room before quickly shooting Ki blast out of nowhere. Of course that brought the attention of everyone resulting in him being held down by Goku and Piccolo. 'What is going on…?'

"Oh really then why are you attacking Krillin?" Piccolo asked with a suspicious tone in his voice.

"I don't know okay!" 27 felt the strange feeling growing, consuming him. His mind was clouding…..his body was no longer there. He did not know why or how but…..he needed to go to Fortissimo…. "I….I need to see Master Fortissimo." He said in an emotionless tone. Goku and Piccolo shared a glance.

"Master….?" Goku asked. "Why are you calling him master?" the tension around them grew. Slowly they looked down at the android to see that no expression laid on his face. His eyes were dull and empty of life. The anger that was usually apparent on his face was no longer there it was almost like staring at a doll.

"And if you think that we're letting you go to that monster you can just forget it. I'm not having two of you join him." Piccolo's grip on him tightened.

"But I must see Master….I need to join with him so that he could be closer to completion." 27 broke out of their grip and started floating in the air. "I need to join with Master."

"Like hell you are!" Piccolo quickly shot up in front of him. "I don't know what's gotten into you but you're not going anywhere." He said before rushing at him. 27 simply stare at him with dull eyes, not moving a muscle until piccolo came at him with a punch that he easily dodged with a simple head turn. He then firmly grabbed Piccolo's arm and threw him to the ground. Goku wasted no time and came after 27 with a swift kick, sending him flying towards the ground as well. Flipping in the mid-air, he landed on his feet and stared up at Goku.

"You will join my master." He said in a dark tone before flying back up and knocking Goku further up in the air with a punch to his jaw. Goku quickly regained his balance and charged at the android once more. The two fell into a barrage of punches and kicks, both dodging and blocking each attack. Goku jumped back and instant teleported away. 27 stared into space until he turned and grabbed Goku who appeared behind him. 'How did he know….?!' Goku had no time in thinking over it more as he was slammed into the ground, causing him to scream out in pain. He looked up and narrowed his eyes. 'Looks like I have no choice….' He slowly stood up and took a deep breath before summoning more power to flow through him. The ground beneath him started to shake and crack beneath him as his hair slowly started to hover in the air. Eventually its color shifted from pure black to a golden yellow while his muscles started to pulse and grow. He looked up with his newly blue eyes and saw the android staring at him with mild interest.

"Is this the power of the legendary Super Sayian?" He crossed his arms. "This is nothing compared to my Master."

"Yeah, we'll see about that!" Goku shot up in the air and landed a punched hard on 27's face. Before the android fell down he grabbed his foot and tossed him across before channeling energy in his hands. 'I can't let Fortissimo gain more power….I need to do this.' Goku clenched his teeth, his veins pounding in energy. "HAAAA!" He shouted then shot a beam of blue Ki towards the android. Unfortunately 27 regained his composure and tossed himself away from the blast.

"Was that it?" He asked, appearing right behind him. Goku jumped back and started to throw another barrage of punches, all easily dodged by the android. 'Damn it why can't I get him?!' Goku was starting to get more and more frustrated as time went on. 27 stopped his fist from flying and smirked. "You cannot stop me from joining Fortissimo. He is my destiny. I am his key to perfection."

"This isn't you 27! Fortissimo is controlling you!" Goku looked and saw 17 speeding up to him. "Don't you see that?!"

27 shook his head. "Foolish 17….he is merely showing me what my true destiny was. To become one with him, to show the world true perfection is what I was created to do." This was not the 27 that 17 knew. The 27 that he knew would never let anyone control him. He would never let anyone be his master. The 27 he knew was too hard headed to allow someone to even try. This….this could not be happening.

"27….." 17 stared at the ground before narrowing his eyes towards his 'brother' "I….cannot let you do this to yourself!" He threw his fist at 27 and watched him fall to the ground. "Goku….this is my fight…." Goku stared at the dark haired android before nodding and powering down.

"Are you sure?" 17 nodded.

"Make sure that everyone is safe….I'll handle him." Goku wanted to actually protest but he knew that he his words would be in vain. He glanced at 17 for one time before flying away from the scene, assuring that Piccolo of course was with him. 'Good luck 17…..'

New Android

Goten fell to his knees while breathing heavily. He did not know why but 28 and 29 have been extra hard on him lately. They had told him that it was time they stopped going easy on him and really show him what their training was about. Of course Goten felt a shock of fear run through his whole body. 'That whole time they were going easy on me?!' Goten had never been more afraid in his life. This had to be some kind of punishment for something he did in a past life.

"Come on Goten get up and fight!" 28 hovered over him. "Fortissimo ain't gonna let yo ass off easy ya know." She smirked.

"C-Can't we just take a small break?" Goten asked with a hint of fear in his voice.

"Is Fortissimo going to let you take a break?" 29 walked up to him. "I do not think so."


"No buts lil man." She dropped down beside him. "This ain't no time to be wantin to quit now."

"But we've been at it for days!" He whined.

28 rolled her eyes and sighed. "I guess we have been a lil hard on you…" 28 pondered for a moment. "Fine you can take a 5 minute break."

"Only five minutes?" He whined.

"Don't make me make it three." Goten stepped back and nodded before running off. 28 sighed and cracked her neck. "Man this place is boring…." She said to herself.

29 nodded. "I wonder how everyone else is doing."

New Androids

"HAAA!" 17 shouted as he landed a fist on 27's face. 27 flipped onto his feet and started sending out a beam of energy from his eyes. The dark haired android thought quickly and dodged the beam easily. This battle has been going on for what felt like hours. There was no telling who was winning or losing at this point, though 17 was starting to feel that he was on the losing end of this match. 'I'm fighting an enemy that's way beyond my level. He wasn't named the strongest android for nothing….' He turned his gaze from his opponent to the temple behind him for a moment. 'But I can't let him go to Fortissimo! I just have to knock him out of this trance.' One hard hit should be enough to knock him out but unfortunately 27 was design to handle hard attacks so that plan in itself was hard enough if not impossible. It also doesn't help that 27's speed is impossible to match…this was starting to not look good.

"Do you now see that fighting me is useless?" He asked in a monotone voice. "I am stronger, better and soon my strength shall be added to Fortissimo's greatness."

"Do you hear yourself?! This isn't you!" How could 27 be so easily controlled. He was known as the most hard headed of the Doctor's creations. He would have never fallen into something as simple as a brain controlling attack unless….17 gasped…it all made sense. In 27's grief filled state…he must lost his will to fight…his will to not succumb to Fortissimo. Fortissimo must have known of 26 and 27's relationship to have thought of something like this. He must have analyzed that 27's own will would have been weakened by the loss of 26 thus making him easier to control. "27 you need to fight this, you need to fight him! Don't let him control you!"

"Your words mean nothing to me. I am only following what I was programmed to do."

"You were programmed to kill Goku! Yet even then you had stopped it. You can control your-."

"That is not true…." 17 stopped and stared at the man before him. "Fortissimo has shown me the true path…..my true destiny….I was not programmed to kill Goku…I was programmed to join Fortissimo in perfection." He raised his hands to the sky. "Fortissimo has shown me the truth beyond the lies; I now know my true calling, my true purpose." 17 could not believe what he was hearing. Fortissimo was playing with him, toying with his mind. He's filling 27 with false truths in order to lead him to him.


"Now….if you continue to stand in my way then…" He smirked. "I must quickly dispose of you." He said before disappearing into the air. 17 wasted no time and glanced around the area, only to be knocked down by 27's forceful kick. 17 rotated into the air and shot a barrage of Ki blast towards him. The sky led up with the bright energy, exploding in the air like fireworks. 27 easily maneuvered around the barrage as if it was nothing. 17 growled and shot at the green haired android. 'This guy needs to be stopped!' He quickly started throwing punch after punch, kick after kick. He tried hard to land a move on the android but to no avail. Suddenly a thought came to 17 and a smirked appeared on his face. 17 shot a small blast towards 27, only for him to dodge it. But he quickly used the time that 27 had been distracted and quickly grabbed his shoulders and threw both him and 27 towards the ground. Call it being a bit brute-like but 17 could not think of anything else. The two men crashed down on the hard marble floor, shards of marble and debris surrounding them. Not giving 27 an opening, 17 threw his fist high in the air before slamming it down hard on 27's face. He continued doing this until he had found that the android had been knocked out momentarily. 17 let out heavy breaths while staring down at 27. How could this be happening…? 17 never thought he would have to fight 27. He never thought that he would live in a fight with 27. He glanced at his cloths and chuckled softly. His once clean long trench coat was now a shredded heap on the floor. His jeans how become even more ripped and scorch marks could be easily seen. His shirt was almost ripped off, leaving his chest out in the bare air. He stood up slowly and look behind him to see everyone running out to him.

"17!" His sister called out as she rushed up to him. She took a glance at 27 before returning to her brother. "What the hell was going on?!" She shouted with panic on her face. One minute she's putting Marron to bed and the next thing she knows 17 and 27 are fighting it out.

"Fortissimo…." That was the only thing that needed to be said between the siblings for her to fully understand what had just occurred.

"You see! I told you that we should have taken them out when he had the chance!" Vegeta shouted. "We still do! Just say the blasted codes and-."

"Shut up Vegeta!" Goku shouted. "We aren't going to kill them and that's the end of it!" Vegeta growled and crossed his arms. 17 nodded in Goku's direction before glancing down at the unconscious android. He had hoped that he had knocked him out of whatever was controlling him.

Goku walked over 27's body. It was really sad to see such a warrior in such a state. Not just physically but mentally. He could tell that he was struggling with the death of his sister and Fortissimo must have used that to his advantage. He filled him with rage to think that someone could have done such a thing. Then again Fortissimo was not a someone….he was a something. He was a monster that desired nothing more than to grow stronger and kill. It was sickening to even think of such a desire.

"At least you calmed him down 17." Krillin chuckled nervously. He knew that this was not a moment for humor but he could not of anything else at the moment.

"Yeah I-!"

New Androids

Time slowed down….the birds that flew below them have slowed down their speed. The wind that blew past them hovered in the air. A bead of sweat fell down Goku's pain stricken face as he felt his body fall to the ground. He heard many things, the shouts and curses of Piccolo and Vegeta, the rage of Krillin, the gasps of Videl, Bulma and 18…..and the pure earth shaking cry of his wife. Soon they had all become muffled sounds, leaving Goku to his thoughts. Damn it….how could he have not seen it coming. Had all that training been for naught? Has all those many times facing death come to no avail? He had fought many enemies, most of them not even human. He had trained with the strongest people in the universe and yet here he was falling to his death. Huh….of all the times that he has died he had never been this deep in thought. The only thing that he could have been thinking about though was his son….his youngest son to be precise. He had hoped that he would have been alive long enough to have seen his son beat the hell out of Fortissimo. He hoped that maybe he could have really started repairing the relationship between him and Goten. He knew that one talk was not enough to fix it and he wanted to at the end of this chaos be able to actually know his son. But….he guessed that you can't always get what you want. Still though, it is a comforting thought to see at least flashes of what it would have been like.

He hated that this all had to happen in front of his wife. She's been through enough of this, enough of being alone. She's had to basically raise both of his sons alone for so long. It filled him with such regret that he had put his wife through so much….and now she has to watch her husband die in front of her. It seems like no matter what he does…he always hurts her in the end. He sighed in his head. 'She must really love me if she's still dealing with my crap….' Goku let out a small tear from his eyes. 'Chi-Chi….I'm sorry….I love you….'

New Androids

Fortissimo stared in front of him with smirk on his face. He knew that it would take a while for 27 to arrive due to the probability that he would face some issues. Those men that he had fought were must likely giving him a hard time but he was no fool. He had assured that his spell would haunt 27 until he comes to him. He found it quite amusing on how much that Android 27 had acted around Android 26. Too see the pain in his eyes as he landed a blow on her, when he crushed her. He did feel slightly disappointed that he could not see his reaction when he had found out that he had absorbed her.

"All well, I guess there is nothing I can do." He sighed before a smirk came to his face. He turned his head to see Android 27 speeding towards him. "It's about time."

"I'm sorry, but I ran in to some trouble." He bowed his head. Now this was the treatment that he deserved. "But now I am here to complete my destiny."

"Great." He swung his tail from behind him then brought it closer to 27's head. "Then let us begin.

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