The day I was brought to court, I was sure my life would end. The drama that goes on in the Queens chambers is absurd. I was my mother's secret, the one that could've sent her to the block. But to rank my family higher in the royal family I was brought from my mother's childhood home in Winchester. Little did I know that the brother of the King of England, was my father.

"I refuse to bring her." Catherine spoke angrily. "By asking me to do so would be dangerous to this family-."

"No, you sleeping with the Kings brother could've ruined this family and taken your life. Now it can only get better." her father spoke as if no one could hear then yet they were still in the caste walls. Catherine stared angrily at him, her nostrils flaring.

"Then you go get her! I won't be the one to ruin her life, that shall be you." Catherine's father slammed his fist onto the wooden table.

"Do not argue with me! I shall not be played like a fool, Catherine. You leave in nightfall." With that he left, leaving Catherine, her mother still at the table.

"Mother please. You have to understand. Anne isn't fit for the court life. She'll surely hate it, and me!"

"Hush with this talk of hate. Do as your father says before he takes to the king and gives everything away." Catherine's mother slowly stood. "I don't want to watch my only daughter die for treasury, Henry will understand." But would Edwards brother understand? Would Catherine be forgiven, or loose her head for the secret she kept for thirteen years? The only way to find out would be to bring the young child to court in the following sunrise.

Mary, Catherine's mother, left her calling for the maid to dress her for bed. Catherine sat down, the chair creaked with her weight. Tears filled her eyes. "I'm so sorry Anne, please forgive me."

I remember the day she arrived. I played with my caretakers' children, Andrew and Bess. "Anne, catch me if you can!" Andrew yelled. My dress trailed behind me having been too big for my age of thirteen. I chased after the young boy as Bess picked flowers with her mother, Varey. As I ran a figure caught my eye from the end of the garden, she stood tall her hair a golden color, dress a dark green.

"Mother!" I stopped and turned my direction and ran towards her. She caught me in her arms, swinging me around. "What brings this visit? Are you ill?" she always took time to visit me, normally when she was ill; however, she seemed perfectly fine.

"I'm here to bring you back to court. My father wishes it." out of no where anger rose in my chest. How dare he? Should he not know that my mother could loose her life due to my life? I would be at fault for my mother's death!

"I shan't go. This is my place, I've never set foot in court before! Surely he knows this." my mother shook her head, a sad look upon her features.

"I know, Anne. This is not what I want of your life, it is far from it. You must know how demanding he can be, I talk about him every visit." she gave a dry laugh that I didn't return. My frown just deepened. "Don't make this any harder than it has to be Anne, please." I gave in, I helped the maids pack my dresses and other belonging. Andrew and Bess were very unhappy with my leaving, but to please my grandfather I had to leave for court.