Wish upon a Dandelion by amber-was-here130

OK so this will be my first story on fanfiction so be gentle with me its my first time. This story is a Bleach fan make, it's about Kenpachi Zaraki and a girl named Aki Kimura. (I do not own any of the Bleach characters read about in this story. Aki Kimura is a name i made up and a person i made up as well.) This story is about how Kenpachi falls hard for her and i don't feel like typing up a big build up to when they fall for each so I'm kinda sorta gonna just jump right into it. There will be some mature content in here as well, so YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Enjoy!

Description of Aki: Very long blond hair it reaches to her lower back with naturally gentle waves in her hair, pale fair skin. Rather tall about 5'11, long slender legs. She's not what you would call well endowed, but she most certainly has a good amount in the front and back, soft blue eyes a round cute face with medium sized pale pink lips. Isn't a very outspoken type of girl kinda just stays to herself but not afraid to fight when it's needed. (I will not describe Kenpachi right here because you SHOULD know what he looks like, if not then go watch Bleach!)

Aki Kimura ran silently through the seiretei she loved taking a run through the soul society, especially at night when the moon was bright and the stars just seemed to go on forever. her best friends Kaicho and Yoshe thought she was insane. They always said that she was more active at night than day, even when she stayed up into the latest hours of the night running. then to wake up earlier the next morning ready to go. She had always been a late to bed early to rise type of person, but every now and again. The lack of sleep would catch up to her and Aki would spend her days off doing nothing but sleep all day. But Aki loved the night, she loved the moon, the stars, the sense of complete tranquility at night, the crisp night air as it hit her face when she ran. So because of her night runs her legs were really strong, she could out run the best of officers and lieutenants. Aki could even out run a few captains, she had stamina to match her speed. So she could keep up a fast pace for hours before slowing down, and her longs legs only added to her ability to run. Aki shunned the straw sandles that soul reapers normally wore. So she had slippers simaliar to those woren by squad two, but she also didn't like to wear shoes at all. Aki loved to walk and run anywhere and everywhere barefoot. But sometimes the ground required her to put her black slippers on.

Aki contemplated about what she and her friends Kaicho and Yoshe were going to do tomarrow. Aki and her friends were part of the 4th squad, so they knew how to heal people with kidou. the other day Aki had put a idea to her captain Unohana. Aki thought that a few members of squad four should be apart of all of the squads, this way it could cut down the number of people going into the 4th squad sickbay. So that people who only suffered from minor problems such as flus, colds, and small pains. Wouldn't be crowding up the sickbays like they normally did, and would be able to attend to those problems at the squad it self. Also when ever there were accidents during tasks such as squad training sessions, there would already be a medic near by to either take care of the problem completly, or keep the victums stable untill they could be moved to 4th. It was a good idea and Captain Unohana said so as well, so she took it to Head Capatain Yamamoto. Aki had been then called in to give her reasons and insite to him, Captain Yamamoto agreeded to give it a trail run of 1-2 years. at first Aki was exstatic that her idea had been approved of. But there was a condition to her plan being tested, everyone in the Soul Society knew which squad was in the 4th squad sickbay more than everyother squad. The 11th squad, filled the sickbay up to capacity with problems of hangovers all the way up to missing limbs. It was squad eleven that also caused the most problems for all of the medics in fourth squad. So the trail run would have to happen with the eleventh squad. Captain Yamamoto said that if she and a few others were victorious in their goal with a squad like the 11th, then he would fully approve of her plan and work to put it in action.

So tomarrow morning she, Kaicho and Yoshe were to report to the 11th squad where for the next two years they were going to be medics on hand to the 11th. Captain Unohana expressed concern about the fact that Aki had chosen her two best friends to go with her, considering that Aki, Kaicho and Yoshe were all women. While the 11th squad was filled with nothing but thug-like men. Aki was touched that her captain cared for there safety, but Aki told Unohana that she trusted them to watch her back more than everyone else in the whole Soul Society and them her. Also all three of them were skilled enough to be able to defend themselves, Aki was more skilled then was required in the 4th with her zanpakuto. She wasn't brag worthy but she knew enough to keep herself safe.

Aki sped up some she knew that it was 2:00 in the morning, and being well rested would probably be a good idea for tomarrow. So she veared off towards her home, her feet slapped against the cool ground of the Seireitei. Tonight would be her last night for awhile in her 4th squad home, for it was be more convinent to move into the 11th squad instead of walking back and forth everyday between the two. Aki took a deep breath of the air enjoying its crispness, as she ran home to sleep for the night.


Aki walked with Captain Unohana, Kaicho Tsukiki, Yoshe Hayashi, a few other members from squad four carried items that were to be brought to 11th so a suitable clinic could be made there. Aki knew that many didn't even want to go within a 100 feet of 11th squad but they came to provide support for Aki, Kaicho and Yoshe, for they were quite literally walking straight into the lion's den.

"Well well well the fourth squad has arrived with the bravest members of ther squad," a voice drawled lazily. Aki looked ahead to see Ikakku Madarame and Yumichika Ayasegawa stood ahead of them. Captain Unohana stepped forward, "Hello gentlemen would you be so kind as to show us to Captain Zaraki?" Yumichicka replied airily, "Of cousre Captain follow us."

Aki kept her eyes forward as they were lead into the dining area of the 11th squad, many of the men looked at the female members of the goup with open lust. The men whisled at them and made rude comments about them.

"Those the squad four pussies?" "Ya, and look at the boobs on that one!" "Dam, I'm gonna have to hit that." "Well you won't have much problems with that after all squad four members are weak as hell."

Aki looked to see how Yoshe and Kaicho were handling this, Yoshe also kept her eyes forward but open disgust and hate were written all over her face. But Kaicho looked about fearfully, there was open terror on her face. Aki would have to keep a close eye on Kaicho, she wasn't to worried about Yoshe. Yoshe was a pretty tough girl, but Kaicho was timid and very forgiving as her name suggested, Aki wouldn't have brought Kaicho at all but she had insited on it. Also Kaicho's ability with kidou was greater than Yoshe and Aki put together, and Aki had a feeling if they wanted to seceed in there goal then she would need the best for this squad.

Both Yoshe and Kaicho were very pretty so that would cause problems in trying to keep these squad eleven assholes off them. Yoshe was of medium higth, about 5'7. She had long sable colored hair it wasn't as long as Aki's but still pretty long, as well as smooth as silk. She had bright green eyes and a face that made Aki think of a princess. Her features were perfect and flawless. Yoshe held herself with an air that said "I'm beautiful and know it."

Kaicho was a little shorter than Yoshe, she a deep burnt red hair. It was shoulder lenght and curly as hell. Many mornings Aki would have to help Kaicho with it, her face was heart shaped and she had very healthy colored skin, with a very light dusting of freckles on her dainty nose. her lips were a natrally deep pink and they were the kind that could do a very cute pout. All in all Kaicho screamed innocence and kindness, which is one thing Aki and Yoshe loved about her. But in here amongst these men it would be trouble.

Kenpachi Zaraki sat on the floor observing Unohana and her group of people with his uncovered eye. He didn't bother with Unohana herself or the squad members he focused his attention to the three woman that would be staying with his men for two years. the 1st one was small with short reddish hair, and she had the type of face that said she was a very happy person. But that was all he took the time to noticed as he moved on to the next woman, it was clear by the way she held herself that she considered herself all that and she knew that she had a beauty to her. But his gaze shifted from her, she reminded him to much of Yumichika. Both women had looked away when he tried to meet there eyes. The last one held his attention, she was tall a good amount taller than the rest Unohana included. "She'd come up to my shoulders," he thought. Her hair was long and blond, her eyes a soft blue color. But it was the way she held herself that REALLY kept his attention. She held herself like a warrior ready to do battle, her stance said, "I don't give a fuck who you are come at me the wrong way and I'll make you regret it." Her eyes held a certain fire to them, and when he looked her in the eyes unlike her two companions she didn't look away from him. She met and kept his gaze, Kenpachi grinned wolfishly at her. "She's gonna be interesting i can already tell." he thought to himself.