Entrapment of the Peach

(Almost Time)

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The sun was just beginning to rise as the Goblin King stood on his balcony looking out over his Labyrinth. He enjoyed the calmness it him and liked to begin each day with a look at the great maze. It helped him center himself and prepare for the day. Today he needed to be in control of his emotions and everything that took place. Today Sarah would be returned to him.

The king smiled arrogantly at this thought. He knew the girl had no idea she would be returning to the labyrinth. Sarah had done well on her run, but had made one fatal mistake. She had taken a single bite of a peach. The Labyrinth had returned her after she won the game because she was too old to turn but too young to remain as well. That all changed today, when she turned 18. The girl may have rejected his offer, but it didn't matter. The peach bite sealed her fate. Sarah had rescued her brother but had become entrapped herself. She just didn't know it yet.


"Is everything ready Talon?" Jareth inquired of his captain.

"As you requested." He replied.


"I imagine she'll be rather surprised when she learns you have power over her," Chale commented.

Jareth smirked. "I'm sure she will. I must admit the fact she has read so many fairytales and still took a bite of the peach I sent her, surprised me. I had thought it would be far more difficult to ensnare her."

"True, but I do not believe the girl is used to such physical activities." The captain commented. "If I remember correctly, it was also late when she came here the first time." The king simply shrugged unconcerned. "Have you decided how to handle her arrival yet?"

"No. I'll decide after I see her reaction." King Jareth replied. "She'll either be happy to see me or fearful. So long as she behaves she'll stay out of the tower. If she reacts badly I suppose I'll have to be cruel for a while until she understands I am her master and she is mine for whatever I wish."

Jareth pulled out a crystal that remained clouded, forbidding him from seeing his dark haired obsession. "Two hours left Sarah. You're about to learn you should never deny a Fae."

Author's Note: I know this is a VERY short chapter. I promise no other chapters will be this short.