Chapter 34

(Oberon's Decision)

Jareth waited in Oberon's throne room along with Ormond. Sarah, Lorelei, Elios and Tenaris were being evaluated by Oberon's physicians. With each passing moment the two men began to recall more and more events over the last few years. Ormond had an even longer amount of time to recall. He'd had Lorelei for sixteen years. His list of sins was far longer and in some ways crueler than The Goblin King's.

Neither of the two kings looked at each other. Both reliving memories and feeling a sense of shame that neither knew how to react to. Jareth had not been close to Ormond for all that long. It wasn't until Sarah had left from her time in the Labyrinth that the two had begun to spend time together often. Jareth was fairly certain that Ishaan was to blame for many things but not everything.

Looking out a window that overlooked a rose garden Jareth had to face some of his feelings. While he didn't want to admit or face it he knew some part of him must have been angry with Sarah for winning. If not the spell could not have so easily begun to take hold of not only him but his people as well. His Fae blood had left him susceptible to a power hungry immortal human. The thought angered him. Yet nothing angered him more than his treatment of Sarah.

The king felt sick to his stomach at the cruelness he'd inflicted on her. Yet even knowing he'd wronged her in so many ways he couldn't deny the pleasure he'd felt with her. His only regret was that it hadn't been pleasure gained by to happy consenting adults. Instead it had been by persuasion and threats. Jareth wanted to make it right and show her how wonderful it could be but knew there was little chance. It was more likely that Jareth would have to bid the girl farewell from afar and never truly know her or her him. There was no reason for Oberon to give Sarah back to him. His punishment would be to be alone for all time.

Hearing footsteps the king looked back and watched as King Oberon entered the room. Jareth glanced over at Ormond and knew even he wasn't comfortable in Oberon's presence at the moment. Ishaan however was already securely locked in the dungeon under guard. For now he would not face Oberon's wrath.

Oberon walked to his throne and turning around sat down on his throne. Showing his displeasure he looked at both men. Neither hesitated and both went down on one knee before the King of Fae.

"First there is no UnSeelie Court any longer," Oberon told Ormond.

"Yes, Majesty," Ormond said succumbing to the inevitable. "You will however remain King of the Shadow Kingdom." Ormond was both surprised and delighted by the news. "No one has ever been able to control that kingdom like you can."

"Thank you Majesty," Ormond said with genuine appreciation.

"You will keep your throne brother but Lorelei is returned to her husband," Oberon said firmly. Ormond went to speak but Oberon spoke first. "You will not pursue her and even in the event that Eliseo were to actually die tomorrow you will never have Lorelei again!"

"Yes, majesty," Ormond said not remotely surprised by the kings decree.

"You need a woman that is free that will love you freely. Only then will you have a true queen," Oberon told his brother. "I know that much of what has happened even between us is because of Ishaan. It will take time for you to make restitution for your transgressions. You have many offenses against Eliseo and Lorelei."

"I will do as you say, Majesty," Ormond replied feeling both guilt and relief.

Slowly the king's eyes turned to Jareth. "As for you it is a far more difficult decision."

"I will abide by your ruling Majesty," The Goblin King replied.

"Yes but with you the biggest victim must continue to be as such."

"Majesty?" Jareth said confused by the king's words.

"What you have done cannot be undone."

"I know Majesty. I would take back everything if I could," Jareth replied not hiding his shame.

Oberon looked at the King of Goblins and knew the man was ashamed and full of regret. He knew the king would obey his every word and even return Sarah to the Mortal realm if he deemed it so. "That may be but as I said what is done cannot be undone."

"I can erase her memories," Jareth offered.

"No that would erase everything and cause her to be even more confused," Oberon informed the two men.

"How could erasing her memories cause her confusion?" Ormond asked. "I admit reintroducing her to her real parents could be difficult but is still possible."

"Yes but I'm sure she'd be very confused when she gave birth."

"Gave…Sarah is pregnant?" Jareth said as realization took hold.

"Yes," Oberon informed the two men. Looking at Jareth he said, "You're marriage to Sarah will stand. While your marriage may have been coerced in a sense she did agree to it. Though I admit the fact she is carrying your heir is the biggest reason I shall allow the marriage to stand. It was consummated so it is valid."

Jareth felt a sense of both relief and joy. He was being given the chance to make up for what he had done.

Oberon saw the king's feelings in his eyes and wanted things clear to the king. "Your marriage will stand Goblin King but you may not touch her without her consent again." Jareth immediately nodded in agreement. "I'm not finished!" Jareth fell still. "You will take no mistresses or lovers of any kind. You will suffer for as long as she decides even if it's the rest of your life!"

"Considering what I've done I'd say that's a generous sentence," Jareth remarked.

"She is your queen and you will treat her as such in every way. You have no say in what she does." Jareth gave a nod of agreement. "However as she is your queen and Queen of the Goblins she too will take no lovers. Any children must come from the pairing of the two of you. Though I think you should be glad you will have at least one heir."

"Thank you Majesty."

"You have much to make up for Jareth."

"Yes, I do," he agreed. "Does she know? Your decision?"

Oberon gave a small nod. "I cannot tell you that any of them are happy about it but Eliseo and Lorelei understand it. Sarah is afraid of it."

"She's afraid of me," Jareth said knowingly.

"Yes she is," The King of The Fae agreed. "I have assured her that I will be checking up on her often."

"I would expect no less," Jareth replied. "I'm sure King Eliseo and Queen Lorelei will also want to check on her often."

"Yes they do."

"They come as often as they like and stay as often as they like," Jareth assured his king.

Oberon looked at the king and felt a sense of sympathy for the king. There was nothing anyone could do or say that would punish the Goblin King more than he would do to himself. "No. Sarah needs to feel safe and her parents and I need to be reassured but…you need time as well. Time to show Sarah the King you were in the past and I believe will be again. Time to earn her trust and maybe one day even her love."

"That shall always be my goal. I have wronged her so much I shall try very hard to make amends with her. I only hope that one day I can make half the amends that she deserves," Jareth told him.

"You are to return to your kingdom. I will bring Sarah tomorrow."

"By your leave Majesty," Jareth said. Oberon nodded and with a nod at Ormond the Goblin King vanished.

Sarah stood by the window looking out at the moon. Her right hand rested on her stomach where a child now grew within her. She had heard and seen everything in the throne room that had taken place between Oberon, Jareth, and Ormond. She along with her mother and father had been allowed to watch through a mirror what took place.

While Sarah had seen the regret on Jareth's face for what he had done to her she could not shake the memories of her torment. She'd seen his competitive side and his cruel side. Oberon had brought up another side that she summarized must be his good side but right now Sarah couldn't see it. Oberon had spoken of perhaps one day love developing between her and Jareth but she couldn't see it. How could she possibly ever fall in love with someone who had tormented her?

She leaned her head against the cool glass. Tomorrow she would be returned to the Goblin Kingdom as Queen of the Goblins forever. She glanced down at her stomach and said, "I hope you aren't evil."

"The child will not be evil." Sarah turned back to see her mother enter the room. "You didn't surrender to Jareth's dark side. The child will be the good in both of you." Sarah just looked at her mother.

"I know it's hard to believe but Jareth does have a very good side," Lorelei assured her daughter. "It's been a while but I have seen it and so has your father. The spell is broken. Evil Jareth is gone. The Jareth you met on your run is still there. So is the one that used to watch you from afar."

"The Jareth that tormented me is still there too. Even if he's locked in the dungeon with the key thrown away he's still there!" Sarah said still fearful. "Who's to say he isn't just acting and the moment he gets ahold of me…."

"Obsessed out of control fae don't feel regret," Lorelei told her gently taking her by the arms. "I know you're scared and the truth is I am too. However even if he was under that spell still he's not about to risk hurting the baby you're carrying. You're safe either way."

"Until the baby comes," Sarah said tearfully.

"It will take time Baby but you both have a chance at a happy ending as long as he can remain patient and you can learn to forgive," Lorelei replied calmly. While part of Lorelei wanted to scream and shout at Oberon for allowing the marriage to stand she did understand it. Jareth was still in need of an heir and only a child in a recognized marriage could become the heir to the Goblin Kingdom. Knowing things in the underground were not nearly as stable as many thought the marriage was necessary.

"You told me Jareth was very liked by the ladies. Think he can behave himself?" Sarah asked.

"Oberon didn't give him a choice," her mother replied.

"What happens if he fails?" she asked with curious green eyes.

"I don't know but I have a feeling things wouldn't end well for your husband." Lorelei watched a shiver run over her daughter at the mention of her marital status. "You are his wife Sarah. Like it or not you are married for all time."

"Well at least if I get really fat he can't say a damn thing," Sarah said looking at her stomach. Every woman she'd ever known that had gotten pregnant had gotten really big while pregnant. There was only one exception and Sarah had always thought the woman had looked sickly she was so thin. Being pregnant had actually made the woman look healthy. Sarah shrugged. It really didn't matter what her body did Jareth was tuck with her however she was.