Title: My Manic & I
Author: dizzy - in - the - izzy
Rating: T.. Possible to change.
Disclaimer: I do not own NCIS, or anything affiliated with it.
Summary: With a serial killer on the loose, Tony and Ziva are sent undercover. As a happily married couple.

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Tony, Ziva and McGee sat at their desks, praying for a miracle. McGee was aimlessly running searches on things that he knew would create no results. Tony had given up completely and was playing Bejeweled. Ziva looked like she was beginning to fall asleep, and no one blamed her. It was midnight, and they were all tired of the case they were on.

"I hate serial killers." Tony said quietly, trying his best to let Ziva sleep. She hadn't taken any naps (as opposed to Tony and McGee's frequent naps), and was beginning to look drained.

"Don't we all." McGee whispered back, letting his head fall onto his desk. The bullpen was quiet, and eventually Ziva's head fell from her hand and onto her desk. Tony grimaced as she scared herself awake, and he moved over to her desk with his jacket.

"Here, lay your head on this."

She was so tired that she did as he said, and he watched as she wrapped her arms around the jacket and went back to sleep. He had a sudden urge to touch her, but he made himself move back over to his desk. He sat down, yawning and contemplating falling asleep. He knew that Gibbs wouldn't be happy with them, but they were going nowhere. Tony was about to shut his eyes when Gibbs walked slowly into the bullpen. He looked around, and then at Tony.

"Nothing?" He asked, and Tony nodded.

"Nothing." Tony said, and Gibbs sighed. He handed Tony a coffee, and Tony sat up straight.

"Thanks boss." Tony said, taking a sip. It wasn't exactly the way he liked it, but it was better than nothing.

"What do we have?" Gibbs asked quietly, allowing the younger agents to sleep. Tony rolled his chair over to Gibbs desk, holding his notes in his hand. Gibbs noticed the paper, covered in scribbles, but didn't say anything.

"We have three victims, each woman, and each happily married. The first and latest victims were in the Navy, and the second's husband was in the Navy. Each lived in different residential areas. Kirk and O'Hara were pregnant, and White wanted to have children. Each couple frequented a Kenny's Diner." Tony said, looking through his paperwork. He kept his voice low, wary of the sleeping people around him.

"Naval personal all worked in different areas." Gibbs said, and Tony nodded.

"The only big thing they have in common is the diner." Tony said, rubbing his head. This evidence wasn't new to them. He felt like someone cramming for a test.

Gibbs looked at the folders in front of him, then let out a long breath.

"He's going to strike again." Tony said, and Gibbs nodded.

"I know."

Ziva woke up to the smell of Tony. It was impeding her nose, and she really didn't mind. But, then she remembered she fell asleep at work, and she sat up straight in a fit of shock. When she saw that she was sitting at her desk, with only her head on Tony's jacket, she sighed a sigh of relief and tiredness. She looked around, and was surprised to see a cup of coffee on her desk. She put her hands around it, and felt that it was still warm.

Sitting back, she looked at her teammates. McGee was awake, and yawning as he typed away at his keyboard. Tony was asleep at his desk, his cheek on his arm. Ziva carefully picked up Tony's jacket, folding it in her lap. She stood up, setting her coffee down. She walked over to Tony, and placed the jacket over his back carefully.

"Morning Ziva." He whispered, scaring her slightly. She pinched his neck and he yelped.

"Good morning Tony. Thank you for the pillow last night." She said before walking over to her desk again. When she saw down, she saw that Tony was looking at her, his chin on the back of his hand. He smiled, and then yawned.

"You are welcome." He said, stretching before shaking his head and blinking. He then saw the coffee on his desk, and quirked an eyebrow. Ziva gestured towards her coffee, and Tony nodded. He took a sip, and smiled.

"Where's Gibbs?" He asked, looking at McGee. McGee shrugged, yawning before taking another sip of his coffee. He jerked his head towards MTAC, and Tony nodded.

"Meeting with the director, I got it." He said, turning his computer back on. He yawned again, looking at the screen.

So far, the serial killer had only stumped them. And, as Abby said, this guy was good. They never found any evidence that he was even in the house. Never broke in, didn't leave fingerprints or footprints. He was almost like a ghost, and Tony had made a point to say that. But then, Ziva had to point out that ghosts couldn't shoot people, and the rest was history.

It was beginning to get to the team. Some cases hit harder than others did, and this one seemed to affect them all. Maybe it was the fact that two had been pregnant (which seemed to bug Abby the most), or the fact that they were all couples who would probably never get divorced (which seemed to bug Ziva and slightly Gibbs). Tony and McGee didn't say much, but Ziva had noticed their facial expressions while working. She knew that certain aspects of the case bugged them differently.

Ziva looked around now, and watched her friends. Tony was aimlessly going through a folder, flipping the pages with boredom. McGee was doing the same, but he was on the computer, obviously going through records. They were just waiting for Gibbs to come down now, so they could set out to try to figure the case out.

"DiNozzo, David!"

Tony and Ziva looked up at Gibbs, where he stood on the catwalk. They each got up, looking at each other as they walked to the stairs.

"What did you do now?" Tony asked Ziva, and she glared at him.

"More like what did you do." She argued, and he glared back. They made it t the top, where Gibbs motioned them to follow him. He led them into Vance's office, the pair exchanging looks of confusion.

"I've decided that I'm done of this 'laying in wait' game." Director Vance said, looking between the agents. He pushed a file folder out towards them, and Ziva grabbed it. She opened it, Tony looking over his shoulder. They each read, and Ziva looked up first.

"You want me to be bait?" She asked, Tony looking at her. He then looked at Vance, waiting for an answer.

"Exactly what it says." Vance said. Gibbs looked at his agents, watching as they kept reading.

"Looks like it's undercover we go again." Tony said, smirking at Ziva. She glared up at him, before closing the file with a snap.

"At least this time your name is not Jean Paul."

McGee watched as Tony and Ziva walked back into the bullpen. Tony handed McGee a folder, and McGee looked inside. He looked back up in an instant, a smirk on his face. Ziva glowered.

"You guys are going undercover to entice the serial killer?"

"Can you not say it like that?" Tony asked, obviously peeved. McGee was about to answer when Gibbs breezed into the bullpen.

"All three of you, get down to Abby's lab and start making backgrounds." He barked at them, and they all jumped up. They walked to the elevator, McGee holding the file to his nose.

"As a happily married couple?" He said loudly, catching Gibbs' attention.

As the elevator door shut, he could have sworn he heard McGee yell out in pain.

"But, why would Tony or Ziva do that?" He shrugged, leaving the bullpen to find some coffee.

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