Silly me!!!!

Angel is a wedding planner. Buffy is a bridesmaid.

I'll be mean to Angel and Buffy… but just a little!

Words between * are thoughts; if in italic means the inner voice.

Chapter 1

Cordelia Chase is the daughter of Sean Chase, owner of Chase Industries, a big cosmetics company. Her mother, Mary Chase, is a benefactress. She is for all intent and purpose one of the most spoiled and rich girl in the country… and she is getting married.

- Damn, the flight is late!

- Calm down, Cor. We haven't seen her for like a year. I'm sure we can wait fifteen more minutes.

- Willow. Buffy is our friend and she is one of my bridesmaids. She has to be in the rehearsal tonight. I want everything to be perfect the day after tomorrow… besides… we have my bachelorette party tomorrow…

- Did you really booked us in the strip club.

- Oh, yes!

- Does Doyle know about it?

- He knows I'll have a party today… only candies will be a little different!

- Cordy!

- What! Man in small underwear… muscles… on, my!

Both girls stayed talking about the party while waiting for the plane to land. After a while, passengers started to come through the gateway. Finally Buffy appeared.

- Oh, my! Buffy! You look amazing!

- Thanks, girls! Let me look at you, Cordy! You look gorgeous. Where is the ring? Let me see! Let me see!

Cordelia showed the ring with a big diamond in it. Doyle proposed to Cordelia just one day before Buffy found William with his secretary in their bed. She left for Europe a day later promising to come back for the wedding.

- It's beautiful Cordy. How is Doyle?

- He is wonderful… as always. Tomorrow will be our single parties and then that is it... I will be a married woman.

- This is soooooooooooo bad!

Willow and Buffy laughed at Buffy's sarcasm.

Chapter 2

Buffy arrived at the reception rehearsal just in time. She went to her room in Cordelia's house to sleep a little and woke up to prepare for the night event. She, Willow and Cordelia decided to go to Cordelia's house to talk about everything that happened in their one year of separation.

- Hi. Ms. Summers.

- Hi. James.

- Everyone is just outside in the patio.

- Thank you.

- Buffy!

- Hi, girls. Wow! I soooo forget how good is to be here. The ocean breeze is still the best thing about your house's courtyard, Cordelia.

- Thank God!

- Doyle! You look just your same Irish self.

- Hi, Buffy. Back to stay or will you go back to Europe?

- I'm back to stay.

- Well. We are all here. So I think we will start. Where is my wedding planner?

- Ms. Chase. Angel is talking with the florist for the last arrangements.

- Thank you, Fred. Can you tell Angel we are ready?

Buffy was talking with Cordelia and Willow when she saw a man talking with Fred. The most gorgeous man she laid her eyes on. Tall and handsome, with spiked hair, broad shoulders and legs tightly clad in a jeans. Nice butt.

- Buffy! Buffy! Earth to Buffy!

- Cordelia, she is drooling over Angel.

It took a moment for Willow's words fully registered in Buffy's mind.

- Wow! He is hot!

Cordelia and Willow shared a knowing smile.

- What?

- Yeah. Everyone is like that when they see Angel for the first time.

- What? That is Angel? Angel… the… the wedding planner???!!!

- Yes.

- But… but… I thought it was a girl.

- He is… sort off.

- Will, splainy? If he is a girl I'm turning gay right now!

- Buffy, Angel *is* gay.

- WHAT??????

Buffy couldn't do anything but stare openmouthed to the man who was coming to them.

Chapter 3

- Fred, Aileen said flowers will be here eight in the morning in the wedding day. I want everyone here so they will be arranged in the courtyard around noon. The wedding band will arrive at two in the afternoon so they will assemble and test the sound system.

- Ok. Ms. Chase said everyone is here so the rehearsal can begin.

- Thanks. By the way, after this marriage is over I want to discuss yours with Wesley.

- No problem, boss. I just want to know when we will discuss your marriage, brother.

- Don't call me boss, Fred. It makes me feel old. As for the marriage… well… let me find my soulmate first… besides, you know… gay marriage is not allowed anymore.

Angel winked at Fred. They shared a laugh she left. Angel walked to the courtyard to find everyone scattered around in a cheerful discussion. The bride, Ms. Chase was talking with Willow one of the bridesmaids and…

*Wow! Who is this person? The other bridesmaid that everyone talked about? She is beautiful*

*I hope she is not some air head like the ones you normally find in many rich people wedding.*

*I have a wedding to manage, don't I?*

The rehearsal began.