Here it is! The last chapter.

I don't really know if something like exists in USA, but here in Brazil we have "one year service" in church for people who died. So, go with me.

So, enjoy… or not…


The church was packed. Every family friend came to pay their respects.

"He created all things so they might exist. And the generative forces of this world are wholesome, and there is no destructive poison in them. For the dominion of Hades is not on Earth, for righteousness is immortal…"

While the priest gave his speech, Willow leaned her head a little to talk with Cordelia who sat beside her.

"I thought she would come."



"I didn't think she would have the strength to come here today. It would be too much. It wouldn't be good for her. It's been a year…"

"Yeah, I imagine. How… how is she?"

"She is holding up, but she is still haunted by what happened one year ago. I don't know if I would have her strength to recover so fast. I guess Adam was really a blessing… although right now I don't think Buffy thinks like that."

Cordelia gave a small smile.


"Three month's Adam is such a sweet, but he is teething. You have no idea."

Willow caressed her bulging belly and smiled.

"But I will soon."

"Yeah… you will. It is bad you were away with Oz in this last three months. After the service, we could go to Buffy's house and you can finally meet him. Adam has his father's eyes. Well, he is a miniAngel."


Buffy got out of the bathroom carrying Adam wrapped up in a fluffy towel. He had been crying because of his teething and she decided to give him a bat, something he loved to do. She put him in her bed and laughed when the little boy grabbed his own legs and gave her a smile.

"Hey, little boy. Are you smiling at mommy?"

Adam opened her eyes wide and Buffy was engulfed with the memories of Angel's brown orbs that made her swallow. Adam was just the spitting image of his father. This moment he was a happy champ, but sometimes he would stare at a fixed point as if he was brooding. Just like his dad did sometimes.

Buffy leaned in, kissed his forehead and played a little with his hair, which was already spiked like Angel's. When she looked up again, her eyes landed on the pictures they took in Maui in their honeymoon. Almost three years before.

Today was his service for the one year of his death. She looked at Adam and smiled, while her eyes moisturized. She felt so guilt. If she hadn't got involved with Spike first, maybe he would still be alive.

"It is not your fault."

Buffy was so engrossed in her thoughts that she didn't see Angel standing at the door of their bedroom. He walked in the room and sat in their bed across from her. He held Adam's finger and the baby gave him a wide smile.

"You can't be held responsible for what other people do. That man was seriously disturbed, Buffy."

"I know, but sometimes you got to wonder. If I hadn't got involved with him or maybe if… if I had loved him, his father would be alive. I know he and Sean were great friends, despite everything. I know… I know that Spike was crazy, but that was caused because of me. He killed his father because of me. People are in church for his father one year death because of me."

"Buffy… do you wonder why we find out each other? You got involved with me too and we are here together and happy…. We are happy, right?"

Buffy's face lit up in amusement and she leaned to kiss her husband.

"Buffy, you acted on instinct that day."

Angel maneuvered them so he sat against headboard of their bed. Buffy sat among his legs enjoying the comfort of his broad chest behind her

"I killed him, Angel."

Buffy closed her eyes. Everything happened so fast. Angel was embracing her when she looked up and saw Spike taking Clem's gun. In a split second she realized what Spike was about to do. She just delved in the floor, grabbed Spike's own gun he left near the mattress while attacking her and shot him. The only bullet she used pierced his heart and he died right there. His last word was her name.

"Yes. You acted on instinct, Buffy. Were you found guilty?"

They had kept their legs apart so they could see Adam playing with his fingers.


Buffy was found innocent on self-defense claims. Clem gave his statement confirming Spike had taken his gun and pointed it to the couple who stood no chance of defense because they were on the floor. He would have shot and killed both of them.

"If you had not act, I would not be here. You would not be here. Our… our son would not be here too. I know that horror will stay with you forever, but you can't let it control you. Then, Spike will win."

Angel drew imaginary circles in Buffy's arm while they silently looked at their baby boy. The first days after the whole thing happened, it was a fight for Adam's life. Buffy was immediately taken to the hospital and on their way she had a cramp. There, they told them she was having a miscarriage. Fortunately, they could keep the baby.

During the weeks that followed, Angel and Buffy were counseled to go to a psychologist so they could deal with the events. The pressure was great too because of Buffy's trials. In the end, everything was right for them again.

"Isn't it good to have a smart husband?"

Buffy and Angel laughed when they heard a noise akin to a snore. They both turned their faces to their sleeping bundle of joy. Buffy got up and took little Adam to his room. When she came back she found her much attractive husband still in the same position. She crawled in the bed and straddled his legs. Then, she proceeded to ravish her husband's mouth.

They kissed fiercely for a while. When they finally stopped for breath, Buffy decided that a naked Angel was in order.

"Buffy, are you sure?"

"Oh, yeah… I am sure…"

Buffy grabbed Angel's hand and put it in her most intimate place under the knee length skirt she was using. He could feel how wet she was. She knew that Angel was mindful of her. The first time they had tried any intimacy, she had freaked out and that was what prompted her to accept psychological help. Angel just came along because he reasoned they were a couple and should deal with it as such. Buffy could never love her husband more.


"Angel… shut up and kiss me!"

Angel couldn't complain any longer.


Four years later

Adam, Cordelia's twins and Willow's Tara came running inside the O'Connor's house. They run around the kitchen table and left again through to the door back towards the backyard where the adults were talking.


Buffy sat in a chair near the pool when Adam bounced around her. She smiled and Angel came from behind Adam, grabbed him, lifted him up and tickled him all over to everyone amusement.

"His is such a dad's boy."

Willow commented. Everyone knew that Angel worshipped the ground the boy walked in. Six months before Adam broke a finger while praying in the kitchen. Angel went ballistic with his worries. It was like his little boy was in a life-or-death situation. Adam was prone to break something … and not only himself. The truth was that Angel pampered the little boy as much as he did to his wife, who was now showing a five-month pregnant belly.

"Mommy! Bad dad ticklin' me! Top… mom tell bad… bad dad to stop!"

Everyone around laughed at the little boy antics. Angel put Adam down and he immediately run to the other children. Angel leaned and kissed Buffy gently.

"How are you doing?"


"Are you sure?"

"Yes. Angel, I am pregnant not sick."

After they discovered Buffy was pregnant, Angel went in the overprotective mode. So much, that he refused to have intimacy with her, although Buffy saw to it. She dragged him to her ob-gyn so the woman could explain to him there was nothing wrong with them having sex. When he refused still, she took the decision from him. She provoked him so much he could not resist more than one week. After that, he didn't complain of this extremely horny pregnant wife, but he still worried because her dizzy spells didn't go away.

"Do you know what it is already?"

Marry left the protection of the umbrella where she was to talk to Buffy. She thought her daughter was absolutely radiating in her pregnant state.



That was Cordelia voice behind them. Angel realized that was the moment to leave the girls alone. He kissed Buffy's finger and left to help Sean with the barbecue.

"And you didn't tell us?"

Willow sounded really indignant, but when everyone looked at the redhead she was smiling.

"Come on! Tell us."

Buffy laughed.

"It is a girl."

"Oh Buffy! Congratulations!"

Then, it was a hug fest. The women chatted away on baby clothes and everything related. Anya suggested of names, while Fred made a face every time her sister came up with some strange one. The men turned around to see the public display of affection going on and turned to Angel.

"We are having a girl."

"Hey, man. That is great."

Sean slapped Angel in the back to compliment him.

"I am terrified."


"It is a girl."

"Ah… don't worry! She will be your little princess."

"I know."

"What? Your girl will date no matter what you try."

Sean joked. Angel gave a smile and made a growl. The men around laughed.

"Well. At least she will have two guys to choose."

Doyle was the one to joke.

"They better keep their hands well-behaved."

"Look at him! His baby girl is not born yet and she has him wrapped up around her finger already."

"Like Buffy didn't do it already."

Lindsey said from the table he sat. Vivienne, now his wife, sat in a couch under an umbrella. They would be first time parents in seven months.

"Hey, what about my girl?"

Oz put his two cents in the conversation.

"Hey, I have twins, you know. Two boys. Two girls."

"Aren't we ahead of time, are we? Look at them."

Angel's father slapped Angel's shoulder and everyone turned around to see their kids playing. It was really the next generation.

Mary and Joyce, the proud grandmothers, sat in a table far from the pool and looked around. Their grandchildren were playing not faraway. Then, there were the girls and men they saw growing up that were now married and with children. Both women felt a wave of contentment swept them.

They were seeing happiness.


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