Divine Essence

Clash of the Titans





The grotesque scavengers flew above the abyss, teasing each other with lone spirits dangling from their sharp teeth. The screams of the decaying ghosts soothed the Underworld with its own lullaby. I sat on the marble balcony, numb to their screeches.

This place brings nothing but pain and suffering. But it was never supposed to become a prison.

Seven thousand years past, the Gods and Goddesses were enclosed together in the room of balance and supremacy. A crucial meeting to discuss the increase of demi-gods in the mortal world. They were becoming an even bigger havoc than predicted. Disobeying their makers which only made the Gods even more aware of the future. They knew it would turn to something else entirely, something not just of their defiance but of a more threatening splice. Nothing to do with those of divinity but those of mortality. They needed a solution and soon found the answer.

A mortal, specifically a mortal woman.

The Gods brought her to Olympus to begin everything. Io of Epirus, her twenty-fifth year forever frozen. She was the only one who could pursue the task for she was cursed. To be forever ageless, to watch her loved ones pass with decay. An immortal mortal.

The Gods joined hands as she stood to the side. Recovering and observing.

All but Zeus. His presence was needed amongst the guards, fighting to keep Hades out. It was crucial he was unaware of their intentions. Nonetheless, he discovered of the meeting but not of the context.

The ceremony continued as their armor grew brighter and brighter. Blinding the world below for just a moment, everything ceased, silent and still. Above, in Olympus, there was only light of extreme beauty collecting together in the one small area, forming the body, perfecting and sculpting. And there, they released each other and bestowed upon their creation. Something that has never been done. The Gods now shared one child, a daughter.

Io gazed upon her, not far from her stable age. Naked and pure. Complete maturity yet held a delayed intellect. She didn't know who or what she was.

"She's beautiful," Aphrodite smiled.

"Our child would be nothing less," Hermes corrected her.

Aphrodite held out her hands. the others following her lead. Black energy emitted and struck her new soul which could only embrace the nourishment with complete absorption.

They let go as soon as her virgin sight observed Olympus in a hazed cover.

"A name of such vision-" Athena began forming silk droplets from the fountain of angelic frost.

"Wait sister, we should decide together," Ares stepped down to observe more.

Io followed, dismayed and curious. She was drawn.

"Yes, we should finish her before we decide on something as important as a name. Come woman," Aphrodite motioned for Io to complete her steps. To stand in the middle of the Gods. She nearly stayed where she was. "Your curse is not just of cruel tendencies, it is a gift. You will not age, you will watch your family fade, but you will always have this child here. We've made her for a fate of definitive importance. A fate you will help her fulfill. Give me your hand," she took her dainty hand without waiting.

A silver arrow appeared in which she slashed her palm. Io could do nothing but endure the sharp intake. But she was not watching the exposing blood, she was fixated on the girl as Athena gently lifted her to her feet, draping the finished silk material over her shoulders. The material traveled across her body until it formed a dress of silver jewels. Silk diamonds. Athena then took her hand and held it out to Aphrodite who encouraged a smile before dragging the sharp blade across her palm.

Poseidon stepped down as well, his scepter by his side. Aphrodite moved aside as he took her place. Taking Io's hand and pressing both theirs together. Their blood entered through, crawling deeper and deeper until inflamed. "Now you will never be alone for you will always have family within her. She is your sister, Io. And with this gift we have given, you will do all that we command," he let their hands drop. "Hermes will return you to the mortal world," he finished, stepping back to his place. A familiar desire still lingering within the God, Io kept herself steady.

She didn't move, she wanted to stay. No matter the age of bond, they both stood before each other. Neither wanting to separate.

"Do not disobey us Io. You will meet your sister again when it is time. Go."

Hermes gathered her pale shoulders, guiding her away. "Do not worry child, the connection is made to never fade. You will understand," he whispered before collecting her into his arms. "All in good time," and flew both of them from the heavens.

Athena grabbed onto the girl's hair and began playing with its strands. She took no notice for she was stuck on their descending forms. "You did well on her hair Aphrodite. Although, I must say it appears to take on a certain shine only one such as yourself could create."

Aphrodite smiled proudly and joined the adoration. Twirling her waves through every finger, enjoying the texture. "Yes, I had to contain the desire of making her with golden locks. But this color suits her with more of a perfected touch. Dark, beautiful, luminous waves of chocolate ripples."

"A name?"

"Ah yes. Shall we wait for Zeus?"

"No, he is too preoccupied with Hades."

"We should combine our names somehow. Letters, syllables, meanings."

All were so absorbed, none could hear the growing struggle just beyond the gates of citadel.

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Author's Note:

This story has posters. They're all on my profile and awaiting your eyes =) There's also a Trailer/Tribute, but it may be best to wait til Chapter 20 or so before you watch it. No spoilers or anything that big...it'll just be more enjoyable since it's more of a tribute than a trailer :)

This gets so much more in depth, more entertaining and more romantic. And will continue in doing so until I've completed it.