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It was June the 5th, the summer before their junior year at McKinley High School and it was Puck's 17th birthday. Puck was excited because turning 17 meant he only had one more year to go through before he could legally buy cigarettes, plus he got presents and he was all about presents.

He hadn't had a party but most of his friends from both football and Glee club had stopped by to visit and tell him to have a happy birthday at random times through out the day. Rachel's visit had been the weirdest and most horrific to go through. She had brought him a cake she had baked and insisted that she would sing 'happy birthday' to him, including the "cha-cha-cha's", not to mention that her cake tasted like vomit.

It wasn't until 9 that night when his birthday finally got exciting. The loud banging on the front door signified only one person and he grinned as he swung the heavy wood open and saw Quinn Fabray standing on the other side wearing an identical grin and a Batman party hat on top of her head.

"Happy birfday," she said before holding up two brightly coloured bags for him to see.

"You are sucha tard, get in here," he replied fondly and she happily made her way inside the warm and familiar house.

"Hello Quinn, I was wondering when you were going to stop by," Puck's mother said as she came out of the kitchen.

"Hey Mrs. Puckerman, yea I kinda got held up, I had to go visit my aunt and uncle with my parents," Quinn explained.

"I take it you're spending the night?" Mrs. Puckerman asked in amusement as she saw the duffle bag hanging from Quinn's shoulder.

"If that's ok," the teen said hopefully.

"Of course it is dear, have you eaten, we still have some lasagna left over and cake that the Berry girl made," Mrs. Puckerman said with a small smile.

"God, mom just throw that stupid cake out, it tastes like ass anyway," Puck groaned.

"But she looked like she worked so hard on it," the older woman said in defense of Rachel's poor baking skills.

"I don't care, it's gross and I'm pretty sure radioactive," Puck complained and Quinn laughed.

"Oh alright, you two have fun tonight," Mrs. Puckerman said finally before going back into the kitchen. Puck hoped it was to throw the horrible excuse for cake away.

Quinn grabbed Puck's hand and dragged him towards his bedroom, laughing softly the whole way. He kicked the door closed behind him and watched as Quinn dropped her bags and party hat before falling back onto his unmade bed.

"God I effing love your room," she said as she looked around her.

"You say that every time you come in here," he said before lightly toeing the bags on the floor.

"Well it's true," she said "I mean you have all the coolest shit in here." Quinn motioned to the plethora of posters and memorabilia around her. She looked fondly at the vintage Star Wars movie poster he had hanging on the back of his door before turning her attention to the top of his dresser that held action figures and figurines from the original Power Rangers to X-Men and even GI Joe.

"I'm aware," Puck said nonchalantly, eyeing the bags.

"Are you gonna open those or just ogle them all night?" she teased.

He glared at her before snatching the bags up and sitting down in his computer chair. "Have I mentioned that you sharing the same birthday as Draco Malfoy is super amazing," Quinn remarked lazily. "Slytherin's always have more fun," Puck said with a suggestive wink causing her to laugh. She watched as he dug into the first bag and pulled out an Iron Man mask and grinned excitedly before putting it on.

"You look super sexy," she said.

"Like I don't all the time," he said cockily before pulling out his next present. He laughed as he unfolded the t-shirt that looked exactly like the top part of Wolverine's classic yellow, black, and blue costume.

"You always get me the best shit," he said fondly and she nodded. "Come on you haven't even gotten to the best ones," she urged. Puck picked up the next bag and ripped off his Iron Man mask when he saw what was inside.

"You got me a fucking blaster AND a Jedi robe!" he exclaimed as he pulled the items out of the bag.

"Yup, and…" she trailed off as she grabbed her duffle bag "I got me one too." Puck watched her pull out and identical robe from her duffle bag.

"We are so fucking cool," he said chuckling.

"Hells yes we are," Quinn said loudly before the two high-fived.

Puck watched as she stood from his bed and strolled innocently over to the chest at the end of his bed. She pulled open the heavy lid and grabbed what she needed from inside. "So you wanna have an epic lightsaber battle in the back yard?" she asked, slinging the plastic forward, causing it to extend before pressing the hidden button and the dull blue plastic lit up and made all the correct sounds.

"I don't understand why you like having your ass kicked Padawan," Puck said with an evil glint in his eye before pulling on his new robe and grabbing up his favorite lightsaber.

Quinn looked at the red saber in disdain before pulling on her own robe. "I'll never turn to the darkside," she said.

"Wanna bet," Puck said and Quinn smacked him lightly with the saber causing it to make a clashing noise.

"After you Princess," he said as he opened his bedroom door and bowed mockingly.

"Han Solo wannabe," Quinn teased before running out the door before he could come back with a sarcastic reply.


The two lay in silence on Puck's bed, the digital clock on the night stand read 2:18 a.m. and the two were focused solely on the first Ghostbuster's movie playing on Puck's small T.V.

Puck glanced over at her as she laughed at the trio's attempts to capture Slimer in a ritzy hotel. Her blonde hair was illuminated by the pale glow of the television and her blue eyes sparkled with happiness. She looked absolutely perfect in that moment, still clad in her Jedi robe and munching on what was left of the popcorn.

He shook his head and tried to focus back on the movie. Quinn had been his best friend since 1st grade, not to mention she was Finn's girlfriend. Puck knew it was wrong of him to have a crush on her but he had been in love with the girl ever since she had told him that her favorite Joker was Mark Hamill back in the 8th grade.

She was so different around him than she was at school, there she was the stuck up head cheerleader that had slightly mellowed since joining Glee club. When it was just them she was the girl that he went to see the new comic book movie with and had epic lightsaber battles with him in his backyard.

He knew that he wasn't any better. He was either the jackass football player that wanted to fuck any woman in a 10 mile radius and at home he was the biggest nerd he knew, even over Artie. He had always thought of their school personas as their alter-ego. At school they were Tony Stark and Selina Kyle, but at home they were Iron Man and Catwoman.

"I wish we could be like this all the time," Puck blurted out and he winced slightly as Quinn looked over at him in confusion.

"Like what?"

"You know, like…ultra-nerds," Puck said with a slight shrug.

"Yea cause I wanna get a slushie facial every day," she replied with a roll of her eyes.

"We might as well get them every day, I mean we're in Glee it's not like our popularity status is still at the top of the heap anymore," Puck said.

She looked thoughtful for a moment before grinning "It would be funny to see everyone's faces if we just came into school and were able to talk about how awesome Battlestar Galactica is."

"And we'd be able to wear our nerd shirts," Puck said as he motioned to the Wolverine shirt she had given him.

"You could wear your glasses," Quinn laughed as she flicked Puck's thick rimmed eye glasses he was currently wearing. "It'd be nice Noah but I think we should just keep who we really are away from school."

Puck nodded slightly even if he did hate her decision. But he was determined to spend the rest of the summer changing her mind.

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