Yay it's chapter 2! Next chapter is the start of the new school year and it's when stuff gets interesting. So I hope you guys like this chapter. Oh and to any hardcore Star Trek fans out there. It's just a joke I mean no offense.

"Sweet frakin' Moses would you hurry up already!" Puck shouted as Quinn came out of his house, swinging her back pack over one shoulder before running over to Puck's idling jeep.

"Shut up, I had to take all my school stuff out to fit all of our junk," she snapped as she climbed into the passenger's seat and barely had time to slam the door before Puck lurched back out of his driveway. Quinn paid his 'bat out of hell' like driving antics no mind as she flicked through her friend's CD collection and rolled down her window as he lit a cigarette.

It was the 1st of August, only a week before their junior year at McKinley started. Puck had been trying relentlessly since his birthday, to change Quinn's mind on the subject of them coming out of the proverbial nerd closet. She had shot him down every time but Puck could tell that she was warming to the idea of being herself 24/7.

Puck smirked as Quinn slipped in a CD and Rush began to play. "Nice to see you going with the stereotypical choice," he shouted over 'Tom Sawyer.'

"Fuck you, it's your CD," she shouted back with a grin.

She turned to stare out the window as Lima passed them by in a blur. "I still can't believe we have to make a day out of this," Puck said and she glanced back over at him.

"The shit we do for comics," she replied and he shook his head in amusement as they headed out of Lima and began the long journey down to Columbus. There were plenty of comic book stores in and around Lima but their favorite comic book shop was located in Columbus and if they wanted the best then they had to make the long drive there and back.

"So how's Finn, I haven't seen him this past week," Puck started and Quinn shrugged lazily.

"Fine, probably busy playing Halo," she remarked snidely.

"I thought you loved Halo," Puck said in confusion and she sighed.

"I do, but Finn won't let me play, something about feeling bad about shooting at a character that a girl is controlling," she explained.

"That's retarded, besides I'm almost positive you could kick his ass anyway," Puck stated causing her to smile.

"Yea just like I kick your ass," she replied.

"Pfft, yea right, you're just mad cause you can never beat me at Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe," Puck said cockily.

"And you're pissed that I totally own you in Guitar Hero AND Rockband," Quinn laughed.

"Shut up, unlike you I can actually play a real guitar, it's not all color coded buttons and shit."

"Anyway, back to your question, I dunno what's up with him lately, I asked him if he wanted to go out tonight but he said he wanted to stay home so I said I'd just call you up and we'd go to Columbus for the day. He was really pissy for the rest of the night," Quinn said softly.

"What the hell for?" Puck asked, mad that Finn had made Quinn upset.

"I dunno, he just said it seemed like I'd rather be with you than him sometimes," she said with a shrug and Puck managed to keep the smile off his face.

"Well I am me," he said trying to lighten her mood.

"Oh yea, you know I just can't resist," she replied sarcastically before lightly punching him in the arm. Puck smirked at her, but he couldn't help but wish what she had said were true.


It had taken them longer than it should to get to Columbus but Quinn had insisted that they stop somewhere and actually sit down and eat for once.

By the time they made it into Legion Comics it was nearing 3 in the afternoon.

"Holy shit, the prodigal nerds have returned from the far reaches of bum fuck, Ohio," the man behind the register said with a wide grin on his face.

"Fuck off Marcus," Quinn said with a laugh as she passed him by. Puck repressed the urge to growl as Marcus and the rest of the males in the store stared after her in wonder.

"It's only been 2 weeks retard," Puck said as he walked after Quinn.

Marcus hopped over the counter and followed them. "Yea well almost all of our costumers come in here every day, you two are different," he said and Puck rolled his eyes.

"Shouldn't you be working?" Puck asked.

"Fuck it, they'll yell at me if they need me," Marcus said nonchalantly as he motioned to the customers around them.

"Oh before I forget, I got something to show you two," the older man said as he steered the two towards the far back of the shop. Puck and Quinn stopped dead in their tracks as they saw what Marcus wanted to show them.

"You like it, we got it in last week," he said with a smirk as the two teens looked at the new item in wonder.

"A replica of R2-D2," Puck said.

"Yup, and that's not even the best part," Marcus walked over to the replica and pressed one of the buttons on the robots front. R2-D2 lit up and began to beep and boop just like in the movie.

"Oh my fucking God," Quinn said excitedly as she walked over to the robot and leaned over to touch the cool metal. "Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope," she said softly.

"How much is it?" Puck asked, he and Quinn had to have it.

"Round about 300 bucks," Marcus replied and Puck sighed.

"Well so much for the R2 unit," Quinn said sadly as she patted the robot affectionately before standing up once more.

"Yo Marcus, get up here!" they heard someone yell from the front.

"Gotta go, you kids have fun," Marcus said with a quick wave before he disappeared into the sea of mismatched bookshelves.

Puck and Quinn looked at R2-D2 longingly before forcing themselves into looking at comics and merchandise that was in their price range.

"I don't understand your fascination with Captain America," Quinn said as she looked over to see Puck's nose stuck in Captain America #605.

"He makes me feel more patriotic, plus he kicked some serious Nazi ass, what's not to like," Puck replied off handedly.

"You are sucha Jew," Quinn teased and Puck glanced over at her in amusement.

"Better a Jew than a Catholic, at least I know my Rabbi isn't gonna feel me up when we're alone," he said and Quinn elbowed him in the ribs.

"Son of a bitch Q, that hurt," Puck exclaimed as he rubbed his aching side.


"She Bitch."



"Spock sucker!"

"Ok that's just not even cool," Puck replied a look of disgust on his face.

"Oh don't deny that you just love Captain James T. Kirk," Quinn said as she put down the copy of Marvel 1602 and moved further down the aisle before picking up the new edition of Deadpool.

"Yea right, I'd love to piss all over that plaque they have in Riverside saying it's his future birth place," Puck replied with an evil smirk.

"Any opportunity to fuck with a Trekkie…" Quinn trailed off letting Puck finish their long time motto.

"Is a good one."

The two laughed and ignored angry looks from some of the customers while others nodded in approval. "Speaking of fucking with people…" Puck started.

"Oh God Noah not this shit again," Quinn whined.

"Oh come on let's do it, I'm sick of acting like a douche all the time, fuck I feel like I should be getting a Scream Award for best villain or some shit," he pleaded.

"I swear to God, I've told you, if anybody finds out who we really are we'll be dead in a week, Coach Sylvester would kick me off the Cheerio's if she even heard a rumor that I love LARPing," Quinn said in exasperation.

"So the fuck what, Sylvester can go suck it, she needs you to win Nationals and she knows it, she won't get rid of you just because you make a kick ass Night Elf," Puck replied.

"She will to, she's crazy and you know how much she loves her caste system," Quinn rolled her eyes.

"Son of a bitch we aren't in god damn India or something, just because our parents were assholes in high school doesn't mean we have to be, lets do this," Puck said with his best charming smile in place.

"I'm not going to get thrown into dumpsters and slushied every day just because you wanna shake things up," Quinn shot back and Puck groaned softly.

"I can kick anybody's ass that would even try that shit on us and you know it, nobody's gonna fuck with us," Puck said cockily.

"Yea right, after you pull yourself out of a dumpster maybe you'll get it through your thick skull that being a nerd in Lima isn't good for your health."

"Shit, it'd take both the football and hockey to get me into a dumpster and Karofsky and Johnson aren't gonna take the chance of me beating their faces in to try it," he said. "Besides, once we show the gleeks and other nerds in school that we're part of the Rebel Alliance they'll have our backs too."

Quinn turned on her heel and began to walk away from him before stopping and turning to face him once more. "Before I agree to anything I have to talk to Finn," Quinn said and Puck frowned.

"Why the hell do you have to talk to Finn?" Puck asked, suppressing his jealousy as best he could.

"Because he's my boyfriend and if I'm gonna do this than he's got to know that the danger of slushies is gonna get worse," Quinn explained.

Puck just nodded and Quinn smiled "But yea ok if he's cool with it then I'm cool with it."

"Fuck yes!" Puck exclaimed happily and Quinn rolled her eyes and smiled at him fondly.

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