Damon wants something from Bonnie- something only Bonnie can give him. Will she agree?

Bonnie has lived in the small town of Fells Church all her life, but recently things have changed and people keep getting hurt- even herself. One dramatic evening Bonnie, Meredith and Elena are driving back from Ananndale, and something goes terrible awry. Bonnie is forced to yet again Call on Damon Salvatore.

Damon Salvatore has been tracking his brother Stefan to make sure he doesn't do anything stupid- and to fiddle around with his mind a bit.

But when Damon meets the beautiful and brilliant witch Bonnie all changes. He could have her- and her blood - in an immortal heart beat.

But what Damon ceases to realize it that there's another Power in town that seeks the little witches heart, and her death.

What will happen in the town of Fells Church?...



Rated Mature for Adult Themes, Language and Suggestive Content.