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This is part one of a (projected) five part fic. I have chapters two and three in progress and four and five tentatively mapped out. This will be slash - my muse insisted. For those of you who love Neytiri - and Jake/Neytiri - I can merely tell you that I will likely post some one-shots with her as well.

It occurred to me, randomly, that Tsahaylu is pretty much one of the most amazing things about the Na'vi, then this popped into my head. After that, I realized that this was hardly his only experience with Tsahaylu, thus the other parts.

First Tsahaylu

The first time Jake made Tsahaylu, it very nearly knocked him on his ass - having another living creature's brain - thoughts, emotions, senses and all - hooked up to his own had a far bigger kick than any weapon he'd ever fired.

Even the Pa'li, a fairly calm, nectavorous herd animal, was so overwhelming, that first time, that Jake really wasn't surprised when it turned into a huge mess the first time he attempted instructing the creature.

He thought it over carefully, far later, when it was quiet and Neytiri had stopped trying to tell him what he had done wrong, before he allowed his exhausted, bruised body to drop off - he wouldn't really have quiet to ponder it once he had woken up back in the link-up chamber. Grace and Norm would, of course, interrogate him too deeply and insistently for him to focus on anything else.

He puzzled through the entire, bizarre experience in depth. He considered that maybe he had 'thought' so firmly and determinedly that he had effectively 'yelled' inside his own - and therefore, the Pa'li's - mind, trying so hard to be heard over the din suddenly filling - and threatening to overflow - his head.

So when he'd meant to say 'go over there', he'd said it all right - loud. In response, the Pa'li had gone - fast. The only problem was that Jake wasn't sure how to overcome that issue - he could hardly imagine getting used to the feelings that the Tsahaylu brought forward - the sensations.

It was just so loud inside his head, with the overwhelming sounds and sensation of the Pa'li's body and mind joined to his own. His Avatar's senses were far sharper than his human body's, but the Pa'li was many times better than that.

Jake's mind was staggered at the thought of what it might have been like if he had made Tsahaylu with a predator's mind. Surely the noise was different, but a creature far more independent and aggressive…

A predator would have even more keen senses, as well, and more awareness of its surroundings. It might even fight Tsahaylu with him, Jake pondered.

Of course, he knew from what little Neytiri had already told him about the training process he was undergoing that, soon enough, he would be trying it with an Ikran.

At least, he would be if he could get a handle on the rest of this - Tsahaylu included.

Jake was determined to succeed, and damned if he wouldn't learn how to get over the noise in his head, and how to be silent - like an adult . . . rather than the child Neytiri kept calling him.

Jake pictured the Mountain Banshees - Seze, Neytiri's Ikran, was intimidating enough, and he had been quiet and only attempted to play with and nuzzle his Taronyu when Jake had seen him.

He couldn't imagine - or rather, he could, and it was a daunting prospect - attempting to make Tsahaylu with one. One that would not be quiescent in the slightest - a wild one.

Jake sighed, rolling over in his hammock, sweeping his hand along the side to close it before he finally allowed his battered body to rest.


Note: Nectavorous is apparently not a real word, but the Avatar wikia tells me that the Pa'li are nectavores - they eat sap and gain protein from insects and other small creatures trapped in the sap.

Na'vi Translations:
(All taken from learnnavi-org)

Tsahaylu [ʦa.'] n. Bond (neural connection)
pa'li ['paʔ.li] n. Direhorse
ikran [ik.'ɾan] n. Mountain banshee
seze ['sɛ.zɛ] n. (blue flower)
taronyu ['ta.ɾ] n. Hunter

Oh, and because using French for this fic seemed weird. . .
hasey ['ha.sɛj] adj. Done,finished

I hope you enjoyed this and are looking forward to the next part! (Unfortunately, I have no idea when the next part will be up.) I'm pretty excited about this - for one thing, this is my very first time getting into a fandom (writing-wise, at least) when it is still fairly new.