Kat slowly packed up her things again. She turned when Bobby walked into the room. She smiled at him and welcomed his hug. She had been staying with him for two weeks but now she knew it was time to move on. She and Dean had barely spoken to each other and she knew that he would stay away from Bobby's as long as she was there. Plus, she was really worried that one of these days she would wake up and find Sam sitting on the foot of her bed begging her to come back. He had called her over and over asking her to come back. He kept saying it wasn't fair to Adora and if anyone should leave it should be him. Kat talked to him some times but the other times she just let the messages pile up until she had to erase them all from her voicemail.

"I still think you should stay longer," Bobby said.

"Bobby, I have stayed long enough. I need to go out into the world and find my own place. Somewhere where Addie can grow up," Kat said.

"Will you tell Dean where you end up?"

"Of course. He is Adora's father, for better or worse. It didn't work out between us but that doesn't mean that I don't want her to know him. She deserves that."

Bobby watched as Kat zipped up the bag then moved on to the other one. He sighed hating that she was leaving. He had tried to talk to Dean to tell the boy that he needed to man up and ask her to go back. He knew that she wasn't happy without Dean and that Dean was a mess without her. Sam had told him about the string of one night stands and bars that seemed to follow Dean now. And that Dean didn't sleep; he drank until he passed out then came to in the morning. Bobby had wanted better for Sam and Dean and he had thought that Kat and Dean would be happy. He had been wrong apparently.

"You know, Katerina, I think you still love him," Bobby said.

"I will always love him, Bobby. Always. Nothing could change that. But we became different people," Kat answered closing the last bag and turning to face Bobby.

"I wish it would have worked out between you two. You both deserved to be happy."

Kat looked at Bobby and nodded. She tried really hard not to let the tears fall. She would have done anything to just be able to turn back time and go back. She wanted to be with Dean again and be a family. She would change all the lies that she told dean and tell him the truth instead. But she couldn't. The damage was done and the only she could do was move on. She owed it to her daughter to try and move on and make a life for them both. Even if it was a life without Dean in it.

"Dean will find someone to be happy with. I know he will," Kat answered.

"I don't think so, honey. I think you and that baby girl of yours was the only chance Dean was ever going to give himself."

Dean drove the impala down the road still trying to figure out how it was that they had just hunted a shapeshifter that liked to shift into the classic movie monsters. It was just too weird for him. His mind then went to Jamie and how much fun he had had with her in bed. His heart ached a little and reminded him that spending one night to Jamie was never going to be like being with Kat. He sighed and reached over to turn the radio on. He stopped when he saw the look that Sam gave him. God, he didn't want to have this conversation now. Hell, he never wanted to have this conversation; especially not with Sam. They had decided on a fragile truce at the moment but both of them knew that they were never going to be like they use to be. Dean didn't blame Kat for that though. He had just come back from Hell because he had sold his soul to save Sam. No matter if Kat hadn't have been there, they wouldn't have gotten back that bond that they had had before.

"Sam, I don't want to talk about it," Dean said looking straight ahead and not at his brother anymore.

"When are you going to want to talk about it, Dean? Kat is leaving Bobby's and taking Addie God knows where. And you are just going to sit there and let her? What the hell is wrong with you? Don't you love her?" Sam demanded.

"I swear to God, Sam don't go there."

"I guess that answers that question."

Sam was shocked when Dean slammed on the brakes. The impala skidded to a stop and Sam gripped the dashboard to avoid being tossed thru the windshield. He turned and looked at Dean. Dean was still staring out the windshield. Sam wondered what the hell was going on with his brother. Dean was running so hot and cold these days, one little thing could set him off and then it would turn into a screaming match. Sam really just wanted Dean to admit that he missed Kat and to do something to try and get her back. All Sam could think about was that it was his fault that Adora was going to grow up without her father. He watched as Dean turned and looked at him finally.

"You don't know anything about what I feel for Katerina. And I wish that you would stop trying to push me to try and get her back. If she wanted to be with me, she would be here, wouldn't she?" Dean demanded.

"Dean, I-."

"No, Sam. She left. I didn't ask her to leave, would never have asked her to leave. She left and that is it. It is over between Kat and me."

Dean took his foot off the brake and the placed it back on the accelerator. He started driving at a pretty good speed again trying to bury all his thoughts and feelings about Kat. He didn't want to think about her because every time he did all he could focus on was the mistakes he had made. He was as much to blame for their relationship crashing and burning as much as she was. He griped the steering wheel tight and pushed everything about Kat out of her mind. He instead started to recite Led Zeppelin lyrics in his head.

"What about Addie, Dean? What about your innocent little girl?" Sam asked softly looking out the passenger window.

Dean felt the tears start in his eyes, "She's better off without me, Sam. We both know that. This is my life and with Lilith around... It's too dangerous," he answered.

"It's not fair to her."

"Life isn't fair, Sammy. And the sooner Addie realizes that, the better off she will be."

The Winchesters continued to drive down the deserted highway each of them deep inside their own thoughts. They both tried and failed to not think about Kat and Adora. They both wanted them back in the family. Neither though, was sure on how to do that. It seemed like this rift had grown between all of them and no one knew how to fix it; or worse, if it could ever be fixed.

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