"That's it, you're on lock down."

Dean grabbed his younger self, tugging him back inside his cabin. He threw the young man against a ladder, and stretched his arms up as high as they would go before snapping on a pair of handcuffs. Dean smiled grimly, pleased with his work. "Try and get out of that."

The younger man glared at him. "Can I at least know why?"

"When you need to know something, I'll tell you."

The elder stormed out of his cabin, and walked straight to Castiel's. He shoved the beads aside. Cas was sitting in the middle of the floor; he looked to be meditating.

Dean grabbed him roughly by the front of his shirt, and shoved him against the wall. "What is your problem Cas? Huh?" He shook the fallen angel, Castiel's head connecting heavily with the wall. "You are a drain on this camp. When are you going to do us all a favor and just catch a bullet already?"

Castiel's hands came up to grasp Dean's. "What are you talking about, Dean?"

"Inviting him to live with you, what the Hell, Cas? You aren't his angel."

"So, what? Am I yours?"

Dean released Castiel, shoving him once more into the wall before stalking to the other side of the room. "We both know you can't be any ones angel. Not any more." Without a backward glance, Dean left.

Outside he ran into Becky and Chuck. He scowled at them, but kept going. Becky and Chuck shared a look, and quickly mounted the steps to Castiel's cabin. Cas was slumped against the wall.

"Oh, angel…"

Castiel laughed, "Becky, you are the only person who still calls me that."

Becky smiled kindly, "Sometimes I think you need a reminder."

Chuck peeled his friend off the wall, and ran a hand through Castiel's hair. His hand came back bloody. "Cas…"

Castiel knocked Chuck's hand away. "I'm fine." He pushed himself up the wall and stumbled towards his bedside table where one of his many stashes was hidden.

Cas grabbed a bottle, and without bothering to look at the label, popped a few and lay back against a pillow to wait for them to kick in. "What did you two want anyway?"

Becky grabbed Chuck's hand. "We're leaving."

That caught Castiel's attention. He propped himself up to stare at them. "What?"

Chuck looked at his feet. "Becky, Rufus and I are getting out of here. We want you to come too."

Castiel frowned, "I gave up everything for Dean, I will not leave him now."

"Come on, angel." Becky pouted. "He treats you like shit. He just told you he wants you dead. Come with us." She winked. "I can guarantee it'll cut your life expectancy in half."

Cas looked away, "I said I won't leave him."

Chuck sighed, "He doesn't want you around. He wants the memory of you; back when you were so inhuman it hurt. If we leave now he can keep that. The same goes for me and Becky and Rufus. He doesn't want us around. Not really."

"I just don't know."

"Well listen, we're not leaving until around midnight. You have until then to make up your mind."

Chuck turned and walked out the door, with a parting wave Becky followed.

Castiel sat on his bed and just thought. That was one part of his personality that hadn't changed; he could sit still and stare at nothing for hours.

As the sun began to set, the bell for dinner rang, bringing Castiel out of his thoughts. He ran a hand roughly through his hair and retrieved another bottle of pills. He grabbed a handful and paused. He wants the memory of you. With an irritated shout he threw the bottle at a wall, sending pills flying everywhere. He got up and began pacing.

A few hours later he came to a decision.

The answer was obvious really. He always gave Dean what he needed, what he wanted.

Castiel walked into the rooms bathroom; it didn't work like it was supposed to, but it had a cracked mirror and that was all he needed. When he emerged, he was freshly shaven, and a certain confidence had returned to his eyes.

He wandered around the room, picking up what few things he would need, and leaving the rest. He grabbed a few changes of clothes, a picture he'd managed to find of Dean where he was smiling, and his old trench coat that he'd stopped wearing after Dean had punched him for it. He wrote a short note, and walked out.

The moon hung high in the sky, casting just enough light to see by. Castiel headed towards the gate. As he drew closer he saw a small SUV being packed silently by two men. They paused as he approached; Chuck grinned. "Told you he'd come."

"Took you long enough, boy." Rufus smiled widely, clasping Castiel's shoulder and taking his bag.

Quietly Castiel addressed the men. "There's one more thing I have to do."

Rufus nodded. "Okay, but be quick."

With a quick smile, Castiel turned and walked away into the night.

Dean was bored; it had been hours since his future self had locked him in here.

This time his arms were high above his head, making sure he couldn't pull out another nail, or reach anything he could use to get out of this.

He honestly didn't know what he had done this time; all he knew was he had quite politely suggested he move in with Cas. He'd argued that he could try to get Cas clean. Plus he'd be out of his future-self's way. It was a good thing.

Castiel had smiled, his eyes warmer than he'd seen them since his little time traveling ordeal. He had agreed fully.

Then the other Dean had snapped.

He'd sent Cas away, locked Dean up good and tight, and then he'd gone back to Castiel's cabin. There was some shouting, and then Dean had left looking livid, and Chuck and some girl – probably Becky, but from this distance it was hard to tell – had entered rather timidly.

He desperately wanted to know what was happening.

Soon Chuck had left, with what looked like blood on his hands, and then Cas was all alone. Dean gave up on watching and sat back.

Once the moon rose, Dean watched the light play across the floor. It really was quite beautiful, and helped him keep track of the time as the shadows moved.

The door opened sometime later. He was about to shout and make some kind of fuss for his future-self to deal with. That was when he saw Castiel. He was a vision from the past. He was clean shaven, and wearing his trench coat; a slight frown graced his face. Deans eyes widened in shock. "Cas…"

The Fallen angel smiled and knelt before him. "Dean."

Castiel wrapped a hand around the back of his neck, and pulled the hunter in, pressing a chaste kiss against his lips before burying his face in his neck.

Dean didn't know what to do, he was completely sill least any small movement brought this to an end. Finally Cas seemed to get a hold of himself, and moved back. He pressed a firm kiss to Dean's forehead. "Goodbye," he whispered softly, standing to leave.

Realization flashed in Dean's eyes. "Cas, no!"

Castiel smiled sadly, and with one final look walked out the door.

"Cas! Castiel, please! Please!" Dean tugged at the cuffs, pulling desperately, but they wouldn't give. "No, no, no. Cas!" He kept pulling until his wrists were sore, raw, and bleeding. One tear slipped down his check, and finally he gave up struggling, and lay limp against his bonds. "No."

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