After Alice rejects him yet again, Peter finally cracks, and gets a potion which makes Alice fall in love with the first person she talks to. The trouble is, every time she wakes up, she doesn't remember anything, and she could fall in love with a different person every time! And so in this way, she end up falling in love with…gasp! Boris? Blood Dupre? Ace? Elliot? Julius! What will everyone's reactions be?

A Vial of Trouble

1 : Boris, I love you!

"Peter, stop it! I don't like you!" screamed Alice, when Peter tried hugging her. She kicked him (a bit harder than she intended to), and he collapsed, and fainted.

Peter walked through the familiar land. Somewhere, in the back of his mind, he was conscious that he was in his dream, with Nightmare.

"I can't take it anymore!" Peter announced dramatically.

"What?" asked Nightmare, though he could simply read his mind and find out the answer.

"Why won't Alice fall in love with me? What can I do? I've tried everything!" cried Peter.

"Fine, I'll help you" said Nightmare nonchalantly, and handed Peter a small vial with some red liquid in it. "Make her drink this, and she'll fall asleep. If you're the first person to talk to her, she'll fall in love with you. One thing though, she may go a bit crazy, so be careful. She might end up in the hospital" he said with a shudder.

"That's okay. I'll take good care of Alice! Why didn't you give this to me earlier?" asked Peter, and skipped off.


"Alice, can you please drink this?" asked Peter, in his rabbit form, trying to look as cute as he could manage.

"No way!" She had been taught since a young age that she was not to accept any food or drink from random people, especially ones who could transform into small, furry rabbits at will.

"Then you leave me with no choice" he said, and transformed back to human. He poured the liquid into his mouth. And once again, he kissed her and forced her to drink the liquid.

Alice became limp, and soon fell into a deep sleep. He tried to wake her up, just as Boris walked by.

"What's going on?" he asked, looking curiously at the unconscious Alice.

"Nothing. Leave, now" said Peter, blindly shooting in the direction he thought Boris was.

Alice slowly regained consciousness.

"Oh, hey Alice!" said Boris.

And then Peter realized what had happened. Boris was the first person to talk to Alice, after she woke up. That meant…

"Boris," said Alice, with adoring eyes. "Boris, I love you."

"What?" asked Boris, pushing Alice off as she attempted to hug him.

"You heard me. I'm in love with you" she said again.

"Alice, don't say it!" shouted Peter. "You don't love him. It's this potion's fault!"

"Potion? Oh, the one you made me drink?" she said, continuing to gaze into Boris's eyes.

"Alice, you're scaring me" said Boris frantically.

"Me too!" shouted Peter. 'This wasn't supposed to happen! She was supposed to love me!" Then he turned to Boris. "You! It's all your fault! Who told you to talk to her?"

"How was I supposed to know?" he said, and ran off with Alice trailing behind him, when Peter began shooting at him.


"Hey Boris, where are we going?" asked Alice.

"What do you mean 'we'? Why are you following me?" shouted Boris. "I'm going home!"

"Then I'll come with you! You can…uh…show me your new guns!" said Alice, desperately searching for a reason to follow him.

"Alright! I just got one yesterday, it's so cool, I'm sure you'll love it…" said Boris, excited at the thought of bloody weapons.

In Boris's room, Alice sat on the bed, with a broad, uncharacteristic smile on her face.

"See, this is the one I got yesterday. You like it?"

"I love it! Can I hold it?" asked Alice.

"Of course! But last time, you said – " started Boris, but the door banged open, and they both turned to see who it was.

"Alice! I heard you were here!" said Gowland pompously, and shook her hand enthusiastically.

"No, let me go! I belong to Boris!" shouted Alice, and went to stand next to Boris.

"You do?" asked Gowland.

"Excuse her, she's a bit...err…confused at the moment" said Boris, sighing.

"I'm not confused! I love Boris, and not you!" she said, sticking her tongue out at Gowland.

"Alice has a surprisingly childish side to her, doesn't she?" said Gowland quietly.

"Alice, why do you love this pesky cat?"

"Shut up."

"Anyway, as long as you're here, I thought I'd play a little piece for you. I learnt it recently" announced Gowland and pulled out his violin, if you could call it that. This time, it resembled a cello. He screeched away horribly while harmonizing with out-of-tune "La-la-la"s, refusing to listen to their pleading and begging.

Finally, Alice snapped. "Shut up, Mary Gowland, shut up! You're terrible at playing instruments, so you should just give up!"

The two men stared at her in shock. No one had dared to insult Gowland about his musical skills as yet. They sat in silence for a few long moments. Then, Gowland broke the ice, by laughing loudly.

"Ahahaha, as Boris said, you're confused at the moment. You don't know what you're saying! I'm the greatest violin player I know! Ahahahaha!" he laughed, slapping his thigh.

"Anyway, I wanted you two to test some new rides for me, okay? It'll be fun!" said Gowland, eyes watering from laughing so much.

"Old man, no, not again" said Boris wearily.

"Okay!" Alice agreed readily. "Come on Boris!" she shouted, and pulled him by the tail.

"Ow! Ow! Alice! Stop it! Stop it! You're not sane right now! Let's not go on the ride! Remember what happened last time?" shouted Boris.

"That's all right! Come on!" she said, with one final tug of his tail. And so they followed Gowland (Boris did so unwillingly) until they reached a strange, scary looking ride.

"Ooh, what's it called?" asked Alice enthusiastically.

"It's called 'The Death Trap'" said Gowland proudly, buckling them into the first seats.

"Wait, you don't mean – AAAAAAH!" screamed Boris.

A few minutes later, the two of them staggered off the ride, and collapsed on the nearest bench.

"That was insane" said Boris.

"It was so scary!" said Alice. "Good thing you were there, or else I would have died!" she said, leaning against his shoulder.

"Alice, seriously, are you all right? What was that white rabbit saying about a potion?"

"Oh, I don't know, I think it was some love potion of some sort" said Alice, giggling.

"What? Love potion? Alice, snap out of it, this is scary!" said Boris, looking at Alice worriedly.

"Aaah…I'm sleepy…" said Alice, and drifted off to sleep. Just then, Peter entered the amusement park, looking for Alice. When he spotted her, he rushed over to the bench, and started shouting at poor Boris all over again.

"This is all your fault!" he accused.

"Me? You're the one who gave her some…love potion or something!" Boris retorted.

"Whoah, what's all this fighting about?" asked Gowland. "You, Peter White, what are you doing on my territory?"

"I've come to take Alice back!"

Just then, Alice woke up.

"Hey Alice, how are you? How was the ride?" asked Gowland. Alice didn't respond, but instead gazed into Gowland's eyes, with distant eyes.

Boris sighed. "Here we go again…"


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