A/N: BEFORE READING THIS: I love greek myths and I've been dying to write a fanfic on one so here is my interpretation of the story of Hades and Persephone. I tried to follow the Homeric version...but it kind of got boring for me so here is a shortened version of the myth. I'm trying to keep descriptions pretty subtle becuase I'm a big believer in using your own imagination to conjure up the finer details :) This story WILL contain fluff scenes of explicit behaviour! If you are happy to keep reading and would like to be my beta reader, I am currently looking for one. I'm after someone preferably who can help with those scenes, if you catch my drift.

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Hades, God of the Underworld sat alone in his black marble throne, lost in thought.

Over many years, hundreds upon hundreds of years, a strange feeling had slowly settled over him. Although it had been some time since he had visited the world above, he recalled the tides that Poseidon controlled - how they moved in to the shore each day. If you stared long enough, you almost wouldn't notice any change at all. That is, you wouldn't notice until the water was sloshing around your ankles. If you stayed there, the water would eventually surround you completely.

It was like that now. These emotions had been building up and up without any release. Hades had tried ignoring them but it never helped for long. Now he was back where he had started: confused and frustrated.

Hades sighed. In the emptiness of the enormous room it echoed off every empty space, making him feel lonelier than ever.

There was a pattering of footsteps from somewhere to his left, followed by the bustle of silverware clattering and low voices talking. Hades straightened as several Shades appeared, obviously ready to set up the daily feast. He stared at them as they began placing all sorts of delicious foods on a long table that had not been there moments ago, but he wasn't really paying attention.

He couldn't go on living like this. He needed release, he needed advice.

'Perhaps I should speak to someoneā€¦but who would understand?' Hades often spoke aloud to himself, which the Shades knew well. If Hades was really addressing them they would know. None of them answered him.

Except one.

The Shade was short and so skinny it was likely she had died of starvation. Unlike the Shades around her whose hair and skin were washed out to an almost uniform grey, she had not yet lost all her colourings and had probably passed only a short time ago. Nevertheless, she looked up at the Lord of the Underworld without blinking and said, 'My Lord, you would seek the great Zeus for he knows all knowledge that has passed between gods and men.'

The other Shades gasped and averted their eyes, shocked and terrified for their companion' brazen words. Hades, however, stared calmly at the Shade and appeared to acknowledge her words.

'That is true,' he replied, half to her and half to himself. 'I need to talk with someone who will not judge me and not whisper my secrets to others. I need someone I can trust.'

Hades stood up, the Shades bowing profusely. 'I can trust Zeus,' he muttered. Clicking his fingers, the table and food disappeared. 'I will not be dining here tonight. Get my chariot ready.' The Shades scattered as Hades strode towards the room's exit.

A sudden thought came to him. Hades turned and pointed to the Shade that had spoken. 'You, Shade!' She glanced at him fearfully. 'I do not permit my servants to speak out of turn. Do it again and you will be punished, understand?' The Shade nodded quickly, eyes on the ground.

Hades turned back and kept walking. As he reached the gold panelled doors he added calmly, 'Incidentally, for your integrity and courage your stay in the Underworld has been lessened by ten years.'

The doors swung shut and echoed around the cavernous throne room as the Shade lifted her head, her eyes wide with happy surprise.

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