Title: iFight For You
Category: iCarly
Genre: Drama/Romance
Ship: Sam/Freddie
Rating: PG
Challenge: Put your iPod/mp3 on shuffle and write to what you hear
Song: #01 – Remember December by Demi Lovato
Word Count: 660
Summary: She pushes him away when things get too deep, too close.

iFight For You

She pushes him away when things get too deep, too close. When she realizes he's cracking the shell suddenly it's all harsh words and scathing looks and he can feel her taking a giant leap away from him and them. But if there's one person in the world he's never had trouble fighting with it is Sam, and damn it he'll fight for her for as long as it takes.

So she pushes and he pulls and she might refuse to lose but when he gets his way he thinks she's still winning.

"What the chiz, Fredweird? What do I have to do to get it through your thick head?" she snaps, shoving his arm from around her shoulder.

His lips thin, eyes narrowing. "Gee, I dunno, Sam. Why don't you try spelling it out for me?"

She's huffing now, her chin turned down as if she'll run her head into his stomach just for egging her on. He wouldn't put it past her. "I thought you were s'pose to be the smart one?" she snarls.

"I am," he replies lightly with a shrug. He'll feign indifference just to piss her off but deep inside he can feel his heart pounding, his stomach twisting. Please, don't let this be their last fight; their last chance.

"So it's just girls you're stupid with?"

He chuckles humorlessly. "No… No, I think I'm reading you loud and clear."

"Well then turn your translator from Spanish to English, Geekwad, because you've got your wires twisted."

He grabs her before she can make a run for it, before she can stomp off in a huff and convince herself she was right. He's got his arms around her, trapping hers at her side so she can't sock him in the eye or shove him down and out of the way long enough for her to scatter.

He's learned her, in ways he never thought he would. Her tendencies to hide from reality; the bad more than the good. The way her lips curl when she's hiding a smile and how her eyes seem to dance. How she hesitates for just a second to snap at him not to call her Samantha instead of Sam. They've been doing this for years, fighting the inevitable since grade six and giving in just short of graduation. Mid-college, he thinks the game should be old, that maybe giving up and giving in is another of those inevitabilities. But he won't surrender, won't let her go. And he knows she doesn't want him to.

It's a good thing puberty lent him a hand or his once stick-like body would be dust by now thanks to her attacks. But he's built up a little muscle here or there and he knows her moves, so she doesn't get free and he can hold her one-armed while his other lifts, fingers carding through her long-blonde hair to wrap around the nape of her neck and draw her eyes level with his.

"I don't care what you do or what you say…," he murmurs sternly. "I don't care what everybody else thinks or whether you believe them or not… All I care about is you, you and me, Samantha. It's just us."

Her jaw quivers but she clenches it, hides the immediate reaction. Her eyes fall, her body goes lax against his and he knows that she's giving up, for now. When she shrugs, he lets her loose, lets his arm fall from around her to hang at his side, but he still holds her neck, still strokes his fingers along her skin tenderly.

"Dumbest smart guy alive," she mutters but then her arm's around his neck and after a lingering kiss to his lips, her face is buried against his chest. He'll bug her for reasons to her latest try at getting out of their relationship but he won't get much, not until she's ready. For now, he settles for what he's got.