Title: iLove Our Crazy
Category: iCarly
Genre: Romance/Humor
Ship: Sam/Freddie
Rating: PG
Challenge: Put your iPod/mp3 on shuffle and write to what you hear
Song: #05 – My Life Would Suck Without You by Kelly Clarkson
Word Count: 489
Summary: His life would suck without her; dysfunctional as they were.

iLove Our Crazy

He opens the door, frowns, doesn't know if he's happy or annoyed. She's chewing her lip, playing with the frayed end of her shirt. He knows she won't apologize, she won't even bring up the fight they'd just had. She won't take back how she said she wanted anyone but him, how she was never coming back. Instead she steps inside, brushes past him and wraps her arms around herself.

Maybe he was stupid, saying goodbye in the first place. And maybe he was wrong, trying to pick a fight; but that was when they were at their best. That was when they let all of their passion free, when they could scream and ridicule and in the end it was worth it. It was worth seeing the fire in her eyes and the way her fingers curled into fists. So yeah, things were said that couldn't be taken back, but… His life would suck without her; dysfunctional as they were.

He really shouldn't miss her; if she were to leave and stay gone, maybe they would both be better off. But he couldn't let her go; not really. If she hadn't come back, hadn't knocked, he'd have gone looking. They belonged together, since kindergarten when she convinced him mud pies were really chocolate cake and he believed her. Since grade five when she beat off all the other girls and didn't ask but told him she was taking him to the Sadie Hawkins dance, only to throw cheezies at all the other people and their 'lame' outfits. Since that kiss on the fire escape that set his blood on fire and made him ask, "Carly who?" for entirely too long. And their grade twelve year when it wasn't just his first kiss he offered her but his first time too, shared on a couch in between soft, whispery kisses and fumbling hands under pink dresses and beneath black tuxedo pants. Since college when her first keg-stand meant getting her stomach pumped and he held her hand through every second. Or their first pregnancy scare when she almost cried because, "Momma's not ready to be a momma."

So they fought and they screamed and she left and he stayed… But she came back and they made up and they went on.

She sniffed the air, cocked a brow. "Ham?"

He half-smiled. "I saved you dinner."

And she ducked her head, grinned.

Crossing the space between them, she kissed him quickly, nuzzled her nose with his in that affectionate way she'd never admit to, and then she was in the kitchen, pulling her dinner out to pig on. And he sighed, shook his head. Maybe his life wasn't perfect, not at all the way his mom had expected and he'd once tried to make it. But it was his and he wouldn't change it, not really. It was meant to be Freddie and Sam, for as long as humanly possible.