Title: iTake You (And Your Ham, Too)
Category: iCarly
Genre: Romance/Humor
Ship: Sam/Freddie
Rating: PG
Challenge: Put your iPod/mp3 on shuffle and write to what you hear
Song: #09 – With You by Jonah Johnson
Word Count: 356
Summary: He's standing at the altar and he's not scared, 'cause he knows this is right.

iTake You (And Your Ham, Too)

When he's standing at the altar, dressed in a tuxedo his mom might've starched a little too much, his hands don't shake and his stomach doesn't turn. He sees Carly, he smiles, and she's beaming from ear to ear. Once upon a time, he thinks. It would've been her, there at the end of the aisle, in a flawless white gown, ready and willing and happy to marry him. But she's on the other side of the aisle, standing as maid of honor, and she's happy, yes, because she knows he's marrying the right girl.

His life wasn't always perfect; there were times he'd rather forget. Tick baths and bullies and a time when his heart was set on someone he never thought would love him back. But now she's walking down the aisle and he thinks she's chewing something. Probably ham; she no doubt snagged a piece from the buffet table. He should be horrified; he knows his mother will be. But his smile only gets bigger.

All his life, all he's ever wanted to be and feel, was something real. And now he's got it, got her. She won't pretend with him, she won't lie or act as if she's anybody else but herself. Sam Puckett was one of a kind and she knew what and who she wanted. For so long, all through high school, he'd been lost in the perfection of Carly, and then his eyes were opened.

Now he's got it right, now he knows where he's meant to be.

From here on out everything will be with her.

Stopping at the end of the aisle, she takes his hand, and he feels something cold against his palm and nearly laughs. She brought him ham, she snuck him ham at their wedding ceremony. As sappy as it is and even though she'll no doubt harass him for it later, he tears up a bit right then. He stares into her eyes and feels his chest ache a little.

He could, and would, love her for the rest of his life.

Samantha Joy Puckett (soon to be Benson), his ham smuggling everything.