Chapter One

Sheep Father

Nagato's nose bled, his eyes bled, his ears bled. Crimson liquid fell down his face as he watched his final attack wrap the very earth around the Nine tailed fox. Chibaku Tensei.He coughed another stream of blood. I've captured you, fox.

From his place within the tree he prayed that he wouldn't have to do any more. He just didn't have the strength. All of his energy went into that last attack. Please, kami, please. Let this be the end.

"Nagato, you don't have to go so far.."

"This is the nine tails we are talking about, Konan. I-."

Suddenly the large moon he'd created started to shatter as the head of a giant beast made its way out. "No, no, no, no, no!" he coughed, pools of red falling down to his chest. "This can't be." It's so unfair, what power.

"Nagato, the moon you've created, send it up," Konan screamed. "If the beast lands on the Earth, I am not sure if anyone or anything will survive." She went up to her friend, and pulled out his battered arms out of the machine. So frail, if he keeps this up he's going to die.

Nagato raised his spiraled eyes to the giant roaring creature. Then looked at the concerned eyes of his friend, and then closed his own. "Konan, I am so sorry." With his last strength he pushed all his energy into the very force of gravity, sending the screaming 8 tailed beast into the air. "This is the end for me."

Konan's expression cracked and she hugged her long time friend. "No, Nagato." She reached up and unhooked the crippled man out of the machine and pulled him over her shoulder. "Stay awake. We've done what we can." She looked up as her tree broke as the atmosphere started to sizzle as the creature released another bolt of pure energy. "Maybe this was meant to be, to control such power…this world is better off without it."

Within minutes the moon made of rock and soil rose through the atmosphere. Never to be seen by the elemental nations again.

At the same time Naruto left his solar system.

It's reality became no more.

Queen Serenity, recent monarch of the Moon kingdom sat by her pool, watching the endless stars in the night. As it were nothing was happening, nothing that she could see anyway. All the many planets and people living on them seemed so distant, so far away. Their cares and worries so absent from her day to day life.

She blinked as the bright lights of the night sky hurt her eyes. For a regular person, at least a person back on Earth, this would not occur, but Queen Serenity did not live on the Earth. No, she lived on the Moon. A place that held no relevant atmosphere. The tall woman swept aside her long silver hair, putting away into twin ponytails, washing out the lather.

She looked sideways to her palace, watching if any of the guards would make an action. So far they hadn't, they were doing a good job. She stood up, over the large outdoor pool and watched her reflection.

She wasn't getting any younger.

She had once been so vibrant, so forceful, so chaotic. Now though…she just wasn't sure. It had been a long time since she felt like a teenager, and the reality was she hadn't been one in over ten years. Approaching her thirtieth birthday she could safely say that her younger years were far behind her. Lost in the sands of time. Grains so small, never to be found again.

She twirled her silver hair one last time, watching her reflection on the pool. Oh she was still beautiful, that she had no doubt. But the youth had left her. Once she had a thin waist, once she had a small face, once she had such delicate features.

Now all of those features were no more.

She looked at the reflection sadly, as her pale form glowed in the dark night. The stars in the pool reflected off so brightly. She smiled thinking how strange it was that she could look at the bright blazing balls of fire through water, yet never look at them without burning her eyes.

Queen Serenity stared intently at the sun , through the pool watching as it grew brighter and brighter…and brighter. This wasn't right. She'd been watching this sun many times, and it shouldn't have acted like that. She looked up at the sky, avoiding the blazing stars that would have damaged her vision, and tried to look at the bright source. Whatever it was, it contained a tremendous amount of energy.

The Moon Queen, stared off at her Crystal Palace far ahead, watching for any of the guards nearby. She called out for a few, and none came. Sighing, she walked passed her pool, and reached for a towel. Wiping off the water that trickled down her pale, thin body, the woman took it upon herself to find some clothes.

She chided herself for making this the one night she had given her hand maidens a day off. Never again would she make this mistake. Had tomorrow not been such an important day, the day the entire kingdom would be expecting her to hold the tournament to determine her one time mate, she wouldn't have allowed such a thing.

Alas, the castle was vastly understaffed for today, and many were planning to go all out in the tournament which would take place within twenty four hours. "Guards, Guards!"

A guard walked out from his post, looking nervous. He tried not to look at the much taller queen, dressed only in white robes. He stared at the floor, and kneeled. "What is it that you command, Queen Serenity?"

The Moon Queen scowled, but did not reply at first. She wasn't sure what she wanted. All she knew was that there was something wrong with one of the suns in the night sky. She closed her mouth before speaking, "It's nothing. You may return to your post."

The Guard looked at her curiously, but did as he was told. Looking a bit disappointed that he had nothing to do. "If you need anything else, my Queen, I will be here"

The Queen smiled, but didn't say anything.

The Queen continued to watch the glowing energy, but this time from her balcony in her palace. Whatever it was, it was coming closer. Was this some kind of space ship? No, it couldn't be. Their scanners would have detected it if that was the case. Then what was it? An enemy? A friend? An Ally?

She couldn't be sure, and she didn't want to take a risk. It was coming towards her world at a tremendous speed, and she'd be damned if it ruined tomorrows event. The Queen had waited twenty years for tomorrow. Tomorrow would be the day she would have a mate, the strongest male in the entire Kingdom, and she would finally have an heir to her throne.

Such a practice seemed barbaric to the other planet kingdoms. Mercury certainly thought so, and Jupiter was a bit perplexed as to why they should continue such an old tradition, but the Queen insisted on this. Much as she insisted on most of her citizens wearing clothing similar to what resembled fairy like articles of the fae court.

Not many understood the reasoning behind the strange way their Kingdom was set up. it seemed beautiful of course, so technologically advanced, however the reality was that it was badly designed against invaders. Many tried to tell the Queen that in the event of a rebellion the Kingdom would undoubtedly fall, but the Queen would not be dissuaded from the way she shaped her Kingdom to look like her perfect Silver Millennium.

"Ahh, it's almost here." She turned away from the balcony and proceeded down the steps.

The Queen watched in fascination as the giant ball of energy came closer to where the astronomers predicted that it would land. She had her team of guards with her in case something dangerous were to occur. The astronomers said that whatever was coming to impact their home, it wasn't a spacecraft. They weren't sure what it was.

The Queen and her guards stood watching, waiting as it approached and held in their breaths as the figure made impact. Many of the guards blocked the Queen from the rubble that scattered when the giant ball of energy dispersed into the ground, and even more tried to get the Queen away from it. Alas, that wouldn't work, as their Queen was adamant in finding out what was inside that ball of energy.

She stepped over the guards to look at the thing that was to come out from the ground, but finding nothing moving. Curious she and a guard walked past the broken bits of ground and tried to figure out what exactly had smashed through the ground. Whether it was something that was even remotely human. There were a few races in the other planets that could make the impact, but they were rare. Though if they came from the Dark Kingdom, that was another matter entirely.

"What is that?" she asked. "Is that a boy?"

Sure enough, in front of the tall Queen was a figure of a boy. A very naked boy. One of the guards pulled off a cape and draped it over the person. He looks hurt.

The Queen shook her head from that thought and looked back at the guard who sacrificed a part of his uniform to give the boy back some form of dignity. "What do you make of this?"

The Guard wasn't sure how to answer, judging by his expression, so she turned back to the boy with a bit more curiocity. He was not tall, nor was he short. He didn't look too injured, nor did he look well. His hair was not quite blond, but it wasn't drab either. Overall, he looked like a regular person. So it meant that he was unlikely a member of the Moon Kingdom. Earthling, perhaps?

She directed the men to take him back to the medical tent, and to have him looked over. She didn't want to bring him back to the Palace Hospital since he could potentially be an enemy. Afterwards they could do what they wished with him, after he'd been through the army medics.

The doctors didn't find anything unusual about the boy. Other than the fact that he was healing at a very odd rate. He had his bones broken in a dozen places and most of his circulatory system was fried. How someone managed to destroy so many internal body parts, they were not entirely sure. It was as if someone had set fire to his entire nervous system.

His brain activity seemed normal, which was strange since a good part of his frontal lobes were missing, and yet were growing back at an odd rate. That didn't make much sense to the doctors, but the Moon Kingdom did have citizens with similar abilities so it didn't seem that far of a stretch. What worried them was that the healing factors of his seemed to come from within the boy's body, not from external forces.

This meant that the boy was possibly an alien of their solar system, a member of the Dark Kingdom. That wasn't something they were willing to say outloud without proof, of course, but the signs were all there. They had to bandage him as best they could and kept him under sedation.

"What interests you, Queen Serenity," a tall woman with black hair asked. "He seems like just a boy." The tall woman scowled. "You have a big day tomorrow."

"Perhaps, Mars," the Queen said, ignoring the worried sound of her long time friend and rival. "But it is not everyday that someone this interesting just happens to come into our lives. Would it not be prudent to see what comes out of this?"

Her friend shook her head. "I fear nothing good will."

Only half a day remained until the tournament to decide her mate would commence, and she still hadn't mentally prepared herself. Thoughts of that strange traveler from beyond the stars continued to enter her mind. She didn't pay as much attention to the court rulings as she normally would and many of her servants wondered if she was unwell.

"I am fine, it's just…I am a bit off, that is all," she had replied. "I'll be well when the event is over."

At least she hoped.

"He's awake, my Queen," one of the guards said, "would you like to see him?"

The Queen looked at the man thoughtfully. "Yes."

When they arrived in the room where the army kept the boy, shackled on his bed, she was surprised to see him in such good spirits. The boy smiled at her, he spoke in a strange language that she didn't understand.

"How are you feeling today?" she asked, hoping to convey what she meant using both her tone and sign language.

The blond haired boy blinked and scratched his head. The Queen scowled. This is going to be difficult.

"Are you well," she said doing another rotation of sign language, only to have the boy look at her like she was a fool. The Queen shook her head, and frowned. "I see, you don't know a word I am saying, is that correct?"

The boy seemed to have understood this part and nodded his head, a strange carefree grin on his face.

"Very well then," she said slowly, "I suppose we can start with my name."

She pointed to herself. "I. Am. Queen Serenity."

She pointed her long finger to the boy. "What is your name?"

The boy looked at her finger, smiled and said the words. "Uzumaki Naruto."

"Tomorrow my life will change," the Queen explained to the blond haired boy, who slept on the hospital bed. "I'll have conceived an heir before the day is done." She went on, not caring whether the boy listened to her or not, she just needed to get this off her chest. "I don't have a choice, no matter what the others say."

She sighed. "It's tradition. We need the rules of the past to govern the present. It's these kinds of rules that hold legitimacy, its these archaic rituals that keep our civilization so stable. If it has not failed us now, why change it?"

The boy snorted, but she didn't care. "I know you can't understand a word I say, but thank you for listening." She smiled. "Not many men listened, sadly." She laughed. "Thought if you were awake I'd imagine you might talk until I am positively disturbed."

The blond haired boy yawned, shivering a bit at some nightmare. The Queen took the blanket and pulled it over his body. While she was doing this the boy woke up suddenly, and grabbed her hand, intending to twist it. Fast, very fast.

The boy's eyes shot open and let her go, doing gestures that she could only understand as apologizes. "That's fine. I do not blame you, young one." She laughed seeing his downcast expression. The expression looked so innocent on him. " I'll come back in a few hours, wait here. I want to know more about you."

The blond haired boy tilted his head, and she shook her head. What am I saying, he doesn't speak a word of our language.

"Where do you come from?" she asked, for the third time. "Yes, I get it. You are from a galaxy far, far away. But I want to know what region. The Moon Kingdom keeps detailed maps on many planets in the cosmos."

The boy, who now wore customary white armor of the Moon Kingdom, tried in vain to understand them. The Queen rubbed her temple and made the boy sit on a chair. It's not use. We shouldn't even bother.

"My Queen, I know this might not be the best time, but I really think you should head back to the Palace. The Tournament is tomorrow and you are going to need your energy." The Guard who had first given Naruto something to cover himself with said. "Please, do not take this as an offence. I mean no disrespect. It's just that…I..we…feel that you are spending an unreasonable amount of time in this Military Clinic.

The Queen raised an eyebrow, thinking how bold the Guard Captain was to make such a suggestion. She was about to retort that the man shouldn't have the audacity to command her, but thought better of it. The silver haired woman felt her eyes tire, and almost closed them. He may be right.

"Very well," she said. She turned her head to the boy sitting on the chair looking at her with those curious eyes. "I'll be back here before the tournament, Mr. Uzumaki."

She turned around and left the tent. Leaving a confused boy, who just looked at everything in mild fascination.

"This is it, the day I've been waiting for my entire life." She was so nervous, her hands were shaking. "I've been waiting for this day, have I not?" she placed both her hands on her face. "I've been a maiden for thirty years, shouldn't I be happy?" She didn't feel happy. "But…I am so afraid."

Her body trembled. The boy sitting beside her put his large hands over her soft ones, and she looked at him in surprise. He doesn't speak a word of Moon, but he might understand intent. Smile, Serenity, don't make him feel uncomfortable.

She did.

It was fake.

The boy scowled at her, and brushed a strand of hair away from her face.

What am I doing here? She frowned. Am I this weak? Do I fear my new mate this much? It's only one time, one night. That is all, I won't need to see the father again, so why am I so afraid?

The boy stood in front of her, his face only inches from her own. He spoke words to her that almost made her laugh. He was trying so hard to put her at ease. "I am okay, do not worry about me."

She stood up, again leaving the tent when she felt his hand reach out and touch hers. The Queen looked at it. It was so calloused, so dark, so sun burnt. Then she looked at her own. there was no denying that the boy in front of her was some kind of commoner, and she royalty. The stark contrast was impressive, and yet she didn't pull away.

She tilted her head so slightly, and said, "Do you want to see the tournament?"

"My Queen, are you sure this is wise?" The Guard Captain questioned. "Letting the boy enter? We know nothing of his background, and the dangers he could be in his extraordinary."

The Queen shooed off the man's worry. "Let him fight. He seemed excited when this was going on. could you really say no to his expression?" She laughed. "His eyes practically burst out of his sockets when he saw the swords."

The boy was surprising her, she had assumed that he was just a run of the mill outer galactic traveler from a distant planet, maybe someone on the run, maybe a navigator. But a warrior or senshi, as they called them here, that was unusual.

"My Queen Serenity, would could you gain by letting the boy participate, surely the stakes are high," her friend, Mars, said. "Why do this?"

The Queen looked up at the sky, her silver hair glowing. " For nothing, something, hmm, maybe everything." She turned to face her friend coolly. "What do I have to lose?"

Mars looked at her icily, her teeth clenched. "Everything."

"Don't worry, boy, I'll go easy on you," said a tall knight in white armor. "It'll be over in a minute."

Uzumaki Naruto didn't seem to understand what this meant because he just smiled at the giant man holding a sword and looked at the arena around him. Queen Serenity wondered why the boy didn't at least carry a weapon with him, but then figured that the boy was only here to get a bit of attention, or fresh air. And I thought he might be amusing, ah well.

"He is going to die," said Senshi Mars. "You should pull him out right now, this is such a farce."

The Queen frowned but didn't answer her. She just watched as the boy dodged the man's sword and looked around him. He wasn't paying much attention to the battle, but was carefully observing his surroundings. The man behind him was getting frustrated and was charging his blade with energy.

"He seems to have some battle experience," the Queen said, sounding amused, "Perhaps he was a fighter in whatever galaxy he came from?"

Marsh snorted, but watched the strange boy fight nonetheless. No matter what the other man did, the boy would just jump out of the way and smile at the crowd around him. He ducked, jumped, side stepped anything that came his way, and didn't even bother to hit back the knight.

"Did you tell him this was a fight?" Marsh asked, sounding annoyed. "This isn't a game you know. Whoever wins this tournament." She paused. "Gets to-"

"I know," the Queen said. "I know, Mars. Please don't say anymore."

The two looked at each other, smiled, and then looked back at the battlefield, just in time to see the man fly through the air, towards them.

"Don't blink this time," Mars said, "the last three fights happened in an instant. If we turn away we will not see how the boy cheats."

The Queen sighed. "I don't think he's cheating, Mars. I think this is just the way he is. He just appears very fast, reflexes far beyond what we are capable of."

"I can't accept that," Mars said, "look at him! He's just a small boy. My Queen, he barely reaches the tip of your chin."

The Queen raised an eyebrow. "What does height have to do with anything?" She laughed. "The boy may be short, but he's taken down half the best fighters of the kingdom and-no, we've missed it again!"

Mars groaned.

"So this is the semi-final, my Queen," Mars said tiredly. "Whatever we do, we must not let our eyes stray from the battlefield."

Agreed. The Queen was becoming frustrated. How does he keep doing this!

The crowd kept saying things about how powerful he was, how he just put his fist out and literally made people fly into the air. That of course seemed impossible and she wondered how the boy could have deceived everyone in such an elaborate way. He isn't a senshi, those powers should not be accessible to him.

Finally one of the main events had arrived. The Queen smiled. The boy, Uzumaki Naruto, was going to fight the Guard Captain. The man had been in her service for years and she knew from personal experience how dangerous he was with a sword, axe, gun, or whip. This wasn't someone the boy could easily bat away.

"Uzumaki will be defeated," Mars said from her side. "There is no doubt."

The Queen wasn't so sure about that. The boy didn't seem tired at all, while the Captain looked nearly dead. They had been fighting almost constantly since the start of the tournament and didn't get a chance to rest. However the boy didn't seem fazed and looked more interested as he faced more opponents. Such energy, where does he get it from?

The Queen didn't let her eyes leave the boy as the Guard Captain went straight for the kill, and instead of dodging it the boy smiled and slammed his fist into his gut.

"Oh, my." Mars stood up from her chair, trying to get a better look. "This is impossible."

The Guard Captain had been tossed to the side of the arena, as if he was a tennis ball. What is he?

The Queen could not feel any evil intent coming off the boy, but her hands trembled when she saw him look up to her and wave. By instinct she waved back, but caught herself in time so that she wouldn't be seen doing it for too long. It wouldn't do to show favoritism.

"Mars, perhaps I had made a mistake about letting the boy enter," the Queen said, her breath caught in her throat. "A terrible one at that."

Mars agreed, but her hands were shaking just as much as her Queen.

"Powerful, you are," Prince Espion of the Earth smirked, "but you will fall by my blade."

The Dark Prince pulled out a long sword from his sheath and pointed it at Uzumaki Naruto. The small blond haired boy just laughed and bounced around.

The Prince became angry and shouted at the boy to stop, but the boy didn't listen and instead looked at the crowd. Many children were waving at him, and Uzumaki Naruto waved back. The Prince growled, but didn't make a move until his opponent was facing him. I'll teach you to ignore me.

The Prince charged, just when the boy looked like he had let his guard down, but that was a ruse. Instead of hitting flesh the Prince felt his sword pierce thin air and looked down to see the boy's fist come from beneath him and land on the base of his chin.

He felt dizzy from the impact and looked in front of him to see two Naruto's. he wondered if this was just an illusion, and realized it was since he was simply seeing double due to the impact of the hit. He shook his head to clear this injury and charged at the boy, again.

Only for the boy to laugh and kick him in the back of the head. Sending him flying through the air 20 metres away into a crowd of peasants who ruthlessly stole his gear in broad daylight, while a group of Guards came to the Prince's rescue.

"Uzumaki! Uzumaki! Uzumaki!" The Queen shivered as the sounds penetrated her ears. The crowd was going crazy for the victor. They didn't care that he didn't represent any of the planets of the Moon Alliance, all they cared for was his defeat over the Prince of Earth. How had he done it? How could a mere mortal defeat the Heir to a Throne?

"Queen Serenity," Mars said, solemnly. "You don't have to do this. There are other ways. Just because your mother, grandmother, and great mother had done it this way, it doesn't mean, what I mean to say is…"

"I know Mars," the Queen said. She stood up with a serious look on her face. "But this is how it should be." There was a silence between the two. "Have I shown everyone in the Kingdom that I have chosen the strongest?"

"Yes, you have," Mars said tiredly, "By choosing him, you have shown the Kingdom that the future Heir will be of powerful blood." Mars grit her teeth. "But, my Queen, that thing is a monster. Do you not sense it?"

The white haired woman smiled. "Mars, please. That boy is just that: a simple boy." She breathed into herself, letting her powers caress her. "It's about time the Ceremony starts." She breathed in more of her energy and let wings slowly come out of her back.

Mars watched in awe as the Queen's true form appeared. Large crystal butterfly wings surrounded her, and she spoke with a high regal voice. "People of the Silver Moon Kingdom." She paused to get everyone's attention, and all the planets in her solar system watched her as she did so. "I give you." She gestured the cameras towards the victor of the Tournament. "Uzumaki Naruto! The Strongest fighter in the solar system."

What say you to this, boy? She held up her smile as the crowd stood up and gave him a standing ovation. How will you react? Was this your plan all along? To deceive me with your innocence, so I would let you participate?

The boy just looked confused, but smiled stupidly and bowed to everyone who gave him an applause. He turned his large toothy smile to the Queen and coiled the muscles on his leg, getting into a jumping position. What is he doing? Can he really leap to this platform? Impossible. It's fifty meters from surface.

And that is exactly what he did. "Oh, dear." She gasped seeing him right next to her, not looking winded at the least. He took her hand to shake it and by habit the Queen did so. The crowd went crazy. They've accepted him, he's shaking my hand as if we are equals and they've accepted him, despite not knowing anything about him. What have I done!

She gave a cold gaze to the smiling blond, only to see him wearing that stupid expression and speaking in his strange language.

She felt something drop in the pit of her stomach.

Oh, no. Please. Don't tell me he doesn't have a clue what's going on!

"The things I do for the Moon Kingdom," the Queen said through clenched teeth. She put a white see through gown, noticing how it hugged her body. "Why, why did this have to happen to me!"

She couldn't let her anger show in public but alone in her room, she was smashing everything in sight. "What did I ever do to deserve this?" she whispered. She looked around her room, which was in a complete mess. She looked herself at the mirror. Her tall form, her long white-silver hair, her pink lips, her crescent moon on her forehead, and giant fairy wings.

Why me?

She took a deep breath and left her chambers.

Walking towards the Champions Chamber, where Uzumaki Naruto was sleeping.

Though that wouldn't last for long.

Senshi Mars stood outside the Chamber of the Champion. "It's been two days. Did I miss the Queen when she left?"

The two guards looked at each other a bit nervously. "Actually, my Lady. She hasn't left yet. They have been going at it for two days."

Mars blinked. "Care to repeat that?"

"Two days, didn't leave the room, we slid food in, but she hasn't left yet."

Mars looked disturbed. "Okay." She said this slowly. "I'll come back tomorrow."

The next day Mars stood in the same spot. "Did I miss her this time?"

The Guards looked at each other again. "No, she's still in there, with him."

"For three days," Mars said, sounding frustrated. "They've been together for three days."

"The Queen doesn't seem to want to leave," one of them spoke up, only to get jabbed by another guard.

"Queen Serenity," Mars said tersely. "Our Virgin Queen Serenity, the most Pure Woman in all the realm, has just been exposed to a male, no, a boy, and doesn't want to leave his confines?"

The guards nodded.

Mars groaned. I should have killed that boy. I have failed you, Queen Serenity.

The Queen wobbled out of the Uzumaki Naruto's bedroom, feeling limp everywhere. Unbelievable, what stamina. Before closing the door she shook her head with wonder. And it was his first time as well!

She closed to the door behind her.

Only to meet a very irate Senshi Mars.

"Ahh, evening Mars," the Queen said, sounding a bit guilty. "What brings you here."

Mars glared at her Queen. "Care to explain why that took so long, from my memory this is the first time it has taken 3 days to obtain a man's seed." She looked sad at her Queen. "I never thought you were that type of woman who succumbed to lust so easily, five days! You've been in there for five days doing-"

The Queen laughed. "I think you have it wrong, Mars."

Mars blinked.

The Queen smiled, a wide beautiful smile. "I spent the last 2 days trying to convince him what was going on, 1 day trying to get him from jumping out of the balcony out of sheer terror, and the last two days just trying to get him to share the same bed with me." The Queen shook her head. "He seems to be more naïve about mating than myself."

Mars looked at her with a deadpan. "You jest?"

The Queen shook her head. "If only."

Mars looked at her Queen once over. "If that is the case, why are your feet so wobbly."

The Queen blushed. "Because, well, that is to say, we've been at it for the past ten hours." Here her face was burning. "Without pause."

Mars was speechless.

Sailor Mars didn't know what to make of the boy, Uzumaki Naruto. He was powerful, that she had no doubt, but whether he could use that power was another matter altogether. He didn't seem to show off his amazing strength and when challenged to a fight he found the quickest way to do battle, without giving away any of his talents.

He's hiding something. She watched him spar with some of the senshi in the courtyard. But what, I don't know.

She was starting to wonder whether or not Uzumaki Naruto was a spy of the Dark Kingdom. There had been activity of Yoma in the galaxy and many of the locations where they appeared came from the exact coordinates the boy had flown from. Worst yet the Sailor had no idea how the boy arrived through vacuums in space.

Common physics said that he should have been burnt to a crisp from the impacts his body would have had to endure travelling here, but somehow he survived. Mars couldn't let he worry for the boy go, even if the Queen was happy enough to let the subject drop.

She snuck behind him once again and attempted to get a kick into his form, before she was ruthlessly flung away. That was the problem with the boy. He seemed to know when you were approaching. Mars wouldn't be cowed so easily and went back into the fight, trying to ignore her annoyance at Sailor Mercury, as the blue clad woman got in her way.

She jumped into the air as his legs came at her from the ground and flipped back as he threw strange black stars at her. That was another problem with him. He seemed to use the most barbaric of weapons. Instead of using elemental powers like most, or sword skill, he used metal disks, knives, blunt objects, sharp objects, people, and rocks. Anything he could use, he used them. She had to admit he was resourceful but with the rate he was going he wasn't showing any of the traits of any in the noble ranks.

Yet he beat the nobles. Despite her misgivings the boy had won the tournament. One that was designed to select for the strongest of genes. The Moon Kingdom did not have a male ruler, since it was a Matriarchy. It opted to implement succession through female lines. Those female lines were products of publically sanctioned unions as Uzumaki Naruto had been publically acknowledged by the vast majority of the Empire.

It was a true farce in of itself, but that was the end result and she could do very little about it. My Queen, why must you have such bad luck. She jumped out of the way as Sailor Mercury was flung at her, and surrounded herself with fiery red energy. Let's bring this up a level. Just because I can't kill him does not mean accidents couldn't happen.

Queen Serenity watched her best friend and longest enemy fight off against the sire of her child. It had been a few months since their mating ritual and the product was satisfactory to say the least. There were no defects, and everything would go as planned just as it had for eons. Despite the advanced technology of their race many of the elder races continued to use their own wombs to create children.

Some claimed that it made the bond between offspring and mother much stronger, but Queen Serenity liked to think that most just wanted to give their child a natural birth. Why not? Every child is entitled to come to the world through the vessel that helped create it. Did they not?

The Queen turned away from the battle, already assuming that Uzumaki would take care of Mars within the next few minute and sighed hearing the scream of her friend die down. It always amazed the Queen how quickly he stopped these battles before they could get too extreme. Whenever one of the Sailors would come close to someone any of their elements he just knew what to do to neutralize them.

Whether it was slamming them into the ground to allow the electrical particles to travel into the surface, or removing the oxygen in the area, creating fire balls that removed the element, to countering water attacks by disturbing the flow of molecules in the air, he just knew. How he knew how to do them, she wasn't certain. But she had a suspicion she was trained to do this, how long, she didn't know.

One didn't remain the Queen of the Moon Kingdom without noticing little things like that.

That made her a bit more hopeful of Uzumaki. Perhaps he wouldn't be a total failure as a sire? She doubted that her child would inherit any of his abilities, but if she could use his strength against the courts that would be another maters altogether.

"Naruto, are you done," she shouted to the boy who was huffing in the court. The boy turned to look at her and waved. In an instant he was by her side. "I need you to come with me. I am heading to the hospital to see a few scans." She scrunched her nose. "But before that, I am going to need you to change."

The boy looked at her, smelled himself, then looked at her, then grimaced, and smiled. He had an manner of doing this, she found it highly amusing, if a bit frustrating. "Yes, boy. Bath." She pointed to the Royal bath. "Now."

Queen Serenity looked at the image of the developing baby inside her. This was the fifteenth time she had come here, and was now starting her third trimester, but to see her little girl so developed made her smile. "Do you see her, Naruto. That's your child." She turned to face him, puzzled at his expression. "Well, what do you think?"

Naruto looked at her and then the moving baby in the screen, appearing nervous. He's afraid. The Queen tried to hold his hand, then ,catching herself from this stupidity, pulled it back. She couldn't let her amusement of him turn into any kind of affection. Once the baby was born he would leave, she would have a new Heir, and he would return to wherever he came from.

Still..he looks worried, and why is he examining the child like that. She looked to Sailor Mercury for help, who was doing the scans, but the blue haired Senshi wasn't sure either. "She's perfectly healthy isn't she?"

Mercury nodded. "Better even. I've never seen such genetic diversity in a child before, Queen Serenity. Normally we would have to insert the stem cells into the womb to immunize the babies to diseases, or artificially send vectors with RNA and DNA segments to provide the developing fetus the tolerance, but this child seems to have the genes necessary to fight off many of the diseases that compound this Universe.

The Queen looked surprised. "How…is that possible."

Mercury shook her head. "I don't know." She turned to look at the father who was crouched over the screen. "But I am starting to think Mr. Uzumaki Naruto might."

Naruto looked at the moving fetus on the screen with hesitation. Please, please. Oh, Kami don't let there be anything wrong with her. His blue eyes trailed over the baby carefully, not missing a single detail about her. His heart told him that nothing was wrong with the girl, but his mind was processing a different story.

What if the baby had fox ears? Claws? Tail? What if it wasn't human? What if, what if! There were so many possible outcomes and each one seemed more terrifying than the previous one. He had never been in this kind of situation before and he was anxious to get out of it as soon as possible. But I can't just leave her. He looked at the baby cuddled in its womb She's mine.

That was the problem going through the boy's mind. He had fathered a child. Willingly or not was not the issue. The end result was that in a few months he would have a daughter and he'd never see her again after she was born. He wouldn't even see the mother either. Which was a shame.

He had lived in the Palace for the past few months and was getting attached to the place. The people, the food, the servants, and even some of the nobles were becoming normal. It was only months prior that everything seemed so new and exciting, sometimes even frightening but he finally had a hold on this reality.

He didn't know where he was. He didn't know where Konoha was. He wasn't sure if there was any way for him to return back, but he did know that the people who helped him establish a new life here was in his debt. He would pay them back one way or the other. It was the least he could do.

When the Queen had entered his room all those months ago he didn't know what he was in for, but he should have. Everything was screaming Fertility Ceremony. They even had the token tournament to bed the Queen who would give birth to the new ruler. He missed all the signs, and what was worse was he had edited so many of his teacher's stories that depicted these situations ever so often.

I am a fool. He closed his eyes and grit his teeth, he breathed out and breathed in. He opened his eyes again to see the puzzled face of the Queen in front of him. She was asking him if he was alright and he wasn't sure how he was going to answer her.

That was another problem. He still hadn't mastered their language. He didn't know what they were trying to tell him half the time and the other half of the time he found their customs awkward. These people dressed in clothes of the most expensive silks and spent all their time in parties. Do they ever do any work? He looked at Sailor Mercury, who looked back at him with consternation. Aside from this one.

Naruto was not a bigoted person, but he had to admit that the Moon Kingdom was filled with extraordinarily odd people. They were nice enough folks, but they didn't seem to have a fierce drive to survive. They were beautiful, something he couldn't doubt, and the Queen was the very embodiment of this quality, but they felt so dead.

An illusion. This whole place is so perfect. He sighed, and then looked at the Queen, putting on a fake smile. Nothing but an illusion, easily made. Easily shattered.

Naruto walked over to the Queen and held her hand, she forced it back , but he didn't let go. She thinks I am simple. That was another thing he didn't like about the Queen. She thinks me as nothing more than a barbarian.

He snorted. Nothing new. No one ever took him seriously. He didn't say the right things at the right time, when he spoke he spoke like a buffoon and all of his idealism made him look even more idiotic to the majority of Konoha, despite his ideals mirroring many of the lessons the first, second, third, and fourth leaders of their village.

Still, I have to play the part of the clown. He knelt beside the Queen, who looked startled and put his ears to her belly. I wonder if I talk to you, will you hear me?

The Queen put her hands in his hair and Naruto sighed. She's patting me like a dog. She thinks me as nothing more than a pet. He grimaced in distaste, and had to bite down with sheer effort the urge to growl. I doubt a dog could strike down the people I fought back in my world.

"You do not look well, Naruto, perhaps you should leave," the Queen suggested, looking at him distrustfully. "You are being a bit foreword are you not?"

Oh, and I wasn't being forward when I was in your bed, my Lady? The boy put on a smile and stood up to bow to her. If I could speak your language, what I would say to you, Crystal Queen.

He gathered the energy in his body and channeled them around his coils. He breathed in the sage chakra of the environment and found them dead. It made him sad to see that all the wildlife in this area was artificial, and even more sad that no one seemed to care. This place was a Utopia, and yet was a living embodiment of a perfect hell.

He teleported out of the room and found himself outside in the walk ways of the Utopian Civilization of Silver Crystal Palace. He looked at the sky and saw the millions of planets that the civilization ruled. It's almost like a fantasy. To be able to control so many planets, each planet housing millions of people. He jumped over a few pillars and landed on the Palace balcony. I wonder, can I see my planet from here?

"I don't think you can."

Naruto jumped and looked behind him. He was never surprised easily, when he was it was bad news for the people around him since they mostly came in the form of Biju hunters trying to capture him and remove the beast in his stomach.

"Don't be afraid of me," the same voice said. The owner of said voice walked out of the shadows of the balcony and into the light of the thousand nights. "I am a friend."

I have no friends. Naruto would not let the girl in front of him see his discomfort. Not here, and not back home.

The girl's reddish purple eyes looked at him with something akin to sadness, but it went away just as quickly. "You have to listen to me, I beg you." She stepped closer to him, so close that Naruto almost gasped at her sheer exotic beauty.

She was tall. Taller than most girls he had met. Her skin had a light tan that shone in the moonlight with eyes that burned brighter still. She wore the same Sailor uniforms the other Senshi wore, but hers were a dark green, complementing her long hair, and she carried with her a large Scepter.

Naruto didn't like the look of that weapon, and turned his gaze to her crimson-purple eyes. Make this quick already. You know damn well I can't speak your language.

"Before I begin I want to tell you that I don't know anything about you, I can't read your mind, I am not a prophet of destiny, and it wasn't my fault that you are here." She tried to reassure Naruto but the boy's eyes just arched. "But there are few who would argue that point."

Sure, I'll buy that. But what do you want from me. He made his expression look annoyed so that she would get to the point. I have a spar with Mars later.

The girls face scrunched up in hesitation and her long face turned anxious. Sweat started falling down her brows and her fingers were clasping each other in front of her. "I am sorry." She grabbed one of his hands in her own. her face was only inches away, looking desperate. "I've broken the Law of Time."

Naruto could tell she was trying to tell him something important, but he didn't understand what this had to do with him.

"Please, I didn't mean to. It was an accident." She started to cry. "Forgive me."

The blond was getting fed up with this and was starting to shake the woman's shoulders. I don't understand you. Why are you apologizing to me?

She looked down at him, wiping a tear on her face and said. "I am sorry I was not strong enough to break to maintain the barriers between our dimension." She sniffed, but continued to look at his darkening gaze. "I am sorry, so sorry." She backed away, hesitating to say the last words.

"I am sorry, because in the future I broke the Law of Time. There is no going back to the Universe you once lived in." She barely managed to say the final words. "Because that Universe is no more."

Naruto remained patient as Sailor Pluto explained how in the distant future she had broken the Law of Time by letting a group of warriors cross the barrier. That had triggered a series of events that had led to new enemies being created for these groups of warriors, creating a new future, one that even she could not predict.

She explained how it was absolutely necessary to break the Law of Time, without breaking it the Future would be covered in Darkness and humanity would fall to an evil demon, she did this all while crying, and Naruto knew that when it got to the part about his world, he was going to kill her.

"There is a price to be paid for breaking the laws that govern the Universe," she said, not meeting his gaze. "You're world was the one that suffered for it."

By changing the future she had literally destroyed the past. She destroyed hundreds of realities that built up the original future. In the past Ninjas occupied the Earth in a battle against demons, aliens, other Ninjas, and each other. That was the past that he had come from the past that he had failed to protect.

"I destroyed the Past," she said, backing away from him as Naruto grit his teeth. "I…I didn't mean to. It wasn't supposed to be this way. If I broke the Law of Time I thought that the one who would pay the price would be myself and the Future Sailor Senshi, but I didn't know that it would be other realities that would-,"

Naruto's hands wrapped around her neck and slammed her against the wall of the building. His clawed fingers wrapped around the space below her jaw so tightly that she was sure it was going to snap. She could barely see the person in front of her and was afraid that her head would pop like a water balloon with the force his muscles were putting on her.

A powerful growl escaped from the deep throat of the boy, and Sailor Pluto saw his eyes turn red ever so quickly. The red then turned into slits and the slits turned into the shape of a cross as strange green energy wrapped around his already flowing red energy. He was keeping all of this in barely kept control, and he was channeling it right into her.

What power. Pluto trembled. If I had known, I would have never come here.

She tried to squirm when the boy open her jaw to reveal rows of sharp yellow teeth, but she could barely move with all the dark/light energy that coursed through her. It was as if the boy was surrounded by a force of energy made of absolutely positive energy, but was constantly surrounded by physical embodiments of human malice.

Before she could ponder this any further she was dropped to the ground, falling on her knees and then face first onto the floor. She tried to get up but quickly fell as killing intent flowed through her body.

Oh, god. He's going to shred me to pieces. She shivered as malignant hatred wrapped around her body and trembled as he got closer. Why can't I move? Move Setsuna! Move damn it he's going to rip you apart!

She looked up, bowed on the floor as he stood above her with something in his hands. It was a black blade. Setsuna closed her eyes waiting for him to strike her down, but then heard an anguished cry as something fell in front of her. She opened her eyes to see the boy in front of her, his head bowed even lower than her own, his hands slamming themselves on the floor.

Setsuna took this chance to stand up, still shaking from the violent energy that she had been exposed to and with the last of her strength teleported away from the Silver Palace. "What have I done.."

So that's it, is it? Naruto said, laughing as he walked aimlessly across the wall of the Silver Moon Palace. He turned his head to see where he had come from. Everyone that I have ever cared about. Gone, just because the stupid Senshi in the Future couldn't defeat their enemies without resorting to manipulating the fabric of time and space.

Naruto knew next to nothing about Quantum physics but he knew that that if you changed the past, ripples would always follow. Everything he'd learned about these theories came from story books but almost all the stories he'd ever read about them all had one singular meaning:

Do. Not. Mess. With. Time.

That is exactly what these people did. And the ones who paid the cost were the people in his reality.

But why am I alive? He wondered, bitterly. I lost control of the nine tailed fox and was trapped in a moon. Pein flung me out of the atmosphere, but lost control He shook his head. I made him loose control, I was supposed to die! With my life his plans would not come into fruitation, so why am I the one to live through the destruction of my Universe?

He stopped as he got to the top of the Silver Palace, he took a seat, cross-legged, on the floor and watched the city around him.

"Beautiful isn't it?" said a voice behind him. "It took a Millennium to get it to look like this."

Naruto turned around to see Mars, she was sporting a cast on her arm. The last Uzumaki still didn't understand why the Senshi used such old world healing methods. Some of the practices of this advanced civilization boggled him. They had the power to create babies in artificial wombs but they chose to give birth. They didn't need to wear such embroidered clothes, yet they did so. They didn't even need to eat, but they did so, and ate the finest of delicacies.

They barely ever got sick, yet they had clinics and hospitals.

"You look like you're troubled, Uzumaki," Mars said, scowling. "Sometimes I wish I understood your language, it would help explain whether you are friend or foe."

I am neither. He smiled at her. Someday, I might have to kill you. For what your people have done to mine.

Mars did not feel the evil intent coming off the smiling boy. His energy was too well hidden, but she had sensed a truly dark energy a few hours ago and it had lead her to this location. Now finding the boy Uzumaki Naruto she had a few questions to ask, but sensing nothing out of the ordinary she began to question if the energy had come from another source.

"Do you miss your home?" she asked him. "The world you came from."

Naruto didn't say anything he opted to look up at the M4 Quadrant in the Solar system. "Ahh, yes. Those are some rather beautiful constellations, are they not?"

About the only beautiful thing around here. Everything here feels so hollow. Is there nothing but diamond colored crystals around here? Were the rulers of this place so vain? Did my Universe have to be destroyed for people like this to survive. He glared at the city.

Sailor Mars caught it.

"Well, I think you have seen enough. Perhaps we should return," she sighed. "The Queen has an announcement to make and you should hear it."

"It seems like the complications of the birth have been settled. You are no longer needed here," the Queen said, all business. "That is not to say that we could not use your services in the Kingdom, but I am afraid you cannot remain here in the Palace." She closed her eyes. "You must understand this is for the good of the child."

Oh, I understand alright. Naruto's goofy smile fell away instantly to be replaced by a grimace. The Queen looked surprised at this face, but Naruto wouldn't let up. You would not want a male role model for the girl to follow would you? Here woman rule, it's a Matriarchal society, and seeing her father so close to the Queen would gave her radical ideas, wouldn't it, Serenity?

"You have incredible fighting skills," the Queen continued not missing the darkening face of the boy had shared her bed chambers for the past several months. "Of course, you will be provided for. You have served the kingdom well. " In many cases, too well.

Naruto didn't respond, he simply glared up at her. He was starting to despise these people. They did not want him, but custom dictated that he help maintain their illusion that everyone in the Silver Moon Kingdoms were equal. Any of them could rise up the ranks and would be able to fight for the hand of the Queen.

But that of course was not the case.

In reality they had planned for the foolish Lordling of the Earth to win the tournament in a grand show of power. Such a romantic notion would be created from his valiant efforts against all the ruffians from across the minor planet who dared to sire the future ruler of the Silver Moon Kingdom.

I threw a wrench in your plans. He walked past the two guarding Senshi, this time Jupiter and Venus, and stood in front of her. I have to make my move now. "I am going to have to say…no."

The two guarding Sailors grabbed his elbows, from both sides but he just pushed past them with the empowered force of his Chakra. "That child is as much mine as it is yours, Serenity."

"Insolence," Queen Serenity muttered, trying to hide her surprise at the boy in front of her. "I can have you killed right now."

"Try it," he said, "I've learned a thing or two about how you people operate."

"When did you learn to speak our language?," she asked, glaring at his bottomless blue eyes. "I don't recall anyone trying to teach you."

"I don't speak your language. I don't even know half of what you are saying," Naruto said, shaking his head. "I don't even know if you understand what I am saying." He grabbed the wrist of Sailor Jupiter, and snapped it, causing the tall woman to drop to the floor, holding it. "But I practiced my lines, and this is my ultimatum."

He turned around to see the assembled guards. Hundreds upon hundreds of them lining up to attack him. He turned his head left and right to see the other Sailor Senshi preparing to do battle and scowled.

"I wasn't trying to be harsh. I just want to stay here where my child is going to be born," he looked at Serenity, ignoring the power building up from the Sailors. "Is that wrong?"

Serenity turned her face away. "It's not how things are done here." Naruto nodded. "If you want her, you're going to have to fight for her."

"Understood." In a flash he was behind Sailor Venus who was trying to sneak up behind him. Sorry, V, but you knew this was going to happen didn't you? Before Sailor Venus could say anything she was flung against the wall fifty meters from where she previously stood, a large crater formed along the cracks and she fell down like a doll onto the silver floor. Ouch, that's gotta smart.

"Mars Imperial Flame Shooter!" An arrow made of fire fired unto the same spot Naruto stood, the boy took the hit to the chest, afraid that the flames might touch his pregnant Queen.

"Mars, you idiot! Are you trying to kill the Queen!" Jupiter shouted, relaxing her death glare at Naruto to sending it piercing to her friend. "What do you think would happen if he stepped out of the way?"

"He's not the type," Mars said, frowning. "I may not like him but he's a male of the old world." She gathered fire around her. "Chauvinistic pig probably thinks the Queen needs protecting too." She smiled seeing the boy ready himself for a fight. "If you don't go all out you're going to die, Uzumaki. Up until now you haven't seen us when we use the energy of our planets."

In a blink of an eye she was in front of him, charged with red flames. She punched him on the stomach, sending him hurling on the floor, rolling once, twice three times, only for him to grab onto the floor, and stop the momentum. He looked up at her in surprise, but that look quickly narrowed dangerously and he teleported out of the way as a beam of light came from the same place he'd flung Sailor Venus.

"Bastard's got some moves," Venus said, limping out from behind a crowd of guards. "Watch out for his wrist, he's got a tough grip."

"We kind of noticed," Sailor Mercury mumbled, falling right next to Venus to heal the bleeding cut on her forehead. "You okay?" she was worried she'd suffered a concussion.

"Yeah, I am fine," she smirked. "I've still got to give some pay back."

Mercury shook her head, but watched warily as Mars and Jupiter stood in front of him. Jupiter was charging her body with lightning while Marsh had fire wrapping herself in a cloak. Meanwhile the boy just stood there in an ancient martial arts stance displaying complete calm. "Venus, where are the Outers?"

"Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn are on a long term mission," Venus said, letting go of a cry as the ribs below her skin started to mend itself. "I'll put out a call, if this Uzumaki Naruto is as powerful as a grand Yoma, this could get ugly."

"Better to be careful," Mercury said darkly. "His DNA, I didn't want to let this be public knowledge but it had some demonic segments. Some of the amino groups were altered, they were like nothing I have ever seen.."

"Look out!" Mars called as Sailor Jupiter flew through the air and unto Sailor Mars and Venus. The three Sailor Scouts rolled on the ground by the sheer impact and groaned as pain surged through their body. They tried to stand up, only to feel an intense killing intent rile through them. They tried to find the source but were too afraid to move.

"Idiots! Don't just stand there! It's not real!" Mars yelled, but she was already bending at the knees. She glared at the boy who just glared back at her with those slit like eyes, the eyes of a dangerous predator, ready to tear her apart. "You think you can honestly win?" she laughed. Pointing to all the guards assembled. "You honestly think you can get out of here alive?"

You don't know what I am capable of. In a blink he was hanging at the Palace roof from his feet, chakra allowing him to stick there. I'll give you a taste of what a real fire attack looks like. "Katon: Grand Fire Dragon"

The guards ran away as a dragon made of red energy swiped through their ranks, burning them where they stood. The Hall was in chaos as ranks of men tried to fight each other to escape the giant beast that feasted on the charred flesh of man.

Idiots. Who trains these people? Naruto dropped to the ground and flipped in mid air to land on his feet, turning to face the Queen. Is that enough?

The Queen sat on her Crystal Throne her hands shaking. She was afraid of this. The boy, the sweet boy she had met that fateful day was a threat. When her skin was pressed up against his she had felt it, only for an instant, but she had felt it. The terrible power within him.

"Stop this, please. Don't make me kill you." She stood up, and held out her hand. In an instant a giant scepter with a colossal diamond at the tip appeared. "You may think you are invincible, but demons can be sealed."

Naruto didn't look impressed, if anything he looked worried. Fighting the mother of your child, while your child is still inside her. Okay, this is strange even for me.

"Will you stand down," she commanded, "will you kneel."

If I don't, I might kill my daughter. In another blink he was in front of her. His face was inches from her own. "No."

In a flash he was behind Sailor Mars, flaming his fist into her kidney. She doubled over and vomited blood. In another instant his hands moved to her long luxurious hair and pulled them. The Senshi screamed as the hair was ripped off from the roots, and cried when she was hurled onto a crystal pillar. Her nose broke on impact and she drooled blood from her lips, most of her teeth shattered.

"Mars! You son of a bitch!" Jupiter shouted, spraying beams of lightning across the chaotic Hall. "I'll fry you!"

You can try. Naruto made the seal for his favorite Jutsu. "Try and catch me."

A thousand Naruto's came out from him, each one with the same menacing look. They surrounded every inch of the hall. They looked down at their targets, some smirking, some scowling, all of them giving them the same evil glare of their original.

"What is this.." Serenity said, her heart beat quickening. "What manner of Sorcery-."

An exact replica of Naruto came down behind her. "Sorry, boss's orders. He's going to let loose just a bit." The clone made a seal and the Queen found herself vanishing and appearing outside of the Hall, where her men were charging in with re-enforcements. "Just stay-."

Before the Kage Bunshin could finish his words the Queen's fist slammed through him, turning him into a puff of smoke. "Tell me what to do?" She rubbed her temple. "Fool, I would have just let you go. No questions. No interrogation. Nothing, but now." Her eyes hardened. Furious light surrounded her pupils. "It's time to put you in your place."

Bodies were flung, crushed, mauled, and shattered against the diamond floor. Ants. They just keep coming in hordes, waiting to be crushed. He allowed Sailor Mercury to escape with her friends, the blue haired woman turned back to look at him before teleporting out of the Hall. Naruto sat on the throne his face resting on his hands. So she's here

His eyes fell onto the pregnant Queen. The tall woman was holding a diamond scepter, millions of light particles coming off of her, and the weapon she wielded. "Plan to seal me?" he said in their language. "Won't work."

The Queen had no words for him, he noticed. I can't hurt you, can I? What to do, what to do.

Naruto didn't move as a giant wave of light hit him on the face. Did she just throw a tiara at me? Puzzled, he caught the wave that was turning into a crown. He sighed. "You people are strange."

"Thought that would work," she said, shrugging her thin shoulders. "So you aren't a Youma, I've narrowed that out."

"Hmm," Naruto said.

"What are you?" she asked. Pointing her scepter at him. "Before I seal you I would like to know if there is something my daughter should know."

"Our daughter," Naruto said easily. "Human, that's what I am."

"Mortal?" she asked. "Impossible."

"Believe it," he said.

In a flash he moved out of the way as the ceiling on the throne collapsed. Close one.

"You are a strange one, anyone tell you that?" she asked.

Naruto didn't answer.

"Are you ready for the second round?"

Naruto didn't answer. I can't win. One wrong move and she'll go into labor. He shook his head. "Please stop this."


"Child." His grasp of their language was reaching its limits. "My child."

"She's not yours." The Queen looked at him coldly. "She's not a child. She's the Queen in Waiting."

"Name?" he asked. Do you even plan to give her a name?


"Not a name." That's just a title. All Queens are called Serenity.

"Enough talk," the Queen shot another ray of light from the Moon Scepter. "Moon Crystal-." Oh, not now! Not now! Just a little longer. Her sharp eyes glared at the beast in front of her. Just a bit more.

I knew it. Naruto saw the signs. "I knew this would happen." He dropped from the ceiling.

The Queen doubled over clutching her belly. "I. Will. Kill. You." Her eyes held so much fury. "Because of you…"

Naruto didn't relent. He stood in front of the Queen even as she directed killing intent he would never have expected from such a kind person and knelt down to her eye level. "Contractions." He said simply.

She grabbed his arm, looked him in the eye and snarled. "Get. Sailor. Mercury. Or so help me I will seal you into the deepest depths of Hades!" she snarled, biting her tongue as the pain threatened to spill out.

Without a word Naruto cradled the woman in a bridle style and shrugged. Reminds me of another old hag. "Hold onto me." He looked at the swollen belly. Mine. I won't let anyone harm you. He felt the Queens arms wrap around his neck. "We have a saying back in our world," he said in Elemental dialect. "Don't trust a sheep," he sighed. "Underneath the soft cuddly wool, is a beast waiting to sink its teeth into you."

Despite the language barrier, the Queen understood every word he said. A wolf for a father. She grit her teeth as another spasm of pain swept through her. How long are you going to wait till you sink your claws into me…

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