Chapter Three

Shinobi Father

Queen Beryl sat on her throne watching another battle to the death. In the sealed dimension underneath Antarctica this was the only sport one could participate in, not that she ever participated in such brutality, but she did enjoy watching the spectacle.

It was ruthless, gory, bloody, and chaotic.

The kind of things demons of the Dark Kingdom wanted to see.

This particular battle appealed to the demons greatly, since it was a battle of raw power and carnage. It was also a fight with an opponent with a great disadvantage, and, last but certainly not least, was a fight against a creature that wasn't a demon.

No. This was a battle between man and demon.

Queen Beryl grimaced watching the spray of blood rise into the air and rain down on the other creatures of the Dark Kingdom. These creatures reveled in cruelty and simply wanted more. It didn't seem to matter that the man who was in the middle of the battle continued to slaughter them, no matter how many he was stacked against, they just wanted to see a good show.

Worse yet, they wanted to participate in the show.

Idiots, I am surrounded by thousands of these buffoons.

Jedite, drop another dozen Youma into the pit. "Our gladiator is done with this lot."

The Dark Queen opened her palm, letting a burst of magic out from her long blue fingers. The magic swirled down to the pit where the many bodies of the severed and fallen Youma lay broken.

The Queen wanted to give the other dozen Youma sent into the pit a fighting chance. Metalia knew they were going to need it. Against a foe like Uzumaki Naruto every advantage available to them could mean the difference between life and death.

For some reason the Youma seemed to prefer death.


It was lost in this dimension.

When he first woke up in this place he had a sense of how many days he'd been the prisoner of the Dark Kingdom. He figured that it had to have been a year, maybe two years, maybe three, maybe four, but after a hundred years he'd lost count. The sun did not shine in this realm, nothing did. It was covered in a purple darkness that the Youma seemed to thrive on.

Naruto was a human, despite what the other creatures in this dimension tried to tell him. He didn't thrive in the dark energy that surrounded this place, nor did he feast on the flesh of the fallen fightersin the pit, he wouldn't stoop that low.

But sometimes, on nights when the hunger took him, he came close. Why not? There wasn't any food in this dimension, only demons. Female demons to be exact. He'd yet to see a single male in the area, aside from the four Sky Generals, and every one of them seemed more interested in each other than the thousands of girls that occupied this realm.

Naruto leaned against the walls of the pit and looked at the sky. Above him he could see another dozen Youma. They were going to come down to take a bite out of his flesh and absorb his spiritual energy.

That was their main source of food, biting his flesh was just for their amusement.

"You will lose today, Uzumaki," a snake woman said, slithering unto the wall. "We are the serpent sisters. We've seen how you fight, and we know how to counter it."

Sure you do. "Just shut up. I don't need to know the names of the things I crush underneath my feet."

The Snake woman glared down at him, and turned to face her sisters. They were mostly identical in appearance, only different in skin color. Some of them were blue, some red, some black.

To Naruto it didn't matter.

In a few moments they would be all dead.

That's what always happened. They always died. They came at him to steal his energy, and he came at them to steal their life. He'd wondered why Queen Beryl continued to play this game with her toys, but concluded that it wasn't Beryl who wanted this. It was the Youma.

The Youma desired violence, and the thrill of the hunt was a powerful aphrodisiac for some. Probably why they need sex.

It disgusted Naruto to see such vile creatures fall into a euphoria while they tortured him. They got off on it. The Youma get off on the pain of others.

They were truly revolting monsters and he was stuck with them forever, or at least until the seal that Queen Serenity erected was down.

Suddenly the snakes lunged towards him, some digging into the ground, some wrapping their long snake tails around his arms, and others opening their maw to release a dark stream of acid.

Naruto opened his mouth to release a stream of wind and charged at the incoming chaos.

It would be over in thirty seconds.

"Hard to believe that he took down a third of forces, isn't it?" Nephrite said. "Looking at his pitiful state one would wonder why the Queen was initially so afraid of him."

"But she had good reason to be," Kunzite replied, floating down to Nephrite's level. "You've seen him when he first came into this place. He was destroying everything within striking distance." Kunzite glared at the man, Uzumaki Naruto, who was chocking a snake-woman to death. "Best to keep him like this, keep him a prisoner but make sure he's tired out from time to time."

Kunzite could feel the energy that the boy gave off when he used his attacks. All the Youma of the Dark Kingdom could. That is what they fed on. Without knowing what he was doing the boy was giving them a means to survive. "I shudder to think how we would extract human energy if he wasn't around."

Nephrite nodded. "But I shudder to think what will happen if he ever broke out of his chains. "

The two fell into an awkward silence, which was broken by a cry of mercy from the demons in the pit.

Naruto watched a tall man with long brown hair walk up to the bars. The man extended his arm, allowing a floating black jewel to absorb his energy. The blond haired man felt his life essence, and Kyubi chakra, slowly become part of the jewel. He tried to bring it back, but he couldn't.

So he just laid his enormous body on the walls of the prison and glared at the man.

The man glared back for a moment, and frowned. "You still haven't touched your meal." He pointed to the carcass of a Youma. "It's been two hundred years and you haven't eaten a single morsel of the food we've provided for you." The 2nd General sighed. "How exactly are you still alive?"

Naruto was alive because of the Kyubi chakra. It was providing him the energy he needed to maintain his body functions. Despite never touching any of the meals he'd been given, which mostly consisted of demon flesh, he'd managed to live out of sheer will power. it was painful at first to just live off the Kyubi chakra, but over time he'd gotten used to it.

There was one big disadvantage of the living off just energy.

He couldn't use his demon chakra to fight. He needed every last bit of it and without food he wasn't able to replenish any of the Human Chakra in his body.

He could already feel the fox demon inside of him slowly wasting away into nothing, and Naruto was afraid of what would happen to him when the day came that the beast's finite reserves were no longer available.

At the same time, he had a plan for the day when all the Demons of the Negaverse had his Chakra. Yet that plan was far, far away.

"Do you have any beef?" Naruto croaked, slapping away the Youma leg. He'd seen the leg on a particularly attractive female demon and didn't want any part of her in his body. "I might reconsider eating if you do."

Nephrite scowled. "Funny." He put the jewel back in his pocket. "Your life energy from today should keep our army fed for another few days. I'll be back to get another helping in a week. Try to stay alive until then."

"Why bother? What exactly do I have to look forward to if I live?" The man scratched his fuzzy beard. Naruto had aged, at least physically, over the course of a hundred years.

Nephrite shrugged and leaned against a wall. "For starters you might be able to escape."

"Hmm, not likely." Naruto shook his chains. "These energy sapping chains make it hard for me to perform my Art."

"Art? You mean murder," Nephrite replied dryly. "I wouldn't call tearing off Jedite's limbs a form of art. That day…whatever you did to him, he won't talk about it."

"You want to find out what I did?" Naruto asked, trying to smirk, it looked so wrong on his enormous face. "Come into this prison and I'll show you."

Nephrite stood perfectly still.

"Are you ready to finally serve me?" Queen Beryl asked. "Say yes and I will release you from this prison."

Naruto didn't bother answering her.

"Why do you continue to fight me?" She glared at the man's battered form. "I've told you many times that it need not be this way."

The blonde's blue eyes looked at her quizzically. "Oh? What are my other options."

"Serve me as my Fifth General." She made this sound like the best deal in the universe. "Join me as one my hands as I usher in a new age."

Naruto coughed. "You do realize we're trapped in this dimension for the next 10,000 or so years, right?" The man stood up to walk close to her, sniffing her strong musky scent. "Whatever deal you cut me might be forgotten between now and then."

"True, but I'd imagine that you are a man of your word," Queen Beryl pointed out. "You did spend fourteen years working under Princess Serenity…I wouldn't push that fate onto my worst enemies."

Liar, think I'd honestly believe that? "Interesting, your worst enemies are six feet under. I find that to be a far worse fate."

"At least my enemies died with pride," Queen Beryl answered back, folding her long arms over his expansive bosom. " Look where you are! Don't you feel ashamed at your state?"

Naruto looked at himself. He looked awful, and probably smelled even worse.

His hair had grown to his shoulders, his arms had gone long and thin, there were probably dark circles under his eyes, and his muscles had degenerated to nothing. He looked at the Queen and saw that she looked exactly the same.

She hadn't aged a day, but he had.

I don't get it. He eyed the ageless Elf Queen's cleavage, then sighed. Why have I changed so much physically, and they haven't? Could this be the effect of using the Kyubi as a source of food?

Time in this dimension moved strangely, it seemed like nothing died of old age, they were either killed or eaten by the Youma.

She's actually not bad looking if you look past he fangs and pointy ears. "Why are you looking at me like that?" The Elf asked. She put a hand through her long red hair. "You've seen me before."

Yeah, I've seen your cleavage before. "Yes, but I am starting to wonder about your looks. I've always known you weren't human, so the age thing didn't bother me. But you aren't a demon either." Naruto's tired eyes looked at her with intensity. "Beryl, what are you?"

Beryl looked back at Naruto with ice. "I was once human." She stepped away from the cage. "But circumstances forced me to become what I am today."

A whore to Metlia? "A half demon?"

Beryl glared daggers at Naruto, and the man decided not to push it. "I didn't have a choice. If I didn't do something my planet would have been invaded by the Moon Kingdom." She looked at Naruto with such passion and fury that the man couldn't help but pay attention. "You know very well what the Moon Kingdom is capable of. If I hadn't summoned the demons to enlist me in my quest, do you think I would have stood a chance?"

Not one bit. "Maybe, if you planned carefully."

Beryl paused, then smiled grimly. "You are a horrible liar." She put a hand on her light blue cheek. "That's probably why your precious Queen Serenity kept you around for so long."

"My precious Queen Serenity tried to kill me on a regular basis," Naruto replied. "She never accepted me."


Because I would have taken my daughter far, far away from her poisonous city…but not before slitting her throat. "Because I was also once human."

The Queen considered this and sighed.

"I am not evil."

"You have an evil laugh." And a sinful body.

"You have an evil looking face," Beryl spat back, hotly. "Those jagged whisker marks and sharp teeth aren't exactly screaming 'Fairy King.'

Naruto had no answer to that. He tried not to laugh. Point.

"There is also the issue of your daughter." She snorted. "Are you really her father?"

Sometimes I wonder. "See the hair." He gestured to his long shaggy locks. "Where do you think she gets it from."

The Queen put up her hands in the air, as if to give up. "Forget I even asked. You never give me a straight answer." She shook her mane of exotic red hair. "It seems that diplomacy fails with you Moon Citizens."

The Queen walked away from the pit, and up the steps.

She stopped and turned around. "Remember, Uzumaki, my offer always stands. Serve me, and I will make you one of my Sky Generals."

Naruto waited for her to leave the prison, thought about the deal, and vomited the bile was holding in. This is what I think of your deal. "Work for the people who killed my daughter?" I'll only work to kill you, Witch.

Thousands of years passed and Naruto was still no closer to escape. Beryl had been careful, she didn't let anyone into the cage, anyone who would allow him to escape.

Until one day..

Naruto picked his teeth, removing the buildup of filth that had managed to crawl its way in there. He looked at the endless black sky. He hated this place, hated it with a passion. But how could he leave?

Even if he left the cage he wouldn't be able to leave this Sealed Dimension.

Queen Serenity had royally screwed him over this time.

The Four Generals stayed as far away from him as possible and the Youma only came to visit when they were hungry. They fed off his life energy, without giving any in return.

But that was part of his plan.

He estimated that within another year the life energy he'd been using from the nine tailed beast would no longer remain, and he'd die.

But he didn't want it to end like this. He couldn't let it just end like this. He wasn't naive enough to think that Queen Beryl and the Dark Kingdom killed his daughter, his daughter killed herself.

That was the problem.

He couldn't blame Beryl for her death, not exactly. She was a monster, true, but so was Queen Serenity. Both parties used genocide to provoke fear, and propelled their followers with ideals that only led to pointless destruction.

Over the past 10,000 years Naruto had been trying to understand the Dark Kingdom. The more he thought about the demons who lived here, the less sense they made. They were a cold, cruel race of monsters that lived to feed off life energy. Normally, they weren't even that bad if they got the food they need.

Queen Beryl purposely kept them hungry in order to control them. And Queen Beryl was being manipulated by the Great Demon Metalia. The Four Generals were on their own sides, and Naruto was getting a head ache just thinking about this group's Plan for World domination.

Whichever planet they managed to conquer would probably collapse due to the terrible governmental system of the Dark Kingdom.

This enemy just has no organization. None whatsoever.

How they managed to destroy the Moon Empire boggled Naruto's mind, though he had to admit that the Moon Kingdom was ruled by a leader who was just, if not more, insane than Queen Beryl.

"So, you are the infamous Na-Ruto," a voice said from the corner of his prison. Naruto glanced side ways to see a young man with a long silver pony tail. "You don't look like much."

Neither do you."And you must be Zoicite." Naruto didn't turn around from his spot, he was so tired. "Only a fool would come so close to my bars." The giant man frowned. " I can reach you, you know?"

"Try it," Zoicite said. "I'd destroy you."

Naruto huffed in a gust of air and stood up. He felt so weak, so tired. The Ninja could feel the last of the Nine-tails Chakra going into his heart to pump the last bit of energy it had left. He would die soon. He'd used up too much of the fox demon's energy. The fact that it lasted the past 10,000 years, as a source of food, was a miracle that he was grateful for.

He stood in front of Zoicite, looking at him snidely through the bars. "So, you're Kunzite's butt-bitch." He smiled at the young man's furious expression. "Heh, you're cuter than Queen Beryl."

Zoicite reached out into the bar to slap him. Big mistake, oh god, what a mistake. "Gottcha."

Naruto's large grimy hands had Zoicite's small feminine one. Zoicite tried to pull away, but Naruto would not let go. Zoicite tried to scream for help, but Naruto pulled his arm close to the bar, slamming his mouth onto the energy sapping steel. The pony tailed General was about to use a beam of black lightning, when another hand shot past the bar, cracking his entire body into the prison.

"Now…I may not be what I was 10,000 years ago, but I'm no idiot." The shaggy man twisted Zocite's hand, and stopped him from screaming by shoving a fist into his mouth. You're going to be my ticket out of here, General Zoicite.

"General Kunzite, please, you have to take a look at this." A winged demon girl said. "This isn't going to be pretty."

Kunzite walked to a spot near the barrier of their prison. A year ago the Barrier to the Earth had weakened and the children of the Dark Kingdom could once again travel out of their Prison Dimension ,sealed in the bottom of the Arctic, and back to the Holy Land, which was now modern Japan.

The Dark General stood outside of the opened gate. It seemed like someone had sent a Youma into the state of Japan.

"Master Kunzite, please, this way. It's Master Zoicite…"

Kunzite saw the mutilated body next to the opened gate. His roar shook the foundation of the Dark Kingdom. Even Queen Beryl let a small tremor pass her defenses.

When Beryl discovered what happened, and who Zoicite let escape, there was a blood bath of monstrous proportions in the heart of the Dark Kingdom. Orders of finding Uzumaki Naruto were scrawled onto every message letters in the Dark Network.

"I want his head," the Queen ordered, "I don't care what you have to do, who you have to kill, which city you have to ravish, no one, absolutely no one, escapes the Dark Kingdom!"

The Youma were to apprehend him at all cost.

"Sir, hold on." A small girl with blue hair said, dragging a battered man through the rainy street. "My mother's clinic is just up ahead."

The girl wore a blue school uniform, fashioned to look like a sailor. Thick black glasses adorned her eyes, and a heavy bag was slung over her shoulder. Despite the weight she was carrying, she still took her time to drag the man.

This was a feat in itself since the man was more than twice her height, and probably weighed three time as much.

The girl, Mizuno Ami, had found the man in the middle of a Tokyo street. The little genius was running home from cram school when a storm arrived. This was followed by a hail of rain, and thunder. The man, who she did not know the name of, just appeared out of the nowhere and fell unto the middle of the street.

Ami, fearing for his safety, had dragged him off the lanes and unto the sidewalk.

It was there that she realized the full extent of the man's injuries. It appeared as if he' been tortured, starved, beaten, over and over again.

She'd tried to drag him the entire way to her clinic, but it was getting difficult. "Sir, if you can walk just a bit more, it would really help me out," she pleaded. Ami's legs gave in and she fell onto the rainy street, scratching her knee on the pavement. "I don't want to leave you here, but I can't carry you anymore."

Before the thirteen year old could say anymore, the man's dark blue eyes looked at her with recognition and he nodded. He got off her shoulder, and limped beside her.

Ami stood up and looked down at her bleeding knee, then looked back at him.

He looked concerned that he'd hurt her.

"It's not your fault, sir," she said. "I was clumsy..if I was stronger this wouldn't have happened." If I was stronger the kids at school wouldn't bully me.

Ami watched the man look at her for a moment, then moved in front of him. "This way, follow me."

And he did.

Naruto sat on the bed as the blue haired girl made stitches on his back. Since her mother wasn't in her home/clinic, she took it upon herself to help him. The girl asked if he needed anesthetics, and he politely declined.

Fortunately for Naruto Ami was very good at what she did, so he hardly felt a thing.

She asked him simple questions while she stitched his back: what was his name, where he came from, what he did for a living. During this conversation Naruto couldn't help but be amazed at one simple fact.

Ami talked in the same language as the Elemental Nations.

When Naruto asked her how she talked Elemental Dialect, she politely told him that she spoke Japanese. Naruto found that to be peculiar, but didn't question her on that.

He knew this was another planet, in another universe, so what she said was probably right. Besides, he'd been trapped in a Sealed Dimension for the past 10,000 years. He had much bigger problems to take care of.

Mainly the Dark Kingdom.

"All done," Ami said. "Here, I'll show you."

The girl took out a mirror and showed him his back. Naruto had to admit the girl did good work, given her age. Though he didn't have much to go by to compare how good she really was. His knowledge of medicine was limited.

"Thank you," he said. Slowly, he frowned. "I…I don't have any money to pay you."

The girl smiled softly at him."I am not a real doctor, you don't have to pay me." She turned around and opened up a kit full of needles. "I am going to give you some antibiotics, this might sting a little."

It stung a lot.

"It's better now," Ami said, fixing her glasses. She looked tired, so worn out. "Is there any place in your body that hurts?"

Everywhere. "No, I am fine." He stood up, only to collapse and fall onto the floor. Ami bent down to help him up. Naruto was grateful. "Maybe not."

The girl lead him to a nursing bed, and put a white sheets over his damaged form. "Don't move, my mother will be here shortly. She'll give you a much better evaluation than me."

She took a seat next to the bed. "So, Uzumaki-san, how exactly did you get injured?"

Mizuno Saeko, a somewhat respected Family Physician, didn't know what to say seeing her daughter talk excitedly with, what looked to be, some kind of homeless man. She was thrilled that her shy daughter talked at all, but certainly not ecstatic that she chose to associate herself with a bum.

Though she had to admit the man she was talking to did have potential.

Blond hair, animal like blue eyes, a gigantically tall frame, as if he was a spawn of gladiators or warriors, and a rough look about him that spoke 'Man among men.' Which made the mother even more uncomfortable.

The man was simply too old for Ami, far, far too old.

In any case she would have to let them know she had arrived. She coughed once, then twice, then three times to get their attention.

Ami turned in her direction and flushed. "Sorry, mother, I was just talking about Ancient Kanji with Mr. Uzumaki here, he seems to be an expert at listing all the characters the Japanese used back in the Asuka period." Her daughter looked excited. "He read an old text as if it were a newspaper article, I didn't understand half of what the characters meant, but he didn't have a problem with it."

That got a raised eyebrow from the doctor.

So her daughter had found a bum who could decipher old texts? Why wasn't someone with that kind of knowledge working in Tokyo University? It took years of training to read older characters, and this man in front of her was supposed to be some kind of expert?

He didn't look much older than her.

"Ah, yes." She said carefully. "Very interesting, Ami, but don't you think it's a bit late to be talking to a patient? You do have school tomorrow."

Her daughter frowned, but didn't talk back. She was a good girl. "Yes, mother." Ami looked back at the beast-like man, said her goodbyes, and walked up the stairs.

"Now, let me take a look at you." Dr. Mizuno pulled down the sheets and tried not to gasp at the extent of the man's injuries. "This is going to take some time." The blue haired woman looked at the man's shaggy face. "Do you have health insurance by any chance?"

Naruto looked at his medical bill and scowled. "So your saying I have to pay back all of this within a period of…"

"Five years, Mr. Uzumaki, six if I am generous," Dr. Mizuno said, not looking up from her work. She was writing lists of prescriptions for other patients. "You don't seem to have any ID on you, so I am going to have you to fill out these forms. Start with your address and work down."

Naruto looked at the sheet and his scowled deepened. "There is a problem. You see I don't have an address, nor do I have ID. I..guess you can say I am not from around here."

Dr. Mizuno stopped writing and looked up at the man quizzically. Her bright blue eyes widening. "Are you saying you are an illegal immigrant?"

The last Uzumaki had a feeling he was going to have to repeat his story again, only this time he wasn't sure if the person was going to believe him. "Not exactly, see it all started with this Jutsu called Chibaku Tensai…"

Of course the mother did not believe his story.

Until he showed her his Shadow Clone.

"Mr. Uzumaki, Headmaster Dr. Tomoe would like to see you now."

Naruto got up from his seat and gelled back his hair. He looked down, making sure his white suit was perfectly clean. Satisfied, he nodded to the receptionist and proceeded to the Headmaster's Office.

Dr. Tomoe was supposed to be a world famous geneticist. He ran an academy that catered to children ages eleven all the way to the end of high school.

Most of the kids who went to this school were from wealthy families. There were also a large number of scholarship students as well. The Professors of this institution were supposed to be the best in their field, and often taught advanced classes.

The school specialized in everything from biotechnology to mysterious ancient languages.

Naruto, after buying identification from the Yakuza and the black market, needed to find a job to pay back Dr. Mizuno. Fortunately, Ami's mother had a friend, Dr. Tomoe, who ran an academy.

"You must be Uzumaki Naruto." A regal looking man with grey hair and large circular spectacles came out of the shadows of the room. For some reasons the man felt evil, while he was in the shadows.

When he stepped out into the light, that aura seemed to disappear. "Let's get this interview started, shall we?"

Naruto took a seat on a chair.

"If you don't mind I'd like for you to read these texts. These are from the Meiji Era and Edo Period. I also have a few documents from the Heian period. Most of it is old world, or abandoned Kanji, if you can correctly read even half of them, you get the job."

Naruto proceeded to do just that.

There wasn't a shred of Kanji, Hiragana, or Katakana he couldn't read.

"Class, since the Ancient Japanese Text Professor is on maternity leave, you will be having a substitute teacher." Dr. Tomoe pointed to the door. "Please give a warm welcome to Uzumaki Naruto."

The class gasped when a rough looking man with gelled back blond hair, and shockingly vicious eyes casually walked into the room. His dark complexion contrasted greatly with his white suit.

His fox-like eyes trailed up and down everything in the room, as if looking for traps.

He walked to his seat and put his hands on the chair. Immediately the chair collapsed. "Hmm, I almost didn't see this one." The man opened his drawer and caught a rocket that flew out. The rocket exploded in his thick hands. "Now, this is new."

"Yes, kids today are inventive," the Professor said dryly. He turned to face the class. "I might also warn you that Mr. Uzumaki has been trained in lethal combat." The class held their breath. "Though injuring a student is against school policy, accidents do happen in this Academy." The man said the last part with a twisted smile.

Naruto almost missed that part, but not quite.

"Carry on, Professor Uzumaki."

For a second, I thought I felt the presence of a great evil on him…man I've been in the Negaverse for too long. Naruto watched Tomoe-sensei walk out the door, then turned to face the class. "Please make introductions, starting with you at the front…yes, you, hiding a hammer underneath your desk."

Ami grimaced as she watched piles after piles of dead lab rats topple down her locker. After dealing with this the tenth time this week, one would have imagine she'd get used to it, but she didn't.

That was the problem. She didn't know how to deal with conflict, her passive nature wouldn't let her. No matter how angry she was at someone, she just couldn't find it in herself to tell them how she really felt.

Sighing she scooped up her math text book and ignored the whispers behind her back.

Mugen Institute was an Elitist school, meaning most of the students attending knew each other from an early grade. There were branches in the school system that catered to children younger than herself, and since Ami had just transferred here, and taken the top spot she felt somewhat isolated.

Ami was never good at making friends. She had a hard time talking to people, fearing rejection. She was perfectly capable of helping others with their homework, but knew when she was being used.

it hurt her to think that almost every student she met hated her for her intelligence, or just wanted to use her for that particular gift.

Not to say that everyone she had met up until now was bad, but most were.

Up until now she didn't have to deal with major bullying, but things were spiraling out of control. When she'd received a scholarship to Mugen she hoped that things would be different, that she might be able to connect with the intelligent students that went to this school, but that didn't seem to be the case.

Instead, things were worse than ever.

Her classmates where the sons and daughters of important people, and while Ami's mother was a family physician, Dr. Mizuna didn't command as much respect as a member of the Japanese DIET, or a member of one of the Noble Families.

"Ami, what the hell is going on," a worried voice spoke up from behind her. It sounded familiar. "Are those Dr. Tome's lab rats?"

The short haired girl turned to see the gigantically tall frame of Uzumaki Naruto. She was shocked to see him wearing a lab coat, as if he just came out of an Archeology lab, or a Bio-tech facility.

"Oh, sorry," the substitute Professor said, "I forgot to tell you, your mother got me an interview." He smiled at her. "Dr. Mizuno didn't think I would get the job…I am planning to surprise her."

Ami tried not to giggle seeing her mother's reaction to that, then looked at the rats on the floor and her mirth stopped. "Yes..I am sure she would be surprised." The youngest Mizuno didn't want Mr. Uzumaki to know of her school life, he might tell her mother. Then her mother would get involved and she might get transferred, again.

This happened every time. Where ever she went. It was like she was cursed. "I…I have to go."

The man's gigantic hand touched her shoulder, stopping her where she stood. "Wait right there, Miss Mizuno." He stared at the book she was holding. "Is that Ancient Japanese Text."

The girl nodded reluctantly. "It's my elective. I don't have many non-science classes, and foreign language was full. Not that I don't like ancient texts, or lost kanji, it's just that-,"

Naruto cut her off, smiling at her faux pas. "No need to make excuses. I know, I know. It isn't exactly very useful, learning how to decipher bits and pieces of a language you already know." He put the girl to his side and gestured for her to follow. "Did you do your homework, it's due today."

"Of course I did!" the girl shot back, scandalized. "I finished it, wait, how do you know we have something due today?"

Naruto stopped, turned around, and gave the petite girl a large toothy smile. "Which class do you think I teach in this school?"

"So, you haven't told the councilors, yet," Naruto said, trying not to bash his head against the chalk board. Frustrating little girl. He leaned back against the chair, his shirt open, his tie hanging on the desk.

He turned to face the shy bluenette standing in front of him in the empty class room. "And you wonder why things are this bad?"

"If I tell the councilors things will only get worse," Ami replied. "They always do. I am not stupid, Uzumaki-san, I mean, sensei. They'll tell their parents, and the parents will contact the school, make a few donations, and , in the end, the only one to suffer will be me."

Naruto scoffed. "You have a flare for exaggeration." He put hand over his eye, trying not to look at the hurt look the girl gave him. He knew she poured her heart into this, but he didn't have time for her hysterics. "Have you tried talking to Dr. Tomoe by any chance?"

Ami tried not to shiver, but failed.

So I am not the only who thinks there is something wrong with him. "I see," Naruto said, slowly. He shrugged. "I don't blame you. I mean, he hired me, and I don't even have a Bachelors degree."

"I thought you bought a fake Bachelors of Anthropology on the black market." Ami didn't like the idea of purchasing fake documentation, but she made an exception for Uzumaki Naruto. Being from another planet tends to exempt a person from a lot of rules. "Didn't they check out when he confirmed them?"

"Honestly? I don't know if the good Doctor checked my document's validity. I mean, a quick call to Osaka U, and they'll find that Uzumaki Naruto never went to that university…but enough of this, why didn't you tell the school councilors?"

Ami took a long time to think about her answer.

When it came to her it barely come out as a whisper. "I was ashamed."

She tried not to look sad, but failed as a single tear drop escaped from her eye. "I am ashamed that I couldn't fix this problem on my own."

Naruto made no comment.

He turned to face the window, then turned back to face her. "I used to have the same problem."

"You were bullied in school?"

"No…I was bullied wherever I went." He stood up, towing over her like a sky scraper. "I am not going to go into details, but the level of violence I experienced growing was far, far worse than what you deal with."

He looked at her harshly. "I am sorry, I have very little sympathy."

Ami started to sob, but before she could break down, something happened. She started to feel…angry.

She had opened her heart to this man, this man who she saved, and he spat it back to her face.

How dare he do this to her?

What gave him the right?

She was a girl for heaven's sake!

Physical violence may not have been a regular occurrence to her, but emotional violence could hurt just as deep.

"Did I make you angry?" Mr. Uzumaki said, frowning. "I probably did. But before you yell at me think about this: Are you angry at me, or are you angry at someone else."


"Good answer." He laughed. "So what are you going to do about it?"

"Take care of it?"


She looked out the window, where her classmates were playing. Once again they didn't let her join, refusing to let her into their group. Ami became so mad, so furious, and something in her snapped.

"How are you going to fix it?" Naruto repeated. "How?"

Ami closed her eyes, then opened them. Naruto felt those cold blue eyes look at him with frost. He didn't pity the fools who bullied her.

"I am smart." She directed her icy glare at her classmates. "I'll think of something."

Naruto walked ahead of Ami, giving the girl time to collect herself.

They had been dismissed from school early due one of the chemistry lab blowing up.

Naruto thought It was interesting to note that the only beaker that didn't explode, while the students were titrating chemicals in a hot-plate, was the beaker that belonged to Mizuno Ami.

Said girl was hyper ventilating. "I can't believe I did that." She looked so mortified."I am going to get expelled."

Naruto shrugged and continued to walk ahead of her. "Doubt it. They have to catch the culprit first." He pulled out a cigarette from his pocket and was about to light it when he saw a sign. Help wanted at the HIrakawa Shrine.

He turned to Ami who looked at the older man, puzzled. "Looks like they need a team to set up for the upcoming festival." He pointed at the Shrine's entrance. "I think I am going to apply, you want to come?"

Hino Rei prided her strength.

She wasn't physically strong, but even when the odds were against her there was a fire in her that refused to die. That fire stopped many school yard bullies in their tracks, since none of them wanted a taste of the girl's heated rage.

Today she had a feeling that rage wouldn't come in handy against the snake-like creature that was crushing her like a cracker. "Don't struggle, it will all be over." The creature's top half was that of a beautiful woman, while the bottom was that of a serpent.

Rei thought it looked familiar, she just couldn't place where. "A shame, Rei, if you hadn't found out my identity it wouldn't have ended this way.

The creature didn't look particularly sorry.

Just when Rei was sure her spine was going to break, the creature was lifted off the ground, pulled away from her body, and flung against the wall. Rei tried not to gasp when she saw a giant of a man almost three times her height walk towards the serpent with confident stride.

Holy shit, who the hell is that? He sure as hell doesn't look Japanese. The dude looks like a reject from Nazi Germany. "Don't approach her, she's dangerous." Rei tried to stand up, but felt a crack on her knee and looked down to see that it was twisted. Shit!

Someone's hand touched her shoulder, and she turned to see a scared looking girl, about her age, looking at her with concern. "Are you alright?"

"No, I am not," Rei said. "My ankle's busted. I don't think running is an option for me."

The blue haired girl nodded and let Rei lean on her.

Rei took a few steps back with the girl, who called herself Ami, and flinched when she heard the snake-beast scream. She looked back to see the tall European/American looking man break the creature's head with a plank of wood.

A moment later the thing disappeared to dust, as if it never existed in the first place.

Who are these people? "What was that?"

"That, little girl, is none of your concern," the blond man said, wiping some dust off his suit. He looked at her foot."The Mizuno Clinic is nearby, you might want to get that looked over to see if you need surgery." He then pointed to a sign. "Then I am going to ask if that Help Wanted sign is still valid."

"So what I was fighting was a Youma of the Dark Kingdom?" Rei asked. Naruto found her glare impressive, and, oddly enough, familiar. "You expect me to believe that horse shit?" Her deep purple eyes held a fury that could hardly be caged. "I am not an idiot!"

Yes, you are. "I didn't say anything about you being stupid." Though you are acting somewhat retarded right now. "All I ask is that you keep an open mind." He sat down on a chair facing her. A short woman, who looked like an older version of Ami, took a seat beside him. "Today, you can stay over at the clinic..if that's okay with Dr. Mizuno."

The woman beside Mr. Uzumaki nodded, though she did this reluctantly. Rei could tell this wasn't a woman who gave out charity easily. "Your knee caps needed to be casted."

She put a hand on Rei's shoulder, causing said girl look at the taller woman with distrust. "You may also ask some questions to Professor Uzumaki."

Rei's eye brows twitched.

Naruto could tell she didn't believe he had a Phd, and he didn't blame here. He didn't have one, and he probably would never get one. "Take a rest, Hino-san, things will look better in the morning."

Of course, that was a lie.

"I don't need you to walk me to school!" the girl shouted, pointing her fingers at the two people following her. "I am a big girl, you know?"

Naruto chortled, and Ami frowned. "You were attacked yesterday, we thought that we should see if you are alright," Ami said. "You seem pretty shaken from last afternoon. You've been shouting and screaming all the way here."

Rei tried not to blush. "Um, I am always like this."

Professor Uzumaki snorted. "Right, see, I told you." He put a giant hand on the Mugen student's head and patted It roughly. The Miko flinched, the Professor may have found it adorable, but those rough hands looked heavy.

She felt sort of bad for Ami. Damn that girl's boyfriend looks like he could break her. Wonder how they do it…

"We'll see you tomorrow then, have a nice day, Rei."

"Don't call me Rei," she muttered. I probably won't see you weirdoes again.

"So…are you going to do something about it." Ami tried to keep up with the fast pace of her Professor. "You know, the Dark Kingdom."


"They are trying to conquer the world," Ami sighed. "Though from what you told me, they were here before our civilization so It's more like they are reclaiming the planet."


"You don't particularly care do you?"

I am waiting for something. I need a sign. It's not time yet. "Oh, I care. I still want my revenge…it's just that I don't have the power yet." Naruto grabbed Ami, and threw her over the Mugen Academy fence, causing the girl to yelp. "I can't seem to activate Sage Mode."

"Sage Mode?" She patted her rear, it hurt "Sounds kind of weak."

"You'd be surprised." He lifted the girl to her feet, and dragged her to the school. "So did you do your homework?"

Ami looked like she was going to hyperventilate, again.

Naruto wandered around the city looking for more Youma. He needed more information about the Dark Kingdom's activities. He was sure they weren't going to just let him run free in the town without just reason.

It's almost time. These guys are everywhere, pretty soon I'll have to go on the offensive.

So far he gathered that they were after life energy, since the Dark Kingdom was surely lacking at that department.

His first clue was a strange jewel shop where a rather attractive woman, with a long red pony tail, and thin purple dress, was giving away jewels.

Naruto wasn't a fan of business, since merchants often didn't sell things to him, but he knew that giving away gold certainly did not equate to a high profit margin.

He found out later that everyone who bought the jewels were found in a mysterious coma a few days later, prompting him to believe that the jewels were designed to take the life energy of the wearer.

Naruto thought about stopping their plans, but figured that since no one was dying, yet, he didn't need to interfere..

Queen Beryl needed the Earth in one piece if she was going to rule it, and the population did not accept Monarchs who killed left and right, even if history said otherwise.

Eventually his walks brought him to the shadier part of Tokyo: Nerima District. He dropped off the money he owed the Yakuza for his identification and took a stroll through one of the worse neighborhoods. For some reason the Dark Kingdom never came to these parts. It was the perfect hide out for their bases, but they chose sites that were conspicuous.

More proof that the Kingdom is run by fools. "If I still had the Kyubi's power, the summoning scrolls, and a one subordinate, I could probably take over the Dark Kingdom in a day." He shook his head, then snorted. "Yeah, me, the Dark Lord Naruto."

There was a nice ring to it, though it sounded more like an evil fish cake than anything else.

"Crazy bitch, what is your problem?" A boy, wearing glasses, yelled. "I already gave you my money, what more do you want?"

"Your shirt, drop it."

"Um, Kino-san, are you coming unto me…because I am flattered, but, er, I am already in a committed relationship-,"

"Fuck your relationship, Sempai. Now! Take it off! I am selling your shirt." Naruto snorted when he saw the short , dark haired boy get manhandled by a tall brunette, with a wavy pony tail. "Nothing personal. I just need the money."

"Right…this has nothing to do with me throwing away that love letter. Listen, Makoto, it's not that I don't like you. It's just that, er, I already had a girlfriend." Naruto shook his head as he heard a fist break on the boy's skull.

She then took a finger and japed into the boy's forehead, then-. "Oh god, my eye!"

"You're about to lose more than just your eye!" The girl, who Naruto noticed was wearing a middle school uniform, said. She continued to thrash the poor boy until he was unconscious.

Then she dropped him to the ground and pulled off all his valuables, stuffing them into her back pack. "Asshole! Ya could have at least said no ta ma face."

Pretty sure there is a good reason why he avoided saying that magic word. Naruto took this time to step out of the shadows.

In two steps he was in front of her.

Before she could say a word the man dealt a chop to her neck, rendering her unconscious.

"Let go of ma!" the thug-girl screamed. "I'll scream, I swear I'll scream and call da police!"

"Where do you thinking I am taking you, Makoto-san?" Naruto asked cheerfully. "I am sure as hell not bringing you to the Hirakawa Shrine for some mediation. You and Rei would probably murder each other if I did.

When Naruto finally got to the station he had a major problem.

The police weren't there.

The city seemed to be rampant with accidents, and mysterious crimes. Emergency calls were being placed everywhere, and criminals were having a ball in this confusion. Since the Dark Kingdom was zapping the life energy from people, thugs, thieves, robbers, rapists, and killers were performing their art on unconscious people.

Most of these unconscious people tended to be females, many of whom had purchased the Jewels from the store Naruto had passed earlier.

The Professor considered his next action carefully.

He could leave the girl at the station, where she might get stuck for a long, long time. Until someone saw her, or he could bring her somewhere that would hold her, somewhere with at least one or two martial artists.

He sighed. "I guess I am going to take you to the Hirakawa Shrine." Hopefully Rei's grandfather, a Shinto Priest and Kendo expert, would be able to keep Makoto out of trouble for a bit. "And I have to drop off your sempai at Dr. Mizuno's clinic."

Makoto grumbled, but it was still better than being sent to the station.

"Hey, kids, stop pickin' on dat cat!" Makoto yelled. She ran to the feline and pulled it out of a mess of boys. "What da hell is wrong with ya brats!?"

Kino Makoto would be the first to admit she wasn't a lady like girl.

She was tough, brash, thug-like, quick to temper, and, she hated this part, violent. Little wonder she didn't have a boy friend yet, no matter how hard she tried. The boy's her age made fun of her height, and the older guys, those who didn't just want to molest her, tended to already have girlfriends.

Oh, she could probably get herself an Otaku boyfriend easily, but she doubted such a relationship would work. She'd probably pound the boy if she ever caught'em ogling those hentai magazines with little girls in sailor style school uniforms, which was ironic since she herself wore a pair.

But, despite all this, Kino Makoto had a good heart.

She didn't bully anyone weaker than her (aside from boys) and she was kind to little kids, animals, and old people.

"I think you're going to crush that cat." She heard this from behind her, and she turned to see her captor.

The tall man took the cat off her hands and put it onto his shoulder.

She tried not to look afraid of him.

He was big. Real big. Like some kind of cave-man. "So, what do ya care?" She frowned. "It's just a cat. A weird one at dat, wit some bandage on its head."

She pointed at the black cat, the cat that was shaking on his shoulder.

"I don't care," the man said. He looked thoughtful.

There is something familiar about this kitten, but what? "Hmm, bandage. Maybe I should take this to the vet." He sighed. I'll have to pull off the bandage from her head to see what's there. "Alright, you're free."

The giant shooed her away. "Just don't get into more trouble, okay?"

Makoto smirked and ran. Her thoughts weren't friendly as she blitzed away. Fuck that, I am going to break your skull the next time I see you.

Luna was a talking cat. Luna was a talking cat with hidden memories. Luna's memories could only be activated when she found something from her past.

See, a long time ago, when the Moon Kingdom collapsed, Luna was given the task of finding out who the Sailor Senshi would be when they were re-incarnated.

When Queen Serenity sealed away the Dark Kingdom, she sealed away the Senshi, along with the Moon Princess, making it possible for them to be reborn to people of the Earth.

Luna, like Naruto, didn't remember what the Moon Princess or the Sailor Senshi looked like, it had been 10,000 years after all, but she did get flashes of things from the past when they were around.

Anyone who existed back in her memories triggered something in her, a memory, a code, an activation code.

So when she saw Uzumaki Naruto, the consort of Queen Serenity, flashes of memories from the Silver Millennium hit her like a hammer.

"Oh, Goddess! Servant Uzumaki! Is that you?"

"So Princess Serenity and the Sailor Senshi have been re-born?" Please, let it be. This is the answer I've been looking for. If they are alive, then I have a reason to fight them, Queen Beryl that is.

The cat smiled up at the giant man, tears in her eyes. "Yes, they are, Uzumaki." She rubbed her eye with her paw. "I am sorry, it's just, I've been traveling by myself for so long. I haven't found their reborn forms, and I was starting to lose hope."

Something clicked and her eyes hardened. "The Dark Kingdom is back."

"I know." But not for long. If my daughter really is alive, I have no choice but to destroy them. Naruto stood up, and dusted off his pants. He looked at Dr. Mizuno's clinic.

Dozens of people were unconscious. Dr. Mizuno was sleeping on one of the beds as well. "I think…I've waited long enough."

"What do you plan to do?"

"Something I should have done a long time ago." Something I am still reluctant to do. Naruto grimaced. "Stop them."

He went to a closet, and pulled out a trench coat. "Stop them before they hurt the Princess." He opened the door. "I know the first place to visit." Next stop, the Jewelry shop.

The cat followed not far behind.

The Jewel Store Clerk was screwed.

Queen Beryl was going to kill her. She knew it.

Leading their enemy, Uzumaki Naruto, who looked well armed and ready to kill, was a certain death sentence.

She was glad that before she could go any further in the entrance of the Dark Kingdom that a scalpel slid across her throat, turning her into ash.

"Sorry," Naruto muttered, putting the scalpel back in his pocket. "Can't have you running off to warn them."

Naruto put his fingers into a cross and gathered all the power he had left. "Kage Bunshin No Jutsu."

Queen Beryl watched in utter horror as her first general, Jedite, was flung through a wall and impaled on a spike.

Before she could demand what exactly happened Nephrite was flung across the floor, rolling several times before his face made impact with a boulder.

To Nephrite's credit he got up, and actually answered the Queen.

"We are under attack."

She directed her forces to stop the intruder and was shocked to see them blown away, as if a powerful gust of wind picked them up and flung them across the air.

The Youma weren't used to dealing with such powerful forces, but they wouldn't relent.

They kept charging the lone figure who casually limped across the Hall of the Dark Kingdom, where the audience of demons sent attacks ranging from fire to ice, hoping to strike the person down before he could get to her, Queen Beryl.

Queen Beryl, a person prone to shoot first, ask questions later, sent a powerful burst of magic through her scepter, hitting the person square on the chest, sending the person flying through the air and unto the wall.

Before she could be satisfied, the man turned to smoke, revealing him to be nothing more than an illusion.

An explosion rocketed the Dark Kingdom as she witnessed one of the walls caving in, revealing a giant man, a familiar man, in a large trench coat.

He looked haggard and tired as if he'd done a mile run, and then some.

The man limped towards the nearest Youma and punched it in the face with enough force to push the head off its body, turning the monster into dust.

The man turned around to face her, getting a gasp from the Queen.

"Uzumaki Naruto."

If the man heard her, he didn't make a reply.

He took the weapon the dusted Youma left behind and flung it at another Youma, who got out of the way of the tall blond's attack, charging at him with a speed rivaling a cheetah.

The man was flung back through the hole he made, getting a cheer from the demons.

Nephrite chose that moment to appear before the Queen. "My Queen, shall I get Kunzite and the DD girls?"

The Queen's harsh glare was his confirmation. "Get anyone you can." The Queen unleashed the seal of her power, covering her in a coat of red and dark green energy. "Today, we crush this pest."

Uzumaki Naruto blocked another punch from a Youma, and flipped over a half dozen of the creatures that followed.

They ranged in all shapes and sizes, and were all female.

He knew full well that their appearance were deceiving, and had been injured by at least one in the crowd.

He was glad Youma had such short memories, since they still hadn't picked up on his style.

Naruto used the body of one of the Youma to beat another Youma to death, then used that body as a spear to turn another Youma to dust. He moved out of the way of a giant ball of fire, and saw Nephrite charging for another blast, and teleported out of the way as a beam of black lightning came from the sky.

"Kunzite," Naruto whispered. About time you showed up, bastard.

"I have no words for you." Kunzite's eyes told Naruto all he needed to know. "You killed Zoicite. You killed my lover. Die."

The arctic night was filled with bolts of energy. The place glowed as the sky rained down electrical death to the ones below.

Naruto cursed that his wind elemental powers would do him little good in this situation since lightning was strong against his affinity. Taking a deep breath he unleashed more chakra through his coils and made another few clones.

He transformed it into a Shurinkan and threw it at Kunzite.

He was then hit by a barrage of dragon like fire, which wasn't surprising since Queen Beryl herself had just floated down to the Tundra floor to do battle.

Her staff was held high into the air and she looked every bit like the Death Goddess that she could potentially be. Opening up a crack in the sky she gathered monstrous black energy and flung them down to the earth.

Substituting himself for the transformed Shurinkan he threw earlier, Naruto found himself spinning in the air, to be caught by Kunzite's right fist, slamming him across the sky to a location where six girls, who looked like a multitude of colored pixies, flew at his direction.

DD girls. Beryl isn't pulling her punches. "I am guessing we can't talk about this?" he asked. The girls snarled, showing their fangs, and used their whips to wrap him up in mid air.

Naruto was held afloat for a fraction, before he unleashed a storm of cutting wind, slicing the whips and parts of the girls' wings.

Kunzite flew down at him at Mach 3 speeds to intercept his held a sword in his hand, and a ball of energy in the other.

Naruto substituted himself with a clone that was fighting on the ground and managed to escape Kunzite's strike.

Charging up his left hand he formed a Rasengan and slammed it into the face of the demon he was fighting, then ran down the row of monsters ,while he held the sphere of death in front of him. More demons started to dog pile him, and he expanded his Rasangan to a gigantic size, mixed it with Wind power, and threw it into the ground.

The power of the attack destroyed the legions of demons that were within the area, and many more fell as they crawled out of the Dark Kingdom.

Another beam of Pure Demonic Energy fell from the sky, as Beryl closed in on him. "You won't get away, Uzumaki." Naruto could see the power building in her. He could see the Demon Metalia slowly manifesting, but it was only a fraction of the Great Demon's power.

He still had a chance.

"I've already gotten away," Naruto answered her. He looked around him, and noticed that they were all here. Every last person he was going to need to kill was here. "You've fallen for my trap."

The injured man closed his eyes, letting the energy of the environment surround him.

The arctic did not have much visible life, but it still had far more than the Crystal Palace. Slowly Naruto's eyes turned to do that of a frog.

The Arctic energy wasn't he energy he wanted.

He reached deeper to his surroundings and found it.

He found his own Chakra. He found his own Chakra in every living being in the Dark Kingdom.

And he pulled his Chakra out of them.

This wasn't fair.

They, which she meant herself and her minions, had the advantage.

They had him outnumbered.

They had him cornered. He had walked into their trap.

They were more powerful, they had a strategy, they were cunning, they were the bad guys..but they were losing.

"Kunzite, Nephrite, DD girls!" she screamed. "Why are you crawling on your knees!? After him!"

"I am surprised they can even do that," Uzumaki said, limping towards Beryl. The Queen saw the giant man support himself with a stray Youma leg. He passed the forms of the moaning, twitching creatures around him. "Given how I just took back all the Chakra you've been zapping from me over the past 10,000 years."

"That's..impossible." She backed away from the man's battered form. For some reason his eyes had crosses in them. "We feed on energy all the time, no one should be able to pull it back."

Naruto laughed.

He grinned at her with his twisted, sharp teeth. His cross shaped eyes gave her the chills.

"Sage Mode." He pointed to his eyes. "I use my Chakra to pull the Natural Chakra in the environment and make myself stronger."

"Wait, that's not right. "He shook his head. "The energy you've been collecting for the past 10,000 years wasn't my life energy, Beryl, it was form of extremely Malignant Natural Chakra that manifested itself as a Chakra beast."

The Queen looked confused. Naruto didn't bother expanding. "Basically, you've been feeding your henchmen food that I could have easily pulled back into myself. Just like a Shadow Clone chakra coming back into my body, this Chakra you used works the same way." He smiled. "Didn't you ever wonder why I didn't break out of the cell so quickly?"

"I thought it was the energy sapping chains."

Naruto laughed. "No, part of it was, but not exactly."

He was now facing her, and Queen Beryl felt vastly small near his towering form. "I had to make sure every last one of you fuckers had a piece of my Chakra in you, I had to make sure that every last one of you had a tag that I could pull back into me, I didn't want to leave a single roach out."

He sneered at the furious Queen. "Though, I probably wouldn't have used it…I had no reason to use it, unless I was pushed." He paused. "Unless I was given a good reason to."

"What made you change your mind," the Queen said, defiant. "Why kill us now?"

"The Moon Princess and the Senshi live."

The Queen's eyes widened and she cursed. "I'll kill them."

"You won't." He put a hand on the Queen's throat and lifted her off the ground. The Queen continued to look defiant. Naruto had to give her some credit.

"I have an alternate proposition for you and the Dark Kingdom. You can't live unless I push back the Kyubi Chakra back into your army, and I honestly don't want to have to commit genocide today."

He threw the Queen on the Arctic floor and sat down beside her."Now, tell me what you know about the Moon Kingdom's enemies."


"Humor me."

"There are a lot of them," she said, thinking about the number. "There is Nemesis. They live on a tenth planet in the outer realms of the System."

"Do you think there is chance they might attack the Earth?" Naruto asked. "Even a bit?"

The Queen scowled. "Yes."

"Good." Naruto's eyes narrowed. "Who else."

"Pharaoh and Mistress 9 want their revenge on Queen Serenity and Pluto. They are probably stronger than my forces, though they require more fuel to function. Mostly, I believe they actually kill their victims. I can't say I know any more about them," she said, reluctantly. "Though they are enemies of the Earth as well…what are you getting by this?"

"I'll let you know in a second." He looked at the bodies of Youma around him. They were evil, they were ugly, but killing an entire race just because he could wasn't right. Plus, they had not killed any people yet. He turned back to the Queen. "Anyone else."

The Queen gulped. "The Dead Moon. Their Queen is the Equal of the Moon Goddess, Serenity, though I have yet to see if this was proven." Then her eyes widened. She trembled, and tried not to look afraid.. "Oh, god. Chaos and Sailor Galaxia is also another enemy of the Earth and Moon Kingdom. I heard she was just a legend, but if you are bringing this up...then maybe..."

"You're starting to see it, aren't you?" Naruto shook his head. "You want to destroy the sailor senshi. I get that, I really do. They are aliens from another planet that want to rule the world. You, Beryl, have more claim to the Throne of the Earth, than they do. Add to the fact that you are an Earthling, and that you actually use Earth magic, you at least have some understanding of how important it is that this planet survives."

"Earth is my home," she said weakly. He gestured to the dead landscape. "It's not much, but I was not going to let the Crystal Witch take it away from me. A false Utopia, is no Paradise."

Naruto nodded. "But you see that the senshi are not the real enemy, don't you? You defeat the senshi and suddenly when the next bad guy comes along, you have to deal with them on your own."

Pluto, I understand now. I get why you did what you did. But don't think I am going to be used. I am changing the future once and for all. Naruto looked at her, really trying to get the point across. "Why waste your time trying to kill four little girls and my daughter, when you should be worried about powerful forces stronger than you. Forces that want to rule the entire universe?"

Naruto pointed to the sky. "I am not an astronomer, but I think even you know that there has been a lot of unusual space activity going on. Big things are coming, monsters far more powerful than these Youma you summoned are going to ravage the Earth, and when the time comes we are going to need all the help we can get."

The Queen didn't say anything, she looked at the man coldly then turned away. "And what do you get out of this?"

Everything! "I get to make sure you don't hurt anyone I care about, again. I get to make sure your demons are kept under control, I get to make sure that the next time some bad guy comes along, I have you to deal with it. I can probably find the Senshi and train them, but fuck that, you're already a trained warrior. I am going to use you, I am going to let you off the hook."

He stood up, her on the ground, and him almost in the air. Behind him were thousands of writhing bodies. He looked back at them and then looked back at her.

"See this? The Dark Kingdom, it's mine, Beryl. Remember that, the energy that keeps your Youma alive is my Chakra. I control my Chakra. I can turn my Chakra to food and I can turn Chakra to death. Remember this, my Chakra is poison in more ways than one. You've made me use this, it's your fault."

He turned away from her and limped towards the horizon. His back was heavy as if it held the fate of an entire universe.

"If I ever see your demons gathering enough energy to put someone in a coma, put the people I met here in danger, I promise you, by the six paths of hell, I'll return and kill you, very, very, very slowly."

Then he vanished, leaving Queen Beryl feeling like she'd just accepted a deal with the devil.

Only this one was going to take more than just her soul.

On a park, in the middle of Tokyo City, a blue haired girl sat on public bench feeding birds.

For good reason the majority of the park's residence had their eyes glued to where the girl was sitting, not because there was anything particular odd about her.

No, it was the giant person sitting beside her.

He looked like he'd been beaten, stabbed, drowned, shocked, set on fire, and had this process repeated over and over again. He wore a cast on his arm and leg, and burn salves all over his face.

Only one of his eyes were working, and he was breathing very quickly, as if he'd just finished running a marathon run.

"So you took care of the Dark Kingdom?" the girl asked, her words sounding very meek. "Without me?"

The man looked annoyed. "…and what exactly would you have contributed to the battle." He scratched one of his eyes, there was an eye patch over it. "What would you do? Out think them to death?"

The short girl frowned. "Not fair, Professor."

"I am joking," the man sighed. He looked up ahead to see two girls fighting up ahead. He rubbed his temples and glowered. "Ami, did you invite Makoto and Rei?"

Ami looked puzzled. "Makoto…Oh! You mean that girl who found you passed out in the Nerima area?"

Naruto's eyes twitched. "Please, don't mention that name." He got up, towering over her. "I didn't know the Portal back from the Arctic lead back to that crazy place. "I almost had my head chopped blow off by some guy named Ryoga, blown up by his crazy rival, Ranma, then chased down by a mob of his fiancées when I punched the fucker's lights out."

Professor Uzumaki's twitching eye brow was enough to let Ami know not to go any further with this topic. "In either case, Makoto's been really helpful in the clinic. She's bringing in new patients every day."

"Probably because she's the one beating them up," Naruto muttered. "Anyway, the two of them look like they are about to kill each other."

The bandaged man got up, picked up a walking stick and slowly walked to the raging darkette and furious brunette.

Before Makoto could punch the shorter girl with a swipe, and the shorter girl hit the girl back with a leg sweep, he moved between the two and caught a fist on one hand and a foot on the other. "Ladies, that's enough." He gave a push in either direction and the two girls fell on either side of him. "Can't we just enjoy this day in the park?"

Rei immediately started ranting about how that wouldn't be possible until 'gangster girl' said sorry for bumping into her. This prompted said gangster to retaliate, saying that it was Rei who bumped into her. Naruto was pretty sure both were to blame, since neither was likely to apologize to the other. Ami eventually walked up to the two and tried to get them to stop, and, to the Uzumaki's astonishment, they did just that.

Ami, who had difficulty talking to her classmates, seemed a lot more comfortable with the two girls she had only met recently.

One of whom beat up her sempai for lunch money, while the other yelled, shouted, and raged at everything she saw.

The three of them were having some kind of make-shift picnic, one that Naruto had to pay for out of his own pocket, and promptly started having a debate about whether or not he, Professor Uzumaki, was her boyfriend, which made the shy blunette blush redder than a stop sign, too bad the two girls wouldn't let the subject drop and asked her if every part of Uzumaki-sensei was 'in-proportion.'

"Girl's today, why I never!" Luna said, sitting on Naruto's shoulder. Naruto leaned back against a tree. He looked at the sky. "Disgusting they think your Ami's boyfriend…that Rei girl asked if you pass out on top of Ami, when your done...never mind.. dirty, filthy minded girl!" The talking cat's glare was impressive to say the least.

Luna then turned to face the tired looking man. "I've looked all over the city. I can't find any trace of the Moon Princess, but that doesn't mean I've stopped looking."

"I figured as much." He patted the cat's head with his hand, if he wanted to he could crush little kitten like a grape. Of course he wouldn't do that, animal cruelty was wrong.

Some probably wondered what a person like him was doing chaperoning a group of thirteen year olds.

" Queen Beryl won't bother the scouts if you ever do find out who they are. My memories of them are hazy at best, and for some reason I can't see the Moon Princess's face in my memory, at all. It's like there is some kind of spell in place to hide her identity."

"Wouldn't surprise me if that was the case," the cat replied. It started to yawn. "Queen Serenity has some powerful Memory Hiding/Sealing Spells."

"She seems to have a powerful everything, how convenient," Naruto said bitterly.

He looked towards the street, where another fight was happening. This time it was between some blond girl with pig tails, and a tall, good-looking man on a motor bike. "

Hold on, I'll have to break this one up to." The cat followed. "Seems like everywhere I go I am breaking up fights."

"Or causing them."

"That too."

"That pigtailed has an attitude doesn't she?" a tanned, green haired woman asked Naruto. "Acts like she owns the park, as if she were a Princess."

Naruto ignored the tall crimson-eyed woman, but had to admit the exotic female had a fantastic body.

Her purple business-suit hugged her in all the right places.

Bad thoughts, Naruto. Shaking his head, he turned back to the scene. Plus, she's way too young for you.

"I'm Miss Meioh," the woman said, smiling at his exasperated face. "I own an exclusive firm. You may have heard of Meoh Incorporated. We deal in lucrative, obscure projects." She handed him a business card...

...with her personal cell number on it.

"Dr. Tomoe might have mentioned your company once or twice," Naruto mumbled, trying to think of an excuse to get rid of the woman. She was bringing up naughty images in his head, very naughty ones indeed. "Listen, can we talk later? There is something I need to do."

The woman gestured to the fighting couple. "Please, be my guest." She walked past him. "You might say, I have all the time in the world."

Naruto could have sworn he felt someone pinch his butt cheeks as she walked past. God, I really need to get laid, wonder if I should ask Dr. Mizuno out? Then thought what Ami would say to that. Hmm, better not.

"Look! You crazy meatball headed bitch if I ever see you again, I am going to run you over with this bike!" To emphasize his point he revved up the engine. "These tires are going to turn your brain to paste, ya hear me?"

"Screw you, Ichiba!" the short, blond haired girl shouted back. Her blue eyes slowly filled with comedic tears. "And don't call me meatball head!"

"Dango-ball head!"

"Sunglasses- at-night Homo!"

"Ball Slut!"

"That's it Ichiba! I am going to break your teeth!"

These little shits are going to be a the death of me. Really now, sometimes I just want to strangle these monsters

"Kids! Cut that out!" Naruto stepped between the two. Damn you Queen Serenity, why did you have to find me? Why couldn't it be someone else?! Anyone else! First a father, now a role-model. Why me? It's not easy being some quasi-father figure. "Okay, kids, what seems to be the problem here?"

If only I was just your average Shinobi, without the dad part at the end….

La Fin

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