Naruto: Demon Reborn

Chapter 1: Prologue

Minato Namikaze sat at his desk shifting through the mounds of paperwork that, as any Kage would agree, was the bane of existence for them. He was in a hurry however as his wife, Kushina Namikaze, was pregnant and close to her due date. Through the wonders of medical jutsu, the found out that they were going to have a boy. Minato had decided, after reading his sensei's very first novel, to name the boy Naruto, after the main character making his sensei Naruto's godfather. Finally after an hour of signing and reading and more signing he was done for the day. He quickly ran to the hospital room that Kushina was staying at so he may say hello to his love and unborn child.

"And how is my beautiful princess today?" Minato asked as he opened the door to her room.

"Your son is making me eat so much; I swear he is ninety percent stomach." Kushina said as she started on her fourth meal of hospital food in the same hour. "But, I'm doing well none the less."

Minato chuckled and said. "Well I'm glad you're feeling well today."

However things took a turn for the worse at that moment.

"LORD HOKAGE, I HAVE URGENT NEWS!" Said a man with a mask over his lower half of his face, his ninja head band covering his left eye and gravity defying silver hair.

"What is it Kakashi?" Minato asked. Not many things could get this big of a reaction out of the ANBU captain, whatever it was it wasn't good.

"THE NINE TAILED FOX HAS APPEARED AND IS HEADING FOR THE VILLAGE! AT THE RATE HE IS GOING HE WILL BE HERE WITHIN A MONTH!" He shouted. Kakashi was never more scared in his life. The demon fox that could destroy mountains, raise tsunamis, and cause other major disasters with a swing of one single tail was heading straight for his home.

Minato was scared. No, that would be an understatement, he was terrified. Everyone knew of how powerful the demon was. The other demons couldn't even compare to the nine tailed fox. The fox was at least ten times more powerful than the eight tailed bull. But Minato had to keep a calm and cool collective around everyone, after all, if the hokage was scared what chance did the villagers and ninja have?

"I see. Is there anything else?" Minato asked fearing the worst.

"Yes there is, I am terribly sorry Kushina but the whirlpool village . . . it was completely destroyed by the fox's rampage." Kakashi said looking to the floor in sadness.

Kushina was devastated but she had to ask him. "Wh-where there any survivors?"

Kakashi could only shake his head, not being able to give her the horrible news.

Kushina did the only thing she could at that moment, she cried. She cried hard for the loss of her entire family, her old friends, her whole village. She couldn't feel any worse right now.

"Lord Hokage, what shall we do?" Kakashi asked. He hoped his leader not to mention his sensei had a plan.

"I will look through the scrolls in the hokage library and see if there isn't some form of jutsu that can stop the demon." Minato said. "I only hope I can find something in time."

"Minato-kun, please be careful. Naruto will need us one day." Kushina said with a small smile on her face.

Minato looked at the face of his love for the first time in a few days. Her red hair was grown down to her back; she was wearing her normal clothes that consisted of orange top and matching shorts, though the top was a bit small, clinging to her breasts and stopping just under them while her pants followed the same idea only with her ass. Her eyes looked as if they were cut from flawless emeralds with the shade of green they were. While he was taking in her every look, she was doing the same thing to him.

He had his blond spiky hair down to his shoulders; his eyes were the deepest shade of blue she had ever seen, it was like the ocean resided in those eyes. He was wearing his Hokage robes that he had custom made just for him. They were white robes but instead of the usual red flames at the bottom he had it changed to orange simply so he could always have some part of his wife with him. She found it sweet while most people didn't notice.

Finally after what felt like an eternity Minato spoke. "I will try but no promises . . . you know how I can be." He said trying to lighten the mood.

"Go on; go learn that jutsu that is going to save every one you big dope." Kushina joked.

"Ok I will, see you when I finish my love." He said before jumping out of the window and running to his office. "Ok one of the jutsus in this scroll has to work." He said pulling down a very large blue scroll from its hidden compartment and opened it up. He had a whole month; surely he could find something that he could use to get rid of the beast. He skipped right over the low level jutsus knowing that the jutsu he needed was most likely in the forbidden category. Sure enough, the first jutsu he saw could stop it but it had a very high price.

Forbidden Jutsu: Reaper death seal – S-class – This jutsu summons the Shinigami himself to pull the soul into the body of the caster unless another body is chosen by the caster. In exchange for his power and taking the soul of the target the Shinigami requires that the casters soul be taken as payment.

"I will only use that if there is no other way. The price is too high if there is another way." Minato said as he read through the scroll until he fell asleep finding no other options as of yet.

----------------- 1 month later ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The nine tailed fox was almost at the gates and Minato hadn't found any other jutsus powerful enough to safely get rid of the beast. Not only that but things had gotten progressively worse, His wife had started getting complications during the time and now she had died from child birth. The strain was too much for her body to handle and it gave out. There was a bit of good news though, the child that she was carrying had made it through unharmed and completely healthy.

"It looks like I have a volunteer for the jutsu. I'm sorry my son but this has to be done." Minato said as he drew the seal for the fox's spirit to go on Naruto's belly.

Naruto seemed like he understood and smiled up at his father.

After the seal was completed Minato picked up his son and hurried off to the battle field.



Bodies littered the field just outside of the hidden leaf village. Most were just red stains on the grass. They were the lucky ones. Others were slashed in half by the beast's massive claws. The unlucky ones were the ones that had to endure that pain as they were alive but beyond hope of saving.

Just as all seemed lost, a massive toad with a pipe sticking out of its mouth and a sword on its side crashed in front of the fox. The fourth hokage had arrived.

----------------------------------------------------- Toad's head --------------------------------------------------------------------

"Gamabunta, thank you for everything you have done for me." Minato said as he ran through the seals for the jutsu that would stop the fox for good.

"Goodbye Minato, may you rest in peace." The giant toad known as Gamabunta said.

"FORBIDDEN JUTSU REAPER DEATH SEAL!" Minato called out. As soon as he had called out the jutsu, the fight was over for the fox. It could only watch on in horror as it was sealed away inside a newborn infant.

"Goodbye my son, I hope the village sees you as a hero for this." Minato said as he closed his eyes for the last time.

As soon as Minato passed away the third hokage came to the scene and picked up Naruto.

"I hope your wish is granted Minato." The third said as he carried the sleeping baby to the council chamber. 'This is just going to give me a headache I just know it.'

-----------------------------------------------------Council chamber---------------------------------------------------------------

"As you all know by now, the fourth hokage gave is life today to save us from the nine tailed fox." The third hokage said in a sad tone. "He used the reaper seal jutsu and sealed the demon inside the boy in my arms."

That was one of the worst decisions he could have ever made in his long life.

The reply was instant almost everyone in the room was calling for the child's blood.


"I agree with Haruno-sama, the demon must be slain." Said another civilian council member.

The aged Hokage set the boy in his crib and yelled at the council as to how they could all be so stupid.


As he turned around he couldn't believe what he saw.

An old man with one arm and an eye-patch stood over the crib with a kunai in his hand. "I m sorry but this has to be done Sarutobi-sama." He said in a monotone voice that showed he had no emotions when it came to the child.

"DANZO NO!" Sarutobi shouted as Danzo's kunai struck the boy . . . dead center on his seal.

"The deed is done." Danzo said, however he made a grave mistake.

There was a massive explosion of chakra that blew the entire group to the walls. The next thing anyone knew was that Naruto was crying. Sarutobi quickly ran to the boy's side and was shocked to see what happened. Baby Naruto now had a pair of fox ears, a tail, and his eyes had changed to the eyes of the fox.

"Danzo . . . what have you just done?" Sarutobi asked.

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