Naruto: Demon Reborn

Chapter 2: Life as a Demon

"I-I didn't mean for this to happen Hokage-sama honestly!" Danzo exclaimed fearing what his old rival would do.


The council had mixed reactions on this but slowly hands were raised. The clan heads of the Inuzuka, Nara, Akimichi, Yamanaka, and Hyuga raised their hands but sadly they were the only ones. The five civilian council members and the Uchiha clan head kept their hands down.

Sarutobi was very disappointed in this. His old rival just attacked a leaf village member in an attempt to kill said member but he wasn't going to be punished for it.

Danzo relaxed knowing that he wasn't going to die. He was lucky and he knew it he wasn't going to be trying anything anytime soon. 'That was too close; I owe Fugaku a favor for this.' Danzo thought and gave a slight nod to the Uchiha head.

"In a six to five vote, with the majority being against the issue Danzo shall not be executed." Said Sarutobi sadly. "As for the child I wish him to be placed in the orphanage until he is at least eight years of age. I will deliver him to the orphanage at the end of this meeting and will check up on him every so often."

Nobody said anything against his wish. They knew better to push the Hokage's nerves.

"If there is nothing else than the meeting is dismissed." Sarutobi said with a wave of his hand as he turned to leave for the orphanage. 'I am sorry Naruto, I would adopt you if I could but the hokage can't adopt a child because he or she is too busy to give the child the proper attention it needs.'

Sarutobi was deep in thought as he entered the orphanage about how he could make Naruto's life easier when the main attendant brought him out of his thoughts with a loud "DEMON!"

"He is not a demon head attendant and I expect this child to be very well taken care of during the minimum eight years he is here unless he is adopted by that time." Sarutobi said firmly. If he couldn't adopt Naruto then the least he could do is help him by trying to stop the claims of him being a demon.

The attendant slowly took Naruto from the Hokage's arms and forced a smile. "Of course hokage-sama, he will be in good hands." She said bitterly before carrying him away.

'Good bye Naruto, I hope you grow up to be very strong.' Sarutobi said to himself as he headed back to his old office.

----------------------------------------------------- Naruto year one---------------------------------------------------------------

Naruto had started walking a month ago. The reason it took him so long was because he was very rarely out of his 'room' enough to get used to walking. His room was an empty broom closet that the caretakers said was 'good enough for the likes of him'. He didn't understand why they hated him so much but he had grown to hate them back. It was only fair after all.

-------------------------------------------------------- Naruto year two -----------------------------------------------------------

"Here is your food brat." One of the caretakers said harshly as he handed Naruto a piece of bread and some water.

Naruto had enough by that point. "Me want more." He said.

"You don't get more than what is needed to survive you demon." The caretaker spat as he walked away leaving Naruto to sit and eat his bread. His life hadn't been the best so far, they would just ignore his claims for needs like more food.

They didn't care. They never did.

--------------------------------------------------- Naruto year three --------------------------------------------------------------

The caretakers grew worse as Naruto grew older. He knew why, it was cause of his tail and ears. He didn't know why he was different but he was mad that he was treated worse than the other kids.

Every day he would walk around the orphanage just to get knocked over by an older kid or a caretaker then he would get in trouble for getting in their way. He kept to his room most of the time, only leaving his closet when he was bored.

"I hate it here." He said to no one.

--------------------------------------------- Naruto year four ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Naruto still wondered why he was hated the most out of all the kids. He gave up on trying to be nice and help people. He kept to himself, even when the hokage came to visit him he just stared angrily at everyone.

"Naruto, why are you so angry?" The hokage asked.

"You don't care. Leave me alone." Naruto said as he munched on some food that the hokage had brought him.

"Of course I care Naruto; please you have been acting like this every time I come to visit you, what is wrong?" The hokage asked trying to get an answer out of the little boy.

"Leave me alone." Naruto said and stormed off back to his closet.

-------------------------------------------------- Naruto year five ------------------------------------------------------------------

Naruto had shown no improvement in his attitude towards the caretakers or the hokage. It was another of the Hokage's visits.

"Naruto I have something for you." Sarutobi said as he pulled out a key.

"What do I need that for old bastard." Naruto spat. He didn't trust anyone not a single person in this whole village.

"Naruto, I know how harsh the people are here to you so take the key and follow me." Sarutobi said as he put the key down and got up from the table they were at.

Naruto decided he would humor the old man this one time and grabbed the key and followed him.

After a few minutes of walking and angry curses from the villagers, to which Naruto flipped them off, they came to a small apartment. Nothing too big or fancy, just a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and sitting room. "So what old man you decided to take me to a place that someone owns? Very funny ha ha ha." Naruto laughed sarcastically.

"Someone does own this place Naruto, you. This will be your home from now on." Sarutobi said with a smile.

"What about food?" Naruto asked.

Sarutobi opened the cabinets and revealed a large quantity of microwaveable foods. "You just follow the directions and you have all the food you want. I will restock it monthly and if you want I can also enroll you in the ninja academy for when you turn eight." Sarutobi said hopping that this would get the blond to trust him. Over the years Naruto grew his teeth but instead of normal incisors, he got large fangs.

"Enroll me old man. It could be fun to beat everyone." Naruto said coldly.

Sarutobi sighed and left Naruto to get some rest.

Naruto decided that he was pretty tired so he went to the bedroom and lay on the bed, quickly falling asleep. However the events that took place that night would change Naruto.

But not for the better.

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