Naruto: Demon Reborn

Chapter 24

Raging Sands

Sasuke charged Gaara, trying to capitalize on the red head's lack of speed. Gaara simply stood there while Sasuke charged him. As Sasuke got near him the sand shot towards where the boy just was. Sasuke jumped to the side just barely avoiding the sand. He heard of its power, he wasn't going to end up like Lee. The last Uchiha continued his charge throwing kunai and shuriken at the boy, knowing full well they would be blocked. As he predicted the sand shot up and deflected said weapons with ease. Sasuke took the chance and shot straight for the red head while his eyes were blocked by the sand. A few inches before Sasuke was in range however the wall of sand lunged towards him forcing him back a bit. Just as he landed from his jump he needed to flip back in order to avoid the sand waves Gaara sent after him.

Gaara let up on the sand waves once Sasuke was only a few feet from the wall. Opting to pull his sand back rather than go for a quick kill. A sick grin spread over Gaara's face. He wanted to make his opponent suffer.

Sasuke smirked as well. It wouldn't have been any fun if his opponent was weak. He started running around the ring, slowly increasing his speed till he was a blur to the naked eye, closing in on Gaara with each loop.

Gaara felt fear rising up inside. He felt what speed like that could do to his person, and that's what he wanted to avoid. "No, no, stay away. Stay away! GET AWAY FROM MEEE!" He shouted as he sent out a massive shockwave of sand in all directions. Now that Sasuke had shown his speed Gaara didn't care about enjoying the suffering of his opponent. No, he was a threat, and he would remove the threat entirely.

The speed that the sand shot out surprised Sasuke. He thought that the sand could only move at a singular speed that Gaara showed at first. Sasuke couldn't avoid it in time and so had sand wrapping around his legs. Gaara then lifted the boy of the ground and slammed him into the wall causing him to scream out in pain and several loud gasps to be heard from the crowd. But Gaara wasn't done yet. He slammed the trapped boy into the trees several times, knocking them down one by one. With each hit the Uchiha took the crowd cringed, as if feeling the boy's pain.

Each cry echoed in Gaara's head making his grin reappear. He was enjoying playing with his new toy; it made such enjoyable sounds when he smashed it against things. "IS THAT ALL YOU HAVE TO OFFER ME?" he yelled. "SUCH A SHAME, I EXPECTED MORE FROM YOU!" he said before tossing the Uchiha into the wall, freeing him from the sand.

That was exactly what he needed.

Now that he was free from the massive changes in g-force from the violent swinging he could perform his hand seals easily. Finally he could put up a better attack rather than being lowered to a simple rag-doll. "FIRE STYLE: GRAND FIREBALL JUTSU!" Sasuke shouted as he finished the hand seals, expelling a large fireball from his mouth. Gaara just brought his sand up to defend from the annoyance. Sasuke once again capitalized. Running straight behind him he delivered a fierce kick to the boys back, sending him gliding a bit. Now it was his turn to be the one in control. "FIRE STYLE: PHEONIX BOMB JUTSU!" Sasuke shouted as several blasts of fire flew towards Gaara. The sand once again blocked it but it seemed to be moving slower. Sasuke flew over to where the red head was about to land only to jump back, less he wanted to be impaled with sand tendrils. As soon as he was out of range the tendrils wrapped around Gaara, forming a dome around the boy. He had had enough; this Uchiha was going to die.

Sasuke smirked. It was time to unleash his newest technique. Sasuke ran up the stadium wall before turning around to look at his opponent. He knelt down ran through some hand signs the grabbed his wrist. Slowly a chirping sound could be heard. It started out small, like two maybe three birds had started talking to each other. Then it grew louder and louder until the sound of a thousand birds filled the area. Sasuke ran down the wall and towards his opponent. He pulled back the lightning covered fist as he drew closer to the dome of sand. More tendrils of sand shot out hoping to impale the boy. Sasuke weaved through them, not losing any of his speed. "CHIDORI!" he shouted before plunging his hand through the sand and into Gaara's body.

Gaara felt something new. Something wet, sliding down his chest. 'What is this?' he wondered. It felt warm. 'Is this…blood?' he asked himself. "Blood…blood! BLOOD!" He screamed. His voice laced with fear as it reached the crowd.

"Oh no, Gaara's hurt!" Temari stated worriedly.

"Shit that's not good." Kankuro replied.

The sand dome started to bulge with activity before exploding, revealing a monstrous looking red head. Sand seemingly melded into his skin, some of his teeth had become razor sharp like the demons told in stories. His eyes no longer held light blue pupils. Instead they had become a goldish color with the former whites of his eyes turning black. Several areas of Gaara's body seemed to have had the skin torn from where the sand melded.

Sasuke was terrified.

Before the crowd started their inevitable panic, feathers started to fall from the sky. Almost all the ninja noticed the genjutsu off the bat, but the civilians didn't stand a chance against it. As soon as the crowd fell asleep, a massive explosion rang out from the Kage's box.

All the leaf ninja looked up, worried about their Kage. What they saw, was Orochimaru, holding his former teacher with a kunai pressed to his neck. "Attention Leaf village ninja!" he shouted. "Today is the last day of your village's existence! So I say to you, EMBRACE DESTRUCTION!" Orochimaru shouted before laughing like a mad-man.

It was so hard not to kill off Sasuke in this chapter. The ONLY thing that kept him alive is that he has a purpose in later chapters. DAMN YOU FUTURE INSIGHT OF STORY PROGRESSION. If anyone is interested in the scene i had in mind just leave it in a review.