Naruto: Demon Reborn

Chapter 3: Demon to Demon chat

As Naruto fell asleep he was pulled into his mindscape. He looked around and took notice of his surroundings. "Well isn't this place a piece of shit." He said to no one in particular. He wasn't expecting a response.

"At least you don't have to live here." A dark and booming voice said.

"Who's there? Too afraid to show yourself?" Naruto shouted looking for the source of the voice.

"Follow the light child and find out the truth of your torment." The voice said again. Naruto decided that it might be interesting to know the reason he was hated. He wouldn't care for the villagers even if he knew so what harm could it do? As Naruto walked down the hallway towards the glowing red light he wondered what the truth could possibly be. His wondering would soon come to an end.

Naruto turned a corner and saw a massive cage with a piece of paper that said 'seal' stuck to the cage door.

"Come closer." The voice said again.

Naruto walked toward the door but as soon as he was a few feet from it three massive claws flew out of the bars. However, Naruto didn't even flinch. The claws slammed against the cage bars and stopped a couple inches from his face.

"Was that supposed to scare me?" He asked aggravated.

"Very interesting. You are not like normal humans." The voice said.

"I am no human, no human has these ears, tail, eyes, and fangs that I do now quite wasting my time and tell me WHO THE FUCK YOU ARE!" Naruto demanded.

The voice chuckled darkly as it spoke. "You are quite interesting child, very well I will tell you who I am, and maybe after I do you will show me the respect I deserve. I AM THE GREAT NINE TAILED FOX THE MOST POWERFUL OF ALL THE NINE DEMONS!" The fox shouted as its red eyes glowed through the darkness of the cage.

Naruto only scoffed. "Like that is supposed to impress me. If you are so powerful then how did u get sealed inside me you stupid fox." Naruto said.

"I was sealed inside you by your fourth hokage in a last ditch effort to stop me from destroying your pathetic village." The fox said as he put his head to the bars.

"It's a shame you didn't succeed." Naruto said with a smirk.

The fox smiled at Naruto's reply. "I like you kid."

Naruto stared at the fox. "Heh so I have the strongest demon if existence as a friend interesting." He said.

"Tell me something child, do you wish for those villagers to respect you?" The fox asked with a feral grin.

"Why on earth would I want that? They treated me like I should have just dropped dead so I will wish that fate on them."

"I can help with that." The fox said with a sick smile.

"I'm listening." Naruto said with a smile of his own.

"There will be a multitude of things I can do for you kid. First off will be that I will train you in the two years you have before u enter that academy so that you will be an ultra badass ninja before the others can even start. Second will be that I will lend you my chakra when you need or ask for it. Third I will teach you enough jutsu so that you rival all five Kage put together." The fox said as he listed things it would do to help Naruto.

"Why are you going through this much for me, what do you get out of it?" Naruto asked.

"I survive that's what I get. If you die, I die so I'm doing this so that I won't die, after all it would be really horrible if I died." The fox said.

Naruto smiled and agreed, hell if this was all that the fox was doing this for then who was he to complain? He would get massive amounts of jutsu to use to destroy his opponents, the training of a tailed beast, and access to the fox's chakra. "You got yourself a deal fox." Naruto said.

"Oh no, if you are going accept this deal then you are going to start calling me Kyubi-sensei you got that kid?" the fox asked.

"That's fine by me Kyubi-sensei, that's fine by me." Naruto said as he smiled evilly. "When do we start?"

"We will start tomorrow, you need your rest and I need to think up a training regiment for you brat now get out of here and get some real sleep." The fox said.

Naruto nodded his head and willed himself out of the place and back to his room where he would get some much needed rest.

However when he woke up from his visit to his mind, he heard people rummaging through his home.

'Ah my first victims.' Naruto thought as a sick grin came across his face.

'Excellent show me what you are capable of child.' The fox said through their mental link.

'Any limits?' was all Naruto asked.

'Don't kill them just beat the crap out of all of them.' The fox said.

'Oh fine, I will try and enjoy it.' Naruto said as he silently stalked his new home for his prey.

He came across them just as they opened his door. They smelled of cheap alcohol and by the way there speech was, it was clear they had been drinking.

"Where ish that deamon?" One man slurred. He had emerald green eyes and red hair.

"He ish pwrobablesly in dats bedwoom." Another one slurred even worse than the first.

'Only two this isn't going to be as fun as I thought it would be.' Naruto thought to himself.

He waited for the two drunken men walked into his room before he walked out of the shadows.

"You two wouldn't happen to be looking for me now would you?" Naruto asked startling the two drunks. He didn't give them time to answer before he sprinted forward and slammed his fist into the first man's face shattering his nose before knocking him unconscious and turning his attention to the other man.

This one was bigger than the first one but still he was drunk and Naruto wasn't.

Naruto charged at him and slammed his fist into the man's stomach sending him to the ground writhing in pain. Naruto looked at him and said "Pathetic." Before knocking the other man out and dragged them to the hospital. He left a note on the bodies before he left.

'This is what happens to those that mess with 'Naruto the demon'. This is your only warning.'