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Every night was the same routine.

Edward would come home from work at 6:30 on the dot.

Bella would be waiting in the hall to greet him with a kiss on his cheek and to take his briefcase.

Edward would head upstairs to change out of his suit and into more comfortable clothing.

Bella would place his briefcase on the coffee table in the living room and then resume cooking whatever dinner she was making.

Edward would come downstairs and take a beer from the fridge, open the bottle and take a long pull. It would instantly relax him. He would lean against the counter and watch his beautiful wife cook their meal.

Bella would ask him how his day was.

Edward would say it was the usual.

Bella would nod.

Dinner would be served at 7.

Edward would serve the food his wife cooked for him.

Bella would pour wine in her glass, always merlot, and water in his.

Dinner would be casual with light talk of how the day progressed; what Bella did to pass the time during the day, who Edward spoke to when he was on his break in the lunch room.

Bella would finish with her meal first and begin clearing the table.

Edward would finish soon after and stand at the sink next to Bella.

She would wash.

He would dry.

At 8 o'clock they would sit down in front of the television to watch their prime time shows.

At 11 o'clock the news would be turned on.

At 11:35, just before David Letterman would be introduced, Edward and Bella would go to bed.

Teeth were brushed, pajamas were now worn, and the bed was filled with two sleepy spouses.

That was on Monday.

On Tuesday, the routine was changed.

After Bella placed the briefcase on the coffee table she noticed Edward had not gone upstairs to change right away. Instead, he stood leaning against the wall in the hallway with a beautiful smile on his face.

"You look beautiful tonight, Bella. Did you go somewhere?"

A light blush graced Bella's face as she glanced down at her outfit. She wore a midnight blue sweater and her dark wash jeans that were tight in all the right places. Her hair was curled at the tips and she wore light eyeliner and a hint of mascara.

"I met Rose and Alice for lunch today. We went shopping after. I just bought this shirt."

Edward's face lit up. He loved when Bella met up with his sister and sister-in-law. He never liked that she just sat at home all day, but she didn't mind it. It gave her time to write.

"That sounds lovely. Did you buy anything else?"

"Just another few tops. I didn't want to spend too much."

Edward nodded his head and turned to go upstairs to get back into the routine.

Bella could barely hide the blush that crept onto her cheeks and she was thankful that Edward hadn't said anything. She didn't just buy tops but she would never dream of showing him the lingerie that her friends had forced her to buy. She would just return the pieces tomorrow and he would never know.

Bella went back to the stove to stir her boiling pasta. She was making spaghetti tonight. The salad was already made and chilling in the fridge and the breadsticks still had a couple of minutes left on the timer.

Edward came downstairs and went for the beer he always drank.

He leaned against the counter and watched his beautiful wife cook.

Bella asked his how his day was but didn't ignore the way his eyes roamed her body and darkened from an electric green to a forest green.

They sat to eat the same as always.

Bella finished her meal first and began to clean.

Edward finished soon and stood next to her, towel in hand.

She washed.

He dried.

At 8, they sat down to watch their prime time shows.

At 11 o'clock, the TV turned off.

Bella glanced at Edward and knew what he wanted.

She walked upstairs.

She brushed her teeth and washed her face.

She dressed for bed.

Edward was waiting in the bedroom for her.

She crawled on the bed and lay next to him.

He turned to her and covered her body with his.

She let him kiss her exposed skin and nip at her neck. She moaned at the feeling.

He lifted the hem of her nightgown from her creamy thighs and caressed her hips.

Her fingertips ran through his hair as he teased her skin with his lips and tongue. He was so good at getting her wound up. Her plain cotton panties were becoming damp.

"I love you." He whispered in her ear.

She moaned a response into his.

Soon they were naked and he was entering her. He could never get over how good she felt when her tight heat was wrapped around him. After all these years he still had to use all his strength not to cum the moment he was fully sheathed.

Bella would never get over how good it felt to be stretched by her husband's impressive length.

But this was where it would go downhill for Bella.

Edward was a beautiful, sexy, charming man. When they met as teenagers, Bella would beg him to touch her with his long talented fingers. She would moan and arch under his touch. She even defied the stories and came the first time they made love. The sex was passionate, moving, and it fully connected them as lovers and partners.

He would fuck her deeply at times. His thrusts were wild and yet purposeful. He would grunt loudly into her ear, turning her on like never before. On rare occasions he would quietly mutter a curse word, or an "Oh God." He never spoke dirty though; he didn't want to be disrespectful to a lady.


Now Edward would do everything in his power. He would rub her clit in small circles. He would hike her leg over his shoulder in search of her spot. He would suck her nipple into his mouth.

Bella wouldn't cum.

She tried so hard. It felt so good and she was so wet. However, it was never enough. She had to fight the tears because she wanted it to be enough so badly.

Edward was panting in her ear, firmly rubbing her clit, silently begging her in his mind to cum for him.

Bella was willing her mind to feel it. To feel the white, hot fire that used to take over her body and make her abdomen clench. To feel the passion in his thrusts.

There was no passion.

Not like there used to be.

Now his thrusts were controlled. His grunts were quiet. His mouth was shut.

Edward couldn't hold on any longer. He wanted so badly to whisper dirty words in her ear, to beg her to cum, out loud.

He couldn't do that though.

This was their sex routine. Silent thoughts. Lack luster performance. The usual.

Bella would clamp her eyes shut from the embarrassment.

Edward would roll onto his back and stare at the ceiling until he felt Bella turn onto her side.

He would face away from her and wait.

Because every time they had sex, this is what they did.

Tonight was no different.

After Bella rolled to her side, Edward rolled to his.

Just a few short minutes later, the bed would shake with silent sobs.

Edward would fall asleep to the rhythm of his wife's tears. Because he didn't know what to do. Because he was ashamed of his dirty thoughts and of his fantasies. He didn't deserve her. He felt dirty and repulsive for his thoughts.

Bella would cry silently because she didn't know what to do. Because she was ashamed of her dirty thoughts and desires. She didn't deserve him. He was so pure and good, and she was dirty and repulsive.

Every morning was the same routine.

The alarm would go off at 5am.

Edward would immediately turn it off so Bella would sleep longer.

He would walk the short distance into the bathroom to relieve himself and wash the morning breath away.

He would walk back to the bedroom and quietly slip on his running shorts and a t-shirt.

Edward ran every morning.

He ran from the home he shared with his wife on Beaumont Street to the corner by the coffee shop.

After his run he would return home and shower.

He would dress for work.

He would go downstairs, start the coffee, make some toast, drink some coffee.

He would go back upstairs, kiss his wife goodbye while she slept soundly, leave at 7am, arrive to work at 7:30am.

That left him half an hour to drink some more coffee and read the paper before beginning his actual work.

Edward is a teacher at a private high school. He teaches music to seniors. He loves his job.

When Edward teaches, he speaks of passion and brilliance. He talks about music as if it is lyrical poetry. He can play almost every instrument with such skill and talent.

If he wanted to, he could compose a symphony.

Instead, he gives lessons on how to write music properly and how to listen to a song and hear every instrument playing in the background. He inspires amateurs to pick up an instrument and play just by hearing the passion in his voice and seeing the intensity in his eyes when he plays for his students.

Yes, he loves his job.

He loves the students he teaches. Especially Angela Weber, whom he believes will be the next Yo-Yo Ma and Tony Greene who is well on his way to becoming a modern day Jimi Hendrix (at least that's what he tells girls).

Edward loves the students who show pride in their work and look to further their talents.

In addition to playing cello, Angela can pound out a beat on the drums and Tony is becoming more and more interested in learning about the saxophone. He says it's for the ladies but Edward knows he is really just broadening his horizons and doesn't want to limit himself. They talk about it sometimes when no one is around. Tony has a rep to uphold.

Edward never wakes up dreading this part of his routine because it isn't really a routine. It is rewarding and challenging and something new every day is discovered.

So on Monday morning; despite it being, in fact, a Monday morning, Edward goes through his morning routine like clockwork without putting up a fight.

He repeats on Tuesday.

On Wednesday morning, however, Edward is awake before the alarm is blaring loudly.

Last night plays like a movie reel in his head.

He has no clue what to do about his and Bella's sex life. She doesn't appear to be unhappy, quite the opposite in fact. Edward sees her laugh quite a bit. He sees her smile every day. He never sees unhappiness in her eyes.

Except for at night.

He had to wonder what he is doing wrong. Back when they first met, they hadn't had a problem. So what was he doing wrong now?

A quick glance at the clock told him it was 30 minutes until his day was set to begin. He was looking forward to school today; the students were to bring in their favorite song to listen to in class and talk about the melody and tone in each piece and which instrument stood out the most. He thought it would be a good break from studying for exams that were in just a couple weeks.

That meant summer vacation was soon upon them. Months of vacation time for Edward. Time he was looking forward to spending with Bella.

He turned over to look over at his sleeping wife. It had been too long since he took a moment to watch her sleeping form. Most of the time he was busy getting ready for work, but this morning he had the time to just look at her.

She has always been the most beautiful woman he ever laid eyes on. When they met they were juniors in high school. Bella was shy and quiet but friendly to everyone she came in contact with. Edward didn't have many friends except for his siblings so he kept to himself most of the time.

Bella was the one to introduce herself first. She had been as red as a tomato when she walked up to him to ask him to be her lab partner. They had biology together but her lab partner was sick that day. Edward worked alone mostly.

They spoke shyly to each other but it was the first time Edward had taken the time to get to know someone. His palms were sweaty as they worked on dissecting the frog in front of him. Bella thought it was because of the dissection but would later find out it was because Edward was nervous to be talking and sitting next to such a pretty girl.

The rest, they say, is history.

They dated the rest of high school and both decided to go to Dartmouth together. People didn't understand why they followed each other at such a young age but it didn't matter what anyone thought. They were too in love to care.

Edward proposed at their college graduation party. In front of their family and friends he got down on one knee and asked for her hand. She accepted without a second thought.

At their wedding, just 5 months later, they exchanged personally written vows. Bella promised to be devoted to her husband and to support him in everything. She promised to be his best friend and lover for the rest of her life. Edward promised to shower her with love every day, to prove he loved her unconditionally. He never wanted her to want for anything.

Now, 6 years later, Edward felt like a failure.

His wife shouldn't be wanting in bed; she should be getting everything she needed.

He didn't have the slightest clue about what to do.

They had been making love for over 10 years; he should know what pleases her by now.

But the problem was Bella didn't tell him anything. Her breathing would increase and small whimpers would sometimes escape her mouth but she never gave any inclination about what she wanted from him.

Edward had fantasies where he just took her body for his pleasure. Sometimes it would be rough and fast and dirty, other times it would be torturously slow leaving her begging for more. He felt depraved for thinking these thoughts about a woman, especially Bella.

He felt even more disgusting when he got off to the fantasies.

He had been raised to treat a lady with respect. His father ran a strict household and didn't allow for any show of disrespect. When Edward was out of line, he was punished.

So was his mother.

He had witness his mother being slapped more times than anyone should. It was never more than a slap, but Edward still didn't like the way it looked.

When he grew up and heard stories from others about how even a slap was considered abuse, Edward's views changed.

To him, women were fragile. Not weak, far from it in fact, just fragile. Their bodies shouldn't be treated carelessly.

So he vowed to never so much as raise his voice to his wife, and he kept that promise. She was a queen who deserved love and tenderness.

His brother Emmett thought he was just a prude and told him so on numerous occasions.

Emmett's wife Rosalie was a strong-willed, slightly stubborn individual. She was sometimes crass and abrasive but that was what made her so perfect for Emmett. He told Edward that fighting was their favorite pastime.

It led to great angry sex.

Edward would scoff at this and say it was out of the question for Bella and himself.

His sister Alice told him to "lighten the fuck up."

Bella breathed deeply beside him shaking him from his thoughts.

The blanket had shifted from her collarbone to just above her breasts. The tops of her breasts peaked out over the white down comforter. Edward sighed at the beauty of his wife.

He ran the tip of his finger along the smooth milky white skin of her chest. She sighed in her sleep but didn't otherwise indicate that she was awake.

Edward smiled at what he knew was coming.

Bella talked in her sleep.

A lot.

Usually she would talk about mindless ramblings. Other times she would simply whisper Edward's name.

He hoped this would be that time.

He waited for words while continuing softly stroking Bella's skin.

"Edward." She whispered dreamily. Her body squirmed under him and he quickly moved his hand away. He didn't want her to wake up so early.

She frowned and whimpered. Edward looked on amused.

"Please don't stop." Her voice was breathy and low confusing Edward. She sounded almost aroused?

He replaced his finger back on her skin hoping to right her upset face.

Her frown didn't let up.


Edward didn't know what she was begging for. He almost woke her for fear she was having a nightmare.

"Edward…" She moaned his name. Edward froze. She hadn't said his name like that in years.

He felt his cock harden at the sounds she was emitting. He waited for more, hoping they would continue.

He wasn't disappointed.

"Edward… my love… please." He was hard as stone now. She was obviously dreaming about them making love.

"What do you want, my Bella?" He whispered quietly.

"I want you inside me." Her sleeping voice replied.

Edward's eyes widened at her words. Never before had she uttered such a phrase. He cock was leaking from such a simple phrase. His hand traveled to his swollen cock and he couldn't resist gripping himself and stroking. He knew he should stop but he couldn't help himself. He swallowed deeply before continuing.

"Do you want me to make love to you?"

Her back arched slightly and his cheeks flushed as his wife's movements moved the comforter down on her body exposing her bare breasts.

Her nipples were raised and Edward found himself wanting to bite and lick at them.

Her frown became petulant after Edward spoke.

"No. Please Edward." Edward leaned closer as her words got quieter. He was confused by her negative response.

"Fuck me."

Edward stopped breathing. The hand on his cock ceased its movements.

The alarm clock decided now would be the perfect time to go off.

Bella began stirring from the loud buzzer blaring by the bed.

She opened her eyes confused and gasped at what she saw.

Edward was leaning on his elbow, naked, with his cock in his hand. His eyes were focused on hers but they were darker than their normal shade of green.

Bella's breathing increased as she snuck a peek at his hand on his dick. She involuntarily licked her lips at the sight.

Something inside Edward snapped. The second he saw her lick her pretty pink lips he felt his last bit of control slip away.

He swiftly rolled over to turn the alarm off and immediately rolled back over to Bella.

She gasped at his sudden movements.

He shifted himself between her legs and lined his body up with hers.

Bella was completely in shock. They had never had sex in the morning like this or this spur of the moment.

"Bella, baby, I need you. Please?" Edward begged his wife. He pressed his whole body flat against hers and kissed her on the mouth. The kiss was harder than normal and Bella found herself moaning slightly against his lips and tongue.

He released her mouth and looked at her expectantly.

She wouldn't deny him a thing.

She nodded her head in affirmation.

Edward raised from her body enough so that just her nipples grazed his chest. His fine hairs on his torso tickled her body but felt heavenly. Her dream had gotten her worked up. She couldn't remember what happened in it though.

Edward entered her slowly and Bella's heart deflated. From the look in his eyes when she awoke and his frantic movements before, Bella was sure that this would be the time his control would fall apart.

He kept his thrusts slow and deliberate like usual and Bella had to fight the tears.

Edward's eyes were closed in concentration. He was focusing on not attacking his wife, on being respectful.

He opened his eyes when he realized her breathing had changed rhythm. He looked down and saw her focused on a spot above his head, on the ceiling possibly.

He wasn't pleasing her.

As usual.

He was so frustrated with himself. Why couldn't he just let go!?

He thought back to the minutes leading to this. Bella had been responsive to his words before. His face flamed as he thought of things to say to her now to get her to open up. He wanted some kind of instruction from her.

He closed his eyes again to prepare. He had to do this. He was so hard he knew he could cum at any time. He wanted her to join him just this once.

"Please." He whispered. Bella's head snapped to his. Their eyes locked. "Tell me what to do, please."

Edward watched the blush spread from her forehead to her breasts. Her mouth opened and closed for a moment as if she didn't know what to say. Edward begged her with his eyes. He was getting closer and closer. She felt so good and wet and warm and tight.

With a blush covering her body, Bella finally spoke.

"Harder." She said firmly. Edward swallowed but nodded. He was nervous.

His thrusts increased in power but not speed.

"Faster." His wife encouraged. Her breathing was becoming labored.

Edward complied and was rewarded with a moan from his partner. She bit her lip to stifle the sound. Edward wasn't having that.

"Let me hear you," Edward begged. She released her lip.


He complied.

The sound of skin slapping and her wetness joined harsh breaths and moans in the air.

Edward was grunting softly above Bella. His eyes were focused on her face.

Her eyelids were hooded and her mouth was open lazily.

It felt so good to her.

Edward was almost there. He was trying so hard to hold off.

His hand left the bed beside her face and settled on her clit. He almost began rubbing in small circles like always but something about the look Bella gave him stopped him.

Instead of rubbing, he pinched her clit.

Bella's eyes widened and she tightened her muscles around Edward's cock inside her.

"Oh!" She uttered. Edward continued pinching and flicking hoping this would work.

Bella felt the long lost feelings of an orgasm begin in her belly. Her mouth opened in shock and pleasure.

"Oh my god, Edward!" She said loudly. Edward watched with excitement. He could feel her walls fluttering around him. "Edward! I-I'm going to…" She couldn't finish because Edward suddenly sped up his thrusts.

Bella's back arched pushing her chest into his. Her nipples grazed his skin adding to the delicious sensations. Her legs began shaking so she wrapped them around her husband causing him to thrust deeper and hit her forgotten spot.

"Yes! Yes!" She nearly screamed. Edward was rejoicing on the inside. His cock was ready for release but he was waiting for Bella.

Bella closed her eyes and clung to her husband as she came. Her body shook with pleasure. She felt Edward pulsate inside of her.

"Bella." His voice was strained as he finally let go and came inside of her.

Bella didn't let go of Edward until their breathing calmed. Her heart was racing frantically but she finally felt peaceful.

Edward lifted his sweaty head her neck and looked down at her. She smiled up at him and he smiled back.

"I love you." Edward said.

"I love you, too." Bella said.

He kissed her sweetly on the lips as he withdrew from her. He rolled to the side and pulled her with him. They stared at each other, smiling and content, kissing occasionally.

Finally Edward sighed and glanced at the clock. It was 6am and he knew he had to start getting ready. Bella's eyes were drifting close anyway, so he was happy to let her sleep.

He untangled himself and walked to the bathroom.

He showered.

He dressed for work.

He went downstairs and started the coffee, made some toast, drank some coffee.

He went back upstairs, kissed his sleeping wife goodbye, and left at 7am.

He got to work at 7:30am and had enough time to drink some more coffee.

When he was finished with his coffee and paper he began his work day.

That was only Wednesday.

Who knew what Thursday would offer?

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